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>be my sister in 1970's
>be 3 yrs old
>be really sick for months on end
>go to doctors and hospitals
>actually stop breathing on several occasions
>dad was volunteer fireman, and brought oxygen tanks home to set up oxygen tent for her to sleep in
>go to hospital in nearest big city
>first doctor not sure, goes and gets really old doctor
>old doctor takes one look
>"this is whooping cough. Have you never seen whooping cough before?"
>"go get all the other doctors, ya'll are learning something today"
>Dr. Fogey gives short course on whooping cough using my sister as specimen
>administers propper antibiotics
>sister grows up to be veterinarian with two genius daughters

Share your professional knowledge. We only learn what is shared and recorded
Congratulations on your sister surviving but by the end of your greentext I had become thoroughly sick of your >joke.jpeg routine.
People gotta understand this. If it's a rare desease you haven't seen or it's not having the typical symptoms it can be very very hard for us to diagnose. I'm glad your sister is alive and well.
My grandfather was an infectious disease specialist in world war 2. After the war while. My grandfather was working at a hospital, a particularly bad undiagnosed patient came in. No one could figure out what was going on and they were calling in doctors around the area. My grandfather went to see the guy and was also perplexed. When he was driving home that day it was raining and he saw a raindrop running down the car window which reminded him of a spirochete which got him thinking. He then remembered that the patient was a merchant marine before the war and traveled around the world fucking whores in various ports. He put it all together and realized The guy had dormant sypilhilis for over a decade that just came out of no where with atypical symptoms.
I wanna be like this. I want to be the doctor that makes the call that nobody would have guessed but is 100% correct. How do? What set this old guy apart from all the others?

Curiously enough, I remember the symptoms of whooping cough from EMS class.
Thats fucking amazing man :D, any other stories your grandpa has told you about his medical carrier?

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