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>tfw browse /sci/ despite being a brainlet that doesnt understand anything and has no further education
that's the whole point of this board, to make yourself feel smart without cracking a book
smart people treat social media for what it is: a waste of time
That's how I started.
Then I started watching youtube videos, and buying text books.
Now I know the basics of classical physics, chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy and cosmology. I may not be specialized but I have a broad understanding at least.
Currently, I have to teach myself a lot of math to comprehend Quantum Mechanics, but everything else seemed to use simple concepts which were easy to grasp.
LOL me to
I used to browse this place as a bored highschooler and everyone here seemed smart as fuck, now I'm finishing up my engie degree and I realise how stupid all you niggers are lmoa
Is 4chan even a social media?
This. Do this Op. It's what I'm just starting to do now. 4chan actually sets up a decent introductory to a lot of skills, especially math. Here's some basic studying advice from A Mind For Numbers by Oakley
1. Attempt to recall desired info over extended periods (daily ,weekly, monthly, yearly) then check the material to see if you recalled correctly
2. Self test in method suitable to material, such as a self-made math quiz or history quiz
3. Rehearse desired info in various ways, outloud, written, typed
4. Space repetition over extended periods, such as after attempting recalling (tl;dr repetition for less long but more often)
5. Alternate types of questions in self tests and change what you're rehearsing and recalling often, don't redo the same questions over and over for too long
6. Use timed intervals of study, recommended half hour sessions
7. Explain what you're learning to an imaginary someone who knows nothing, and to imaginary someone who knows just as much, and to imaginary someone who knows more
8. You better fucking know not to dick around while studying, why do you think they recommend using timed intervals?
9. Do hardest things first, preferably soon after you wake
10. Sleep or it'll be a little bit harder
That book is bretty wordy and kinda written for retards. Good advice though. Another book reccomend reading is How To Read A Book by Adler. It talks about how to properly gain understanding from a book and how to read them fairly.
Basic points in that;
>Read side stuff such as preface, intro, index, dustjacket ->Skim random paragraphs and whatever looks important from random pages -> Speed read entire thing -> Read again with notebook
As for what material to actually study; see pic
also for more stuff
>start with the greeks
>the trivium
>atlas of world history
>the elements of style
>check the /sci/ wiki
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forgot pic
Aside from making an off topic meta thread you're already better off than most of /sci/ that you recognize a deficiency in knowledge.
The next step is figuring out how to correct that deficiency.
There are plenty of resources online to slowly build up a foundational knowledge.
literally same lmao
I only browse because I find it extremely arousing to listen to nerds passionately debate difficult subjects like maths and physics. Especially if they are university-age.
I sometimes picture the users of /sci/ in their dorms just in underwear. In my mind they are either ottermode or bears. And they're all focused studying for their finals and shit and have to stop every once in a while to jack off or go to the gym to freshen up their minds. Gets me hard like diamonds desu.
I wish I could seduce one of them while they're focused I could approach from behind and stroke their dicks a bit I wonder how they'd react hmmm
You are literally an engineer, you have no right to anyone dumb.
If I'm anything to go by they are or are becoming fat fucks with greasy hair, endless pizza boxes strewn across the floor. I wouldn't touch a gym, too socially awkward. You're right about the jacking off though.
Eat less, fatty
I'm practically dependent on takeaways now, every time I plan on cooking something other than pasta I find an excuse to not be bothered.
Kinda. Depends on your definition. It's still bad though.
How embarassing

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