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Lets have a wholesome thread about times the DM has actually taken your character background into account or flexed the game to suit you:
>Playing a Paladin en route to falling at the start of a pirates-themed game
>AP has it set up so you're meant to be press ganged by a bunch of CE types using an alcohol cosh
>Rolls Fort for all of us, I'm the only one that passes
>Great first encounter where my character drunkenly punches the first mate in the nose with a smite
>Guy spends the entire first arc of the game with a bandage on his face
>Start with a huge bonus to relationships with members of the crew that don't like him
>While I do eventually fall for being associated with pirates, the DM tells me on the quiet I get a dream where the Pirate Goddess basically plunders my loyalty/the promise of my soul to god, so rather than getting kicked out by my god, I've been literally spiritually shanghaied and get to keep my powers if I want to as a sort of robber-Paladin
>Turn him down since I already know where I'm taking the character, but it would've been a baller idea.
I came expecting wholesome stories. Instead I got cringy DnD'isms and video-game snowflake logic. I am dissapoint.
I had been wanting to play a warforged for quite a while after I got the eberon book. My ST though usually runs home brewed. He allowed me and another character to get together though, and create a story line where his character excavated a bit of old tech/magic that was my character. He likes to play with the things were better before thing. He was always really good at integrating character backgrounds in his story, and he often entwined stuff in the campaign about my character trying to figure out if she was the last of her kind. It was really pretty good.
File: 1556956257527.jpg (48 KB, 596x579)
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>characters are ordained by a goddess to kill powerful demons
>kill a couple, both of them are pieces of shit
>one demon takes the form of a young woman
>living like an empress when we find her, instead of the whole "blood and fire" thing the others have going
>finally have her beat, ready to deal finishing blow
>demon looks up at a point just behind us
>"Mother...why are you doing this to us!?"
>Goddess has barely said anything to us aside from "They have to die"
Are you twelve?
>friend starts up Homebrew campaign
>asks us to send him our characters, since he wants to try and add elements from them to his world
>only thing we know up front is that we're starting in prison, so we need some sort of reason to be there
>decide to create a Forge Domain Cleric, since it would be useful for a resource-low start
>explain that he was a blacksmith prior to incarceration, but an order of specialty weapons made by him was used in an attempted coup
>the king survived and sent all the surviving dissenters to prison, including my cleric for making the weapons used
>after escaping prison, our party travels the coast a bit, finding quests to take on
>venture inland to rescue a blacksmith who had gone missing
>his kidnappers we're from the same faction who bought my weapons and got me imprisioned is the first place
>apparently the coup was merely a splinter cell, the Scarlet Hearts are still very much a threat
>currently tasked with killing or apprehending as many of them as I can in exchange for Royal pardon for my crimes

Kinda minor, but it's nice to feel like my character's backstory plays some integral role.
File: 1522528866511.jpg (15 KB, 320x283)
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>Fiend DMing an irl game, custom setting, and shit
>In the past I had told him how I had the vague of idea of playing a "mother to dragons" character.
>My first and second charcter die throughout the plot
>Say "fuck it" for the third character and submit a female half dragon for kicks because i like that template
>Through the story we found out the entire party is reincarnated gods and we have to achieve our potential to gain the dormant power
>Ranger is Balder, Druid is Uller, Rouge (who was some weeb fuck playing a male kitsune) is Japanese mood god reincarnated
>Get to my girl, she had to do research since Bahamut and Tiamat are alive
>Find out she's the reincarnation of the THE FIRST dragon from which both bloodlines sprang
Mother of dragons and god of dragon kind feels nice.
I quite like this OP. Thank you.
My DM has three kinds of quests:
>Working for the Man
We work for the organizations and the people in power. We gain reputation with the groups and use this reputation to get perks within the groups, or trade for rewards.
>Working for the People
We work for an assorted related or unrelated people everywhere we go. We gain fame with these people and the region, which give us many benefits while we are at the region.
>Working for Yourself
Quests related to class/background that often give us abilities score increases, spells, feats, and traits that normally we couldn't or shouldn't have.
File: Sue App.jpg (28 KB, 200x296)
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My more recent character, pic related, I came up with for our nautical campaign.
> Speaking with DM about background.
> Mention that she's basically a freak of nature, being a plant that was struck by lightning and essentially grew into what she is now and gained weather controlling powers
> also point out the fact that being a plant with weather powers she'd have an easy and happy life
> DM says that the faction that raised her would also treat her like a special snowflake
> I realize it works perfectly with her personality, being arrogant and impulse. She thinks highly of herself, and so now everybody else treats her kinda like royalty, if not interest
> DM also makes a reoccurring thing that because she stands out so much she's hunted by people trying to capture and presumably study her

I'm having a lot of fun with this game.
Are you an asshole?
>I get a dream where the Pirate Goddess basically plunders my loyalty
I hope thats not the only thing she plundered if you catch my drift
Years ago I came up with a donut-steel OC mary sue who was basically Drizzt but a wood elf using shortswords instead of a drow elf using scimitars. His backstory was that he learned two-weapon fighting instead of archery like most elves, from a weapons master. He also fell in love with an elf girl from the village. On the night he went to propose to her, the village was attacked by orcs and everyone was killed. Except for her, he never found her body. So he spent a couple years hunting orcs in the southern woods until he eventually came to the starting town and met the PCs.

Since he didn't have much else to do, he joined their adventures figuring once he had enough favor with them he could convince them to help him do more against the orcs. Well eventually it happened: an orc army massing in the forest to the south of the city. We went into the woods, killed a few elite orcs (like 3rd level warriors). Kept finding a ring of blue stones painted onto their shields, which was a necklace my character's gf had always worn. Eventually they all lined up outside the town led by someone on horseback who came out to parley. Guess what? It was my character's missing gf, she had eventually taken control of the orc armies to fight an even greater undead menace. So my character was torn between hating orcs, and not wanting to destroy his fiancee's work. Oh and wondering if during the interim she had tried out the BOC.

Too bad that campaign died I was enjoying the twist.
It's the new Legend of Zelda trailer I think
Botw. If you were older then 10 youd know that
Literally nothing was posted yet you fucking sperg
Did you not read OP?
File: Capture.jpg (5 KB, 266x196)
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>Sue App
>Vaugely Chia-like face and hair

I'm onto you, you clever bastard.

This >>66731859 explains why I didn't know about it. LoZ hasn't been good or relevant for 30 years and only weebs and children play Nintendo. As I am neither and Zelda blows goats, it never popped up on my cultural radar.

STFU & GTFO faggot.
File: 1559389803598.jpg (30 KB, 700x445)
30 KB
>I only ever read OP's post and nothing else, especially when the point of the thread is to gather stories from multiple anons
Ok so you actually are a sperg, got it
>Lets have a wholesome thread about times the DM has actually taken your character background into account or flexed the game to suit you
I thought it was common to use your PCs backgrounds into the game, I usually design a lot of events and npcs to be linked to my players, though they have to give me at least the bare minimum for the backgroud,
Then whyd you ask if he was 12?
>hurr I got caught being retarded, better deflect by baiting anons by autistically screeching about how much Zelda sucks
File: Spoiler Image (177 KB, 566x800)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Uh actually I have no idea what that is, sorry to disappoint.

I was actually inspired more by pic related DESU.
I asked a legitimate question and acted the ass for no reason. How does that make me retarded? If you had been helpful instead of a sperglord this could have been done and over in one exchange. Go back to /r9k/ with the rest of your kind.
File: sad_boys.jpg (433 KB, 1920x796)
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433 KB JPG
>Zelda will never have actual dungeons anymore
>Nothing but shitty braindead shrines
>There will be the same, reused enemies over and over
>not even fire enemies for fire level, just the same enemies even when it doesn't fit the level
>explains why I didn't know about it. LoZ hasn't been good or relevant for 30 years and only weebs and children play Nintendo. As I am neither and Zelda blows goats, it never popped up on my cultural radar.
Now THIS is excellent bait. Mind if I use it in the future?
Hey, I know you.
You should come back to the magical girl irc.
File: unknown.png (134 KB, 450x828)
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134 KB PNG
I could probably do a multi-post story, but I'll sum it up.

>CoS campaign
>playing a bloodhuntress with a whole load of baggage from her family
>particularly her father who was a necromancer
>has white hair because of the negative energy he was practicing with during the time my character's mother became pregnant with her
>when born mother found out about the necromancy shenanigans and went off to kill him, coming home and leaving again to become a full-fledged monster hunter out of spite
>leaving my bloodhuntress alone without any parents in the care of her aunt
>as we progress through campaign, it is slowly revealed that what my character knew of her family wasn't actually correct
>the initial reveal being my character was actually dead at one point via a fortune teller
>DM goes out of his way during the year-long campaign to throw hints here and there about my character's past which was shrouded with lies
>changing some parts of the module to fit the backstory he was adapting
>the final result being she met her father who was a lich cursed to remain in the land forever
>father reveals that he became a necromancer because my character died from a illness, her hair is white because he turned to dark powers to bring her back to life, his curse is the payment for such a feat
>by the time the campaign ended and the CoS was no more, my character vowed to stay behind and help her father break the curse
>as a final bittersweet moment, the lich-dad not wanting his daughter who stay in this hellish land any longer for a wasted effort, uses his only use of a wish spell
>the wish being my character to forget she ever met him, removing any knowledge of his existence and her previous fate of being a pseudo-undead
>not having any reason to stay in Barovia any longer, she says her goodbyes to her friends
>but on the way out, feels tears coming from her eyes, unsure why she had a sense sorrow and regret

Pic related, my blood hunter.
Nice story, good DM.
Yeah he's a great DM. I've told him that in my opinion he was better than Matt Mercer, and he should continue to DM. That campaign was his first time, and he spent an insane and almost autistic amount of time preparing everything for it. One of those rare DMs who enjoy being a perma-DM.
You're going to be really disappointed when you see the information on the new Zelda.
File: 05-37.png (43 KB, 251x249)
43 KB
>Pirate Goddess basically plunders my loyalty
Damn, that's really good for a new DM. Any other Stories from him?
It's that time of the year already huh?
Feel free, but it really is true. The original Legend of Zelda was awesome, but every iteration since has sucked worse and worse. I know part of it is Nintendo's insistence on targeting the 8-14 demographic and part of it is that I'm increasingly NOT 8 -14 anymore, but even when I was a kid the first couple of sequels sucked so bad that I swapped them for old copies of Megaman and Kid Icarus as a straight trade and felt I got the better of the bargain.

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