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Share your collection or induvidual, just post vintage porcelain dolls!
Well, since no one else is posting here, what draws you to porcelain dolls?
Are porcelain dolls worth anything? I have a box in the garage with a few that were my moms and want to get rid of them.
No. They're a dime a dozen at Goodwill's.
Good thread op. I'll try to post my own later on

NTA but I find them adorable. Especially when their outfits are exceptionally lovely or if they remind me of someone.
>Cockney child support demanding doll
File: 20190425_022624.jpg (2.39 MB, 2896x2896)
2.39 MB
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Not sure how vintage these are, but here's some of my collection.
The dude in blue in the top left comes alive at night, doesn't he?
What's going on with that piggy bank?
All mine are in storage until I move to a bigger place.
I remember I saw a beautiful porcelain fairy doll on the back of a Little Debbie's box as a kid and cried when my mom refused.
But I did get a porcelain doll magazine the next month.
I got the doll for Christmas and was so happy, but I kept her in the box because I didn't want to get her ruined by dust the way our other knickknacks did.
Still waiting for a proper display case for her.
He has a twin brother that you can see in the bottom left photo. Clowns are there to protect us, not harm us.

Forbidden knowledge (there's a marker smudge on its face that I haven't cleaned up lol)
I am on a quest to find a cute dolly keychain. I asked in the fashion doll thread, but they didn't really have any solution.
I once saw these novelty "porcelain" doll keychains and unfortunately didn't buy at the time. Can't find anything similar for a decent price. I'm not really into porcelain dolls in the first place, so I don't even know what you might call their style/aesthetic specifically.
Any clues? Anyone have something like this?
Is the normal doll thread dead? I dont see it and i have been on in a week.
>Is the normal doll thread dead? I dont see it and i have been on in a week.
Good point, I guess it has to do also with the fact there's isn't much to talk about..it's either Disney sperging or Mattel mediocrity.

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