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File: Elements - The Begining.png (1.4 MB, 1085x940)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
The Elements - A NRP Game

Create a nation/civilization and RP in the fantasy themed world.

Each player starts with one tile and the tiles around it. This is where the capitol of a nation is placed. (Exceptions exist). Choose a location to start and your colors. (pick two) You may post once your nation has been approved, any aspects of your nation which I find unfair or meta that I have not already established are banned as initial traits may be denied, but not denied after you have already been approved post approving.


I am the OP, my job is to keep this game running smoothly, I will mediate inter-personal conflicts between players that relate to the game and will deny meta gamers their unfluffy modifications and advancements.

Rules: (and also tips)

Be courteous, before posting that paragraph of rage over somebody else taking that salt you wanted think instead about how you could get that salt in game, because the only reason I would complete a player's request for that salt is if they had the knowledge and national motivation to attain it.

Your tech may start as late as late bronze age tech unless you are spawning off another nation or it is the late game.

All players may post 2 actions (one turn) once they are approved, after I have posted a new Mupdate. You may put your turn in the starting post but be ready to change it in case I ask you to alter your nation/race/ability.

Diplomacy and lore posts do not count as an action.

A new Turn start when I post a mupdate

You only may have basic manipulation and sometimes spontaneous formation skills among your nation by default, for instance fire elementals can only move and create some fire while water elementals can't create water but can manipulate it as it is everywhere. This is not a rule when the exception of your race's passive elemental ability is taken into consideration.

This game is inspired by the hit children's TV show "Avatar: The Last Airbender", it is encouraged that you have a basic understanding of how bending works before beginning.

No Meta Gaming

No overpowered actions

Regulate yourself so I don't have to, that will lead to the least hassle on my part.

Tiles are not necessarily owned by your central state, only populated by your race and protected by the pylons, so far away colonies can not contribute to the war effort to much under normal circumstances. Do not be surprised if your colony ship gets eaten by abyssal horrors when you only spent 1 turn focusing on naval tech and defenses against the dark beasts.

Unless otherwise stated your central government is located in your capitol, a successful siege of your capitol will lead to chaos in the empire.

Be creative and world build your nation intelligently. (continued)
Nation Creation Regulations:
-nations cannot start on a bare rock (grey), desert, ocean/sea, mountain or ice tile, they cannot start on an island or adjacent or upon a tile with a livestock or other icon on it unless suitable land for new nations is unavailable (late game new nations)
-with the exception of a single allowed relatively standard human elemental race all new races must be unique and original, so no rubber mask humanoid races (orcs, elves, halflings, humans, dwarves etc), you are encouraged to play as something as obscure as possible, obscure races from the dark and dreary corner of a wargame or from the pages of a speculative evolution book are always pleasant to see and play.
-all new races must either have pre established and balanced biological information from another setting or must be modified to fit with a human level food to power efficiency.
-The first 5 players get to each choose an element from the diagram bellow, players after 5 players have been reached either need to read up on their favorite current nation's fluff and create an offshoot of that nation or make their own unique element (for instance magic, death, air, cold, toxins, lightning etc) and cannot fuse two elements together (examples of illegal hybrid elements would be: magma (earth/fire), life (wood reskin but more OP), rock etc) or take a subset art from another nation. (if the wood nation can control animals you can't take the element of "beasts")
-no race may have the ability to combine with another in order to utilize multiple elements, elemental powers are intrinsic to each race and all members of that race (with exceptions of subsets that cannot use elemental powers if the player desires)
-no mind control or assimilation races
-all races breath O2 and have a digestive range comparable to humans, races cannot have the ability to breath other gasses, liquid, solids or plasmas
-no underground agriculture (all food is made on the surface by farms or ranchers)
-no advanced or ulterior elemental techniques may be learned without my permission (for instance the fire nation cannot have the ability to shoot lightning, only bend, move and generate fire unless they search some ruins and put a few turns of investment at my suggestion that lightning fire based powers can be learned in there)
-no above human reproductive rates without a major drawback (a hive race can have its drones but if they are to be numerous they cannot be elementals for instance), lower than human lifespans and reproduction rates may allow for more physical and elemental power per individual.
-no giant sized (>3m/9ft) or tiny (<.66m/2ft) races
-no OP fighting skills
-all races must require human equivalent levels of water to survive (I'm talking body weight to water intake ratios so not all races no matter how big or small need 7 glasses a day or whatever)
(pictured: The five elements)
How the elements work:
The basic 5 elements work on a system of mutual strengthening and weakening. Between benders are Overcoming interactions which weaken the element which the red arrows points to, while Generating Interactions strengthen users of both elements when they are near each other. As an example of this dichotomy is found in if we say we have a member of the Fire race, the Earth race and the Wood Race all in the same room. The Fire race would be the strongest as they are being empowered by both Wood and Earth while the Wood race would be second strongest as they are being powered up by the Fire race. The Earth race would be weakest at a neutral empowerment as they are being weakened by the Wood yet empowered by the Fire. New Elements will be integrated into the chart.

Different resources will give advantages to your nation, for instance if you have a horse icon under your nation and have used an action to domesticate those beasts you will now be able to field fire throwing Calvary and have something to help with your agriculture. Most important among the resources is probably the Salt resource which boosts your meat based foods and thus national nutrition through the introduction of low time preference salted meat trading. And as something that makes potatoe and cabbage soup that your nation's populace sustains upon a little less bland.

Background Fluff:
>From the depths ancient constructs and magics twist and turn, from the depths in ancient tombs, vaults meant to stand the tests of father time along with from the time capsules of civilizations long dead and the cursed grave sights of massacres long forgotten beasts reform. Minds meld back as the souls of the dead are thrust back into the material world. Your nation is alive once more, they can only remember how to crudely reform their ancient societies though, and they need your guidance. But blessed with your elemental sign they are forged anew, their potential is up to you to unlock, so from the places unknown in a world so dead they beckon to your, my lord. Can you build them back up? Can you reform the dead from the ashes? Can you create a civilization that will stand the test of time?
(starting template)
Starting Location:
Nation Name:
Capitol Name:
Race Name:
Race description/links/abilities:
Elemental Passive Ability:
Summary of Nation:
Fluff (optional):
Starting Crop: (pick an irl staple crop and slap it in here, keep in mind your crop might fail early on if you decide watermelons are a good idea in the dry plains, I will use this crop and your nations biology and culture to figure out what variation of a government they will use)

Elemental Passive Ability:
EPAs are an exception to the rule. They are an elemental based trait which allows for strange and unique abilities to manifest, for instance if you are the metal nation you can give your dudes the ability to eat metal and integrate that metal into their physiology, you want bones of steel? Feet of mercury or the density of lead? Just do that and watch as your mines run dry from over consumption and your enemies die of mercury and lead poisoning after they go in to take your land! Or perhaps you give your men of metal a sixth sense which allows them to sniff out metal both underground and above, or instead you could allow them to become one with their metal weapons, allowing you to forge shells of metal which they can grow into over the course of a few weeks. The abilities are vast and full of potential so use them well.

Discord: https://discord.gg/v8DCrWu

It's here use it
I will be online for the next 2 hours taking new nations in, after that I must sleep.
close ups
File: Elements - The North.png (1.35 MB, 1072x797)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
most of this area you cannot begin in
File: Elements - The West.png (1.18 MB, 822x918)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
make sure to put in your *two* colors
Starting Location: Western Grasslands (Wherever you see fit)
Nation Name: The Iron Empire
Capitol Name: Steelhold
Race Name: Iron Men (Homo Ferrous)
Race description/links/abilities: Faceless humanoids with metallic skin that is only slightly stronger then flesh. The only defining feature of their body is a mouth slit that opens to eat and drink. They do not require an open mouth to talk, and opening their mouths is considered rude when in social situations. In old age, their skin begins to oxidize, as the natural chemicals that hold off the process begin to slow in production, and the bodies of the dead crumble away within a few years.
Element: Metal
Elemental Passive Ability: Their skin can be forged with additional metal to become permanent items, such as axe hands, armor fused onto the body, and the like. The process is usually quite painful and the limb/body cannot be put back into it's original form without more forging.
Summary of Nation: An Imperial monarchy with a system of noble houses that hold some sway over politics.
Fluff (optional): Wip
Starting Crop: Wheat
Starting location: south eastern dry plains
Nation name:plagasm empire
Capital name:necropolis
Race name: the entombed
Race description: zombies covered in mud and dirt that won't come off. All remains of a betrayed empire.
(I hope undead are okay.)
Element: earth
Element passive ability: can go into a hibernation state when buried in the earth.
Starting crop: corn
File: Steelhold.png (461 KB, 637x450)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
Approved, you may input two actions to start.
File: Necropolis.png (633 KB, 740x476)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
The undead awaken, their broken bones remend and their organs reawaken. Though dead they are alive again.

They now reproduce through a process called "soul splitting", where an undead will go into a dormant state, form a cocoon and two smaller juvenile undead will emerge, though the memories of the "parent" will be fractured at best and at the level of an infant at worst.

Many undead find that they do not need to farm. A small caste of undead are able to experiment with their earthen powers, many form the de facto rulers of the necropolis.

You may now preform 2 actions
you should join the discord, the link is in the OP, also these colors are good yes?
1. The empire rises, the old emperor, Ferrouis XI has died, rusted away in his sleep. His successor, Arurom I now begins his reign of the Iron empire. Immediately, he begins to gain favor from the noble houses in Steelhold, and puts funding into the Imperial Army, a long neglected force. He orders the army to push the frontier, and to expand outward into the unknown.

2. Spears, swords, armor and many other tools of war need to be made, and the metal to do so doesn't grow on trees! The Emperor sends men to search for Iron and other metals.
I will hit the hay now. The Mupdate will come in the morning (10-11 hours from this post if things go as planned)
File: burnt men.jpg (184 KB, 1366x782)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Starting Location: The North (Mountains or coast)
Nation Name: Golden Dawn
Capitol Name: Last Hearth
Race Name: The Burned Men
Race description/links/abilities: Having crawled from the ashstorms, skin bitten and burned from the choking heat, the burned men are not a pretty sight. Emancipated, pale, and bare, all identical. Their eyes burn with a blaze that slowly dims as they age. Their condition comes with the benefit of not being harmed by fire, rather strengthened by it.
Element: Fire
Elemental Passive Ability: The Burned Men are able to "gift", or have it taken, their inner flames to others, granting them longer lives, and greater strength. Common practice is for strong warriors to have flames so strong it burns through their flesh.
Summary of Nation:
Fluff (optional):
Starting Crop: Cow? If not, wheat
Phone posting, but

>Summary of nation- A harsh martial culture of might makes right. The rich amd powerful rule due to their great strength and extended lifespan due to their flames. The idea of sacrifice for the greater good is common -i.e. a superhumanly strong warrior
File: 0.jpg (176 KB, 1000x1567)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Location: Southeastern Swamps
Nation Name: The Alliance of Spores
Capitol Name: Psilocybnia
Race Name: Cordysians
Race description/links/abilities:
Cordysians have resided in their home since the beginning, hidden away from the other races in fear after a terrible war nearly lead to their extermination. Their cities reside in forests with homes grown from fungus and other plant matter.

Communities of Cordysians reproduce by emitting spores that infect the local wildlife as carriers for their parasitic offspring.After a long gestation period, the host dies and a new Cordysian bursts from the corpse of it's host. Cordysians posses cosmetic traits similar to the animal that hosted them.(Animal ears, tails.)

In the past, nations have feared colonies Cordysians for the damage they bring to the surrounding area. As the Cordysian population in an area grows, it's flora and fauna begin to rot and decay.

Element: Fungus(Wood?)
Elemental Passive Ability: Fungal Corruption: Settled areas are slowly infected by the colony. Grass turns to mycelium and trees and shrubs to various giant mushrooms. Non-intelligent lifeforms infected by spores are capable of being bonded with in a manner similar to the aliens in 'Avatar'.
Most of this shroom-flora is inedible to them.

Summary of Nation:

Cordysians have hidden in the forests they call home for centuries, fearful of the ancient tales of conflict with outsiders. However, the nation's impact on the surrounding forests has begun to make their lives difficult. The fauna has begun to die out, and they must expand to find more hosts if they wish to reproduce in the coming years.

Cordysian tribes are united as a nation but share power among autonomous tribes with chiefs meeting for a council to make decisions. Each tribe differs slightly in culture but are united in their love for the hunt. They track down game and implant them with spores that grow into mushrooms they can consume.

They feel an immense connection to nature, and see their corruption not as a plague, but as evolution into a higher form.

Fluff (optional):
Starting Crop: Various species of edible mushrooms.
Yeah the colors should be fine, I've had trouble with discord before so I'll see what I can do.
1. The sorcerer caste shall begin study in the fall of their empire
2. Search for useable resources around the city.
Should probably hold a name
File: Elements - First Steps.png (1.4 MB, 1079x930)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
you are lucky you will need to obtain cows through tiles. Wheat will be your staple crop. Approved, you may have a free expansion now, and you may take actions now.

Your nation begins to develop in the cradle as a feudal government based around loyalty to a lord, who the peasants must let their daughters give their power to. This creates a loop of an underpowered population of females and a very powerful aristocracy, who are able to maintain their power through fire power.

To the north west your people find cows, relatively docile and bearing meat and milk which pleases the aristocracy these animals begin to be herded by fire ranchers, shepherds of beasts who use their fire to travel these creatures around farmlands, eating the grass which would otherwise be useless. The aristocracy now have better nutrition which allows for more free time to practice their arts.

Only animals firmly within the pylons of the Cordysians can be infected, though you do not yet know it no member of a sentient race nor areas or animals outside of your pylons will be capable of being infected by your spores.

You gain limited domesticated animals, the wildlife may be limited in scope due to a low population density but they serve as useful tools in agriculture.

Forest for you will be very powerful for your agriculture but non-forested areas will be very hostile for your agriculture. Your two actions for this turn will be domestication of spore animals and uniting the tribes.

No major ruins can be found in the surrounding areas but many artifacts are able to be unearthed using geomancy. The nation gains lots of bronze from the immediate area they once lived in. They find usable grasslands to the east, a forest for timber to the north east and can see some hills in the distance past the forest and horses in the distance to the north west.

You can only extract very much metal from your capitol area and some gold from the rivers using your more skilled metallic benders. The ritual is done and the borders expand, the military takes a large part in this ritual.
Starting Location: See Image
Nation Name: The People of Tarn
Capitol Name: Rakka
Race Name: The Remnants/The Tarnsmen/The Deep/The Seafarers
Race description/links/abilities:
>I haven’t really found an expy that really satisfies me when it comes to fishpeople, so for now I’ll just describe their behavior and add visuals later.
The Remnants are the last members of a lost aquatic race from a planet connected to this one by various passages and tunnels. Over time, these passages closed off, but the species remembered how they worked. The planet was destroyed in a cataclysmic event, and the last of the species created one such tunnel to escape to another world. They have gills, thick necks, and sharp conical teeth. They have strong extended families and a preference for hunting.
Element: Water
Elemental Passive Ability: The children of Tarn possess the ability to instinctively sense and manipulate currents of water. They can use this power for communication, fast travel, or the construction of pockets of air below the water. The Tarns use this power to farm sprat and other baitfish by creating spheres of strong currents in which the fish swim, unable to escape.
Summary of Nation: Coming Soon
Fluff (optional):Coming Soon
Starting Crop: (pick an irl staple crop and slap it in here, keep in mind your crop might fail early on if you decide watermelons are a good idea in the dry plains, I will use this crop and your nations biology and culture to figure out what variation of a government they will use): Sprat
Skills: Good swimmers, pressure resilience, immune to the bends, euryhaline, pack hunters, excellent night vision.
>pic attached, what they might look like out of water(minus all the high tech gear of course, I’m just talking about the general body silhouette)
Due to a genetic issue in the gills the race of the Tarn cannot breath water without asphyxiation for over an hour.

Your nation will start with only coastal rice as their crop, it can only grow in salty water. You will still be able to be as big through great fishing skills but you cannot colonize inland until you get a crop.
I feel like writing a fluff post.

Fleeting Talon stood before the council forcing his tail to stay wrapped around his leg as he struggled to keep his composure. He wasn't sure how his father had managed to stand these evens for the many years before he took the sacred rite of The Long Walk. It was a form of ritual suicide that had taken the lives of his eldest brother and sister, not to mention his cousins and other relatives. Put into place centuries ago when his people went into hiding, it was a method of population control. Not only did his people fast and ration to preserve what food they could without expanding their borders, but every 65 moons they would draw the names of a portion of the adult population to die so that they could continue their hidden way of life. Fleeting Talon wanted no more.

He regarded the other chiefs by placing two fingers first to his heart and then to his forehead. Gift-Of-The-Ancestors returned the gesture. Nimble Worm gave the greeting of his people's own culture, a slight bow to each of his equals. The three leaders standing before the Mother-Growth were a testament to the many diverse phenotypes of their people. Fleeting Talon; like his father, had hooves instead of regular legs and stood on them in a manner similar to a Satyr. In the place of hair there were thin, wispy growths similar to the mycellium that grew along the mushroom forest floor. Hard fungal plates had grown over his eyes during his teenage years, so he relied on clever use of his bending to 'see'. Through clever use of bending techniques, he could bounce sound waves at a frequency too small to hear off of nearby objects and catch the vibrations on specialized 'feeling growths' that he had cultivated himself.

Gift-Of-The-Ancestors held a similar build to Fleeting Talon, but without animal legs or eye-plates. Her jaw and lower face were covered by similar plates and made it so that she could not open her mouth to speak. Instead, she emitted spores that the nearby Cordysians could sense and decipher messages from. Nimble Worm was covered in plates almost like a suit of armor, his entire body encased with a myriad of different mushrooms, many bio luminescent.

All three Chieftains recognized the need to unite their people as one, but every tribe disagreed on the next step for their people. Their ancestors fought to keep them hidden away for centuries. What terrible shame would they bring upon themselves if they ventured out into the world and all of their great was wasted, torn apart by the hands of the Ywwilthi - The Outsiders? The council met day after day arguing over which path they thought was right. A moon passed before Fleeting Talon would convince them that the path he saw was right. Cordysians were bound to the hidden alcoves of their forest no more. They would restore their great empire to glory under his name that he shared with his ancestor that did the same many years ago.
Never mind to the coastal rice, they grow sprat as their staple (besides fish catching for a source of food of course)
1. Expand our borders
2. Devote resources to researching better mastery of our bending.
I'll go for the timber and eventually bronze and I'll continue looking at artifacts especially ones involved with our demise and enemies.
File: Bat Man.jpg (306 KB, 1920x2382)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
>Starting Location: Toward the South-western tip of the continent, in the lush grass/near forest lands there.
>Nation Name: Sonaria
>Capitol Name: Damhuest
>Race Name: Sonarii
>Race description/links/abilities: Human-sized bat-like mamalian beings able to glide on their wing membranes. They also hear very well, to the point they are said to be able to hear their own reflected sound or breath.
>Element: Air
>Elemental Passive Ability: The Sonarii are able to generate waves of wind from their open mouths. These can be used to glide upon, or as a sort of 'shouting' gust.
>Summary of Nation:
The Sonarii respect strength, and the lines of blood; but are not absolutely beholden to these. Strength and family decides who is lordly, but the lordly chose from among themselves by means of popularity, prestige and patronage.
>Fluff: The Sonarii claim they were once powerful, mighty, able to go where they willed; but for generations the last survivors of their people have been limited to an enclosed cave system. Until, one day, the confining ground shook and the cavern walls cracked, releasing them from the darkness to return to the surface they missed so dearly.
>Starting Crop: Tomatoes
I don't think air is included with the Chinese elements

All of the Chinese elements are already taken, though. So I picked one of the suggested second-string elements.

Also, I guess a deep blue and a crimson red, with blue as the background, for colour?
Starting Location: See Image
Nation Name: The People of Tarn
Capitol Name: Rakka
Race Name: The Remnants/The Tarnsmen/The Deep/The Seafarers
Race description/links/abilities:
>I haven’t really found an expy that really satisfies me when it comes to fishpeople, so for now I’ll just describe their behavior and add visuals later.
The Remnants are the last members of a lost aquatic race from a planet connected to this one by various passages and tunnels. Over time, these passages closed off, but the species remembered how they worked. The planet was destroyed in a cataclysmic event, and the last of the species created one such tunnel to escape to another world. They have gills, thick necks, and sharp conical teeth. They have strong extended families and a preference for hunting.
Element: Water
Elemental Passive Ability: The children of Tarn possess the ability to instinctively sense and manipulate currents of water. They can use this power for communication, fast travel, or the construction of pockets of air below the water. The Tarns use this power to farm sprat and other baitfish by creating spheres of strong currents in which the fish swim, unable to escape.
Summary of Nation: Coming Soon
Fluff (optional):Coming Soon
Starting Crop: (pick an irl staple crop and slap it in here, keep in mind your crop might fail early on if you decide watermelons are a good idea in the dry plains, I will use this crop and your nations biology and culture to figure out what variation of a government they will use): Sprat

>The endless torrent of water crashes down from the skies, stretching as far as the eye can see. It turns the plain beneath into mud and silt and spawns a thousand rivulets that stream downhill, into the ocean. No matter how much the sky throws down, the ground accepts it without complaint or regret. This is how it has been for centuries now.
>The People of Tarn once came from the sky, but even the elders have forgotten that now. Their true heritage now only manifests as an intangible feeling of displacement, that this world is not where they truly belong. This new world is harsh and desiccating; the waterfall is the only reason the Tarns have not yet shriveled up and died entirely. The water here is stale and lacking in vitality so the Tarns cannot stay beneath the surface for more than an hour before they feel like they’re suffocating and need to come up for air. These and a thousand smaller faults all run together, forming a uncanny sense that all Tarns feel, that this is not right, this is not where they are meant to be. But now there is nowhere to go.
>And so they make do.

Turn 1: The Tarns begin developing their fish farms further, increasing the size of the current bubbles that keep the sprat enclosed.

Turn 2: Rakka, The City of the Falls, is improved, with spires built into the waterfall both to provide housing, and create more mist in the hot,dry plains.
1. Begin the usage of cattle as pack and work animals. Simple beasts are far more fit for hauling and plows.
2. Expand Eastward.
File: Elements - Rebat.png (1.3 MB, 1029x573)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
do you want your capitol at the cave in the mountain which you emerged from or would you like it right outside of that mountain, in which case you can choose either the hills or the grassland.


The volatile and harsh summer season has lead to a sparse hunter gatherer esque existence outside of the small capitol center in the hills and grasslands, as high up tomatoe patches dot the landscape, serving as extremely useful but quick to die off patches of food for the Sonarii, they make sure to fatten up on tomatoes and wild animals in the week before the harsh summer so that they may be able to survive on what little food is available during those months, but for those in the Forest life is much less harsh. With more established settlements existing due to a much less harsh summer. Many Sonarii take residence in forest towns during the summer though they usually are looked down upon as weak or useless in comparison to the well trained members of the villages.
File: The Five.png (33 KB, 400x466)
33 KB
The Chart including air as an element. non core elements will always be weak but I think that the massive advantages in flight your race possesses makes up for that weakness to water and fire elementals.
1. More are sent into the newly conquered lands to search for metals.

2. Many villages and towns begin to pop up in the expanded territories, leading to food surpluses from the additional farms set up.
approved and added, with the retcons and alterations i have made to it of course.
Using techniques of water manipulation to move massive precision water jet cut pieces of stone the spires are successfully constructed.

A strange species of bobbit worms begins taking up residence under sprat bubbles, these voracious eaters can often destroy entire crops of sprat in but a few hours if left unchecked.
In a cave found under a massive tree the undead find cave paintings beside an ancient corpse. This corpse was obviously not one among them as it seems vaguely insectoid in the appearance of its skull. It turns to dust when one among the undead tried to remove its clothes. The large painting at its centre shows a being surrounded by a halo of the elements, around it lies many who bow of many different sizes and forms.

Bellow the central figure lies what looks like massive flames and other disasters coming upon people who look of a different stylization than the above mural.

The murel seems to form a geographic map when compared to the maps they had drawn in their searching, it shows the northern forest, the horses and even the hills but beyond that it shows a lake which borders a great lush jungle city which dwarfs most everything else.

To the south is pictured more plains and then another lush forest city with a marking showing the central area of the mega city, beyond that is the ocean.

It shows very little else to the east nor the west, just more plains from there.

It looks unfinished so there is probably more beyond that.


The timber and bronze refining process goes well and the resources are put into tool construction and the building of houses for the leaders among them.
After a small period of getting to understand how to tame these beasts effectively their use proves vital to many otherwise useless areas of land. New breeds of stronger bulls and cows to plow and haul and other breeds designed more for their milk begin to emerge.
Silver and copper are found in the hills in the south east, it isn't enough to be sustainable but when combined with the gold can produce a dark orangish kind of bronze.
File: Elements - Forgetful.png (1.4 MB, 1076x936)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
forgot some stuff


Books are written up about how to properly manipulate plants and fungi inside of caves in murels. These techniques help to create a subset of society which is specialized in forming houses out of trees in newer areas.

To the south and to the north lay some interesting and docile deer and cattle. If protected they could be captured and taken to supply a steady supply of new bodies in which to grow new members of society in.
1.Continue expanding in the direction of the horses
2. Begin the construction of a temple in Last Hearth, dedicated to the worship of Fire.
Action 1: There is loss here but opportunity also. The Tarns strengthen the spheres and establish strong currents underneath the sea bed near the farms in order to stir up the silt and wash away the bobbit worms. Some of the worms are cultivated for further research.
>Wash away bobbit worms

Turn 2: Experiments are done in the energizing of current magic through synchronization between Tarns. Some Tarns believe that by combining their efforts, they can perform far greater feat than the ever could alone. Others simply see it as a relaxing break from a long day's work.
>Increasing currentbending through cooperation

Action 1: The Forests are rich with deer, and the Sonarii push further to secure these choice hunting grounds for their own.

Action 2: Wild-grown tomatoes are low effort and very tasty, but a few Sonarii take the thought further. By growing and caring for the seeds from these fruit, they reckon, they could secure future crops for their lines and households. They begin Tomato-based agriculture.
1. For the first time in centuries, my people may grow freely. Secure the hunting grounds.

2. >Research bonding techniques with the Spore-Touched deer.
My father told me stories of the ancient wars, and of my people's great bond with the nature we cured through the might of the spores. Gifted with intelligence or not, we will all fight for the sacred lands.
1. continue researching cataclysm
2.scout out iron empire
The energy of the fire worship seems to exacerbate the powers of the more powerful noble benders.

The frontiers of the empire are growing increasingly hard to tax. Even with horses the requirement for sea based checkpoints in between tax zones. The centralization is steadily decreasing as the distance from the capitol decreases.

This is increasingly leader to more divergent local cultural and linguistic practices with divergent tongues and in a few sparse cases even cults developing independent of the far off and oppressive capitol.

The new technique is fairly time consuming but fairly worth it when it comes to farming fish. Though more farm hands are required to be hired even in smaller farms, this has caused many farms to combine with other farms in an effort to provide the most efficient means of producing fish.

The state supported efforts at currentbending cooperation are resulting in a great success, by giving each farm obligations to contribute a little bit towards getting the colder nutrient rich waters of the north southwards the agricultural output increases in great leaps. This has done well to counteract the increased farmhands needed per farm.

In the plains along rivers active tomato based farming is done well throughout the fallen, winter and spring months but during the summer they must rely on stockpiled tomatoes and dried out meat in order to survive. Tribes outside of this range begin raiding in order to survive leading to a conflict between the comparatively more fit and more expansive though sparsely populated hill tribes and the settled down and less flight inclined river tribes.

Agricultural and cultural practices are spread among the agricultural communities of the forests and the hills.

In the forests new food sources of chickens and deer are found and exploited, due to no need for necessity agriculture is much less prominent in those new regions.

Hunting grounds secured, though a problem is growing in the new lands. Species of spores similar to spore men developmental fungi are beginning to infect not only deer but also spore men as well. It is named the Crustal Curse due to its ridge like symptoms on infected heads.

Advances in spore bonding allow for deer to be used as mounts by the smaller among their kind.

(doing his turn at his request due to scheduling problems on his part)
Iron Men

Action 1

(responce by me)
Your people spot horses in the north east

Action 2:
Develop better alloys

(response by me)

Using the copper extracted in the hills to the south better more conventional bronze is created which when combined with the gold and silver is turned into more effective copper based alloys.
Your archeologists cannot find much more, but they have found paintings indicating a race of air creatures to the west and iron people to the east.

Scouts are not able to make it far due to creatures beyond the pylons but they are able to find tin in the northern hills and horses as well.

One claims to have reached the border of a rocky expanse to the south. A place which contradicts the painting of the southern jungle.

1.get horses so transportation can be easier
2.start making weapons and armor with the metal we got have to look presentable
Turn 1: For the farmers, the calculus is simple. More farmhands means more people to feed, more people to feed means more demand for food, and more demand for food means times of prosperity for whoever can bring the most fish to market. And there was only one way to get more fish to market. The fisherpeople begin expanding their farms into the western waters.
>Expand West
>If I can’t expand yet for whatever reason, just use this turn to research the pylons and how to move them.

Turn 2: Already the new initiative is yielding fish. Continue the experiments, attempting greater synchrony between minds. Perhaps by having the subjects perform other tasks requiring coordination like water-dancing, they can become stronger currentbenders as well.

Action 1: Many times, in the lands bordering the forests and between the hills, animals have been found licking at the ground but not actually eating. A few Sonarii hunters, having made a recent kill, decide to investigate the licked 'rocks' for themseves... finding that the taste they produce is strange, but not unpleasant. And when added to animal, the flavour seems to change. The leader of this Sonarii band decides that this could be valuable, and moves his camp close to the salt deposits to exploit them.

Action 2: Further south, a different Sonarii band experiments with the lightweight substance they discover, finding it warming and protective but still light enough not to inhibit gliding. (At least, I assume that fabric is silk?) He moves to secure and develop the source.
Spore gang
Low on time so half asses response from me!
1. Research a cure
2. Send out a mounted scouting expedition.
1. The ruling class begin to forge gold leaf into their skin, making ornate designs to impress fellow nobles.

2. Defenses are established in the edge of the frontier. New soldiers are levied from the populace to man fortifications and patrol the newly acquired territory.
File: Elements - The 3 Ps.png (1.4 MB, 1077x932)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG

I'll take that first one as confirmation of an actually expansion on your nation's part

The weapons look alright, masks are developed in order to make individuals look less disheveled. These masks are often made of the stone of the frontier lands among the lower classes, many even forming coverings for their exposed body parts in order to look smoother.

the expansion is had

water dancing is now slowly replacing the former off time traditions in many areas of this tightly knit empire.

Salt begins to be exploited in good quantities, and because of this many begin to settle in the areas near the salt deposits as salt is proving to be the most sought after resource by all kinds of sonarii.

Using this salt tomatoes can be preserved many magnitudes more effectively during the summer months.

The red icon is the closest icon to chickens in the program, it represents chickens. Chicken feathers and chicken hunting farms along with the killing off of predators towards the chickens begins as chickens tend to grow en mass during the fertile spring months, and then are killed off as summer begins. Though more dangerous to prepare salted chicken serves to be a volatile trade resource among the sonarii.

Through a group effort of healing the bad fungus can be exchanged for healthy fungus. Though most individuals are left infertile after the fact. The process of burning infected animals seems to be a good way to get rid of the taint from the population, though more infected are always popping up every so often.

Many nobles find these orders a little bit paranoid. The beasts stay far from the talons of the gods yet they still order these battlements.

Most still go through with it but some also lobby for a simple expansion of the radius of the talons so that the unwanted parts of the empire by the nobility and the king can go settle peacefully somewhere else.

They also question the excessive use of the military despite the clear lack of a looming threat.


(sorry burnboys but you missed your mark so you miss this turn)

A new turn has begun...
most of the scouts die, the one that does survive comes back with stories of devilish monsters who cut down the scouts like a shroom underfoot. They did spot deer in the east though so there is that.
Shame Narcolepsy is a bitch.

1. Code of laws for all Burned Men.

2. A city in the southernmost ares of our borders, to help gather taxes from that area.
1. Perhaps the loss of our scouting party could be turned into a gain of knowledge? Have the scout relay it's tales to my generals and think of battle tactics based off of the way the demons fought.

2. Turn to religion to protect us from disease. Our ancestors must not be happy with our choice, but surely they will cease their punishment if we can show them we are righteous. Hold a grand ceremony before the Mother-Growth in honor of the ancestors.
1. Expand west and south in an effort to capture more fishing grounds
2. The higher-quality fish(tuna I assume?) are used for sportfishing by the Tarns. Captching a large one becomes a signfier of class and general social achievement.
1. Nobles begin to go missing in the night, terrified, they demand action be taken by the Emperor. He agrees with their worried demands, himself unnerved by the events. A secret police is created, and within the first week of their creation, captured several groups of dissidents, putting the nobles at ease. What the nobles didn't know, is that the dissidents were paid by the Emperor, who's plan for his nation was finally beginning.

2. The western frontier is expanded upon.

Action 1: The Sonarii tribes and bands in the hills search them for resources. If they find nothing else, there will be stone they can break and carve; but they hope for more.

Action 2: The Sonarii chieftain who made claim to the salted lands flexes his growing power. As many are settling, he decides he will build himself a roost in the hills to take oversight of the Salt that brings his wealth and those sworn to his power that mine it. Chaelkeat will be a monument to his wealth, power, and hopefully to the influence of his line.
The laws are generally accepted

The city's name is voted on by local nobles, they choose the name Firestone as the name of the city.

Southern taxes are more rapidly and efficiently existant in the capitol now, though most of the taxes still get bogged down in the pockets of the nobles of firestone. Or they just don't get as much tax as the northern areas. That may be a reason as well...
The creatures fight as a blur, the last scout assumes they must have been playing with him like a wildcat does with a field mouse, or perhaps they wanted him to send word to the empire that their domain outside of the pylons is not to be stepped foot within by those who lie within.

After the ritual among the usually viral corpses of the infected sprout white dandelion flowers, these flowers if left unchecked will grow into seed heads which spread these white dandelions in a form more viral than normal dandelions. The corpses lose their infectious touch and now all that shows the legacy of this cancer is the white flowers, which spread like a wildfire in new fields much more so than traditional dandelions.

The available grounds increase, and the two new islands are taken up as harbors for fishing by many fishers.

The fat tuna are slow and have few natural predators. But with the introduction of the Tarn their numbers are culled significantly. In seeming response the fish multiply significantly, always staying around the area they were discovered.
The nobles are mostly at ease now with the levels of militarization imputed by the emperor. Complaints begin to decrease in number

(a little too meta so i will only be giving into that request a little, I believe you have shown meta behavior in the past like this. Could you at least give ample reason to exactly why the west is seen as the area your empire should expand?)

Fertile grasslands like that near the capitol are found in the west and horses are found in the north west, many local nobles succeed in taming these horses, though farming techniques were mostly taken part in by the manipulation of metal in order to tend to the soil these horses do prove very useful in pulling carts and getting messages and taxes to the capitol at a rapid pace.

To the north many people feel a pull towards a strange mountain covered in a blueish haze which can be smelled at a distance to be like that of melted metal.

Horses can also be spotted in the east.
They find tin in the forested mountains and copper in the barren hills.

The city quickly grows larger than the so called "capitol", many skilled sonarii find their new homes in this city.

In damhaust, in the hallowed halls of where the seat of sonarii power once lived a group of cultists worship a bony corpse. This corpse once belonged to the king of the sonarii, the man who led the sonarii in their time of need underground through the first terrible few years.

They want a return of this corpse to power. To a return to the old ways of the underground, to a way to live like that of the gods, though these gods seem to shift in and out of the canon of this cult on a yearly basis.

Turn 1: Bobbit Worms become a delicacy among the Tarns. Much like our pufferfish, the worm must be prepared carefully in order to remove the poisonous mouth and venom glands. This results in a large number of bobbit worms being cultivated, especially near to Rakka, where much of the demand is centered.
>Cultivate bobbit worms as a delicacy.

Turn 2: The lone desert tile to the west serves as an important processing point for fish. There, large depressions are made in the ground and flooded with saltwater using currentbending. Large numbers of sprat are submerged in the saltwater ponds, which are then allowed to evaporate almost completely. The resulting product is fish encased in a layer of solid salt and sand, thus protected from rot or infestation by parasites.
>Salted sprat

Perhaps the cult may want to revere a corpse. That is their wish, as they scrabble in the darkness, confined and trapped by history as our ancestors were. There is no open denunciation, as the Sonarii have many gods and ways of worship, but the corpse-worshipers are seen as weak, without strength or even the bloodline of the ancient king to trace.

Action 1: Many Senorii experiment with this copper, and this tin. Trying to find ways to use them.

Action 2: Sonarii have found the forests to be abundantly stocked and well-suited, and they follow the line of the forests as far as it would go, expanding to the south-east.
1. Expand our borders to incorporate those deer into our hunting grounds.

2. Experiment to perfect better ranged weaponry. Our generals show particular interest in using sporemancy as a way to 'poison' our arrows.
1. Scouting parties are sent north and east to reveal what those lands have to offer the Empire.

2. The Emperor is pleased with the secret police. Dissent is usually quashed far before it is able to spread, and when it does spread, it is contained in a timely manner. The Emperor pushes new laws that tax the nobility, and while they are annoyed, it’s nothing compared to the fear they felt during the kidnappings.
1. Construct another city on the peninsula North of Last Hearth (City name: Ashpyre). Divide the kingdom into 3 realms for tax gathering.
2. Construct roads leading between the 3 cities for trade and military use.
File: Elements - Blazed Path.png (1.4 MB, 1079x930)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Island Sprat cultivation initially goes well but it is soon found that more salt is required for proper preparation. The Sprat Salters lobby for an expansion on to more islands in order to look for more salt.

Basic Bronze is created, it is heavy and useless for armor unless you want to give up flight but it makes for a good resource with which to trade for salt. It makes for a useful tool making material and arrow head material if you have the wealth.

In the north a new kind of animal to hunt and herd is found, they are fluffy and full, serving as a useful source of material with which to make puffy yet warm clothing to help navigate the colder regions of the expanse.

In the south many animals who give good fur are found, foxes in an abundance which does not seem to match the availability of food. Giant water rats who construct fortresses of wood in rivers. These are the beasts that populate this area in great abundance.

In the South East a mighty rock can be seen, surrounded by a tiny storm both mighty and tantalizing. Many sonarii feel some sort of spiritual pull from the rock, and thus many villages of outcasts manage to make do in the nearby plains and tundra. Attracted by its mighty presence.

The cult brews in its anger, and in their rage they destroy the entrance to damheust, blocking the way to the outside for the few who cling to the cave walls.

The deer along with much of the bay are incorporated into the confederation.

Species of particularly potent shrooms, fungi so potent in fact that they can induce heavy to even deadly levels of hallucination and mental degradation into Fungal people.

Many of these are considered controversial for how deadly they are, and as such those are abandoned in favor for poisons and hallucinogens which are only meant to kill quickly or daze temporarily.
The nearby geography and resources (not including the plague people's pylons) are revealed.

But one troops comes back with incredible tales.

They speak of the wonders of the misty mountain. Of the great metalic crystals which grow there and of how bathing in the central pool has empowered their ability to bend metal, one of them even interacted with an arcane creature whose face was flat and made of light. It transferred the knowledge to him on how to bend metal with such precision that it can be as sharp as obsidian. He claims that he may also be able to mold metals into alloys without the use of a furnace if only he may be able to go back and train more there, perhaps even bathe for longer in the blue mist pool.

the cities and roads are constructed successfully.

The leaders of these cities will be known as princes, subservient to their king in last hearth.
A new turn has begun
1. Begin searching the hills and mountains near Firestone for new metals or resources.

2. Have the 3 cities have dedicated guards on the roads in their regions to protect trade,
and travelers.

In the end, the most disheartening aspect of the entryway collapse is how little Damhuest is missed. It certainly is not missed by the Lords of Chaelkeat, who have come to call themselves the Cewayn line. "Let the cultists stew there in the dark", they say. "They have done the Sonarii peoples a favour by removing their weakness." And they have done the Cewayn line a favour by removing the primary source of any opposition to their nominal, but increasingly less so, Principality within the Sonarii lands.

Action 1: With better tools, the Sonarii begin to dig proper quarries into the hills, increasing their access to the treasures of the ground.

Action 2: The storm rock proves an incredible draw to the mystically inclined, and those most at tune with their own wind generation. Those who have come to the rock to study, train their skills, and even to meditate, found the roost of Alkilme nearby.
1. The Nobles of the Swift-Eagle tribe have show interest in gathering material from the mountains. The ancient texts show tales of strange stone that bent into shape when heated. This could prove valuable to our people.

2. The nobles of Tribe Kuwauee have found a fascination with the sea, having never seen an ocean before. Some clergymen upon seeing the coral were jubiliant in claiming that even under the ocean our pure form of life may prosper. Grants have been given for them to build a shrine town there.
Turn 1:
"They need more salt than there already is in saltwater???"
The request is met with incredulity at the capital. It seems unlikely, to say the least, that all the salt in the sea is insufficient to preserve a couple of fish. Still, the request itself seems fairly benign, and so the salters are granted a license to expand outwards in search of more salt.

Turn 2:
In a few of the deep sea tiles to the south, a few pods of sperm whales are discovered. They seem to loiter in the area for most of the year, occasionally diving deep into the depths for hours at a time for reasons unknown. Intelligent deep-sea divers, the whales are befriended by a few of the area youth, who regularly feed them scrap and spare fish from their dinners.
1. send scouts out to where the empires were as cited by the map
2.expand out to the rocky expanse of the south
1. Expand north

2. Expand East
File: Elements - First Contact.png (1.41 MB, 1082x932)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
In the southern part of (the tile of) Firestone an abundance of gold is found and in the east of firestone can be found an abundance of lead.

The job of the dedicated guard is taken up by nobles not yet on their throne alongside a cadre of those indebted to their family.

Trade prospers throughout the kingdom.

Salt inflates in price as many are able to dig into the unregulated and relatively unprotected salt flats.

A monastery is founded near the mountain, studying the art of air manipulation.

The explorers find copper, it is figured out how to smelt it fairly quickly, and proves to be quite the popular decorative material.

A holy site is constructed in reverence to the sea, a village forms in its wake.

Salt is found on one of the new islands, it allows for higher quality fish, not tainted by the undesireable fluids found in the ocean water.

The whales exist on the map now.

Many die and not much is found but to the south in the rocky expanse an utterly ruined city is found.

The scouts find many ancient relics within it, collections of behemoths made of metal, metal which is difficult to smelt but can be salvaged in order to create crude yet highly effective shields and armor plates.

Most interestingly of all is the existence of an expansive ruined library, though many of the books are utterly unreadable the information set in stone gives massive swaths of information to the nation.

It reveals a map of the southern half on the continent in its prime, marking off major settlements and even the place where the necropolis now stands.

These bigger settlements must now be ruins while some of the smaller ones might even hold entire unknown civilizations within them.

Many cultural artifacts are unearthed, though it does not seem that this city once belonged to the race which the necrotics once belonged to.

A vault full of non-perishible cans of food is also found, these artifacts may not taste good but they have seemed to lasted through the apocalypse and thus would probably make for good food for scouts and even an army if one needs to be made one day.

More easily colonized land is discovered to the north

On the edge of a plagued farmer's crop, on the most eastward part of the Plagasmic nation right near to where the pylons protect other pylons from the west can be seen flying towards the border.

Suddenly the two borders meet, and they collide with a flash. After the flash, which nearly blinded the poor farmer the pylons seem to have connected, now a gap between the two collections has formed and has widened.

In the distance he spots a shine upon horseback riding towards him the creature seemingly encased in near featureless metal halts, and stares at the toiling peasant.

All nations speak roughly the same tongue and can understand each other as an american can to a brit or australian.

A new turn dawns.
Turn 1: Shio is established in the water bordering the desert tile. It becomes a trading and manufacturing city through which salt from the west is routed.

Turn 2: Some children attempt to ride the sperm whales, guiding them using small amounts of current bending. The whales seem amicable enough to this, so long as they are supplied with sufficient quantities of salt fish.
1&2. The news of the other empire stirs the nobility and the Emperor. Now finally seeing an outside force, a large contingent of the Imperial State Military is sent to the new border of the two nations, awaiting further orders...
1. As yet another moon passes, the time for the Day of Mourning has come. It is a grand festival that every Cordysian takes part in to honor the ancestors and mourn those that we have lost to The Long Walk. No longer somber, our people dance and shout with glee to the heavens - proud of our resurgence and thankful to the sacrifice of our people that has brought us so far. The War Chiefs and our many warriors hold a tournament before the Mother-Growth to hone ourselves for battle and show our might.

2. Mycellium runs along the ground in place of grass like nerves in the body throughout the lands we control. Through bending, we wish to tap into the nervous system of nature and use to to transmit messages and discern information. Could the mycellium tell us where to find lost children or track the movements of enemy forces? Perhaps we would no longer have to carry messages by tongue across great distances, but by having the Earth itself relay the message for us.

1: The Cewayn dynasty consolidates their hold on power, playing the other lesser tribes and dynastic lines to their deafening tune. Though wrong - and buried, now - they claim the cult had a single fact true amidst their lies. Sonaria must have a king again. Beneath the rumbling of the storm mountain, the lords of clan and houseline are gathered, house Cewayn using the limits of their power and influence to reforge the ancient traditions of kingly selection in new form for the new Sonarii age. And from beneath the airstorm, acclaimed by loyal vassal and supplicated rival alike, their lord Brue receives the selection he arranged. The abbot of the wind-monks places a band of copper-etched-icon fabric around his head, and he rises, King Brue of Sonaria, lord by Strength and Acclaim, by Air and Blood and Salt.

2: King Brue announces new gifts of land for lesser bands, tribes and clans. The 'gifts' are in the borderlands, and accepting them moves these weaker clans away, gifting the more established Sonarii houses less local competition for their demesnes and hunting grounds, whilst the transplanted houses push back the borders and seek new opportunities, remembering that their current line of kings rose to prominence from the discovery of salt, and the strength to keep it...
1. King Angstrom, the King of Kings, the Ruler of the Last Hearth and the Final Flame states a fell dream came upon him in the night. He says he saw from the highest mountain, every city, every Burned Man, woman, or child, and every sign of their existence turn to dust and float away, leaving the world in darkness and cold. A voice carried on the wind struck him before he awoke "Protect the flame, and remember us." While he doesn't know how, he fears the dream may be prophetic, spelling the end of the Burned Men. He demands a way to ensure our history is kept inside the great temple.

2. As part of King Angstrom's recent paranoia, he orders the Princes of Firestone/Ashpyre to construct walls around their citys and does the same for Last Hearth. He reduces their tax payments until they are completed to pacify them.
File: Elements - Fibulation.png (1.25 MB, 1017x876)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Shio is built, masses of sturdy boats and artificial islands dot and mass in the area near the island.

Whales prove to be very expensive, most villages only have one though some richer tarn are able to afford one of their own.

The nobles put in their bets and generals are assigned. Though they would like to know into how many parts the army should be split up into.

Mock battles and dueling are popular events as war has not existed among the people for longer than any can remember.

Messages can be transmitted in a kind of morse code at the moment, most say it would take a miracle to go far enough as to wake the dead.

Many tribes of the forests pledge their allegiance to the new King as the vast majority of them do not like inter village warfare and believe that a new king may be able to lessen the threat of bandits and raiders from the west and north.

On the eastern side of the empire and in the north where the sheep graze there is a different story. These Sonarii are much more warlike and nomadic in nature, they have developed a divergent tradition in that they believe the highest authority should be the tribal leader, kings and princes are simply the talk of weak and sheepish peasants, slaves to their masters and cuckolds to powers foreign.

The gifted tribes are weak, and are either incorporated into the tougher tribes of the expanse or form their own nomadic tribes themselves.

A league of scholars and artists develops, taken from all across the realm. It is begun to be seen as prestigious for a noble to become the patron of one of these men of the pen.

An artistic revolution thus takes place.

Walls are constructed using the local stones and well cut stones from nearby queries. In some spots the walls have what are named as seared trenches, deeply burned lines in the ground which allow the walls to be given an extra level of protection.
Turn 1: Seaweed is generally a fairly flimsy plant, but is some areas huge forsts of the stuff can be found, growing all the way from the bottom of the seabed to just below the ocean swell. The fibers of these large plants can be dried and twisted into a makeshift rope, or woven together into baskets, harnesses, and cloth.

Turn 2: By attaching harnesses to the whales, merchants are able to tow vast quantities of fish and salt around the empire. Connectin between various parts of the Tarn nation drastically increases.
The sky flickers and flows, a blaze of light singes the night. All seems normal after the halo but now the talons are closed shut. They refuse to move and nobody can fix it.

(until further notice no new maps shall be posted by me, no border expansions but you can build cities and improvements. The game is not paused only restricted due to factors outside of my control.)

A new turn has begun
1. King Angstrom, in his yearning to immortalize the Burned men, commissions a massive brazier of gold for the Temple of Last Hearth. A sight to draw in all for the glory of the celebration when it is to be completed (some Burned men religious holiday involving the founding of the city.)

2. The guards of the roads have found a new means of defending the roads by using the horses of the Kingdom. Much as cattle pull plows and carts, the horse pulls a small two wheeled cart that an Ashen Knight stands upon. On the flat roads it allows them to travel faster than ever before.

Action 1: King Brue strengthens the military forces of the Sonarii, raising more soldiers personally to keep his domains defended. As well as this, he charges local lords and leaders to raise their own forces to beat back bandits and raiders. With one hand, he offers to support their training; and with another, he threatens action should the peace not be kept.

Action 2: To strengthen his position in the east, Brue orders the town of Alkilme to be founded in the furthest hills. From here a duke will rule; he selects the strongest eastern tribal leader with proven loyalty for this role.
Turn1: Farms of Kelp begin cropping up in the littoral waters of the Tarnlands. The leaves are shredded and fed to sprat, while the stems are dried onshore and processed into ropes and cloth.

Turn 2: Shio has been growing rapidly, and with its economic power and central position, has begun accruing political gravity as well, becoming the primary center of government instead of Rakka. For the most part, the change occurs fairly peacefully, thanks to Shios far more hospitable environment.
The existing palaces and halls of the Tarnish Court are converted into a monastery and school for studying bending.
Low on time so i'm just gonna rocket this one out
1. Focus on spiritual insights and expand our temple. Codes similar to medieval chivalry begin to become popular among the people.
2. Culture focus shifts to hold great admiration for duelists and combat in general. Dueling (not to the death, in most cases) is turned to as a way of solving minor disputes. Construction of an arena begins in the main town and tournaments are held often.
Gold is hard to come by but using the royal treasury and implementing technically cheaper tributes in gold from across the empire the temple is constructed, it is a truly grand place, just as the king imagined.

Chariot craft advances at a steady pace as horseback bandits become more common as a result

With no unified enemy to conquer or demand from the process of consolidating power is hard. Though through his actions some nomadic tribes especially in the north agree to discourage raiding heavily in return for the rights to not have their lands be colonized by the “weak urbanites and agrites.”

This founding is seen as an act of aggression. The town is subject to constant raiding by larger nomadic tribes. To the point in which the town is essentially abandoned in less than a year.

(I’m assuming you’re retconning the last action due to the event)
Kelp farming proves useful for what it provides. Though the kind of kelp has not yet had any attempts on it to be bred.

Artificial island crafting is found to be ever increasing in complexity and efficiency. Stone is found to be fairly expensive out there due to its weight.

Nothing to say here all of this is okay

*a new turn has begun*
1. start communications with iron empire
2. show them stuff dealing the cataclysm and library
man I keep missing stuff I don't really feel like getting a discord account but with this I might have to.
1. The order is given, and the invasion of the newly encountered lands commences. Many enterprising nobles take to the front to lead men into glorious battle.

2. New armors are devised by benders, and are forged onto new soldiers.
1. Barracks for city garrisons are constructed in each city. Intended to defend against invaders, and also keep the law and peace within. Offenders are to be brought to city's keep to be tried by a trio of nobles according to the Law of Burned Men.

2. Riding aside the chariot in the Burned Men armies are a new collection of knights. Ashen Lancers ride their steeds with their metal tipped javelins to punish foes at a greater distance.
Turn 1: The abyssal plain is mostly composed of mud and silt, the combined detritus of trillions of lives ground down into the finest of dust. This muck masks nearly all of the natural contours of the bedrock beneath, producing the illusion that the entire benthos is a perfectly flat plain shrouded in endless darkness. But occasionally, the abyss is interrupted by an upthrust of the underlying basalt, some peak large or recent enough to have temporarily escaped the silt. A particularly large example of this is discovered in the southern seas, and is promptly mined to provide stone for Shio and Rakka.

Turn 2: The bending students at the academy hone their skill and knowledge of the manipulation of water. They churn balls of water with air until the two are indistinguishable. They practice working together to push and pull massive swells of water. They use their skill to produce works of both beauty and splendor.

Action 1: King Brue offered generosity to the tribes of their east. He let one of their number, the strongest of their number, take rule in the east as a duke. And now they have torn the strongest of their own apart for showing loyalty to the elected King. They go against Sonarii ways, old and new, and fly in the face of every base principle of the Sonarii people. Therefore, Brue declares; they should be Sonarii no longer. Those tribes in the east who have been neutral so far have one last chance to get in line and retain their rights by fighting at the side of their King, the King they helped choose and crown. And those who refuse, or were culpable; they are pitiful weaklings and deserve only slavery or death.

Brue leads his armies east again, flying at the head of them. To the Sonarii chieftains who have not broken their oaths, he offers to hear them again. And to those who turned against their duke, or refuse his offer of peace?

He will tear them apart. He will tear them apart personally, and with his armies. He will tear their membranes, tear out their voice of wind, leave them pitiful and land-bound. If a tribe does not bow or flee beyond Sonarii lands? Then that tribe will end, destined only for slavery or death, made to suffer for their pitiful weakness. And Brue will not rest, not turn from the fight, until he has made a peace.

Action 2:The Monks in service to King Brue develop a technique of disruptive air, barrier-currents strong enough to blow aside Arial debris, projectiles, or airborne individuals.
(I do hope you succeed in joining, from what I remember it shouldn’t be too tedious)
Retreating emissaries alert the empire of an incoming army of unprecedented size.

A defensive line is rapidly established using raised and reworked stone, forming spikes and traps out of sand, dirt and stone.

The armies are divided under generals based on regional origin and protection, first comes the Capitol force, specialists in urban fighting this force policed the Capitol before being sent to the front, it prides itself in being front and centre in the fighting, battle honours and glorious battle are what it craves, though it only makes up 1/5th of the army.

The next army is the southern army, under the leadership of the lord of the second largest settlement in the empire. They make up the second largest part of the army, about 2/5ths of the army

Finally comes the northern force lead by the grand lord of the misty mountain. Making up the final 2/5ths of the army.

Lighter and less ceremonial yet still as effective armour is developed, it is not as glorious to look at but it will do the job for front liners and scouts.

For ceremonial purposes and as a part of the tribute barracks are constructed, but they are mostly only used as houses and training grounds for the guards of the cities.

Ashen Lancers prove to be a glorious addition to the tournaments and artistries of the realm. Their blazing speeds seemingly combine horse and flame to create a most glorious and terrifying effect.

The new stone is often fashioned into amazing art, such art is often incorporated into buildings and even boats.

The art of moisture bending is arduous and hard, most masters think there is something simple missing from it, though they believe it will either take a miracle or many longs years of hard work to get it simple enough to be taught and implemented realistically to those outside of the school.

The tribes scoff at the king and call him a lier, they organize loosely in face of these threats and warn that if he does not respect their rights to live under their own masters then the ridiculous notion of war may become a reality.

The eastern tribes claim they never swore to his sword and that those who did are long gone.

If the tyrant wants war over an acceptance of the way then he will receive it.

The new art is successful, though it is hard to train and needs refinement, perhaps some investment into the arts near the rock will help to perfect it?
The city army takes the brunt of the attack, suffering a brutal reprise in the trenches and spikes guarding the Capitol of the westerners.

The northern army attempts a flanking to no avail, they of course retreat in order to regroup with the shattered Capitol force in the east of the enemy Capitol.

The southern army continues pressing where the city force left off, using the veterans of the forces of the iron throne in order to better move through enemy territory.

The northern army wishes to preform a regrouping and focus on taking control of the unconquered parts of the plague people’s empire while the southern army wishes to focus on conquering the enemy Capitol before they can regroup and obtain their own offensive while we are busy pillaging.

To the earthen what shall be your response and to the metallic what shall be yours?

Each player at war with *another race* may gain an extra war only action. Both he plague and the smooth may both gain an extra war only action as of now on until the end of their official state v state war.
A new turn has begun

1) King Brue is angered further by theses traitors denying their own past, their own oaths and reality itself. He offered them the chance to live under their own masters, but instead they tore their duke, one of their own, to shreds. Brue will bring his armies down and destroy every tribe that tries to meet him in battle. His one concession; any leader or lord brave enough to meet him in personal combat will ensure their own death, but when he rips them personally apart he will spare their tribes eradication.

2) The Sonarii develop new, lightweight weapons devised to be used on the glide.
Turn 1: With the new stone supply growing in importance, a mining town begins to develop in the waters above the site. Owing to the black stone with which it is constructed, the town is known informally as Kuro. Merchants and whalouts come here to load up on raw basalt, which is traded at Shio for salt fish and carved stone, which is in turn distributed around the empire in exchange for bobbit flesh, kelp fabrics, and other artisanal products.
>Found Kuro
Turn 2: At the Rakka monastery, surf-bending becomes a rite of passage for high-achieving students. The student begins by submerging a medium-sized sphere of air, demonstrating their gestalt hydrokinesis. Next, the student adds water to the inside of the sphere, droplet by droplet, demonstrating their eye for detail and grasp of fine waterbending. Finally, in an all out display of endurance and willpower, the water within the sphere is spun into a fine mist and the whole display is held together for as long as possible. Every student is required to perform this trick at least once before they are allowed to graduate and attain the rank of master bender.
> Increase bending skills, specifically in the area of moisture bending.
1. So they're attacking, cut off they're food supplies and salt their farmlands they will know the terror of the dead earth
2. Study the library, look for stuff on bending might as well set up a city there or near there, I'll call it boneyard.
1. King Angstrom has taken great interest to the drums and horns used for calls to prayer. Perhaps these instruments can have purpose other than ceremony. He commissions a simple amphitheater, and grants one of his artists free reign. Civilians in the capital may attend freely, but food and drink will be greatly overpriced.

2. A simple steelsmith in Firestone invents a higher grade furnace, boosting the production and industry. By word of mouth many other tradesmen hear and come to see the invention, carrying the idea home.
War action: The northern force is decimated, and new levies are brought in to fill the ranks left by the executed men. The two armies are told to take the capital in a joint strike to overwhelm and crush the foe quickly and effectively.

1. The Emperor decides that all nobles that shirk their duty to their nation are traitors, with said nobles being given one chance to rally to the armies with their forces or be executed for treason.

2. Genocide all westerners found. Any soldier who does not obey this command is to be killed. No exceptions. No respite. No remorse.
File: Elements - Defibulation.png (1.41 MB, 1080x933)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
The tribes prove to have a maneuvering superiority, larger confederations for in order to go north and south in order to raid the rock and the areas around the caved in entrance to Damheust.

Better melle weapons are devised, they prove much more effective at tracking down the lightning fast enemies. Though they require a numerical superiority against the men of the tribes they are trying to fight.

Bending of the water in the air is refined to a point, it is probably as advanced as it will be able to get through trial and error experimentation.

The larger parts of the army are unable to get far, those that do give in and flee to the sympathetic north, though these atrocities are spread around when they are successfully carried out.

A secondary capitol is established in the south, far from the prying eyes of the iron empire.

The artistery of the empire continues its golden age with the patronage of the king.

The revolutionary improvement in metalsmithing permeates throughout the empire.

The city is taken, but the commanders find the infrastructure unfit for metal man use, they ask if the order of genocide should still hold on this valuable people.

*everybody may now expand, the curse is lifted*

If anybody founded or constructed something i forgot about please DM me
a new turn begins
War Action: The areas around the captured capital are depopulated, and settlers from Steelhold are sent to repopulate the areas. The captured city is renamed to Ironkeep.

1. The new holds are reinforced and fortified. The Iron Imperial forces advance into the surrounding area and claim the less resistant areas, keeping with their orders to depopulate the areas completely.

2. Whatever resources in our lands that aren't already being exploited are to be so by Imperial Decree.
The commanders are warned not to question orders, and that yes, the orders apply. If they are not to comply, they will be killed and replaced.
plagasm is reinvigorated by the theft of their capital not feeling such rage since the original death of their empire
1. make the border impassable as possible, quicksand, sandstorms, and land mines made of mud.
2. organize a army, a guerilla divison to dog the ironmen that live in necropolis
a r&d divison that studies new weapons and bending (aiming for some necromancy here but could also be the landmines.)
a espionage divison to spy on the iron iron empire. kick up weapon production.
Turn 1: Shio is growing rapidly thanks to its position as a political and economic center. Already it is twice the size of Rakka and still growing. To accommodate the additional demand, the pylons are pushed west and additional farms established.
>expand west

Turn 2: The Tarnish nation as a whole is growing rapidly. New lands are desired for the people to settle.
1. King Angstrom invites the 2 Princes under him to the capital for counsel. Granaries are stocked, the people seem happy, and they are rich. Perhaps if they all 3 put their heads together they can determine a course of action. (Basically giving the princes a word in how some funds could be spent for now. If the prince of ashpyre is having problems with the cleaning, feeding, etc of his city the king wants to know.

2. Scouts are sent down the road, and north eastish from Ashpyre. There must be either something in this desert, or it must end. We can't be the only one's out here.... can we?
File: Elements - Hellhole.png (1.81 MB, 1186x858)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
In the north and in a small pocket in the south-east past the mountains nobles are beginning to rebel. They are angry for they have sent many of their sons to war only for them to be ordered to be executed, they claim no part in this war or are in many cases in open rebellion against the emperor.

Many otherwise secure areas are now filled with infighting and parties claiming to be neutral.

The general of the northern army, using his cult of the misty mountain has consolidated much of his portion of the army in rebellion against the emperor, they have allied with the resistance and are attempting to consolidate their power in the contested city.

The central army has been manned up to their starting strength using levies taken from the sent civilian population and the southern army has massacred the traitors among them who were not able to escape to the northern army's controlled areas.

The general claims he has kept most of his former forces alive despite the order of who he calls the tyrant emperor, this has ballooned his forces to at least a 25% increased traitor iron empire manpower level, when combined with his allied plagasmic civilian militias his force is one to be wretched with.

The emperor's advisers recommend he finds some kind of trump card with which to use against the traitors, perhaps he can find some kind of bending technique that could be used to great affect against the enemy forces. Perhaps some kind of projectile technique or traping technique to match the horrific traps of the plagasm.
Saboteurs succeed in disrupting loyalist iron empire lines, a kind of sandstorm ritual is created which is capable of creating sandstorm like conditions temporarily in enemy lines so that push backs may be attempted.

Budding up with a metal bender proves to be something which noticeably improves bending techniques, using a combination of blinding stone or dirt bursts and a technique of blasting metal which originated from the misty mountain many unaware or reckless enemy forces can be thoroughly decimated with a surprising k/d rate of about 3 kills for every 2 deaths.


Blue represents contested areas, the new rebel confederation of The Confederation of Mist has formed out of the rebellious areas of the Iron Empire
War Actions: All non-vital forces are directed to assault rebellious nobles. All nobles in the territory owned by the Empire are assassinated in a coordinated effort by "Rebellious" peasants organized by the Emperor himself and by their seemingly loyal bodyguards. None escape, nor do they see it coming. The Emperor declares the Empire dead, and the beginning of the Iron Union.

1. The total combined forces owned by the loyal nobles are consolidated under the Emperor's Imperial Army. The consolidation leads to some military reform in the standardization of equipment and tactics, leading to far more efficient warfare.

2. What was Necropolis is razed to the ground. No one can contest a city that isn't there.
File: Elements - Rebel Yell.png (1.41 MB, 1084x936)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
A partially submerged ruined city is found on a lonely island in the new regions.

The southern prince recommends that his majesty orders a ritual to be done so that the nation can expand into the hills to the south, which may be as rich in iron as his own city of Firestone has proven to be.

The northern prince wants some of the expansion to be focused on the desert so that the nation can get a foothold in figuring out if we can colonize the desert, he has also had a new fruit take hold in the newly founded orchards of the forest south of his city, they call it the apple. It is bland and tart but it makes for an excellent pie and the wood of its tree is quite beautiful to look upon, he wishes for funding to go towards the new fruit so that it can spread throughout the forested areas of the empire.

The northern prince also wishes that his majesty support the primitive boating industry as the nature of the empire could do with some better boats as to more effectively collect taxes and to get rid of the popular escape technique among criminals of moving away through a technique called "steam blazing" where boats are boosted in speed through a system of turning water to steam as a way to propel the boat.


added a color for the nomads

*a new turn has begun*
war actions: make a offensive line with the confederation of mist
1. have the research department study how to split the earth
2. expand outward to the iron empire and the confederation and mist
(is there a ability to bury necropolis beneath the ground so I can save it for later.)
(forgot to say something)
In the north a great red hills is found in the night, it radiates a constant heat from it, and those who near it feel an energy and revitalization which gives them new life even when they seem near death, few demons live near it and those that do fear the benders who near it.

The scouts come back with an almost religious longing to go back, they highly recommend that such a site be incorporated into the empire.
1. King Angstrom is higly conflicted as all the requests are extremely reasonable. However the crown can only do so much a year, and expansion takes time to ensure tax and trade flow properly. To put off the strange reports of the red hills would be almost akin to blasphemy, and King Angstrom makes preparations to leave with an entourage of servants, priests, learned men, and knights.

2. The King sends men North to bolster the apple and boating industries, while bringing home samples of each. Imagine the trade that could be done faster than ever before. The King promises the two Princes that next years attentions will be turned towards their respective expansion requests and thanks them for their counsel.
Turn 1: The monastery continues peeling back the secrets of waterbending. They experiment with creating razor-sharp blades of water to be using as cutting implements, in order to speed up the processing of sprat from the many farms which now supply the nation with food. Others work on using currentbending to accelerate spheres of water.
>Improve waterbending and currentbending

Turn 2: Seeing the many uses for waterbending in a wide variety of disciplines and jobs, the council of clans decrees that the study of waterbending be formalized and taught to every child in the realm, along with other basic skills. The schools serve both to train all Tarns in waterbending, and to identify those who have a particular knack for it and point them towards institutes of higher education like the monastery.
>Public schooling

Action 1: Aware of the need for greater speed to fight the rebelling nomad tribes, King Brue has his warriors practice using their airbending to generate a tailwind, blowing them forward and vastly speeding up their flight. With this boost of speed, he reckons, the maneuvering superiority of the nomad tribes can be countered and nullified, allowing him to bring his greater numbers and superior troops to bear.

Action 2: But a King needs more then just physical legitimacy. With the Monks of air loyal, and proven of power, they are given greater religious authority within Sonaria.

War action (If I get one?)

Though the King is still angered by the rebellious tribes, his earlier fury has lessened. And others in or following house Cewayn start advising a more conciliatory approach to their King; Cheiftains beaten in battle who fight strongly and well should now be offered to keep their heads and houses, if they kneel to rise again and take up seats as lords. How the tribes would determine succession to Cheiftainship, or lordship, will be for them to decide. But Sonaria cannot be left divided.For any who refuse to bow, the strongest of Brue's warriors will take their domains.
In the long haul the nobles whose lands had been contested are able to consolidate their holdings, many houses are liberated and puppet nobles are instated by the leaders of the two loyal armies.

The assassinations succeed in contested areas mostly, this helps clear up much of the contested areas, now only a few pockets remain in the former contested areas.

The military reforms are mostly successful, allowing a slight edge against the unorganized traitor forces and an equalization against many of the organized rebel forces.

A scorched earth policy is established in the former necropolis, though much of the city is made of stone and thus cannot be reliably devastated.

A frontline is established in the north, some forces are left behind to protect the iron civilians who stayed behind.

The iron forces in necrotic lands loyal to the tyrant emperor will soon be eradicated, the mist army desires to wrap things up quickly so that they may go on a trek to defend the noble breakaway confederation in the former iron empire.

Necropolis is recovered in a very shaken state, much of it has been decimated and depopulated, it cannot serve as a capitol until the war is more stable.

oops wrong name >>3663581
The king is guarded well. Though the enemy is strong, using the maps drawn up by the scouts (all of them were killed off by demons during the journey there) they are able to reach the Red Bulge. Arcane runes litter the landscape, hidden behind rocks and ingrained into the ground with red hot roots of iron.

These runes seem to blend into the scorching hot ground, only revealed when a gust blows away the red dust covering them.

The Red Mountain itself is majestic in its presence, the grounds burn through even the most heat resistant of boots, allowing the bare skin of all the men to feel the welcoming warmth.

The air feels moist around the mountain, making the heat feel less thirsty and more pure, perhaps even more, human?

This place is strange indeed, at its peak (or perhaps more aptly its plateau) the ground softens into something like a sponge, a light smell of burning can be smelt all around.

The grounds seems to pulse every so often, as if the very mound is alive, though a small rupturing of the "veins" reveals lava which is too hot for the touch.

The group feels empowered by its presence, their already potent pyromantic abilities are amplified in its wake. Flames move with even more power and precision than before, and one knight even accidentally ends up somehow heating up a nearby rock to the point where it turns to magma.

At the foot of the mound lies an abundance of vegetation. The fruits which the plants bear have hard pits and red, soft flesh, they come in bunches. Some are taken for the journey back. (think cherries)


The apples prove to be fairly popular, a much needed food item to go alongside generic veggies, bread and the occasional bit of meat or milk which all sustain upon.

Boating is improved and fishing becomes a viable industry for peasants, the improved communications and taxing enriches the cities just a little bit more.

The process of jet cutting already existed in stoneworking but its transformation into water blades proves highly useful and teachable to portions of the public.

Water based projectiles require constant focus but can be used effectively to take down seagulls and seabirds who attempt to prey on sprat.

The improvements in farming allow for this caste of teachers to develop, they travel around. Spreading their skills to as many as they can with state support.

Established public schools succeed in education the upper classes of every city and many larger cities are able to educate their middle and upper lower classes to great avail.

tailbending proves brutally efficient. The enemy tribes are pushed back, they respond by forming even greater tribal confederations.

Monks move around the lands and help spread education. The temple is now safe due to talebending and an effort by the army to cull the nomads.

no war action for you sorry, this is an internal enemy not a foreign one.


A new turn has begun

Action 1: With the success of tailbending, the loyal Sonarii practice another new technique; using the powers of Elemental air to bring wave after wave of pressured air down upon a foe, to pin them in place.

Action 2: With the tribals pushed back, King Brue organises a series of offensives in the west and north to pick off the strongholds of isolated local rebels. Any who submit may keep their heads and lands, to rule as lords for the king, but hostages of their bloodline will be taken for raising at Chaelkeat.
Action 1: The council of Tarn orders that the ruins to the west be investigated. A team of benders from the monastery eager to prove themselves masters through fieldwork is assembled. The leader of the expedition, Gio, is working on a theory that the ancients used natural power sources to allow bended water to persist long after it was created. He believes these sources of power could be used to create permanent current-roads between the three cities, allowing rapid transit and trade.

Action 2: The mineral-filled runoff from the hills to the north causes this area to become a prime area for sprat farmers. To improve administration of the area, Kana is founded, 1 tile southwest of the northernmost mountain tile.
War action: fortify the old capital
Action 1: study the library again
Action 2: continue studying earthbending for war
Before his return to Last Hearth, the King plants his sword in the ground, vowing to return. He orders some of the servants to take samples of the stone and metal.

1. The northern prince recieves his expansion request for the desert, expanding in the direction of Red Mound.

2. The Southern Prince's request of expansion to for the hills is also completed.
File: Elements - Noname.png (1.42 MB, 1080x939)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
The new air bending techniques prove effective in the face of the larger hordes, in a last ditch effort to stop the conquest of the plains a great chief rises up among them to lead all the remaining tribes in the great resistance.

The ruins are found to contain a toxic, highly reactive red metal, it is extremely light and when exposed to water causes an explosion.

Along with that is found a massive vault filled with strange devises made of some sort of well made bronze and highly durable wood which are capable of telling time. They make a bell ring sound whenever noon or midnight is hit.

The faces of the devices are numbered with 12 numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, X, Y and 10, some have noon and midnight lie on the number 1 while some have it rest on 10, both in the same place and never does a device have both 1 and 10.

A eureka moment occurs in the ruined library, through digging through the more intact books a way to spit the earth is found. Though a large ritual a massive gorge can be placed in the earth, it can spread for miles on end and can be as much as a few miles wide in some areas.

It will be tedious to do but demonstrating it by cutting off the enemy's capitol from their northern forces, which will allow us the leverage to sue for peace with the enemy. We will need all of the higher state resources to do it though.

The old capitol is fortified.

Salt is found in the desert and proves highly lucrative.

A small monastery is formed in the mountain, studying its mysteries. The cherries prove to be a fine local delicacy, attempts to grow this tree are mixed.

Minerals are said to be found in a high quantity in the southern hills, an expedition is asked to be funded so that the minerals can be located.
Action 1: The red metal is clearly not going to be able to be studied underwater. Gio sends word to the capital that a more permanent abovesea research station will be necessary.
>Establish Kohai at the site of the ruins

Turn 2: The devices could be quite useful to the Tarns, allowing for far more accurate recordskeeping than previously possible. Gio, having learned his lesson not to submerge things recklessly, carefully covers a device in water and observes.
>Research the devices
Action 1: start preparing the earthquake spell
Action 2: see if the mist confederation will be allied with us after the war
1. The expedition is to be funded.

2. The strange runes discovered at Red Mound possess some form of power. They must be cataloged and studied.

Action 1:

And as their forces move inexorably to the final showdown, Brue laughs at the hypocrisy of the rebels. Was not the reason they raised arms against their elected king a protest at a single over-ruler? And now they have chosen their own. What are they even truly fighting for anymore, he asks? But, he will meet this challenge. If needed, he will meet this chieftain, one on one in hand combat, to prove his strength and mastery. And if not... his armies are more numerous, better fed, trained and equipped then the nomads. If the rebels do not submit, their new chieftain does not yield to save his people and the remainder of their ways, then no other choice remains bar bloodshed.

Action 2:

A number of Airbenders start practicing cloud-herding. By careful control and manipulation, they can blow these clouds where they need to be. The primary considered use is so they can move these clouds over agricultural areas in need of water..

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