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where have you guys been

>Essential downloads:

>Guide to Football Manager

>Pairs and Combinations:

>Team Shape and Mentality:

>Team Talks:

>Training and mentoring in FM19

>Macca's database:
http://pastebin.com/uj27eQhe ('15)
http://pastebin.com/7e3Vv0ap ('16)
Oh, please tell me England were ahead until the very dying seconds of stoppage time. Imagining the "it's coming home" posting and then it all being thrown away is too great.
who /shitlife/ here?
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If you tell a player the "I think you should become a coach when you retire" line and he says "well I can start right now if you like", what happens? I mean, he has a contract for about 1&1/2 years. Does he retire at the end of the season? At the end of his contract? Or can I offer him new player contracts?

Pic related. He's about to turn 35, and his physicals are declining but he's still a great MC and he's really the first great regen I signed and the longest tenured player on my squad, closing in on 500 league appearances. I know 18 months is a long time and he'll be 36 when his contract is up but I'm still reluctant to tell him to become a coach if I can't re-sign him.

tl;dr: player with 19 months on his contract wants to be available as coach and as I've never played a save that long idk if he'll stay that long or will retire at the end of the season. Also general advice on how to deal with old people.
wew lad. too bad hes bald.
Is 19 worth getting now over 18? Or should I wait for 20?
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Thoughts on my tactics?
>beat a really tough team in the Copa Lib
>save after my 92min win
>restart this game
>put in some guy I've barely played
>he's Accomplished CAM
>he's not even orange in suitability for roles
>he gets two assists
I was waiting for you, anon
>signed several regens
>15 heading on two of them
>one has 5 jumping reach, other 10
Trying to improve one of them. I hate people with high heading but the inability to jump or even be tall. Waste.
I haven't played FM much in last few years.

I'm on FM18 and got Lens promoted and chasing after Europa League. Two things I noticed and wanted to ask;

1. Is it just me or do the media answers and team talks get better as your manager becomes 'fluent' in a language?

2. How do I know which Brexit rules are in place? Brexit is due to happen in June and I was offered the Newcastle job but it's only March in the game.
1. yeah, I think that's intentional
2. idk about 18. in 17 the rules were announced right when brexit happened, in 19 they're announced near the start of the save. I'm guessing 18 is more like the former, you might have to wait to find out
>he doesn't give his manager second nationality to get fluent in it and then give the manager languages he might best get use out of
I like the old paul_wall routine where you take pointless u21 international jobs just long enough to get fluent. try to collect as many languages as possible during your save

I did pick a second language, but Russian doesn't help much in Ligue 1.
I'm currently raping it up in Div.2 Argentina. Won the Title, the cup, the Super Cup thing and into second round of Copa Lib. I've only drawn once, won the rest. All because I signed a 41 year old who's banged in 20+ goals for me plus a super youth who is already there. Plus abusing the opposition tactic thing.
He's on 21 goals now. Yay. He's scoring my benulties :DDD for me. 41 year old boomer. Main issue is I have had several bugs. Firstly, my DL retired due to 'injury' despite never having an injury and being perfectly fit. I then signed another one and realised I couldn't register him. Next, I won the Argentinian Cup and it said that I won it for the 2nd time in a row despite it being the first time my club had ever got to the final let alone win it. Next my club said it was always expect of me to win the Title (despite media prediction of 12th and expected to be top half). Next it does not register my cup win in their confidence. It says 'waiting' essentially.
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wew lads, I moved to Croatia (temporarily) two weeks ago, haven't had time to play until recently, then I find /trb/ ded for days

Currently doing a comfy azerbaijan save with Säbail. Won the title in the third season after finishing 4th then 3rd the previous two. Our title was mostly in part due to Qarabag, who had won the previous 7 titles, lucking out and getting to the EL groups, which made fixture congestion absolutely murder their form. We made the EL groups this season after beating Lech and Sheriff and losing to Young Boys in the CL, before barely beating Zrinjski in the EL playoff.

Also I now live literally next to NK Trnje, a club in the 3rd division. I wanna go see a match while I'm here then manage them in FM later.
>stop playing fm
>trb generals die out
what's the message here?
>be a key midfielder in a team
>decide to two-foot somebody in a non-threatening situation
>get injured doing so
>get a red card
>get a 3-game suspension
>not that it matters because you've torn your Achilles with that tackle
fucking wanker
ok /trb/ i guess i have to stop working on my career and start playing /trb/ again to keep the thread alive
>be me
>finish Argentinian 1st season undefeated with only a single draw, rest wins
>Top scorer retires
>Assistant Manager retires
>Best scout poached
And literally nobody better than what I have available to buy. I have lots of dross that I want to get rid of but risk failing to replace them. My youth regens need around 2-3 years to survive. I can't tell if Argentinian Premier League has a foreigner limit.

Maybe I should carry on my Oxford United game with my world class regen players in the Championship who became insane over a single season.
There's something incredibly sad in leaving the team you brought to glory because there's only so many trebles you can do before getting bored, and watching some brainlet AI manager destroy it
File: title race.png (102 KB, 2381x492)
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>going to have to win my remaining games and beat liverpoo in order to finally win the title
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Pls /trb/ I need your guidance. If you suggest a player to become a coach and he says to start right now, does he retire at season's end or does he wait until the end of his contract? And can I extend him as a player if he's already a player-coach?
My idiot 20 year old starting left back with no agent just agreed to 5 years + 3 years optional for 50k a week, when his teammates are making 3 times that.
and I've already slipped to Watford of all people, was resting key players for the CL
>playing as Manure
But why
I'm new to the game and wanted to see if I could do better than they are doing in real life. Have Liverpool been buffed in the winter update? They've pretty much won every trophy they've been in contention for so far.
/trb/ I have a confession I got promoted first season with dynamo dresden and now I'm terrified to play any more because I don't know why my tactic worked in the 2. bundes and I don't think it'll work in the bundes ;~;
Takes a lot of courage to come out and confess that anon. Bless you.
You have my sympathies, I had almost the same situation years ago doing a QPR save. Expected to battle relegation and miracled a 6th place finish when I didn't deserve anywhere near that then went on to massively flop the next season and get sacked because one of my strikers went on the longest dry spell ever. Literally about 20 games with no goals for a fucking striker.
Overachieving in the first season is awful.
File: lQGT6xM.png (58 KB, 1229x1160)
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Nah, you just get to see his coaching attributes. You can sign him as a player/coach, but he doesnt retire automatically.
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>be managing club in second tier
>try to cut down on spending to afford new training facilities
>incidentally find a central defender who scouts rate at 100% and say "sign x whatever the cost"
>sign him at a moderately high sum and agree to 5K per week wages, which is a huge amount for my club
>next transfer window arrives
>he's at fourth-tier level
I have him signed for two fuckin years /trb/
How good are your scouts at spotting potential and current ability?
Not very good. Hence why they fucked me like this.
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Funnily enough in my save Sunderland poached a left-back in my first youth intake. And now everybody's all wanting this new guy
Hadn't even noticed the General had been gone with how busy I was with uni
Just had to abandon the Journeyman Save I've poured most of my time into because database has gotten so big it seriously risks of crashing my PC whenever I move a day.
Will now do the single most retarded thing ever and take a team from Promozione (Italian SIXTH tier, lowest playable right now) to Serie A.
Trips pick what the fuck I get to manage, else I pick myself.
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