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File: air-turbulence.jpg (64 KB, 782x440)
64 KB
What are your worst turbulence stories, /trv/?

>flying a 12 hour flight from LAX to Japan
>flight is going smoothly
>starts to get a little bumpy around 10 hours in
>out of nowhere, the plane shakes quite violently
>a sudden rush of G force hits me and I'm getting that weird feeling that you get in roller coasters
>lasts a good 2-3 seconds before the plane levels out

That was a crazy flight. I swear the plane must have dropped a good amount of altitude quickly for it to feel like a roller coaster.
Did the pilot acknowledge it? I had something similar happen about 4 hours into an 8 hour flight to Germany and the pilot never so much as even got on the intercom. People started crying and panicking and everything. On our final ascent he got on and said “sorry about the bumpy ride earlier”.
No. Not even when we landed. The people were surprisingly calm on my end. Everyone did do a loud, "whoa" together every time the plane jolted though.
Modern aircraft cannot be brought down by turbulence. They are built to standards that are well above able to withstand the worst turbulence ever recorded. Its really not the flight deck's job to baby retarded passengers who start panicking in these situations.

I've had some rough turbulence flights and yea, it sucks that you cannot sleep and they suspend drink service, but other than that whatever.
I was just on this flight. Plane felt like Ike Turner bitchslapped it.

Osaka > Sydney.

Australia is known for extreme cross winds, as such it’s used for training staggered descents in steps. This pilot must’ve been sick that day, multiple attempts at landing, touching down on the run way twice and finally getting down on the fourth attempt.
The turbulence was quite bad, a lot of passengers were groaning and I heard a few puking into bags.
try Wellington
We got a badass here
No thank you, Queenstown is meant to be even worse.
I heard he has tattoos.
File: perfecto.gif (1.75 MB, 339x261)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB GIF
>flying into firebag in Fort mac
>huge storm
>companies literally lose hundreds if thousands a day if we dont show up
>they refuse to delay flight
>get near firebag and cant land because of storm
>circle is gut wrenching stomache dumping turbulence for 2 hours
>announce we might be going back to land and refuel and try again
>fuck it go for the landing
>dropping thousand feet at once
>nervous laughter
>people putting hands up like they are on a roller coaster
>stewardesses arent laughing and seem visibly worried
>nobody gives a fuck if they die because were already on our way to hell
>cross winds throwing us all over the runway
>finally land
>plane is pitching left and right wings nearly touching the runway each time
>finally come to a stop
>nobody claps because we arent amerilards
>just compliment pilot on his flying on the way out
flown into ZQN and WLG many times, WLG is savage. ZQN just feels less forigivng because the valley but in terms of discomfort and difficulty ts hard to get worse than Wellington without going to Nepal.
people who scream on airplanes are ridiculous.
Do you think Wellington has its airport set on hard mode deliberately to keep the JAFFAs out?
I never stayed buckled after the warning lights went out but after reading stories on here and in the news about severe spinal injuries due to turbulence I wouldn't risk it, even if it's an incredibly small chance
Turbulence in the Pacific can be awful. Only time I've heard passengers scream in fear.
MUC to EWR, A340-600, just a few miles from landing the plane somehow felt like vertically fall like a rock while still heading horizontally for a good 5 seconds, was quite shitty considering I was already seeing the one trade center's top on the same height as the plane
>that weird feeling that you get in roller coasters
Man, I love that shit. I've never experienced really bad turbulence, but it's so oddly comfy when it's light and just feels like you're on a ride. I like the way your stomach drops during roller coasters and take off too. I think a little movement breaks the monotony when you've been sitting still for ages.
Fuck you its terrifying.
To look out the window and see the flimsy wing moving around like that. And what about those flights out of Brazil over the Atlantic, or the Malaysia Air? That could be you.
I flew back from Brisbane one time when they had cyclone winds hitting the airport. I drank ahead of time to curb the nerves and it helped.
You guys are describing microbursts, which can and have wrecked even modern planes.
>Why did they include Flight as a movie in our inflight entertainment package?
Not entirely true, however airplanes have weather radar and do not fly into cumulus clouds (which can bring planes down due to severe updrafts and downdrafts). Your run-of-the-mill turbulence can't bring planes down, however.
Quite a few years ago ona flight over the Atlantic at night there was some horrible turbulance. People were trying to sleep covered in blankets and shit and the plane was shaking all over the place. Outside was pitchblack, and the lights went off, apparently there was a hurricane nearby
What did that feel like wtf
The plane got smacked really hard and that was obvious to everyone. It was obvious that that was not a good thing.

The surge of power to get up and out was pretty thrilling.
That sounds crazy mayne
It was aight. If it were an Air India flight it'd crash landed and then the pilots would have blamed the pax.
My worst experience so far

>Seated on the next-to-last row flying Southwest into BWI
>Normal flight, about 45 minutes before landing
>Pilot gets on the PA and screams at the flight attendants to take their seats and everyone to buckle up
>Flight attendants take any empty seats they can find, not jump seats
>Plane starts banging around like crazy, feels like driving over boulders
>The entire contents of the rear galley get dumped out onto the floor, including soda cans exploding and flying up past the lavatories
>Passengers begin screaming, crying, praying to Jeebus, etc.
>Suddenly entire plane drops 1000' in the space of 3 seconds
>Can see a "wave" of heads pop up towards the ceiling, fore-to-aft as people are thrown from their seats and pulled back in by their seat belts
>Get 3-4 seconds of hang time due to the negative G's
>Laugh manically as I plunge to my fiery death, people screaming in full terror
>Plane levels out and everything is fine
>Normal landing at BWI
>Pilots make no mention of the turbulence, do not even open the cockpit door after the flight parks
Fuckin hell man. How do you think they saw it coming.
Yeah, I posted in the last thread about my experience. Flying to Fiji or somewhere, calm flight, everything cool, then out of nowhere the plane just fucking drops. Felt almost like freefall for a few seconds and then Bam! it kind of bottomed out and we started pulling up again. People were screaming, I didn't know wtf was happening. jThen it was smooth again.
Usually pilots radio one another calling out turbulence. Might have also shown up on weather radar if there was precipitation.
>Downdrafts can reach speeds of 6000 feet per second with wind shear up to 90 knots
>Airplanes scare me.
>Cower, shiver, mommy!
Unless you anons are all old ladies who survived Dresden and rationing then you're all unequivically Fucking gay
Read the stories here, people are describing microbursts.
They talk up there. Someone really took it on the nose then warned everyone else.
During some random Ryanair flight I took 10 years ago we kept on dropping for many seconds in a row, and then leveling up. The seatbelts suddenly started to make sense, we would have flown out of our seats without them. This went on during the majority of the 2 hr flight. I was in my "I can't fly a plane, so I can't do anything anyway" mode, and everyone was quiet af. After we landed I wanted to ask the pilots wtf happened. They stood in the doorway/toilet/kitchen area with one flight attendant as we were leaving the plane, one of them wiping a river of sweat from around the back of his neck with towels, the flight attendant was just handing him more and more towels, throwing away old ones. All they said when asked that they also didn't know what happened, and they looked like they shat themselves earlier. When I went "if you don't know why this happened, who is the one who does know?" they just kept repeating "I don't know, I don't know" looking at the ground in front of themselves.

If they laughed it off, I would still be flying Ryanair and some other LCC's I guess. These guys looked like such an odd mixture of exploited and incompetent that I cannot forget, also not willing to forgive their employer.

I had turbulences over the middle of oceans, those were fine.
Ive seen enough air crash investigation to know that they can.

Usually their needs to be some existing fault with the plane, but the turbulence will expose that problem.
lmao this
Good story

>It is not the job of the crew to prevent panic among the passengers.

>Also, never left Mom's basement.
I'm glad some of the more retarded 4chan posters have found /trv/.
File: panthers laugh at you.jpg (84 KB, 1140x712)
84 KB
>what about those flights over the Atlantic out of Brazil

I have two stories. One is mine, another my brother's.

>doing the above mentioned over Atlantic out of Brazil route
>bout 6 hours into a (14 hours) flight
>decide to have some shut eye
>wake up not exactly sure how long after
>everything seems calm
>suddenly one violent shake
>hear some "Wow" from other passengers
>then 10 seconds after that [Violent Shaking intensifies] to retarded levels
>people start screaming
>pilot doesn't say shit
>see one flight attendant trying to hold herself to no avail
>she sits by my side, looks terrified
>muslim guy in front of me starts saying something about Allah repeatedly and putting his hands up in the air
>I have this problem where I'm a fucking idiot and immediately start laughing/grimacing when I see people crying
>can't contain it, smile from ear-to-ear
>can see flight attendant looking at me in horror as I have this probably retarded psycho look and smile on my face
>some mins go by, turbulence ceases
>flight attendant still looking at me as if to ask what kind of demented demon I am

As for my brother's

>be my brother, his ex-gf and couple of friends on plane
>kind of same situation, weak turbulence followed by strong turbulence
>one of his friends decides to make fun of the situation
>literally screams on top of his lungs ''WE'RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE'' as soon as strong turbulence begins
>lots of people start crying, one of the flight attendant enters a mental breakdown
>turbulence wasn't even that bad,stops after a few secs
>once plane landed the guy was beaten by a group of men and police had to be called because they'd not let him leave the plane (guy ended up with 2 broken teeth, kek)
So you weren't freaked out? One of my friends has flown so much, that he even sleeps through heavy turbulance.
It's not that I didn't freak out, but more so like... what's the point?

There's nothing you can do at that point. I have a very "finalist" approach to things so...
File: 499956371_572fc5d81a.jpg (85 KB, 500x383)
85 KB
>>Laugh manically as I plunge to my fiery death, people screaming in full terror
nice 1
File: pepe.png (45 KB, 255x248)
45 KB
>Plane take off something like 2-3 minute ago
>Huge noise
>Look by the window
>One of the engine is on fire
Really thought I was done this time lads
what happened?
emergency landing?
I used to love turbulence as a kid, seriously. It was like a ride at an amusement park, now i feel like my heart is going to be out of my chest and stop, funny that
>severe plane/height/flying anxiety
>whole flight is one giant panic attack so if there's turbulence it doesn't amplify it, but rather just blends in with the existing panic

I don't care how freaked out I am, I'm not going to scream on a fucking plane tho
>[Violent Shaking intensifies] to retarded levels
I chuckled
File: 0fucks.gif (1013 KB, 320x291)
1013 KB
1013 KB GIF
Actually, failure of a single engine after the takeoff isn't THAT dangerous. What you should be concerned about is the engine getting fucked up on takeoff after the no-stop (v1) speed has been reached.
File: 135[1].png (124 KB, 680x680)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
File: d-tu22.jpg (153 KB, 1486x991)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>the flimsy wing

That doesn't sound like turbulence, more like control problems.

>>literally screams on top of his lungs ''WE'RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE'' as soon as strong turbulence begins
FFS that is fucking funny. I'd buy that guy a beer if I'd been on the plane.

Nah bruh they went on to Vladivostok. Fucking Russians. (I'm not him, this is just a joke.)
Why am I fine with planes and turbulence but I will never ever set foot on a rollercoaster?
Is it bad that I actually like turbulence? Feel fun and I get kinda giddy.

Except when I flew into phoenix. It didn't feel like turbulence and the plane was clearly waving from side to side. When we got into the streets it was like a tornado was blowing through. Fuck phoenix
I've got balls of steel on planes thanks to living in wellington and travelling a lot for work

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