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Last Thread - >>3687974

Last time on super duper stick figure quest -

-You met a demon named Bob and made him your servant.
-You found out bob is on a revenge quest to find and kill the person who killed his master.
- We also met your friend jade who may or may not be an ally.

Now back to the story…
Currently you were in the bathroom. It was in between classes and the bell hadn't rang yet. You managed to convince your teacher that bob was an AI that you built and totally not a demon or something.

"Damn, I'm clever!" You said to yourself.

You began to wash your hands and the water from the faucet came pouring out. Your hand were soaked like an arab being waterboarded.

“The Truth must not be heard….”

You look in the mirror to see something or someone flying towards you!

What will you do!
throw water at them then run for the exit.

"The Truth must not be heard..."

You threw water at the thing and ran past whatever it was.

You entered the hallway, Which was Dimly lit for some ominous reason. To top it off there was no one else in the hallway which was strange considering the time of time.

"The Truth must not be heard...!"

The floating man phased through the wall! He clearly is not human!

What will you do?
Use the power of Christ to Banish the Spirit.

"The Truth must not be heard!"

The ghoul keeps repeating that same line over and over again…
But that word "Truth." It reminded you about something you had in your other pocket - A bible!

You pulled it out and grasped it in your hand.

"Taste the power of the lord!" You chucked the bible as hard as you could towards the ghoul!

"The truth must not be heard…"

It had no effect on him! Your bible went straight through his body and onto the cold floor!

Wat do now?
Run for the exit
You run outside!
In the distance you can hear the words:

"The truth death must not be heard..."

You burst through the door and head out to the school field. You don't if the ghoul can appear in sunlight or not but you should be safe for now?

Wat do?
Look for our deamon maybe he will have more luck than us in beating up this ghost.
(I forgot to write it but Bob returned to your pocket after the presentation. Sorry lol.)

"Bob, I summon you!"

“What do you need? I feel molested after that teacher touched me so much.”

“Stop whining! This ghoul is chasing me-” You explained the situation to bob.

"A ghoul…?

"Yeah. A ghoul. I don't think it's a ghost because it's repeating the same line over and over again. A person who once alive wouldn't be doing that." You explained.

"Anyway, it can phase through walls and is hellbent on saying ' The truth must not be heard!'"

"That sounds familiar…. But wait-" Bob came to a realization as he looked behind you.

" Pedro! Get away from the tree!" He yelled

The ghoul sprang up from the shadows and hovered behind you.

"The truth must not be revealed…"

Wat do?
get behind bob and have him attack the ghost.
“Stand back Pedro, I’ll take care of this!” Bob said.

“Yeah…” You stepped back.

“The truth must not be revealed!”

The ghost pulled out a long spear and chucked it at bob. Bob dodged swiftly and spear barely missed your head.

“It used a ranged attack… That must mean it doesn’t want to come out of the shade. Sunlight must be it’s weakness!”

“Pedro can you try to lure it out…?” He asked.

“How do exactly I do that?”

“I don’t know… It seems pretty pissed at you already. Just do whatever you did to piss it off.” Bob exclaimed.

“I didn’t do anything to piss it off! It just randomly appeared!” You said.

“The truth must not be revealed….” The ghoul said looking at you.

“The truth…?”
It then occurred to you what the ghost was trying to do. It was trying to prevent some sort of ‘Truth’ From being heard.

“The truth?” Maybe if you threatened to reveal this truth, The ghost would come out?

“ I know the truth and I will reveal it.” Mustering the courage, You said those words.

“THE TRUTH MUST NOT BE REVEALED OR HEARD!” The ghoul angrily charged at you, Leaving the shade of the sunlight!

“Got ya! You bastard take this!”

“Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora!” Bob used that attack from your anime to hit the ghoul multiple times in the chest. Resulting in it being impaled.

“Argghhh…. The truth about….. Mindy halls… Death….. Must not be….. Revealed ...”

Before he vanished the ghoul spewed those words.

“Mindy halls!?” Bob exclaimed.

“Isn’t that-”

“Yeah. That was the name of my previous master.”

“ The person who killed her probably sent that ghoul to kill us.” Bob said, Looking at the sky.

“This isn’t good, Pedro. I thought the person who killed my master was just a burglar or a petty criminal but they might be some sort of magic user or wizard.” Bob looked worried.


Wat do now?
Head to class and mull over this new info

“Well, There’s nothing we can do now. Let’s just go back to class.” You said.

You two went back inside your school and your next class - Mathematics.

While you sat in class, You thought about your situation.

"Man, It's weird how the killer just sent a ghoul to try and kill us."

"Weird how?"

"If this person was so powerful, why do they even care about her death?" You asked.

"What do you mean." Bob responded.

" I mean, they're some sort of magic user, right? It's not like the police can even touch them. Why are they worried about someone knowing about her death?"

"Indeed. That is strange. The mystery deepens.”

You thought about all the strange stuff that had happened to you within the last 36 hours. Why was all this happening to you? That question permeated your mind as the bell rang and the school day ended.

It is now the end of the school day, Wat do?

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