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File deleted.
Have you ever visited a place during the summer that was just unbearably hot? For me, 30 degrees Celcius is already kinda pushing it, so I have no idea how people manage to have fun in temperatures reaching >35°C in parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
I went to Egypt during August. Aswan was hitting 42°C while I was there. Felt like you were being smothered by the heat and your skin slowly cooking.

You kinda have to manage your time and keep hydrated. Its best to get up early, go see some sights and then go back to your hotel during the high-noon hours for lunch and a kip. Then go out again later in the afternoon when the temperatures drop. Also water by the gallons.
Water and shade
Forgot pic
remember when i first moved to Adelaide 4/5 years ago and there was a week of consecutive 40-45c days

the vivid memory probably relates to being a pool fence glazier at the time and working everyday of it
33c is not that hot bruh. That's a mild day in Australia in summer
I remember half the posters in a thread i made told me not to go to Andalucia in the peak of summer and same with all these other websites I looked on.

Went and it was fine. Granted it was probably one of their milder summers, it was fine. Spending 6 hours in 35 degree heat in Spain is a lot different to the same thing in Australia because of the missing ozone or whatever
I generally prefer extremely hot and humid weather (something like 35°C+ with 90%+ humidty) so I'm usually fine in most places around the world

Only time it really felt too hot for me was in Tunisia as a kid when it was reaching close to 50°C or something one day and I was out swimming in the ocean. Got the worst sunburn of my life
Outback central Queensland or just fucking anywhere in the outback where it's over 40 everyday for weeks at a time. Don't even get me started on where it gets the humidity involved too
Mauritius 46°C
And than when i came back it was -23°C in my homwtown
Taiwan is awful in the summer. From about mid-May through mid-October the heat and humidity are fucking unbearable.

OTOH it was 70 degrees and sunny today. Suck it, northerners.
I went to Dubai and the surrounding areas late July and it hit 48c. The coldest I saw it was 32c and that was at 1am.
Hottest place I've been was Phoenix in Late July/early August. Las Vegas was close in heat but wasn't anywhere as unbearable as Phoenix during the day.
In terms of Europe, Rome around the same time was also hot but it felt a tad milder then the American Southwest and the old clay and marble architecture plus the cobblestone roads were a real treat for lovers of neoclassical art.
Australia isn't as humid
You can't even evaporate your sweat here
dont visit Tokyo in the summer, insane. 40c temp and like 99% humidity.

You tshirt will be drenched in minutes, bringing 2 fresh ones for the day helps you stay dry for about 2 hours max.
2 years ago in Australia, was going from Darwin to Perth and for about 2 weeks between Darwin and Broome we had 40+ every day. I think the highest I've seen was 45. Worst part was that we were camping along the way so we had to sleep in this heat, during the day it was really bad at all but it never really cooled down to lower than 27 at night. On top of that, the ground seemed to have gotten so hot during the day that it radiated heat through the night, I could feel the heat coming up as I was going to sleep.

The major cities in Australia get that too though, in Melbourne I've experienced 40+ a couple of times but it never lasted more than a few hours.
>Not humid

You make me laugh.

>t. coastal Queenslander
Meant for >>1520493
I mean feel-like temperature. There is curently feel-like 35°C temperature there

Australia. Its truly awful especially inland.
East Timor and PNG, tropical countries that can't afford AC

Europoors/canadians please grow a fucking pair of balls.
if its not night time, why the fuck would you live in such a place
coat weather
pretty cool
>15 degrees
I'll put on a jacket
>20 degrees
very nice
I'm not going outdoors
Lmao at 0
I was in Sydney in December of 2017 had some days I only visited museums and places with aircon because it was just too damn hot outside.
aktau kazakhstan 43 celsius

honestly not as bad as i thought it would be and im from canada and dont like weather over 25 degrees
The best fuck I ever had was a brazilian boy who like me loved to fuck outside in the sun on hot days. 40 degree weather should only be spent with a cock inside you
Based disgustingposter

Australian heat is very dry so you get dehydrated quick and the UV is particularly bad, e.g. 15/10 rating

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