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File: 1542937827364.jpg (33 KB, 435x244)
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How many toys does /toy/ actually own? Are you all hardcore collectors? I ask because I used to impulse buy tons of stuff, but I eventually hated having so much clutter, so I downsized and now only have a few figures on display and buy new ones rarely.
Without counting: at least 500 (if you invlude dupliactes). I collect a lot of small figures so it doesnt take up as much space.
not including plushies I have bout a dozen on display right now, I own a little bit more but they're either broken or I don't care enough to display them. only recently did I get really interested in collecting more
File: 111.jpg (245 KB, 923x713)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
I have about ninety but they're almost all 6 inch figures. I've got one display cabinet and a small shelf above my desk where I display them, the rest are boxed up in my closet. I usually purge two or three times a year and the funds from that will cover most of my purchases over the next few months.
I got about 50 figures or so in my collection, going to sell more of them soon and get a few more in. I like keeping my collection small but with lots of good pieces, so 21 of them are 12" 6th scale or equivilent figures.
I would be considered hoarder level. Although, I have pretty much stopped buying altogether for the most part.
Literally just pic related at this point and a Link nendoroid (although I would like to pick up the Kamina nendo at some point as well). I used to have a massive collection with all sorts of shit about 3 or 4 years ago but sold it off when I moved into a small apartment. I have the room again, but I'm happy with just a figure or two for my desk. I still browse /toy/ fairly regularly to see what's out there, but rarely buy anything these days.
File: 160214toydisplay.jpg (890 KB, 1450x1642)
890 KB
890 KB JPG
I keep a OneNote folder of my collection, tabbed into a couple categories with no real definition on what deserves it's own tab. Nothing is counted that has less than at least a 20USD MSRP, with exception to model kits like 1/144 HG Gundam (so no small desk toys or anything), and it's 95% Japenese. Currently I have the following tabs.

>Bandai (Gundam)
>Bandai (Non-Gundam)
>Super Action Statue
>Play Arts/Bring Arts
>Other (notably Revoltech which will probably get it's own tab soon
>Scale Figures
>Open Pre-orders

Not including the last two tabs because I don't physically own them, there are 250 pieces in my collection at my own, and an additional 7 paid and on their way to me. Split further, there are 83 Gundam Model Kits, 10 Japanese Scale Figures, 144 Japanese Action Figures, and 13 Western Action Figures. I've been collecting very steadily since mid-2011, and this is my primary hobby I spend my money on, before video games and other things. Over the years, I've sold about 20~ figures, mostly things that have doubled or more in value, making the money worth more than the figures (mostly older DBZ SHF and the MMPR SHF), or just a couple things I stopped caring about.

Currently on display in my living room I have 115 pieces (give or take a few off my quick count just now). Mostly what isn't on display are my dozens of HG Gundam kits, and my 13 Western Action figures.

I really love toys.

Pic related is a much older pic, don't really have a nice collage of current setup (my phone's camera is kind of garbage, had a much nicer phone back then).
File: catgif.gif (134 KB, 220x220)
134 KB
134 KB GIF
Wow now that I think about I have quite a few.
I don't keep an exact count, but I'm pretty sure the number is at or below 100, with only about half on display at any given time (although some of them are super small things like minifigures or diecast cars that I always have on my computer desk), and I only have one shelving unit that I've designated as a toy display to keep me from going overboard.
/lg/ is full to the fucking brim with stud.io screencaps and classic space shit, it's pretty easy to deduce it's all a third world circlejerk of people who've never bought a set in this millennium
I feel like a lot of us went through that cycle of “buy whatever looks cool, build up a hoard, purge a lot of the more impulsive buys and be more selective in the future.” Gone are the days where I’d buy something on aesthetics alone - no shade to folks who do that, but limiting it to stuff where I’m significantly invested in the source material has helped streamline my collection a lot.
all of your crap is toys anon.
if I count I would probably kill myself out of shame.
Maybe like a hundred figs. I've been thinking about selling some but older wrestling figs don't go for anything.
I've been collecting for about 6 years and have around 25 figures, I try to stick to buy only figures of characters that I really like and avoid to complete series. So far I'm really happy with my collection.
mind posting pics?
i approach it the same way
18 figure and around 400 cars and a few planes and military vehicles, i went from hot wheels/cheap cars to exclusively race cars when i had the chance to import them, then i ran out of space for race cars so i started with figures, and now i try to balance out the cars and the figures, since i don't have that much space and i don't have piles of money to throw i have to put a lot of thought in what i buy
this might seem like and idiotic question but
does LEGO count?
as in LEGO sets
That would be the most logical way to approach it with Lego versus typical figures.
ah alright thanks, in that case: i have over a dozen minifigs and definately more than 60 LEGO sets, most of them are from my childhood tho and the more recent ones i have just cus they look cool (eg. infinity war sets, some old rock raiders stuff, that rogue one y-wing set)
Easily 100+ all 1/12 scale. Most are in storage and I'm currently trying to downsize because I'm beginning to think that theres probably a reason some are in storage and not on display.
I have about 60,000 Legos.

Maybe more.
>113 1/18(mostly gijoe but also some corps/acid rain/ others)
>85 1/6 (brandname and cobbled together military and some unlicensed figures + a couple hottoys)
>37 mecha/gunpla
>11 misc
thats whats displayed. too lazy to look in the stored stuff. 1/6 is obviously the most valuable.
best part? its all on plain walmart furniture
Probably close to a thousand by now. Twice that if you count unsold stock from my shop.

It is hard to sell this stuff. Lot of people's eyes are bigger than their stomach. Never in a million years expected to be saddled with so much.
I have 26 neca figures. And 7 banpresto prize statues shits. I have probably 20-25 amiibos and various little figurines. I have about 5 vinly pop type figures including 2 pops all non humans aliens predators and a rathelos. I recently put away most of my necas because it was too cluttered and I wasnt enjoying seeing them all cluttred I'm going to wait until I move to a bigger place or get a nice curio cabinet.
Oh I forgot I have one Marvel's legends Spider-Man . Pic related it's what my setup looked like before I packed most of it up
This is my "My Figure Collection"
Though I gotta have about 125 marvel legends and many many more transformers. a bunch of other things here and there, but thats pretty much it.

loved TFs since was a kid, got into the hobby when I was 17-18 (2016) started buying more weebstuff when I started making about 4 grand a month. Dipped January 2018, because my moving company stole my shit, got into marvel legends, got my weebstuff back this january, now I'm slowly getting back into the hobby. Maybe if this thread is alive in a week, I can post my total collection inventory w/ pics.
File: IMG_20190416_210109.jpg (1.58 MB, 4160x2340)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
This is my current display I like to change them every now and then so it doesn't look too crowded.

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