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>Be me
>2nd year EE student
>Doesn't how coil guns work
Someone explain it to me before I anhero myself
Do you know how a solenoid works
A charge is stored in a capacitor bank. Some high power switch dumps all the power from the capacitors into the electromagnetic coil pulling the metal projectile towards the center of the coil. In a well tuned coilgun, by the time the projectile reaches the center of the coil it has run out of energy so the projectile keeps moving forwards using momentum.
The picture you used shows a multistage coilgun which basically uses some sort of switching mechanism to do the same thing again when the projectile is in the right spot.
Yes - a current in a solenoid creates a magnetic field due to amperes law - I just don't know why the bullet is pulled to the center of the coil
Right but why does the bullet go towards the center of the coil
A magnetic field in the direction of the chamber, which propels the projectile through the chamber. Right hand rule a solenoid coil and the direction your thumb is pointing is the magnetic field. If you're asking why a magnetic field has an effect on the projectile itself well I can't answer that, something something fundamental properties of magnets
I think the basic explanation is that the magnetic field induces current to flow through the projectile because of mutual inductance. That current flow turns the projectile into another magnet which is attracted towards the field of the electromagnet. It goes to the center, because that is where the field is the strongest.

Hogwash - There has to be an explanation aside from

>Magnets do be that way sometimes
Ok that makes more sense so then the current would be flowing in the bullet cylindrically?
you really want your mind blown look up how a railgun works
I think so. That is sort of my half ass explanation.
I found some websites that might be helpful.
You probably have more 'official' electrical qualifications then I do. I was just super into this stuff when I was a kid.

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