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>make a firearm heavy campaign
>roll for damage, not attacks.
>if the dice land on a 1, that shot missed. Depending on armor, it can be raised to 2 or 3
>melee weapons just straight up hit however they do no damage to heavily armored targets, vehicles, robots, golems, etc.
>if magic exists if greater than half of the dice rolled missed, then a miscast effect happens.

How does this sound?
Kind of bad to be honest. It takes practice to be able to even hit a stationary target while standing still and taking a moment to line up your shot, and in combat situation you don't typically have those luxuries. Also a(the) big part of melee combat focuses on learn to not let the other person hit you while you are hitting them.
Based and /an/pilled
>roll for damage, not attacks.
>>melee weapons just straight up hit however they do no damage to heavily armored targets, vehicles, robots, golems, etc.

...Do bullets always do damage if they hit? Can you kill a tank with a .22?
Like a tardburger 1 page system.
Cute dog though.
Depends. How many dice? What kind of dice? How lethal is the system? If the system is too lethal then damage wont matter and alpha strikes will literally be the way to win.

Youd probably be better with something like Shadowruns rules.
Unlikely, it is heavily armored so you would need to roll a 2 to 3 to do damage or it would be even easier to give it outright immunity for small arms fire.

Pistols? You roll a pull of d4 relative to how many rounds fired.

Carbines? Still d4, but double range.

Rifles? D6s

Sniper rifles? Also d6 but double range.

Heavy ordance (chaingun, 50 cal sniper)? D10 (possible armor piercing)

Exploding munitions? Multi shot Missles will be d12 as we as grenades, single shot rockets? D20. D12 for adjacent, D10 for next, then d6 and finally d4.

Railgun? D100. Armor piercing. Max range. Single session use.
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>jerking off my dogs for fun and profit
>roll a 1 on my sleight of hand roll
>the DM looks at me funny
>"You have to drink it, anon"
>botch my Con save
>stomach-pregnant with SMASHED AND SLAMMED human hybrid
>it bursts out of my characters stomach, dealing 15d6 damage, no save
>I die instantly, now playing the Toadline Hybrid
>such is life

First you roll an awareness check, maybe your guy wasn't even paying attention and is caught of guard if so negative modifiers apply later

Then you roll a nerve check, your guy might not like what he's seeing and he might not react in the best way possible, having failed the awerness check applies negative modifiers here. if you fail this negative modifiers apply later.

Now you roll a preparation check, your guy is unholstering or lifting up his weapon at this point, if he fails this roll roll a clumsiness check, your guys weapon might get caught in his jacket or he might forget to turn the safety off. If you fail this you roll a continuation check, your guy might not be able to even fire his weapon this turn.

If your guy succeeds you now roll an aim check. If you failed your nerve check negative modifiers apply here.

Following the aim check you do a schooting check for every bullet you which to fire, along with a d20 you also roll a scatter dice and a d6.

now you see if any of your bullets have hit and make all the rolls required to see what happens to your target.

After having resolves all those rolls you will now do the physiological impact check, your guy might get a trauma from having fired a gun, which applies permanent negative modifiers.

After this you do the daydream check, your guy might have been dreaming and you need to do it all over again.
You do understand that 99% of bullets fired in shootouts miss, right? This is a big part of why I hated Starfinder, it was the same padded sumo combat as D&D, but with guns.
I'd say the raising the chance of a miss should be a matter of cover and range. Armour would have a rating of coverage and protection, coverage applies a penalty to the damage roll as long as the weapon's damage is within the bounds of the armour. A readied melee weapon is treated as armour against other melee attacks with coverage being the weapon's length.

Maybe with an additional rule that if the attack would have hit without the penalty the defending character is knocked back or his weapon is pushed aside and can't be used in the next round. This might be avoided if the armour's protection is 2 steps higher than that of the weapons.

Because this also seems like a more fast general combat system I would also measure ammunition in volleys or bursts rather than each individual bullet. Have each die represent 2-5 bullets, most gunfights have high volumes of fire even with semi-automatic weapons. Without this you'll have dudes shooting all day long and never reloading.
Unless, of course, you are going for the classic action movie thing where no one ever reloads.
>Shooting at a guy with a pistol or carbine (d4) out in the open, he is wearing a standard armour vest (Cov1, Prot4), I'd roll a d4 and subtract 1
>Shooting the same guy with a rifle instead and I'd just roll a d6 with no penalty
>If the guy was at the end of the the street I might fail on 2, if he also had cover I might fail on a 3

>In melee combat I have a knife (length 1, d4) my foe has a sword (length 2, d6), I roll my d4 at a -2 penalty while he rolls his d6 at normally
>If a brought a light spear to the fight instead (length 3, d6), I'd still roll at a -2 but my foe would be rolling at a -3
Yeah, that's the idea.

A lot of people seem to be convinced that missing a lot of attacks is a good thing here despite a large portion of character generation is trying to negate that chance of missing, by allowing character focus to be on stuff like modifying attack effects and damage instead, I think
It would allow for a more over the top type of game.

Fast, high damage combat, with a lot of variation for what those attacks.
I had something similar:
>3d6 - 2 of one color, 1 of another
>Total roll determines hit or miss
>The paired color determines damage (2d6+X)
>Single color determines hit location

But I was going for an OPERATORS OPERATING OPERATIONALLY IN OPERATIONS feel where characters were generally good at what they were rolling for.
this image is everything wrong with 'purebreeding'
fucking horrible american kennel club
was staypuft ever returned
Thanks but one quirk I just thought of in what I wrote is that with greater cover and range the attacks that do hit will be higher damage. So at long range if you do get hit it will probably be a headshot.
So maybe it should be a reversed to be the OP: Armour set the minimum, range provides the penalty.

I also just though that maybe fire itself could act as a kind of armour. The volume of an enemies fire could cause an enemy to flinch or cower into cover. So like melee weapons and armour guns would have a coverage, representing how well they cover an area in fire. If a gunman gets initiative and starts firing then all return fire from the same direction needs to beat his weapon's coverage to hit.
A combatant could make a suicidal attack, ignoring an enemies coverage or length but in turn would receive a free attack from their target.

Now this would slow things down a bit but it would also remove the need for a separate system for suppressing fire AND it would encourage maneuvering to avoid being suppressed, which might make for more dynamic combat.

Level advancement.

1. Fan the hammer.
You can fire all six round of a revolver in one turn at one target. The next round you must spend your action reloading.

2. I'll take you all on.
From level 2 onward you can split up damage from fan the hammer among two target. 3 targets at level 3, 4 targets at level 4, and so on.

3. Quick draw
In the event you are surprised, you may take an immediate attack action before the enemy acts.

4. Speed loaders.
Once per combat you can reload automatically after taking a combat action that requires a full turn reload.

5. Dance, boy, dance.
You can spend your attack action and full ammo amount to cause an enemy to break cover, or be stunned as they hop around to avoid your bullets.

6. Sharp eyes.
Your range is doubled with revolvers.

7. Extra speed loaders.

Speed loaders can be used twice per combat.

8. Ambidextrious.

You can use two revolvers as if you were using only one. Including the benefits of fan the hammer. A speed loader refills both weapons for one use.

9. All the bullets.
You always reload automatically.

10. Six gun legend.
Your revolver damage is now d6 instead of d4.
The Toadline is not a real breed. The AKC has a lot to answer for, but this one isn't their fault.
>fast, high dmg combat
See my earlier comment about everything devolving into who can get the alpha strike first. Would really limit what encounters you can plan when whoever goes first is almost certainly going to get damage, potentially high damage, off on the other side. Would make any ambush a pretty one sided affair. Which they are in reality, but thats not a fun time for the players if theyre on the recieving end. Once the players realize that theyll do whatever they can to be the first to act in combat and start to roll through fights a lot easier.

Problem is, if you want constant hits and dmg, the only way to counteract this is by turning people into bullet sponges, which also isnt fun when the players just have to chip away at a health bar.

Probably the best way to handle this would be to give your plays 2-3x the health of the enemies and just throw them against squads that are bigger, but individually weaker, than them as your normal encounter. Even then, players will still skew to going first because killing 4 enemies before they have a chance to act is big.

Even if its an equivalent number of guys with equivalent health, going first will still win the fight. If youre basically guaranteed to hit and deal damage then whoever goes first will almost always wins in that scenario, even accounting for the differences in dice. Unless one side is all pistols and the other all snipers then it will almost always end up like this.

Having a bigger chance to miss means that things aren't as clear cut as this. Just cause you go first doesnt mean you get the damage and an immediate upper-hand.
uh, that's not how firefights work.
if you want to be realistic, have low rates of hitting but throw out loads of attacks, and then have any given attack having a chance of significant injury.

for example, to hit with an attack, throw XdY, where X is the number of bullets and Y is the accuracy. On a 1, you hit. Aiming decreases die size, the harder the gun is to aim the larger Y gets.

Not what I'm going for at all.
Even if you're not going for realistic, it's super weird to have a system where the more powerful the weapon is, the more likely it is to hit. If you want fast combat, just make attacks do loads of damage and have people have all the HP of tissue paper.
People say have you tried not playing DnD as a meme but in this case I unironically get the impression that you haven't played much else
I've played a lot of systems.

D100, D20, tristat, fate, dice pools, narrative dice, savage worlds, SotDL, Apocalypse Engine, BESM, Maid, KAMB, Abberant, and more.

With a lot of systems under my belt, so far Genesys is the best, but all of them are flawed some just more flawed than others.

If I say Genesys is the best, people bitch about the dice while they more than likely have a boat load of dice from systems that they admit are shit lying around.
File: 600640_2_.png (47 KB, 850x850)
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>melee weapons just straight up hit however they do no damage to heavily armored targets
God, that reminds me of a system someone designed where, based on your accuracy, they calculated the trigonommetry and angles to see exactly how off-target a bullet would be based off an image of the target.
Like if your innacuracy is 0.5 degrees, then at x distance then the bullet would land y centimeters away from the aimed position, landing on the left finger, or whatever.

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