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ITT: Stuff you admire as your own personal headcanon or stuff you’d like to see made canon

Stolen from YouTube:
>Trazyn the Infinite has several, pristine versions of various STCs still in their space-wrapping
>he regularly sends pictures of them to the Fabricator-General
>The tyranids were created by the old ones to wipe out all life in the galaxy so chaos would starve to death. Afterwards they will move in and terraform to make it habitable once again.
Eldrad is one of the lost primarchs. That's why everything he does seems to somehow benefit humanity and why he hasn't completely turned to crystal or w/e despite having been a far-seer for so long.
There are a dozen grey knight chapters that are entirely unaware of each other and never come back to Titan at the same time

One of the greatest secrets of the Ordo Malleus is the knowledge that the gods and realms of chaos are only the most surface level portion of the warp and far more horrifying leviathans exist. The greatest responsibility of the Ordo Malleus is preventing the deep warp from discovering real space.

Titan maniples can threaten escort sized starships from orbit.
>Most of the IG hero units, and ever things like space marine heroes, aren't the real one.
>There are half a dozen Yarricks, Creeds and Strakens scattered throughout the imperium.
>Some are sent out purely for the morale boost they provide in spite of not being as qualified. Hence your Creeding didn't work out, or they died before they could do anything.
then why is eldrad so smol compared to primarchs
Alpharius is now a gestalt daemon prince who can possess any of his progeny at will.

Omegon is still out there loyal and infrequently works with the highest level of the inquisition and is buddy cop with Valdor.
>Love can Bloom is canon
>Captain Titus of 2nd Company Ultramarines was interim captain while Cato Sicarius was lost in the Warp. Also was hijacked by Cawl from Inquisitorial custody as his prime test subject for Primaris conversion.
>Sanguinor is the potential incarnation for Sanguinius and will be reborn on Baal the Blood Angels' darkest hours.
>Rogol Dorn disguised himself as an Imperial Fist Centurion in the Golden Throne Chambers and has so far evaded all detection just by being as autistic and literal as possible.
It's a glamour effect, basically.
>love can bloom is canon
>captain titus
Make him a deathwatch primaris captain
Sadly we know who he is now
>Rogal Dorn
100% agree
Jesus was a fellow perpetual/psyker and the sigillites ordered his death at the orders of the emperor in order to bring down the Roman Empire which he saw as degenerate since abandoning his original vision of Republicanism (yeah, Big E also brought down the Roman Empire)

Lorgar engineered the Council of Nikaea to disarm the legions of librarians for the coming war (this is actually HINTED at in Unremembered Empire by Guilliman but is left open)

Lorgar and Angron are still bros

Doombreed is definitively Genghis Khan

The Emperor was in a non-FTL rocket heading towards Molech for most of the Dark Age of Technology/Age of Strife which is why he didn't do much during it (also hinted at but no specific time frame is given)

The manga Berserk takes place on a Feudal World and God Hand are a cabal of Daemon Princes

Newcrons aren't a thing beyond the newer units and some eccentric characters
File: omegon.jpg (35 KB, 320x320)
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Switch them and I approve
But the Emperor uses his glamour to look bigger, so why does Eldrad use his to shrink? It makes no sense. Surely you would want to be tol and not smol if you could make the choice

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