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So /tg/, I come to you in need of your beautiful sadism. I'm GMing a WFRP game, my party has decided they want to take a Karak from goblins, they've decided to do this without an army, without a plan, and without any sort of forethought.

I've told them repeatedly how bad an idea this is.

Now, I don't want to just drop a dozen spider riders on them and TPK, it just seems in bad taste, even if they do deserve it. So I ask you, what are some creative and humiliating ways to show my party how poor the choices they've made are?

Also any stories of punishing stupid players welcome.
You shouldn't have the mindset of 'punishing players,' ever. But, showing consequences for actions should be done. Just don't be an ass.

Anyway, what you should do is they start their infiltration plan. It's going well, the fights are extremely challenging but they're getting through it.
Eventually, they overhear a conversation from some Gobbos that they don't even realize the party is there. Then another. Then another. There's rumours of some intruder but they're such a non-threat that the goblins dont even give a shit.

Eventually, the party runs into one of the main halls or something where they see like thousands of goblins. Like everything they fought times 50. The Gobbo warlord is there, and addresses them. He informs them that the upper officers knew about their plan, but thought it was even stupider then something they would come up with, and decided to see what happens. He tells them to basically fuck off because even their stupidity rivals goblins, and he feels sorry for them

Alternatively let their retarded plan work and then show how the goblins are even impressed how such a stupid plan worked
They enter the forest down the mountain, 100 kilometers before the peak. They clash with the scouts, giant spiders and wolves. If they survive, they need to go up the mountain, either by visible road (then they get attacked, not even ambushed, and enslaved or killed), or they somehow manage to reach the gates of the castle. The gates are closed, the walls are mounted with archers. Its over. Have an npc mercenary meet them on their road towards it, he will tell them how retarded their idea is. Don't tell them as a gm, let the world show how dangerous it is. If they somehow infiltrate the castle (be harsh on them, its very hard), let them see an army of 10 000 goblins inside. Each step I described is enough to make them realize they fucked up big time
>You shouldn't have the mindset of 'punishing players,' ever.
Thank you based anon, you are very wise.

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