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Hey /trv/,

Going to be getting an Intercape coach from Johannesburg to Blantyre, Malawi. It's a direct coach but will be travelling through both Zimbabwe and Mozambique on its way - will I have to pay for/get Zimbabwean and Mozambiquan visas?
UK citizenship, so both countries charge
Of course you fucking idiot. Unless your bus can fly.
what this guy said

welcome to overland travel, retard. if you thought visas and customs at airports where you're directed exactly what to do were a pain in the ass, enjoy the wide wide world of pain in the ass border checkpoints.

you will have to disembark your bus and deal with border agents at every single border you ever cross. and they won't let you into their country without a visa.

go to the wiki page and check for your passport what the visa requirements are. i'd be willing to bet that those countries are not issue-on-site countries and you have to get them in advance.

you need at least a tourist visa for every country you visit overland. some, but not many, countries offer transit visas that are meant for situations like these, but they can be very restrictive and if something goes wrong and you have to stay in a country the last thing you want on your mind is your explaining your expired 48 hour transit visa to border agents on departure.
Absolutely. The Mozambique border might be a pain in the ass depending on when you cross. Get visas in advance for both if possible, Moz might issue one on sight or it might not depending on who’s working and what kind of mood they’re in. Better not leave it to chance.
Apologies, on reflection it was pretty fucking stupid but I’ve never travelled overland on a direct coach before.

Considering the visa costs it only saves around £50 compared to flying, so I’ll probably just do that instead.
You’ll miss out on a lot of cool stuff if you fly
Yeah you must but dont worry about signing some paperwork in offices. Just bribe the border control police. 20 dollars or 50 usually make a job
t. done that in kenya and tanzania
Contiki now has an InTeRCapE adventure in Africa, if you're rich it's defintely something you should look into.
Zimbabwe is visa on arrival but can be expensive IIRC, depends on nationality.

I got a visa at a consulate for Moz before but I think they may have visa on arrival.

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