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OK, riddle me this bros.
What the fuck is the point of google asking me to identify all pictures with, e.g., bridges, if the algorithm ALREADY KNOWS IT'S A FUCKING BRIDGE????
what is the actual point of telling me i missed something and insisting i tap the screen just because?
pic related obviously
You know how you can't get higher than a certain score on any IQ test you take? Well, this is like that. There's only so high you can go with your intelligence. Due to this, you are unable to comprehend how this sort of thing helps train AI even if you were told.
>IQ tests have a ceiling
>your brain is like an IQ test
>unironically refers to google's ML algorithm as "AI"
your metaphors are shitty and you're trying too hard to sound smart. go back to making your family and friends miserable with your existence.
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Its for training neural networks.
Here is a video,if you cant watch the whole thing skip to 22:00.
No wonder m00t implemented the new captcha before departing to work for google.
(not op) great video
Believe it or not, you can still cheat captchas. I do it because I post enough here I know what works and doesn't. Also, cheating them fucks with the algorithm.
Thanks anon. Aside from watching the video, I realized that one goal of the captcha is to identify bots, and hence the insistence on choosing the "correct" image, which might not be possible for a bot.
I used to work with people who trained connectionist networks using backprop and other algorithms to model language processing. We never used terms like deep learning, ML, etc., but am I wrong to think that this is just a rebranded version of the same?
Did you k ow the catchpa which fade and reappear are several cunts all doing the same at once and you are all agreeing that someones front lawn is a rolling mountain plain?
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this is awesome
what other secrets of the captcha do you guys know??
What do IQ tests have to do with OP's question you fucking braggadocious brainlet?
If you don't know the answer then shut up.
They are fucking annoying

Being signed into chrome doesn't affect whether u do them more or less

That's about it

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