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File: 115.jpg (219 KB, 1191x670)
219 KB
219 KB JPG

>The story so far

>You are
>You are in the magical land of Mewni
>In your castle

>A mountain Fortress

>The Mewmans have a castle
>It's big and shiny
>You have two castles
>Both dark and filled with Skeletons

A: "Ok. That was fun."
>You've just come back from the MEWNI SWAMPS
>Got a power boost from a DARK RELIGIOUS RITUAL

>Now Muscles
>Your Monster Arm
>Against any who stand between him and booty

H: "Remember. This toosh. Is executive property. I'm the executive. Not even a glance until you get Anon back here safe, monster boy."
>Understands Hekapoo

>He gives her the thumb
>Then flips her off when she turns away

T: "Ok. So let's get going."
A: "No. First I need a suit of armor."

T: "Dude."
T: "You've already GOT armor! Your magic!?"

A: "I wanna go into the Underworld, brah. The realm of fire and shit you're always telling me is so metal?"

>Tom relents
>Knowing you're just a mortal human
>One of the last few

T: "Ok. Yeah. We -did- just get an eyeball fountain the other day."
>He rubs the back of his neck
T: "It -is- pretty metal."

L: "He does not act like a prince."

>Have a plan
>Who live just above your castle

>There is however
>An issue

KK: "My lord. We have spotted a force of Trolls near the palace. They avoid our guns' range. They stay mostly out of sight. They are waiting for deh right moment."

>There will definitely be an attack once you leave

What do?

>You do have military forces still

You could devise some clever plan.
Leaving the castle empty or just locking down could result in a siege.

What do, Anonymous?

KK: "If we had enough fire powa. We could destroy the entire countreh side."
File: Spoiler Image (359 KB, 1024x576)
359 KB
359 KB PNG

To specify. This is the "FRENEMIES IN HIGH PLACES" edition.

>Knowing you're just a mortal human
That's a bit up in the air, and will get even farther up with time. Especially the mortal part.

> L: "He does not act like a prince."
We're not entirely peak royalty ourselves.

Fuck it, violence seems to be the only answer these people understand. And we lead by example. Why don't we go ghost, sneak under the trolls, then sandwich them between our army and ourselves? Or maybe jump in the middle of their forces and massacre wave form them. Or better yet, sho them off like the strays they are. I'm open to ideas really.
>Visit Shiloh and tell her we are going on a very special murder mission where she gets to show us if she is worthy of our attentions

>summon Wudo and ask him who he is talking to and ask him what is the monsters version of Mewni History.

>summon the monsters for a round table. Allow them to voice any issues they have openly and freely.

>once that is handled inform them the Trolls may mount an attack soon.

>revive Leatherface's corpse with Jumping Jacks soul and set it loose on the trolls with a few massacre waves. Maybe ask luna about creating some sort of fear aura field enchantment on the castle.

>with the trolls occupied by that we visit the giants.
Put 2 will into LeatherJack, call it the Creeper and give KK 2 more. +15 will is fine to operate with. Leave KK to hold the castle.
Royalty is something you grow into and Tom has never had a chance to actually get put from under his parents shadow. He did, once, when we connected with him and he told his dad to fuck off. Tom has never been challenged and also never given to space to try and work for it. Why hes so gung ho for this little adventure. Hes looking to make his mark.
Aren't Trolls weak to Fire damage? Just go Combustion Form on they ass.
I feel like that pulls risk of the old "DM changes elemental weakness to fuck over meta-gamers" trick. Trolls are the poster child of that. Worth a shot tho.
Then fire form to scare away the trollz
You started the second i left my house
This had never happened and meta knowledge is a literal real thing in this quest we should be using.
File: 81COmGX1G5L._SY355_.jpg (15 KB, 284x355)
15 KB
Fair warnings about this.

Not addressing the problem at hand.
In exchange for all this time spent "Conferencing"

Will lead to your enemies acting before you.
Consider this carefully in times of conflict.


>Leatherteeth's Corpse

There is nothing left of the Skin Dragon but his core. The Stillborn dragon egg. Who's properties are as of yet unknown.

That being said.

>We have a tie

2 votes


2 votes

A: "mm...we have problems here already."
>Killa Kente
>Your general
>Master of War and Ruin

>He speaks into your mind

KK: "Enemies will always be present my king. We will also always have goals."
A: "I have no fucking interest in delegating this. I just wanted to conference with my monsters. Get my forces ready."
KK: "If you face deh trolls yourself. In aneh form. I know not of dere culture but I know what dey will do."

A: "What?"
KK: "Retreat."
A: "How do you know that?"
KK: "Dey are only aggressive just before or after you arrive. They do not attack small parties that hunt or deh children."
A: "So?"

KK: "So dey avoiding you. Even avoiding your anger by picking fair but winnable fights."

>Sword raised

Su: "So wets fuck dem Shidewaysh."
>Opens his red pupils wide
>In shock

KK: "I agree wit Susan."

>Anon picks
>The Hybrid Option

Aaaagh, signal and time for response is ass while at work.


>Massacre Wave
You know, a classic tactic in Tower Defense games is to slow the progress of your enemies as they approach. If there's nothing of value between the walls and where the trolls are, why not terraform it using our ExoForm transformations... Do we also still have that Monster Worm available that we were originally using for mining? Perhaps using it for an unexpected pit trap followed by gorging on buried trolls may be worth while tactic?
File: hqdefault.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB

A: "I'm having my meeting. The trolls need to be fuckin' dealt with. They need to be engaged BEFORE they get a chance to attack us so..."

>You see

A: "...Hey, Hot stuff."
T: "Wha?"
A: "Wanna murder a bunch of Trolls?"
T: "Are they sinners?"
A: "They're trespassers."

>Then flies out of the window


>You hear screams of Trollish Agony outside
???: "AH! Fire! Already!?"

???: "Hold fast! It's not the Sorcerer! Just a demon!"

???: " -Just- a demon he says! No water cooler breaks he says!"

???: "SHUT UP, BOOFO! Hold the line! USE YOUR STONE ARROWS."

>The Battle Begins to rage
>With the Trolls caught unawares

A: "Nice."
Su: "So what now?"

A: "Meeting time."


Which can be.

>An announcement
>Hearing a major issue
>Assigning new Tasks to the Monsters/Undead/Your minions

>Everyone arrives in the main hall

>The Servant skeletons see this
>Then becomes places to sit


What do?
Lets hear there issues
Then go out and deal with the trolls ourself talk with them then we can fight them
Sure, this, support.
ye i guess
>Hear a Major Issue

>Assist with Trolls
They're an immediate threat... We want to show our subjects we're capable and willing to protect them and not just enslaving them.
Explain the situation to the Monsters. Get them and the Skeletons ready.

Are all the monsters here? The babies and kids should stay inside the castle. I hope the battle against the cave monster alongside the skeletons helped them find a way to work together with the skeletons.

Have Shiloh and Susan follow your lead. Gotta make clear we're all workign together.

Killa Kente is on Raise Dead duty for any Trolls we down.

Get your Skeletons ready.

How is Jackie?
Sabrina is back at the party, right?
... These are a lot of good points too...
>tell the group that we hear their concerns and reiterate that they are free here and that Shiloh is thier leader to us, but that the dead are always listening if they have private concerns. Also that Shilohs collar is a personal matter that she may explain if she choses. Lastly remind them we are running lean and to bear that in mind. They are not slaves, this is their castle as much as it is ours and everyone has a voice.

>after that let them speak and give input so we can make sure shiloh manages right.

>beam a little thought to Shiloh. "Try and kill my people again and youll get no headpats when I get back. "
I think its important, given the uncertainty and fear expressed by the monsters, that we reinforce that this is their home if they chose. The door is open with the only condition is to erase their memory of this place and only that. All we ask is they act civilized, contribute and not try to murder each other. This is a new place, different and safe where the dead and living exist in harmony and that none should live in fear.
>Killa Kente on Raise Dead duty
>with Trolls
We had a hard enough time trying to Raise Dead that one giant skull in Castle Avarius. You really think Killa Kente is gonna manage a bunch of just-recently deceased Trolls that still have their flesh on 'em?
Can always pump his ass with more will
>Hear an issue
>Then go get your hands dirty

>Your breathing is deep

>Your eyes dart around
>You bite your lip


A: "We're under attack."
>You say to the congregation

A: "I'm going to hear from you all. For one. Thing."
>You raise a finger

A: "Then I need to go out there and make these Mountain Mooks eat foot."
>Muscles makes a fist

A: "My fist's foot."

>The monsters look to one another
>They are afraid
>The skeletons roll under them
>Feeling your will
>Knowing you want them to keep the children safe

A: "Well?"
>They get one
>Then you have more business

>Shiloh speaks up
Sh: "We don't like being watched."

>All the standing Skeles
>Look at her
>Burning into her
>For the Audacity

Sh: "We know the undead spy on us. We feel it on our necks. We can hunt for ourselves. We can care for this place. It's our home too. Isn't it?"
>Her mask is on
>And it
>Is flawless

Sh: "Watch us less. Trust us. So we can do what we need to in peace."

A: "I've heard you."
>Not even a blink from her
>The other monster stare
>They think she's so brave

>You can hear her mind

Sh: "Watch me all you like. I have no secrets from you."

>The monsters still radiate uncertainty
>They await to see
>If you'll punish her
>For asking that of you

File: D8evBWFWsAIK8QP.jpg (221 KB, 1000x1300)
221 KB
221 KB JPG

>You get up
>Crack your neck

A: "Come, Shiloh. Susan. Killa."

>All three
>Of the Killers

A: "You're with me."
Pe: "No! Wait! The trolls! You can take them but Shiloh's just another Monster! Let me go-"

Shi: "Petrya."
>She cuts her off
>With venom

L: "Dual purposed."

Sh: "I'll survive. I promise."
Wu: "What a way to go."

A: "I will consider your request. The undead aren't just spies. They're listening for your requests. Respect that. Treat each other well."

L: "The slime girl. She's the one who hasn't shown herself."

A: "She's the fat one."
>You throw open the castle doors

A: "Not sure I care -that- much."

File: tenor.gif (737 KB, 268x150)
737 KB
737 KB GIF


KK: "I will make their dead. Ours."
Su: "Smash em. BWASH EM. SKIN EM AWIVE!"


>Tom's Combat roll is 98 as an elite leader unit
>The trolls



>Tom is a comet of rage
>Looks happy
>The stones melt
>Or explode from his breath
>Some he smashes with his forehead
>If any troll breaks line

>He burns even their bones into screaming cinders
>Then swallows their soul

>His horns curl a little

>They are holding him off
>Almost equaling him
>With sheer volume of projectiles
>Mixing up their angles

>You are here now

L: "Their hope is gone. Show them why."

Time to show them who's the real boss around here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_-wbPEHT5k
Flame on! Burn these bastards to a crisp with combustion form. Two flames burning at once, side by side.
Let them see our majesty
>Fury of the Burning Heart Exoform


And I guess steal all their stats and leave them fearful and weak.

We dont want to kill them too badly, we want them to decide they were wrong to oppose us in the first place.

Make them kneel.

>as a free action have one of the undead hand a note to Petra

"Shiloh is not being punished, she can tell you if she wants. I trust her. If you want privacy do things in private or ask the undead to shoo. "
You know what? Supporting >>3567280
As an aside, Fury of the Burning heart is just OWN and Massacre wave.

We habe enough will to start adding a third combo spell in there.

Like Fury and Raise dead could literally mass raise a battlefield full of corpses into zombies

Fury and Blood for vblood as mass life steal or just drains con points directly

Fury and Perfect Vessel might be a better mind swap or something .

If anon ever gets a quiet moment we should work with Luna and work out our full spell list
Show them they are overwhelmed.

I doubt they will kneel until we cut the head of the snake (so to speak) but we can at least make them retreat.

Kinda against talking to Petra about Shiloh. I don't want to compromise her mask. Better for them to see us as a fair but stright ruler than a lenient one.
Still, we need not be cruel to them.

I'd suggest Raise Dead or Combustion Exoform. We don't really know what FotBH Exoform does and It might be a bit dangerous to try.

We know the Trolls have fear for the magic of the Mewman lord and are weak to fire so we could exploit these Exoforms to our advantage in breaking their morale.

I'd also like to try Dream Eater.
The Forms are a bit safe to try out for a moment. Bloodfeast is even okay so long as we dont indulge in his hunger.

The fury spell allows us to swap stats, its likely maybe that the exo form embodies envy and allows us to simply take on our opponents stats.

I wonder if the gigaform also benefits from the blessing. We will do extra damage as these fucks are in our way of getting to hell and then getting that fine demon booty.

Keep im mind too, that when we cast Fury last time shone like a golden god. That spell in physical form has got to have equal majesty and right now thats what everyone has to see from us.

We can crush and kill these trolls but thats Tyrant level and we need allies, not slaves. Trolls have to understand that they are better with us than agaisnt us.
The issue with Shiloh is she is supposed to be the spokesdog of the monsters and the collar is compromising her impartiality and making them nervous.

Then again it is a fair point, better feared than loved.
File: file.png (1.63 MB, 1200x1200)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
They believe in her however, they consider it brave for her to speak up against us despite her collar.

We can use that to our advantage, show her as uncompromised and "on their side" AND we can demonstrate ourselves to be a merciful ruler by accepting her "proposal" while still demonstrably having power over her.

Kinda like how Ainz uses the Momon persona he created to both control, and keep the people of E-Rantel on his side,as well as a pathway to make the people start trusting him, Ainz..
Ye, not supporting the note
File: Spoiler Image (692 KB, 1200x1400)
692 KB
692 KB JPG

If we were in the olden days. This fight would be RIDDLED with special events.

There's just you.

>Show them your power
2 votes


>To bring double the dire fire
2 votes


>Blending his options once again

A: "Ready, Muscles?"
>Is always ready
>These fools don't count as against his mission of booty
>Cheeks must still be clapped


>You stand
>hand up
>To catch your Wand

>You play
>Then become your Mix tape.

A: " https://youtu.be/cRJ2M69-d94?t=32 "


>You are Fire
>You don't think you can fly like this
>You can however

>Explode the ground

>You launch into the sky
>Raise your first
>Then grab your crotch
>Which is also a mouth full of fire and white teeth

>This form never got it's own name
>Despite you using it once before

>With it's towering body
>Horned Eyebrows of Fire
>Chest mouth
>and Pure flame energy


T: "Anon!?"
A: "That's...uh yeah! It's me! Lookin' HOTTER THAN EVER!"


>Anon decided
>He fights for other reasons

A: "You WISH!"
T: "Wh-wha?"
A: "This is my castle! These are my people. The trolls need to be taught a lesson! I'M GONNA FIRE FLEX ON EM. I FIGHT TO SHOW MY POWER!"

>The trolls
>Hear your voice

???: "It's him!"
???: "The sorcerer!"
???: "Where's Barkus! We need orders!"

>Their leader is scarce


>Tom is left behind
>Not your team mate
>Merely another fighter on your battlefield

T: "Oh. You wanna flex? THEN FLEX. OFF."
>Tom flies up besides you


>As he burns so bright
>The Sky

T: "I am the Prince of Darkness. Soon master of the Pit. You skeezoids are the wayward ships. Caught in -my- storm."
>He smirks at you
T: "Not some Generalist Warlock."



>Tom has read your signal
>To mean you want to compete


>There is a team of trolls sending boulders at you
>A huge Troll commanding smaller ones forward
>A group playing music and bearing Flags

What group do you attack?
How do you compete with fucking Tom on fire magic!?

>T: "I am the Prince of Darkness. Soon master of the Pit. You skeezoids are the wayward ships. Caught in -my- storm."

Grab one of the boulders and melt them into magma balls then throw them at the commanding trolls.





>How do you compete with fucking Tom on fire magic!?
That's ok, but do we have an actual plan?

Yeah, ok he's clearly a specialist. but that doesn't mean we can't pull a few tricks ourselves.

Tom seems to be dealing with the main force.

>>A huge Troll commanding smaller ones forward
Go for the head. As soon as the trolls lose their leader we can brak their morale and route them.

Our true purpose is not to kill all of the trolls but to convince them it's easier and far more rewarding to work with us than against us. But to do that we must prove our superiority over them.

Clear the way for Shiloh, Susan and KK to get to the big troll, then we can all engage hima t once.
Tom is having a flex off. We are trying to put out a massive.show of force. This isn't a big battle. Counting coup is more apt. Going for the leader is really poor form and could lead to real open conflict. Burning some musicans on a massive show of force that one ups tom is ideal. This is establishing the pecking order in the land. Theyll kill some.skeles, we get some of thier foot soliders. A solid.show of strenght on both sides with a final "we can easily bring this to bear for real if you dont fuck off" sends the message.

We do well enough they should invite us to a formal alliance thing as the ownership of webhollow has been settled.
Does anyone remember the information for combustion form? what can we do?

Heres the charecter sheet. We havent done combustion form yet I think.

Using their wisdom to control the elements, the spellcaster can create fire out of magic to burn his
enemies or heat up their environment.
● Does Elemental Fire Damage and applies a Burn DOT effect at the end of every turn.
● Creatures with Elemental Fire Immunity will be completely unaffected by Combustion.
Combustion DC Check : WIS Spellpower ≥ Target AC
Combustion Total Damage : WIS SpellPower + Burn DOT
Combustion Burn DOT : ¼ * WIS SpellPower
● CON save must be rolled every turn until successful to remove the Burn DOT effect.
○ First-hand magical flames created by the spell will not harm the caster.
○ Second-hand fires started by Combustion via igniting objects and creatures are
non-magical and will burn the caster if touched.
Combustion Burn DOT Effect Removal : CON check ≥ WIS SpellPower
● Critical Failure (Nat 1) while attempting to cast Combustion results in an explosion.
○ Everyone in the AoE of the explosion must do a DEX save against the caster’s WIS
SpellPower, including the caster.
○ Successful save takes WIS SP in damage.
○ Failed Save takes double WIS SP in damage.
● Creatures with Elemental Fire Immunity will still be hurt by the explosion.
Combustion Explosion Damage Reduction : DEX check ≥ Casters WIS SpellPower
we did back when we went to claim the first "stolen" spell. We used it as a light source when we first entered the castle.
>This form never got it's own name
>Despite you using it once before

It's stated in the this post.
Hahahaha!! Yes.
just don't compare him to Marco... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>What Group
The music fuckers. NO ONE plays harder than we do.
Fight the large one giving orders. Not the musicians and standard-bearer. Crush the strongest one.
We never gave combustion form a name in thread 14 and all we were told is that it gave us immunity to fire.

>You are flaming now

>No, forilly
>You are a series of biological Jet engines
>With a white hot core
>Which is one big smiling cage of teeth
>Your own face has become a smile of tusk-like teeth
>Made of flame

A: "Hot...Damn."

>You grab the d-

>No fingers

>So Anon
>PAWNCHES the doors
>They collapse inward, spraying hot Tar all over the courtyard and grass

>You turn away from the entrance
>Which blasts smoke and fire from your chest-mouth
Can we be breath fire in this form? Is that a thing it can do? Do we render people into ash with our punches? Do we spit yoga fire? Kinda need to know capabilities to plan cool stuff.





Which can be in the form of...

>FIRE BALLS (Thrown with STRENGTH checks and explode on impact)



And yes
>You can breathe fire
>From all three Mouths

As for rest

>YOU IGNORE FIRE DAMAGE IMMUNITY (By 1 stage. IE Immune becomes Resistant (1/2 damage) and Resistant becomes normal 1x damage.)

and uh


They take Tripple. X3.

As for your attack...


>You see the boulders coming for you

>The Chest teeth
>With your mouth

>With you know what


>At the big Fucker Giving Orders




Rolled 14 (1d20)

Rolled 1 (1d20)

Isnt it 6x vs trolls from Muscles dealing base double damage?

Also name this dude Pyrogre
File: 1560129855042.jpg (168 KB, 900x1103)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Watch this roll baby
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Rolled 5 + 15 (1d20 + 15)

I dunno, but I want the prefix "Pyro" in there somewhere.
Heaven or Hell. Let's Rock.
Alternatively, just call him Heatblast for the sick Ben Ten reference.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Swapping to support GOLDEN SUN
Firestarter (Steven King Reference)
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Supportan >>3567642
Golden Sun is a blessed name. Praise be to the new god of fire.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Golden Sun is awesome do it.
Rolled 3 (1d8)


>Winks at Tom


GS: "Soak it in, Pinky. Maybe you'll tan better."

>As you decree it


>Your burning head of hair
>Is now a Golden Molten Mane

>You send rocketing death at the leader of these Barbaric, Suicidal Fools

Now let's see how you rolled.

We watch.

We are unamused.




>It stays even
>What a ride

9+15 = 24!

>The Trollish Warlord sees your blobs of Magma incoming
>He grimmaces
>Sucks in his lips

>Then Licks his hand

Warlord Gromushka: "Gromushka. Don't."


WG: "Play DAT!"

>A demon appears beside him

D: "Point. Master Tom."

>His fire tornado is fucking shit up
>Trolls are being sucked into the air

>Down Below


>KillaKente has an 83 on combat roll
>Skeletons move in formation behind him
>As gigantic beasts swing tree-trunk arms at him
>He simply

>Guns Blazing


KK: "Aim forah deh HEADS! Feenesh wit explosave Ordinance. Focus on deh ranged fightahs! Keep our Lord Safe!"

>He dodges a Cleaver
>Pops two young trolls in the mouth with his side arm

>A big boi Comes up behind him

>When His legs explode off like twigs caught in a storm


>With a fuckin' 60 on combat
>She reaches into the fucker's chest
>Pulls out a heart


>Then drop kicks somebody else
>Who's skull smashes the teeth of another troll
>One bites her leg

SU: "AH! Oh. Okay!"
>She quite cleanly
>Kicks them in the nose
>Until their bridge breaches their brain

File: Spoiler Image (117 KB, 430x273)
117 KB
117 KB PNG

>Shiloh rushes in from behind
>A cookie cutter in each hand
>Like brass Knuckles
>She slices into green flesh
>Gets punted into the air
>She rights
>Catches a boulder

>But when a Troll gets beneath her
>Axe ready to smash her like a Cricket ball
>Her eyes
>Go blank


>She lands in his open mouth
>And it becomes
>A fountain

Sh: "Just slice thin. Cut once. Away from the body. Make sure to use high heat. Or it'll burn haha! IT'LL BURN!"



T: "Fancy Forms. I -am- fire, Dude. Score's 1-0. All me."

>He rubs his hands together

T: "Now watch this neat trick."
>He knife hands

>At the Band


>Their instruments
>Heat up
>The Wooden ones
>The Metal ones
>Turn to glowing hot torture devices
>Lips fuse
>They jump and scream like stuck pigs

T: "I only like Numetal and Ska anyways."

>Make the opposing army "Go Fuck themselves to death"
"Yo, that's cool'n all. But check out my mix tape. It's fire."

Have some skeles play our mix tape while dance fighting some trolls.
>dancing is a dex, one of anons shittiest stats
Why would we do this?
>Implying it's not a CHA roll
Just because you got the bark (CHA) don't mean you got the bite (DEX)
Moltan Slag bowling. Get the biggest boulders we can, turn'em into lava balls, and aim for a strike / knocking down as many pins as we can. Tom's clearly into games, perhaps this is up his alley
Why would we even use our shit stats when trying to impress our demon friend.

Burning them to death is okay because theyre weak to fire but theyre dumb trolls. Using our fucking GALAXY BRAIN to turn the battlefield into mass sexual chaos not only breaks morale to shit, not only makes it easier for our people to mop them up.... its literally funny as hell.
Supportan >>3567935
Because we're in a fire competition with Tom.
Do you seriously wanna bitch out and let Tom win, just like that?
>ERP shit
I'd rather surrender. That said.

This seems like a fun alternative. Play our mix tape still though. It's fire.

Okay, fair point, but consider this.

Instead of using bowling balls we use our own form. We are a literal jet engine that projects a 50 foot radius of firey death.

>go very fast through their ranks, burning and biting through everything troll. Stop and take a bite of Shilohs cooking, alive as it screams.
>Pussing out on the fire off with Tom
>Too many words for OWN form
>Not even accounting how higher than our level the trolls need to be for us to even have that special effect
No sorry, i meant USE OUR OWN COMBUSTION BODY instead of boulders.
Seems fun ... But the Jets could also be used to rocket propel the boulders. I dunno... I like the idea of them tossing us Ammo we eventually use against them >:)
>Throwing away style points of bowling
>[X] Quick Clean Results
>[ ] Style
Boulders dont do double damage like muscles can, no?

They'll also stop throwing them once they see we will just toss them.back.

Also want to show our people that we get our hands dirty too, not sit back like a pampered boss.

Plus we have teeth, boulders dont. Curshed is one thing, eaten alive and screaming is another.
If you wanted to eat people you should've turned Bloodfeast. Also Muscles doesn't do extra damage. It's all fire. And lava balls have fire damage on them. And we're still getting our hands dirty, we're just throwing in some style also.
Relax a little anon... Heck, if we weren't in exo form ... I'd say darken the skies, turn up the music, and black-light up the battlefield like one of those midnight bowling events.
I do power, not finesse.

>Atomic pelvic thrust into enemy back line (aka bowling)
>Also play our mix tape.
>Tell him his taste is excellent.
Reminder we're not trying to kill them all.

We could use their manpower, and their regenerative abilities qnd thoughness would be useful if we kept them alive.

Plus happy living trolls make more happy trolls.
Muscles does double damage to those in our way and these troll are keeping us from getting on with it.

>eating people isnt stylish.
Said no one ever.

This Anon is correct. We arent going for a goofball slaughter victory, we are going for a moralw victory.

Mowing them down as a ball of fire and.gnashing teeth that melts whatever is nearby is terrifying.

It also deals 6x damage. (2x from muscles blessing and 3x from fire damage vulnerbailtiy)
It doesn't count smart guy.

>Is always ready
>These fools don't count as against his mission of booty
>Cheeks must still be clapped
SKA is dope as fuck though.
Tom got good taste

>adding to raise the band and start playing some dope ska

They might if we get literally in their way
Then we're in their way, they're not in our way.
>There aren't a lot of boulders in the air anymore
>Even Shiloh

>Are cleaning the rocks of Troll life down on the field

>All of them broke 50 on their combat rolls
>The Trollish horde got 9
>Even with Advantage

>You and Tom Stand above it all
>Wreaking havoc on them

A: "Ska? You dig Reel Big Fish?"
T: "Psh. Surface level. I do the Bosstones. Some -wild- cover bands an uh..."
>Tom Blushes even more pink than his skin and hair
>Scratches his ear

>He just thinks to you

T: "Some boyband stuff."

A: "What numetal?"
T: "Evanessence. Disturbed."

A: "How old are you?"
T: "Come on, man! There's a decade delay on record releases in the Underworld."

>While he yaps
>Have been punching the air
>Making explosions
>To stay next to him

T: "Take your turn, dude."
A: "What. Boyband?"

T: "Love Sentence."
>Tom seems less ashamed about the band in particul-


A: "No fucking way."
>Is also Marco's favorite band

A: "Do you know the Rap Section from "Wrote and Checked No!?"

>You do
T: "I do!"

A: "Bitch."
>You snap
>At the castle
>Rise up

A: "Time to bring the game."

>they Begin
>To Play

File: RS-MP-Small-hero.jpg (682 KB, 640x750)
682 KB
682 KB JPG


A: "I didn't make out with her."
T: "I made her a note!"
A: "But that wasn't gonna cut it!"
T: "So my heart she-"

A/T: "Broke!"

A: "I wrote that letter with my Heart-Throb Flow!"

T: "Only left a box for yes!"


A: "Hahaha! GOD. DAMN! That was the only line of that I uh..."

>Did you ever like the songs with Marco?
>His sing alongs?
>When he'd take over the radio?

>That was a long time ago
>But you've had friendships before

Look how that turned out

A: "Murder time."

>You dodge a Troll Susan launched into the air in two pieces
>Punch yourself straight toward some Rock-throwers
>SNATCH THEIR AMMO from the sky

>After a barrel roll
>You raise the boulders high

>Clear a path
>You emerge from the crater you've made

>A humanoid Pillar of flame
>Each hunk of rock melts in your hands
>As you aim
>For the leader
>Once again

A: "Tom. I'm not a rapper."
>You lift the now oozing ball of Lava
>As your target begins to back away
>Clears his men from his side

>His fear is reflected in all 6 of your burning eyes

A: "So get rapping' at me."


KK: "We are winning! Keep up deh poosh!"
Su: "Uh...no. No we'we not."

KK: "We have no casualties. No loss of position."
>Susan points
>To the bodies she and Killa have felled

>The Troll's Racial Ability Has activated



>1d75+25 % of the dead

>Nearly all of them
>Stitch their flesh
>Reform their brains
>As shattered fingers and feet
>Rise again

>Killa raises his weapon

KK: "...we are out of boolets."
Sh: "So get SLICING!"

>Killa pulls his Machete
>Spots a troll who hasn't regened

>He fails to raise it

KK: "God have mercy on you."
>He raises his blade instead

KK: "You have us in a fair fight. You poor fools."



Stay Blesst
>That racial
We gotta come to the side of our allies while we get to Stylin'.
We literally have a 50 foot AOE of flame. Just stride through the corpses, setting them on fire, ripping out souls amd raising them leaving a swath of skeletal undead minions all playing our song as we march right up to the warlord, stare into his melting face and ask "Whats Good Trolgger, where are you taking this army?" Just to fuck with him.


>Are Hot
>Red Hot
>White hot in some private areas



T: "Layyyyme."


>You are
>In a brand new form


>This body has it's own voice
>And in response to being called "Lame"
>By fucking

>Prince of Hell
>Your current competitor in this Blazing Blowout
>To see who has the most stylin' stoked flames

>It says

>And when it does
>All three mouths spew sparks
>The Six eyes glitter Pink and Yellow

GS: "What'd you say to me kid!?"

T: "Dude. Bowling? People bowl on first dates. Not in fire competitions."

GS: "This boulder is made of LAVA!"
>It's true
>You have a boulder made of Lava

T: "And?"

T: "I've made fire tornadoes. Exploded musical instruments. Come on, man."

>He wouldn't

T: "Bowling is Weak Sauce."


Well, Anon?


T: "By the way your eyebrows are HUGE."
>Also living fire

What do?

Oh okay Tom, I get it. You suck at bowling. Dont feel bad. Anyone can cast huge as fuck AOE, but its not about the biggest flame, its about how you use it.

Go full Mystery Men and take out the dicks of every troll we can with trick shots.

Trolls are made
File: 4fr3acu.gif (389 KB, 718x480)
389 KB
389 KB GIF
Get Susan, Shiloh and KK to back down to a defensive position and keep trying to Raise Trolls.
We don't want them to get in Tom's AoE or ours.

T: "Bowling is Weak Sauce."
Fine. We're gonna have to improve how to use our Exoforms then.

Engage WARLORD GROMUSHKA With all you have.

With all you have. Melt the ground around him.
Punch his balls off. Cook his face wth your Chili breath.

Beat him as quickly and pointedly as possible. Make it this fight's overall point that it's easier working with us, for us, than against us.
Maybe take a hit from Luna casting and use "Raise Dead" on all that delicious troll fat? Could also pump some will into KK and help him out.
This is me

Supporting pulling back our troops, I think we can shoot our lava wad right at the leader and follow up with the AOE Stride towards the Chief. We are going for a moral victory so I will support this.
File: images.jpg (6 KB, 228x221)
6 KB

>Go Mollywop the Trollish Warlord
>Pull back your troops
>So you can go
>Hot and Hogwild

GS: "Aye! Susan!"

Su: "Hwa?"
GS: "Fuckoff so you'll live!"

Su: "We'we aww dat's keeping deh Twowws Off you!"


Sh: "Gods your voice is annoying...but I won't leave either. That's my man."
Su: "That's not even a mayun he'sh wike Youngew dan me."

KK: "As you command, my king."
>Charges home


Su: "Hey! You boney bashtawd!"

>95 on Susan's combat
>She is carving through trolls like lightning through trees
>Stepping on broken bones and crushing exposed organs

Su: "FINE! Wetweat den! Come on, Dogbweath."

>Shiloh struggles

>24 on her combat
>A troll snatches her tail and hurls her away from the main group
>She hits a tree
>Barely recovers

>Killa gets 78 on his combat
>Melee is a bad place to be against regenerating foes
>So he focuses on causing as much pain as possible

>An ankle stabbed
>A machete turned to separate the foot
>His soldiers flip over bodies

>9 of them bring corpses to a fallback position

File: Oh no.png (88 KB, 282x145)
88 KB

>Even with their advantage
>Trolls only get 22

>They are almost in disarray

???: "Protect Gromushka!"
???: "To hell with that! Stop the fire warpers!"
???: "Kill! Just Kill their soldiers!"
???: "Get the dog!"

>Drop the Boulder

GS: "Hey."
Gro: "Hey."

GS: " https://youtu.be/0OJkuN5zUJI?t=8 "


>You start to run
>Then faster

Why are you so fast?


>Your feet
>Are ALSO explosions

>That's when the Trolls smart enough to see your ploy
>Get in the way

>A whole football team's worth of bigg GREEN bastards

THEN Charisma

Rolled 18, 8, 5 = 31 (3d20)

>THEN Charisma

Rolled 19, 18, 1 = 38 (3d20)

If you can't take the heat, geeet out of the kitchen!
File: giphy.gif (2.59 MB, 266x200)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
Rolled 18, 10, 8 = 36 (3d20)

Rolled 2, 1, 1 = 4 (3d20)

Hey, two out of three ain't bad. Golden Sun doesn't seem like the most charismatic guy anyway, despite being so hot.
File: 2264585_1.jpg (35 KB, 630x630)
35 KB
Rolled 3, 1, 4 = 8 (3d4)


4 sets of rolls...

>3 Rolls to Decide them.

Let us begin the reckoning.
Of this wreck.

Behold this new form
Questo Negro
File: Spoiler Image (78 KB, 137x363)
78 KB

>18 Strength


>8 Dexterity





>Immediately get body slammed by a Troll

>Thing is
>Though they pile on
>You do in fact

>Which is when your huge muskles
>Betray you
>By not dodging the OTHER trolls currently punching you
>All Over



>You can't bend or move your head
>Without slapping your face into Troll Skin
>Or armpit

>You sling like a beast
>At one point knocking a troll backward into 20 others
>They all stumble
>Catching him losing their footing

>When they muster themselves up

GS: "Now watch and L-"

>You have to pause
>No matter how tough you get
>Some shit just hurts an-

>You make the little choking sound somebody does right before they cry

File: Anon irl.jpg (85 KB, 1300x866)
85 KB

>All battle stops
>Tom is covering his mouth
>Eyes wide

>The trolls

>nat 100

Tr: " ...hehyEh..."
Tr: "Hehe..heh-"
Tr: "pPPFFFFFFFEaayha!"


>They clap
>Into a sort of Chant
>A celebration dance?

Tr: "He's no devil king!"
Tr: "He's a child!"
Tr: "No! A baybee Haha!"
Tr: "The INFANT King!"

Tr: "The Brat Baron!"

Gro: "No."

Gro: "He's the Tantruming. Tyke Tyrant. "

>You have reached Gromushka
>You are surrounded
>You are at Half Health

D: "Point. Master Tom."

>You are down 2-0

What do?
>"Sorry, I was trying to be fair to you children. Do you prefer to actually stop playing?"

>Switch to our Flame Aura and grab the Grom by the balls and crush

>"I wanted to watch you scream up close"
File: 45b.png (783 KB, 972x788)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
Use the rage from this embarrassment to fuel our flame. Burn it all. Go to the center of the trolls, and screeee with all of our might. Make them think the sun's cold with how hot we are.


Oh and


Get those Trolls off ya back.
Mainly. Something about Gromushka already being at the peak of his power while we're already heating up.

And make sure to keep those Trolls off of yo with AoE attacks, we don't want to get boddyslammed and piled up to death.
So yeah what if i was born a few weeks ago
How many days old is anon?
The... "situation" with the Wand and Sabrina was like three-four days ago.
So we are a 3-4 day old child we must be close to our cruel side
"thanks, I was born 4 days ago."
>"thanks, I was born 4 days ago." grap him by his balls and use the fire aura roast his chest nuts then scree with all our anger
A: "I'm a-"
>You almost choked again

>You grit your teeth
>All three sets of them
>Your form
>Like a meat wet-suit

>You straighten up

A: "I'm a child huh!?"
>They are still laughing
>Calling you names

>It burns
>It hurts so much

L: "Feel it more."
A: "What?"
L: "Don't suppress it. Don't temper it. Your hatred."

>Fire Aura Ultra


L: "Revel in it."



>Makes a Dex Save
>Being Trolls
>They can replace Dex Saves for CON SAVES

>With Disad for being against Fire

>Because this form
>Does not play with fire

A: "You -are- fire, Tom?!? Well I'm just a kid. Didn't you hear em!? I'm a baby!"

>Tom is floating cross-legged in the air
>Eating Popcorn chicken

T: "More Honey Mustard."
D: "Yes, Master."

A: "A thumbsucking TITTY DEMON. A crib livin' ass diaper shitter!"

T: "Ok that's a lil heavy."


>The Army gets a 16 total on their CON Save

>That's not nearly enough to resist you

A: "You wanna know some shit about HUMANS Gromushka!?"

>As green skin pops like Gangrenous Bacon
>As bright red and purple hairs sizzle to black cinders

>Gromushka sees this
>Walks forward

A: "Oh? You're approaching me?"
Gr: "Warlords don't run."

A: "Well baby humans."
>You and He are nose to nose

A: "Lack Empathy."

>Gromushka Gets 12 total on his CON save


Gr: "Mmffmmmrrrrrrrrrrr"

>He takes half your STR + WIS Power in fire damage every turn he stands toe to toe with you

>The other trolls flee
>Like ticks from a hot needle
>They want to retreat

>18 toughness check from their leader however

Gr: "HOLD!"
>He thunders
>His spit evaporating before it reaches you

A: "This is you. At your best. Isn't it?"
Gr: "I've trained for War my entire life."

A: "I'm 4 days old."
Gr: " Wh-"
A: "And I'm better at it."

>26 vs your AC
>Even on fire
>Even losing his troops
>This Troll still wants roll
>He has punched you dead in the Jaw


You are at 20 HP

>You are dealing a base 33 Damage Per turn

>You reach for his balls
>Oh wait
>No fingers

>You Rocket Punch his Ballsack and grab it with both BAttering Ram Ham Hands
>CON saves don't stop this from hurting

Gr: [SilentScream.wep]

What do?
Well we don't have fingers, and we can't just let him keep hitting us, let's give him a hug and hold him down so he can't do anything while we roast him. Metaphorically and literally.
>Quietly "Are we done here, or do I have to slaughter more of your people with my 3 warriors? I'd rather not see such a strong ally weakened by pointless conflict, even more so for the real battles to come. I think we've both proven our strength here.

>if he accepts then release him and pull back to heal and invite him back here for a formal alliance in 3 days.

>if not, then rapidly accelerate upwards and then let him go flying upwards and out of melee range. Readying a crushing meteor strike when he lands and is dazed.
I want to give him the chance to save face with his people and strengthen our bond with the Trolls. If he can disengage without losing face to his people while also submitting to us then we can offer formal alliance and we have a troll army.

Maybe they can move their camps back to Webhollow and set up a unified camp here in their ancestral lands. Its Win Win. We get troll satellite state, they get their lands back.
[red] Overdramatic fire bitch slap [/red]
File: 1vfu5i.jpg (26 KB, 352x352)
26 KB
Changing to support this poor lad.


How are you ensuring he doesn't one hit KO us?
Lets get this fight over before our HP goes to 0 again.
The Fight is over if he hits us one more time.
So we gotta finish it this turn.
You're hoping we either have him stunned or another attack will finish him? We have to disengage to get heals or do something that keeps him from attacking.
File: Spoiler Image (445 KB, 495x409)
445 KB
445 KB PNG

Hold him.

Give him a chance.

While readying the Suplex.

Just fuckin' slap him back.

Many instincts rule you, Anonymous.

>None more than your greed

>Golden Sun

GS: "I came out here with 3 fighters. A demon...an me."

>A quick look around reveals

>The trolls have lost every combat roll overall against your special units

>All 3
>Which means they would have lost %100 of their force
>If not for their regeneration

>With Tom and Your fire in the mix
>Bodes are left as molten husks
>Some organs still pulse and squirt

%40 of their total force however
>It's just black bones and armor
>The other %60 is injured

>Your side has lost no one
>You have 2 injured units

>and Shiloh

>Who shredded the trolls that tried to overwhelm and keep her apart from the rest

>It was 5 people from your ranks
>Versus their small army

GS: "And I'm winnin."
>Golden Sun
>Arrogantly Chuckles

GS: "I want you tah come back. Three days. Wit some fuckin BRAINS. Somebody who makes decisions. Sos we can work this out. Otherwise. You're gonna have a -lotta- burnt corpses to serve your orphan fuckin' babies."

>Yeah that's a good plan

T: "Man. By the balls. That'sh intenshe."
D: "Ranch, sir?"
T: "Home No. Ranch is nashty. Get me some Dil Yogurt."
D: "As you wish."

>A good plan


>You turn to go
>Then stop

GS: "Wait...wait...dere was one thing."




With advantage!

That's 2d20s boys
We take the higher result
Rolled 1, 16 = 17 (2d20)

>That's 2d20s boys

Try not to make it lethal?
Rolled 20, 4 = 24 (2d20)

Rolled 20, 19 = 39 (2d20)

Rolled 8, 19 = 27 (2d20)

File: fire happy.jpg (3.54 MB, 10000x10000)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB JPG
File: maxresdefault.jpg (54 KB, 1280x720)
54 KB
After this we should go use the living troll guts to heal ourselves and heal Shiloh. The Monsters need to see we care for our people.

Also to check her collar and give her some headpats and belly rubs.
I support this
Rolled 3 (1d4)


Time. To see the winner.

In new form.
Questo Blanco.
File: unknown.png (982 KB, 678x911)
982 KB
982 KB PNG
The Crits...MMMM
I hope you guys had a blast.... Today has been a work day from hell for this anon... Not even enough time to participate in a single roll...
File: g6yzf9q4bip11.jpg (50 KB, 592x466)
50 KB

The winner...

L: "Your fury is the answer. Your passion. The key."


>Anon you were doing so well
>You ARE but-

L: "Now we have made it clear."

>You had a plan
>You have friends who could have helped you
>You almost had balance

L: "When you control it all. You are balanced enough."

>Your first
>Is a balistic Missle

>Base 22 Damage
>Fire Weakness Triples


>You crit...
>Anon deals 132 Damage


>Closes his eyes


>He becomes

>And his Skeleton has to catch up to what's left

>Somehow a scream escapes his coal teeth
>Like his soul were puppeting his corpse to shield his already evaporated eyes
>His hair is next
>Iron bloody Cords
>Spewing off as slag
>Every scrap of calcium that comprised him


>Which is when you uppercut


File: Also Anon IRL.jpg (52 KB, 480x360)
52 KB

>All vanish
>Into Golden Waves of Flame

>The Trolls flee into their caves
>The sound of your voice
>Shaking their brain stems into a sweating horror


D: "Point. Anonymous."
>Slow Claps

T: "Heh. He's pretty cool."
D: "Indeed, sir."

>Jackie and Hekapoo
>Watch from the Castle Walls

H: "See? What'd I tell ya?"
J: "You told me couldn't change."
H: "Exactly."
J: "Never said I listened."

H: "Sheesh. Five whole minutes in the Negative Zone and you still believe in him?"
J: "Believe what you see."


J: "That kid's a monster."
>Jackie flips her board
>Catches it
>Then balances it on her palm
>Pointing for the Sun

H: "Are you blind?"
J: "No."

J: "I'm on the right side."


>Your Wisdom is now +8!
>Your Strength is now +2!

>Raise your fist, defiant one

>Until the wrong person gets burned



No Anon, you aren't. You almost died again. You Killed a combatant that was surrendering for a minor slight. Again you dipped into absolute cruelty and overkill for no gain.

You can't make the world better by crushing it into dust. Look at Luna, look at where that got her. Keep feeding the darkness inside your soul Anon and its going to swallow everything and then you to can be king over a universe of dust and emptiness.

That was pathetic anon. Absolutely pathetic.
File: give war a chance.jpg (240 KB, 1920x1080)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Hey, high school drama class. It's a meme. Besides, we were literally screwing around the entire time. If things were really deep we had a hundred backup plans that we could've hit that wasn't flex off with Tom. And I didn't see no surrendering from those trolls. I doubt they would, their language seems to be violence.

All I'm sayin' is, GIVE WAR A CHANCE!
ok anon was 100% overkill
To be fair, we wanted to end it in one hit. We did just that.
We didn't have a back up plan, Anon just rushed right in, no thinking, no planning, no tactics, he just went for a stupid bowling game to impress tom while burning an army to death AND he almost ate shit. We won because the troll army literally fucked its rolls. If the warlord got a second hit in we would have died.

What's fucking monstrous is after we humiliated the dude and walked away WE THEN DECIDED THAT NO, HE MUST DIE FOR MAKING A JOKE AT US while he sits on the ground, half melted with crushed genitals.

Is that who Anon want's to be? A thin skinned baby that will kill anyone that even makes a sideways glance?

There was nothing honorable about that kill, there was nothing glorious, there wasn't a shred of loyalty in that. We nursed our own ego instead of showing a single shred of anything redeemable.

Meanwhile Shiloh sits injured by a tree, the castle watching our cruelty and anon just gives in further to his negative emotions while once again, ignoring the damage hes taken.

This was absolute poor showing Anon and you should be ashamed.
>This was absolute poor showing Anon and you should be ashamed.

Nah, it was pretty cool. In the face of danger and embarrassment, Anon took what hurt him and used it to his advantage to protect those he loves from those who wanna hurt them. On his own. I'd say that's redeemable. Show's he's a reliable king. And it shows the trolls and others not to fuck with us via coming to our place and attacking us.

Besides, Jackie believes in us. So we gotta be doing something right. Good show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kSP0SOimhA
He didn't do that at all.
He fucked up, got embarssed and just went deep into his own negative emotions to pull up enough fire to keep him from dying.

He did not send KK or Susan to grab Shiloh, just left her limping back to safety.

We showed the Trolls that we aren't an honorable fighter and will kill a submitting enemy.

Anon totally lost his shit and while Tom may think its cool. The people watching saw it for what it was.

A miserable excuse of a tantrum.

Jackie doesn't believe in us, she knows us and knows what we will do which is literally anything and everything to reach the end goal of bringing back her world. She doesn't care how anon does it, only that we do it and she can go back and hug her family.

I want anon to finally feel some fucking shame, understand he fucked up and try to actually learn instead of just treating this like some dumb game and live his life. Luna is literally Palpatine screaming DEWIT.
>just went deep into his own negative emotions
Enough about "negative emotions." That's some black and white bullshit. Anger's great, it tells you when you've been wronged and how to act accordingly while also giving you the drive to carry out that act. And you need to know when to hold it or when to use it. This was a time to use it. It's like happiness, too much of it is bad obviously. But not enough and you just live an awful life.

>will kill a submitting enemy.
If we didn't kill him in one hit he would've killed us. Something you yourself was worrying about. I don't remember him submitting at all. Again, moved through the flames to punch us instead of running or submitting. Along with continuing to plan attacks on us to take our home from us and kill our friends and family.

>I want anon to finally feel some fucking shame
You stupid shit, you fucking voices in his head make him feel nothing but shame. Always complaining about not picking their options. The kid needs more positivity in his life. Instead of feeling bad about every single choice he fucking makes.
There was nothing righteous or justified about the anger anon was feeling. Anger is never something to lose yourself or revel in.

We turned to go, releasing our grip after having crushed and burned his dick and balls. We wasn't moving, his troops were fleeing and he was going to die for good if he doesn't get away. He was down and we could have easily stepped far enough back to avoid a strike. Don't try to sugar coat his actions.

Anon is totally and completely unable to engage in objective self-reflection. He is about to ride high on this "victory" and "showing up those who attacked him", totally disregaurding that these warbands are trying to reclaim their ancestral land after generations of living in the margins. We also killed nearly half of them.

Anon needs to feel shame for not actually thinking about his actions for once and what they say about him. Anon needs to recognize the absolute shithead hes become. He's riding high on chasing glory, ignoring the world around him. Just like warplanet. It doesn't matter to Anon who dies, what is destroyed, who suffers as long as he Wins.

It doesn't take a genius to recognize where that gets you.
>We turned to go
Really, not sure why we even did that. The vote was to give him the SLAPP and end it right then and there. In terms of actual decision making Anon was quick and to the point, but because of vote mixing of basically two different agenda's
>Try to reason
>End it now
Both of which are valid if we went with either one. But then Quest turned it into a thing about being embarrassed. So ehh.

>Anon needs to recognize the absolute shithead hes become.
He's not really become any more of a "shithead" than he has before. Like literally aside from killing a troll who was one hit away from killing us what's he done that's bad? He befriended Tom and gave him his dick pic back while complimenting him, addressed his monster citizens and the concerns they had as best he could during a fucking attack, and he made sure his fighters got out of the way so they didn't get burnt to a crisp in his flaming rage. I don't see what's so shitty about any of this?
... OR... Or... You've just taken out their warlord. Their Frontline bastion of morale and leadership. Which leaves them in a situation quibbling amongst themselves for leadership or someone to stand up. In 3 days. In fighting breaks out. The group fractures into factions. And each one realizes... They can't take you. Not in 3 days. So they come to the table. Or perhaps they come to bend the knee, to put Anon as the warlord rather than face the reprisal of another skirmish like the last.

Who knows? I sure as hell don't, but I think if they stop getting all aggressive, testing our defenses, and instead join to become additional muscle... Living, regenerating muscle... Muscle you could get willing BFB that REGENERATES AT THE END OF A ROUND... Then yeah... That'd be pretty fucking dope.
Oh hey, this works too.
I think the biggest issue is that Anon isnt ruling like a king. Hes ruling like a sad little bitch. Nothing cool about that. Nothing cool to respect at all.

Lurker here, If I may, I'd like to offer some Insight Into these posts.

Shut the fuck up.

We had an enemy that was trying to kill us. Now we don't. Sometimes, you simply don't have the luxury of sparing them, especially when they can keep getting back up and up and up, and you can't. Not without fire, at least.

Besides, you voted If he didn't surrender to kill him right? Another anon voted to slap his shit and though anon was about to leave, he didn't exactly surrender. So we slapped.

This anon has a point here, that Quest having anon do the whole 'NOBODY LAUGHS AT ME' thing was more or less just Quest doing his narrative flavor, we the anons didn't actually strike him out of vengeance, but practicality. Self preservation comes first.

Hekapoo saying we can't change and quest doing his whole 'narrator Is moderately disappointed In you while Luna approves of your turn to the darkside' Is a bit much from my perspective. Did we not just turn down Toffee? Did we not just fight these Trolls to protect others? Are we not trying to spare the majority of the Trolls and took the burden of the fight ourselves to spare our subjects lives?

Anon does have a bloodthirsty streak. Anon does want to win. Anon can be cold and not care about suffering around him selectively at times. However, he does have people he wants to protect. He does want to leave the world a better place, and he does regularly learn from his mistakes, and he still has people to support him and reel him In.

Anon Is doing fine with what he has. He's growing, so don't get so emotional about one rather understandable execution, as he would have attacked us had we not finished him. He did NOT surrender.

On the political side, we can very well take the trolls under our wing like we have the other monsters, and with the right management and guidance everyone wins. The way I see It things are looking to end up rather nicely. (And we can raise the dead as skeletons, so there's that.)
>A nat 1 vs a nat 100
>Followed by another nat 20
...yeah, you know what. I'm just gonna call bullshit on this entire assessment. Why? Because narratively, that was the element of surprise that popped up. That's part of the fun and the randomness of the adventure. We're talking a 1 in 2000 chance of that shit happening... And yet here it is. THEN follow it up with that crit (via advantage)? Roughly 3 in 800,000 chances. When faced with such odds, it only makes sense for Anon to go back to his most basic of instincts, instilled, engrained, and grown throughout his life.
Anon had basically come to expect, if not understand the dismissal during the ball, with the 'adults'. That was just par for the course. But this? With these ragtag, hooligan scrubs? Bullies trying to muscle in on territory we fought hard to obtain and secure for our little fledgling kingdom. Nah, that insult couldn't stand.
You can argue with the semantics and maybe the details that Quest may have chosen to use or didn't use... But given how the rolls eventually turned out, the end result was damn near guaranteed. Anon was going to critically fail any attempt at 'cool' factor, with the exact opposite occurring. The trolls were going to resist Anon to such an extent that it ended up negatively affecting Anon. Anons response, in this case, violence to drive off the leader, met with critical success. Anon did nothing wrong. He acted in protection of his territory and citizenry, as he had promised. It was just the will of the dice gods that things rolled out the way they did.
This just gets stupider and stupider.
File: D8nzspAXUAIoL4-.jpeg.jpg (57 KB, 695x718)
57 KB

Well I sure don't mind clarifying.

The reason Anon almost walked is because of the vote-window.

I waited 20 minutes then counted.
Once I start writing usually that's that.

Several pals popped in and supported a new vote. One changed theirs entirely.

So it was clear that was a last second decision change on Anons part.

That came out as one would expect.
And while you pals get to make decisions in a vacuum. Anon is right there. In his own shoes.

So there had to be a reason.
Survival instincts can very well be a factor but it was you players who wanted to use the rage of embarrassment in order to fuel your wrath.

That crit?
Seemed pretty gassed up to me.

Stay blesst pals.
Try to remember. You're all on the same team in the end.
Its not enough to act like a animal if anon wants to have anything remotely like the life he wants. Dont hide his cruelty behind a mask of self defense. The dice rolls are meaningless besides outcome. Anon has full control over his reaction to them and he acted extremely poorly to the point where thats becoming who he is, and its driving friends away.

Youre even more off base
The trolls were a pathetic enemy and we could have easily sat back and slaughtered them with minimal effort. Anon was only in danger because he, like an idiot, went into meele combat without his AOE up and engaged in a slautgher to impress Tom.

Even taking all of his actions as self defense and setting them aside (how could you even) thebact of murdering the warboss is what seals Anon as a petulant child who is going to grow into a tyrant to fuel his own ego. Warboss was in agony and had lost to a child. The redeemable action would have been to let him save face and come back as an ally. Hes just dead now and the trolls lost a leader and a good number of warriors on a planet that is in constant war.

No one walked away better from this conflict. Least of all Anon. Im his biggest fucking fan and supporter and even this makes me seriously reconsider him. I hope the fuck that someone lectures his ass. Not that he would listen.

Maybe instead of grying to defend Anons actions you take a think about how his actions make him look.
Fuck you bitch, we won, troll boss went out in a blaze of glory, the end. Quit your worthless bitching.
>The trolls have been attacking our people so killing some of them to stop It makes us an evil tyrant waaa

Look, I'm not disagreeing with you about some things. I do think we need to be careful going forward because Anon does need to stay on the right path and not go down the road of just another warlord. Just another power hungry warlock. Hell, could we have gone about that fight better? Probably yeah.

However, you saying this 'seals anon as a petulant child who Is going to grow Into a tyrant to fuel his own ego' Is defeatist as fuck. And uncalled for. And this Isn't the first time I've heard this kind of talk, I've seen people chastise anon as a monster before, but we've gotten better with time. Are some people concerned that Anon's tendency towards violence Is all he Is? Just a raging child? Well fuck em. We all know damn well that Anon's more than that, so stop being overdramatic.

Don't defend the trolls here. They were the aggressor, and we didn't even kill them all. We killed *just enough* to send them running, and the Warboss was In fact the last piece keeping them from fleeing. He WOULD NOT surrender, so what else would you have us do? Despite your misgivings about how we fought we WERE in melee range and we WERE low enough that we would die from one hit.

I STILL don't like how quest made It about ego IC when none of us were concerned with that, (oh hey look this statement Is wrong In hindsight) It paints a bad picture and that's what you seem to be focusing on here.

>Survival instincts can very well be a factor but it was you players who wanted to use the rage of embarrassment in order to fuel your wrath.

I uh-

He's right we did vote for that detail, I didn't even notice that.

You don't get to talk, voting to act needlessly sadistic you hypocrite. Oh yes, what a monster anon Is woe Is us I can't believe he's falling down a dark path LET ME VOTE TO ROAST HIS GENITALS HAHAHA oh man you guys are awful.

So yeah, we the players need to watch ourselves that's always been a problem. And since that's the problem we need to have some tact and restraint as we always have. Stop dooming about how anon Is going to just go down this one dark path and you're giving up on him.

You want him to go down a better path? Vote like you do, and stop just whining about It.
File: file.png (429 KB, 720x480)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
Oh, Anon. Maybe you do are way over your head.

I do wonder if things could've turned out differently. Probably.
Did you really need to fight? You needed them to not attack you, but could you had gone throught it another way?

Did you even try to talk to them before the fight? After?
Would you had even stopped and consider this had you not been called out? I hope you would've.

Moral imlications aside, your lack on foresight and short temper made this situation into an impractical one.
Aren't you trying to get the trolls to trust you? To be on your side?

What will you do if they decide Ludo is a less scary and safer alternative in regaining their lands.
Oh right!
All that the trolls want is the land that was stolen from them by the Mewmans. Lands that you took for yourself. They're not the bad guys here. Are you?

This remind me of the time you lost your temper in Purrkistan. What a whallop you gave Wondervon...

What would had happened if you had killed him instead of just knocking him out for the so terrible sin of insulting you and Luna?
You wouldn't have such an imporant ally with you, would you? I don't think so.



>You are
>Still Anonymous



>You've just driven off an army of Trolls
>From your new home


>The enemy has retreated
>Their leader is sizzling troll fat and black dust at your feet

>You feel
>Not cause you regret the killing

A: "Stop..."
>You mutter to yourself

>As Tom
>Your new pal
>Prince of Hell
>Descends from the sky

T: "Final score. 2-1. All me baby. Nice moves. You feelin' it yet?"

A: "I feel sick..."

T: "Oh what? You mean cause of the laughter? Dude, it's combat. I can't tell you how many people beef it running around on ground slick with blood or- Oh! This one time I ripped my shorts wide open in the b-"

A: "That wasn't kingly."

T: "Huh?"
A: "No. NO. Fuck you bitch, we won! Troll boss went out in a blaze of glory, the end. Quit your worthless bitching!"

>Your fist

A: "I was gonna roast his genitals."
T: "Y-yeah...it was awesome."

A: "I could have just..."

>You aren't centered right now

A: "I need to rule better than this. Like a King. I love a good challenge."

>You de-transform

A: "I hate showing my ass..."
>You pause
>Look at Tom

A: "But that explosion tho."
T: "AWwww YEAh-HeheaH! Did you see their faces when I griddled them into mush!"
A: "Did you see their leader just accept his death LIKE A PUSSY!?"

>Stay hype

>You still need a suit of armor from the giants
>Home is now Safe

KK: "We shall gather deh dead. Dey will serve eventually. Provided time to concentrate I can raise dem all long enough for Wondervon to do...someting' wit dem."

Su: "I'm gonna get Shiwoh patched up."
Sh: "Where's Hekapoo?"

Su/KK: "..."
Sh: "What? Sh- she's cool! I want her to sign my cookie cutters."

What do?
Nice thinking Killa. I suppose now's the part where we go ask our friends in the sky for some help. Let's get that over with.
>Use some troll fat to heal everyone up. Collect the rest and try to preserve it
>raise the dead trolls to save their souls
>try and raise the warchief
>find out what their burial customs are from on of the spirits
>go to hekapoo and aak what we should have done to try
>take a moment to reflect on our actions.

Anon, we were a bit harsh but dont feel guilty or bad. Make amends now as best you can and do better next time. Its not strong to gloat over cruelty and its not weak to acknowledge your failings.

We belive in you kid.
Sorry, ask hekapoo what she would have done
Try to take a moment and reflect how that wasnt very cash money of us.
Anon, your mood Is swinging back and forth because you're going back and forth between the emotions of the different posters.

>Maybe you should come to terms with that before anything else.

You've got 20 will now, correct? Sort of, technically.
>vote to slap that shit
>"that wasn't very cashmoney of us."

File: file.png (1.11 MB, 751x1063)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Oh well. What's done is done, and you cannot take it back.

What's important is what you do from now on. What will you do after this?
With all of these, mangled, charred corpses on your hands?

Well, if you ask me.

Leave the regular trolls to raise for KK. Lets see if an undead can raise his stats on his own.

If you can save and raise anything from Gromushka do so. Even if you have to go into Raise Dead Exoform and are able to raise only his soul do so.
We cannot afford to waste anything, and a Warlord we can learn intel from would be very useful... as well as being able to barter in a better position when the time comes.

>Patch everyone up.

>Go back to Webhollow. make a statement to the monsters about how you've decided to allow Shiloh and the Monster's collective wish of not being spied upon thanks to her loyalty. They may still approach any skeleton if they need something or want to contact Anon.

If you go with the Sky Giants, make it clear from the get go that you're not here for their Sky Steel, but that you'd still like to see if they could make you a Fire-Proof Armor, as well as arrange how you can become closer allies in the future.

Maybe you can still salvage this situation that is your soul Anon.
Just don't fall into "No Matter How I Look At It, It's Your Fault I'm Already A Demon."
Might not be the best time to go deep in to a meditative trance and get your head around the fact that you were an NPC that got a bunch of higher dimensional shitposters tacked onto your being by a big blue goofus. I for one would like to finish the hell quest before we do that.

Also we are all dank so its cool.
Support making a statement to the monsters and asking the Giants for fire armor. We maybe can bring them a gift so that its a fair trade.

Maybe some of the troll fat? I don't know what Trolls like.
I didn't vote to slap the dude, I voted to disengage out of melee range and demand he surrender before slapping but whats done is done and yeah, it wasn't cash money at all.
Sheeeeeeiiiiit. Guess I better throw in my two cents of encouragement.

Anon, you did fine. Whatever your choices were influenced by, whatever other option there was, don't dwell on it. Stick by your choices, and work off of them. You've doubted yourself enough. You're a king now. Or you're at least working to become one. You'll make choices that don't sit right with you, and there's no avoiding that. No choice is perfect. All you can do is stick by them and believe in yourself. If you don't, then how can your people ever believe in you?
I think It's better to take care of this now rather than later. The longer we wait the longer It's a problem and Betty White Is going nowhere.

It might not even take that long, we could at least give It a try, give Anon some peace of mind. A grip on the situation.
You're right that as a king you should never inspire doubt in your actions, but you can make amends for decisions that you didn't like or turned out poorly. Never admit wrong but always make amends and inspire inner strength in yourself and those around you.
That sounds like a dangerous thing to teach a kid. Admitting when you're wrong Is a sign of character rather than stubbornly refusing blame.

Kingly Inspiration Is one thing and owning your mistakes Is another.
Along with my words of encouragement, I'll switch to support these actions for a clearer picture of what to do.
I'll clarify then.
As a king, in public and acting as a king we have to put up an edifice that we cannot be wrong or anything that makes our SUBJECTS question us or else the whole system of being a king falls apart.

In private to our friends and to our-self we need to be honest and admit when we have acted poorly or incorrectly and work on being better than we were in every way.

This is the big leauges and there is little margin for error.
A: "Killa Kente."


>Shiloh sees this
>She bows too

>Leans on her sword
>Looks at them
>Then at you

Su: "Shup, bitch?"
A: "Your hairline, Faggot."
Su: "I'm a Dyke, Shithead get it Wight."
T: "What is happening here?"

>You approach Killa without explaining yourself to Tom

A: "You raise their soldiers. Leave their leader to me."
>You turn for the pile of troll-grease that was Gromushka
>You see
>Nearly nothing left

>There was more grease before
>His blood and skin evaporated with your fire punch b-

>His fat
>All the Trolls Fat

>Wherever a troll fell, really

The grass is growing


>Fast enough to see
>Thick as carpet
>It turns the area around Webhollow into a chest high grassland in moments
>Followed by woody plants

>All on hills of dead Trolls
>One's remaining eye is split open into a blueberry bush
>That covers your shoe

>Killa hacks at the shrubs with his Machete
KK: "We can still harvest dem."
>He psionically whistles to the castle

>Come out to harvest anything they can
>Shuffling it off to the castle walls when they get a green body free from roots and leaves
>Even a few onions

>You reflect for a moment
>On yourself


A: "Ok..."
>You swallow
A: "I'm still bad."
T: "I can still -be- bad."
A: "Huh?"
T: "You're self helping right? My therapist does that to me all the time. Reframes. YOU aren't bad...but you can do bad things."

A: "I see that. I'll still stand by it."
Sh: "No one should question y-"
A: "Go get healed."

>Like a wolf caught drinking

>You know you need to stand by yourself
>They can't bootlick
>Your subjects
>It's never appealed to you as much as freedom
>Or respect

A: "They need to believe in me."
>You roll Muscles' Shoulder
>As a tiny bit of trapezius muscle shows next to your neck

A: "So I will too."
>As for the Warchief
>There is
>Nothing left

>Just Bright Red Flowers
>With golden centers
>Just like his Hair and Eyes


A: "I'm going to see the giants."
T: "Cool. Can I come?"

A: "Sure."
>You head
>For your new home

A: "First I gotta tell the Monsters-"

>Hard cut to the Main Hall

A: "I've made up my mind. No more spying."
>Relief from the entire group

W: "Why should we believe you?"
>Has caused tension

A: "The Skeletons can transmit me anything they see or hear. Like this."
>You squint

>Then spot
>Smooching her Pillow
>It has your face drawn on it

>You snap back
Sh: "What?"
>Your whole body is hot

T: "Woo! I'm coming!"

A: "I never said that!"
Su: "Can I come? Can Bow?"

B: "BORK!"

>Who comes?

-You already plan to ask for fireproof armor
-Not skysteel

>Do you take a tribute?

Inventory Here.
Collect a bunch of the warlords flowers. Two bunches, save the roots.

One for the Sky Giants Queen as a token of our admiration a gift from the land to the sky.

The other to work into the armor. Blood of the fallen, worn into battle to honor his memory.
I mean, shit Susie if you want. Giant's might like Bow, so bring him. Take him home if they don't like him.

Tribute though, hmm... present's are always nice. I'd say music, but there's a risk of them not liking it. Hurt their ears 'n such. Lot of the things we could give them are too smol for them. So I'm at a loss.
Susan is a Mewman. She would not be welcome to the sky giants as they allied with the pony heads

Take Hekapoo, shes a fellow smith and ask Jackie if she would like to go flying.
Who comes? Anybody who wants to. Except Kente, he needs to be here to lead In our absence.


We should have one but I don't want to give up anything In our Inventory to do so. I know It's greedy but I don't want to give up legendary artifacts.
That... might work. Unfortunately we just don't know what they'd l.
>>Do you take a tribute?

Would the French Artifacts and silver be an acceptable gift? I say we take them. Probably a little bit on the small side.

Not sure if Giants will appreciate flowers.
Particularily their size, but I think at least they could appreciate craftmanship of the artifacts and the silver. And we really have no "music" to give to them, do we?

Yes, Susan and Bow can come.

Before we go I want to do some stuff. Can we talk to Wondervon? I want to see how things are going there. How much metal we have, how much he might need.
I also ould like hi to FINALLY take a look at the Magical Capture device we got from the MiB.
See if he can dissasemble and reverse engineer it. Make something of it.

Shiloh is to stay with the Monsters, use this situation to promote the monster's trust in her and ourselves.
>Susan's a mewman so they won't like her
>Bring basically an overseer of all mewmans
Like of all people allied with the mewmans, Hekapoo is definitely one of them.
>Probably a little bit on the small side.
That's the problem with giving them a tribute, we're so smol to them. if they were our size, we could give them some of our neat tech like a TV or something. Maybe they'll appreciate the gesture? Maybe they'll be offended, there's no real way to tell besides doing it.
Yeah but she tries to court some level of neutrality. Im hoping that having a fellow smith around might provoke some friendly rivalry.
>Yeah but she tries to court some level of neutrality.
No not really, in fact last time we talked about the sky giants she wanted to steal from them. There's nothing neutral about that.
The point of tribute is the thought it counts. Bringing her not only flowers, but something unique from our land that was won through combat is a big symbolic gesture.
Oh, and french stuff and silver seems like the best option, I fuck with that.
Hekapoo is one of the LAST people we should rbing the Sky Giants.

Susan is with us. We can explain she's part of our reutine.
Maybe we put the flowers in a french pot?

The pot is one of a kind as the dimension it is from is dead as are the flowers.
Its also a gift of earth from our owned land to the sky. Huge amount do symbolism also the Giant queen loves flowers. Bitches love flowers
A: "Bring up the French Silver."
>Is brought

>Ancient Stuff
>Some Tarnished
>Mostly however it gleams like a mirror
>Despite the age

A: "This'll work."
J: "For what?"


>She's come down from the walls
>Her walk is
>Slower and easier
>But she Covers ground fast
>She's in front of you

J: "You gonna have a tea party with some giants, Tiger?"
>Your teeth clench
>As a shudder goes up your back

A: "You haven't called me that since we were still d-"
J: "Flirting."
A: "...You're flirting?"
J: "Yeah. That's when I use it. So."
>Jackie licks her thumb
>Then takes some blood off of your cheek with it

J: "Who's headed for the wild blue ~yonder~?"
>She put way too much emphasis on the yonder

A: "You sound like a drunk Cowboy."
J: "And you fight like one."


A: "Clearly I want EVERYBODY to come with me to the Sky Castles."


A: "But."

>Shiloh approaches from behind

Sh: "Hey."
J: "Hey."

Sh: "What do you value?"

Sh: "I like your pants. They fit well."
J: "Thanks. I wore them for 16 years once."
Sh: "Did you not tear them?"
J: "I learned to sew."

>Jackie stops making eye contact halfway through
>Plays it cool

Sh: "Next time."

A: "Shiloh. Stay here."


Sh: "Kay."
A: "Your people do better with than without you. You've shown enough...are those cookie cutters?"

Sh: "Yes."

A: "Get Hekapoo's Autograph. She stays too. She's on the -other- side of my political spectrum."
Su: "Wibewtawian?"
T: "Does -anyone- understand what she's saying?"

>Moving on

A: "Bow is coming."
B: "BORF!"
Su: "What deh HEWW!"
A: "So is Susan."

Su: "WOO!"
A: "Giants HATE HER."
Su: "Wh-"
A: "Or just Mewmans I guess. BUT! I don't care who hates you. Even if it's ME a little."
Su: "Dash okay. I hate me too at night when I'm awone!"

>Chest Bump
>She didn't knock you down this time

A: "Kente."
KK: "Yes."
A: "KenStay."

>He it totally still
>Glaring at a Trollish Corpse spreading Moss on your floor

KK: "Yes."

A: "Jackie. You come too. I- If you...if you Want I guess you could fly with me."
J: "I'd love to."


J: "Sabrina?"
A: "She will die. From SOMETHING I am like...certain of it."

Su: "Maybe you!"
A: "Maybe."

A: "Hekapoo. Where is she?"

>Petrya speaks up
P: "We saw ccher um...installingk cable."

A: "Fuck me I need internet."

T: "I- I am coming. Right?"
A: "Do you wanna?"
T: "Yes."

A: "So do. You...and me. Do being with me- I MEAN FUCK."


>You walk outside
>Yank up some Troll Flowers
>Especially the Warlord's
>Then put them in everybody's clothes
>Some in the pots

A: "Let's go."


What a TEA-

J: "Only two of us can fly."
T: "Ha."


>It grows

T: "Haha."


>Until the clouds become like a meadow
>With twinkling snow-white drifts

A: "What the?"
>You don't see Foss' house
>Or the castle from before
>You see a new one

>Much larger than any you've seen before

>As you approach
>With your motley crew

>Eats some cloud

Su: "Hey! Shtop dat!"
>He eats faster
>Susan prys his mouth open

>As you
>The Door


It's Empty

>The Whole castle
>Which is built more like a humongous house
>With expertly placed hand-carved tile floor

>Seats of suspended Granite
>Pillows stuffed with moving clouds
>Hookah Pipes with Hoses as long as a Subway Train

>All of it
>Totally without a soul present

>Merely the unabated Sunrise coming in from outside

>The Sound of a Heavy Rainstorm
>Deep in the back of the Main hall
>Down a hallway carved into family portraits

>You have found the home of the Sky Giants
>You see
>No one

What do?
Shout out

Search around, actually, can't Bloodfeast see without "see"ing? Maybe briefly turn into him to scan the place?
File: file.png (1.65 MB, 725x967)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
Call out?

Would be rude to intude without presenting yourself.

I do am curious and have several questions (that might or might not be better to elave for later). What did Jackie do in the Negative Zone? How long was ther there? What did her and Heapoo talk about?
How can she still believe in us?
Could also raise dead form and see if any spirits are around that saw what happened.

Maybe luna has a "see through time" spell that will play back the last thing that happened here.
We know the giants went to war but as someone else pointed out, where are the children. Do they even have kids?

Wrong video
Does Defiant, the giant we rasied in his skull fall under our ally spying ability? Maybe we can reach out and ping that
File: Spoiler Image (66 KB, 208x242)
66 KB

A: "HELO!?"

Su: "HEWWO!?

A: "Is anyone here!?"

A: "Foss!"
T: "Dude. Come. On, don't you have like. X-ray vision or something?"

A: "I-"
J: "He has a form with heat-vision like a snake and a form with Life Detect. Not X-ray."

A: "What happened to you in the Negative Zone?"
J: "A lifetime."

A: "...why did you come back?"
J: "I liked this one."
>At you

A: "Why haven't you r-"
J: "Emotional vulnerability's cute. Still. It's also gotta happen later."

T: "If Emotional Vulnerability is cute. I must be HOT!"
J: "You are."

>You are going to Murder Tom Luci-
J: "Insecurity ain't."

>You calm down and are back to your senses about wether or not to murder Tom

A: "Hey! I gots goodies! Silver! Human craftsman sh- Aw fuckit."

>You go

>Rolling for it

>2 on the d2


>Another Nameless Creation

L: "Anonymous."
A: "Mom?"
L: "I've something you need."
A: "What?"
L: "I know what the Eye of Mammon can Do."


>You recognize
>Her "Song" is the same even in her Spirit



>A Venerable Adult Male
>Resting in a side room
>More like baking a cloud

L: "It allows you to see the dice."
A: "Dice? What dice?"
L: "Oh, Child. He doesn't want to say."
A: "Who? Glossaryck? Fuck him. What? Why would anything he wants affect y-"

>There is one UN Living Soul

File: How it Feels.png (265 KB, 648x407)
265 KB
265 KB PNG

Your Father's.

L: "The dice control everything. Everyone. Their actions. Their efforts. They are not threads. Nor are they a substitute. They are a constriction. When you are strong enough. You will be able to see them..."

J: "Anon? You ok, Calcium breath?"
>You Rattle
>You seethe

L: "You will see each person's next dice result. Before they even roll them."

>You hear his voice

John: "It all can be better. All of it. It's just me now. Just me. I'll make it right. Nothing like my son will ever. BE. Again."


Next Session!


Stay, Blesst
Love, Quest

File: concern.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
94 KB
>John: "It all can be better. All of it. It's just me now. Just me. I'll make it right. Nothing like my son will ever. BE. Again."
Let's... think about this logically. We threw John into the Black Hole, and he fused with it. Mewni isn't dead, and we're in a giant's stronghold, a race which we know nothing about. For all we know, this could be a trick. Or some Giant magic. Show you your worst fear for breaking in.

If it is John, we're really fucked. Namely because that means Black Hole is here, and he hates noise. And Mewni's probably even louder than earth. And we still don't have a way to combat it. We don't have the container for it, we don't have an immortal soul, we're really caught with our pants down and need to grab Foss and that adult male and basically everyone on Mewni out of the dimension.
File: file.png (456 KB, 503x778)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
I would be immensely surprised if that actually is John, but at this point it's fucking typical honestly.
If it is John, we need to delet his soul from existence so he doesn't fucking come back again like the purple guy from fnaf or something. This is gonna keep happening if we don't just remove him from everything. Though I'm sure that bab we gave the Diaz's would somehow turn into John because he's that much out to fucking get us.
Well its dead....again so no worries there.
Fucker is a god damn cockroach at this point, no wait, that makes the cockroach people we know look bad. He's fucking herpes.
It's likely going to be another week of being unable to enjoy what Quest has to offer for me. But I will say... it's nice to see that even with the change of schedule, anons who still participate in post-session discussions can still have an impact. This feels like it will have even more weight, as general vote quantities are still lower from the adjustment... which seems to be correlating to a larger than ever amount of "anon chooses". It may be limited, but they can still impact the events as they unfold.

Does it grow from the death of it's host? or just from the object itself? these beings are regenerating... hell, you could Piccolo them to get rapid harvests... whether for trade goods or for your own food and growth stores, and then just wait for them to heal up. ... Did we ever plant those seeds from Luna? I think we did one or two, but not all. I wonder if it would work with those...

>Tom mentioning therapist
I know some anons earlier were moaning about Anon needing to see a therapist himself. Heh, maybe this is the next closest thing we'll actually have for something like that.

>Sabrina being a cutie
thank you Quest. I needed that.

I'm glad the time and space in the Negative Zone gave her the resolve and the confidence to handle what's coming. While I don't think classic Jackie who just wants to return things back to 'normal' is completely gone, I'm pretty sure this was necessary for her, as one of the last remaining humans, to get over her funk and lend a hand to someone she trusts to work towards achieving that goal. She's always been genuine, and if stepping more into the wild side is her means to that end, can only take that to mean she's all-in on actively helping us. Thank you Jackie. We won't let you down.

It's like you could feel the electricity building up
Almost feel bad for the girl. She and her group are more or less neutral, leaning positive on the spectrum of folks the Skygiants are likely willing to listen to. Would've been nice just to see how she interacts overall, but it is probably best to have her stay back with Hekapoo. Earning her 'scissors' (which i think is being implied here) isn't a bad option either. I'm still cautious about removing that collar, but I'd like to be able to trust her with guarding 'the pack' and recognizing that everyone gathered are obstacles to destroy.

>The dice
Mentioned in the last session. Due to the crazy odds of what transpired. I wonder if it triggered something... why now of all times?

first inclination is it's some kind of illusion magic. We encountered similar stuff when Anon was stuck in Toffee's castle/dungeon. Outside of that.. fuck, perhaps he talked or convinced the blackhole into merging with himself and just just an explosive increase to his own WILL, allowing us to hear him across the vastness of the multiverse.



L: "There you are."
A: "He's here."
L: "Rage. So good to hear the sound of it."

>The Rage is in your head
>Normally Raise Dead form is stoic
>Even now the fury you feel
>Doesn't make any skin crawl
>Or jaw clench
>After all, you're a skeleton Shaped Crab Monster
>Filled with Juicy Muscles-Tentacles

>What do you have to fear?
>Or Hate

A: "Dad."

Su: "Anon? Hewwo? Did you shee anybody?"

>Raise Dead form
>Activates the Wand

>As Luna plays a strange song in your brain
>It seems to vibrate through you
>The Eye of your wand
>Projects a blade of Blue/Black Fire

>It Becomes
>A scythe

A: "Where...WHERE ARE YOU!?"

>You begin to float
>Into this unknown Castle

J: "Anon. Anon! Skeleman, you better not be controlling him or we're g-"

>Luna appears
>On your shoulder
>Looks down on Jackie

L: "Hello again, Ms. Thomas."

J: "...Where's your cheek marks?"
L: "You've learned to look! How charming."

>Luna doesn't stop you
>She stokes you

L: "Find him. Always find him. Never let him rest."
A: "He gets what he gave me. Living Hell."

J: "Anon! Don't split us up! Snap out of it!"

What do, Anonymous?

F: "Who is? Hail?"
>Foss has heard you
Stop. Remember two things
1.Be Kingly
2.Never split the party.

>Im still me Jackie, apparently my dad doesnt like to stay dead. I also may have zun goofed up not killing his soul. Something is wrong here, stay woke.


>Snap out of it.
John's in the black hole, y'dummy, remember?
>Don't split up, that's a bad idea in any scenario. John might come and kill them when we're not looking
>"Hi Foss. Good talking to you again. You wouldn't happen to know if there's an adult male here by the name of John Mcmoot?"
File: file.png (687 KB, 710x758)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
Focus Anon.

Revert Exoform to greet Foss.
Introduce everyone and present the gift.

Is this an illusion? Some sorta trick, how could he even be here? Well figure out later.
We may even ask the giants about it.
>J: "...Where's your cheek marks?"
Wait, hold up. Fuck John. John could rip us in shreds, what's up with Mom? Fuck wait, what's up with Mom? Why are her teacups gone? Mom, plz answer.
We could check through the wands ability to keep tabs on our people? We dropped his soul into the mass in the blackhole (for some idiotic reason) so we could track the black hole with that. Could check if John is even here.
Essentially >>3581214
Presumably, this is so totally some illusion that we're falling for. Considering we're supposedly immune to this shit but even Luna's being affected by it, something likely powerful is definitely going on atm.

Level head, Nondo.
Supporting >>3581187
Supporting >>3581187. Try using the trick >>3581232 mentions to rationalize or at least make sense of the situation.
We may wish to keep mimdscream form in mind. Good way to kill off illusions amd make a scene.
We may also want to let out presence be known to Foss. We aren't thieves invading her home. This was supposed to be a pleasant encounter...
ESPECIALLY supporting this though.
File: The Eye of the Wand.png (973 KB, 961x701)
973 KB
973 KB PNG

L: "You want to act the others should see you?"
A: "I want to be better than I was."
L: "You are. My magnitudes."

A: "Gotta focus. I know he's not here. I know it."

Do you?

>You raise the Scythe
>Turn back to your party

A: "I need to check something. Might have some trash that needs to be taken out."

>All souls that enter your wand belong to you
>They will return whever they are loosed from a vessel
>And As such
>Cannot escape your sight
>Through the wand you feel out where John's Soul is

>It is inside the Black Hole
>In Earth Dimension

>It is 150 feet from you

John: "Son?"
>He sees you

John: "Where are you? Don't you hide from me again."
>He feels you

F: "Hail? Visitor-"

>You snap out of it
A: "Fucking impossible. I-"
>You notice
>Your Mom


A: "What happened?"
L: "What -is- happening, dear."
A: "Why are you different?"
L: "I don't let others decide what I am. Nor my appearance."
A: "Stop being cryptic. Mom. This is spooky."
L: "I've simply made a move to become more...accurate. You'll need the template."
>Never stops smiling

L: "For my return."

>Foss is here
>Towering above your group on the floor
>Tries to hide behind Susan
>Tom goes slack-Jawed

>Exit your Exo-Form



A: "Foss! It's me!"
F: "It is YOU!"
A: "CORRECT! Anonymous Webwillow!"

F: "You FOOL!"
A: "I- what?"
F: "I am the SHOWERING when you arrive. Can you not knock!?"

A: "Nobody here can reach your door handles."
T: "Well, I can fly I just. Y'know. Like Urban Spelunking."

Su: "You mean bweaking and entewing?"

>Pulls a Hammer
>From a nearby stone table
>It is on-sight with this people

>Tries to stop

F: "Huh?"
>25 on attack
>She hits Susan
>Dead on with that hammer

>Dealing 12 Damage
F: "sh- She was Anon friend!? OH NO! I HAVE CRUSHED HER TINY MEWMAN BODY I AM SO-"

>Has over 50 HP
>She lifts the hammer head over herself
>Glares at Foss

>Who, despite being 50 times Susan's size
>Blushes and Averts eye contact

F: "Most sorries, small Fum."
Su: "Anown Wemme Cwimb in her Nostwiw and bite somefing."

A: "Foss. I came here to trade. Meet the rest of you. I want an audience with your Queen."
F: "Queen?"

>Foss stands up
>Adjusts the G I G A N T I C towel of Dark-Grey fur wrapped around her body

F: "We have war council. No queen. High Makers."
A: "Well them! I brought a gift."

>Jackie unpacks Bow
>Tosses you a chalice

A: "These are made of silver. Fine stuff. Ancient human artifacts."
F: "Do they have flowers in them?"

>As the voice comes back into your head

John: "I know I heard you. You know I heard you. Why fight what you deserve?"

>It's like an explosion in your spinal column

>Now your jaw clenches
>You whip out your wand again
>Smack it onto the stone floor

A: "Where?"
F: "Where council?"
A: "WHERE!?"

>The Wand Says
>Inside the Black Hole
>He IS the Black Hole
>At least in-part

>It says he's 75 Feet From you

F: "They go to Earth-World. To find you."
A: "..."
F: "Because you are not-Mewman. So said the Mewman Fums. Shorties. As father calls them."
>F: "They go to Earth-World. To find you."
Oof... about that...

Wait. How can Giants tell Humans and Mewmans on sight?
Foss... Earth died. All of it. Our world gone. Felled by an ancient creature. I am fighting to undo it and the damage it caused. But if your people went to earth then they have fallen. I swear on the blood of my kingdom. They were swallowed whole by an ancient monster. One that is here now, wearing the soul of my father.
File: D78mt34VUAAxd6F.jpg (375 KB, 830x1200)
375 KB
375 KB JPG

>John can't be here
>But the Wand Says
>He is close
>Foss is here
>As is some mysterious older Giant

>All the others
>Went to Earth

>They might have gone to their death
>How did they go to fucking Earth?

There's your info, Anonymous.

What do?

>What creature has enough fur to make a Giant's Bath towel?
File: file.png (305 KB, 540x360)
305 KB
305 KB PNG


Use your scissors to check on Earth Dimension. More accurately, where Earth was.
THIS >>3581319
Mh.... Oh That makes sense!

Whatever they used to get here must still be open/active.

Explain the situation to Foss and how we gotta shut off whatever that thing is.
>It is 150 feet from you
>It says he's 75 Feet From you
Okay the black hole cant come here but maybe it can send out parts of itself. It hates us, wants to destroy us because we, possibly luna, is the source of its unlife. We are a psionic beacon for this shit and the Giants must have some sort of portal to the earth Dimension.

We need to communicate the following to Foss.

1.Earth Dimesnion was destroyed by an undying ancient evil

2.Everyone that travels there, at least to earth has died and their souls held captive

3. The giants that left likely perished and wont come back until we undo what has been done.

4.There is someone here that may be our dad, or a copy of it coming closer.

5. We need to find where the giants left and close that portal down.before anyone else is lost

6.Susan thinks youre cute too Foss. Ask her out sometime.

We need to party up and get going to attack whatever evil has come from Earth.
I think it's Foss.

Want to add that we need to tell our party about this as well so we are all ready.

Also, dont see Raise dead forms.stats in the sheets, but could we stick this bit of the black hole into the flowerpot with raise dead and perfect vessel?
Alright Anon. Calm down before doing anything.
Explain. Then deliberate. Then act.
This is no time to be slow danger is now, acting needs to happen now! We're all going to die if we don't deal with this NOW.
We have about 1 turn before its upon us. Enough time to get everyone ready and posed. Call it one round, 6 seconds.

Enough time to get back and ready and start talking before it hits. Then make a break for the portal.
We need to figure out exactly what the giants did to get to Earth and how the link is still being maintained.
To that we need to explain things to Foss so what she can clarify things to us and we can deal with this.
This isn't about hits or whatever, a BLACK HOLE is coming for us! This is the second time y'all've forgotten what A BLACK HOLE IS! That thing will fucking rip us to shreds if it starts up, there is no "get ready" there's only "SHUT THE FUCKING PORTAL NOW!"
I think what you're mising is that this thing is 75 feet away from us. Foss' house/castle is way bigger than that. Hell the whole room we're in is way bigger than that.

We'd have already been able to see something obviously pointing to there beign a black hole nearby if it wasn't something not obvious/subversive.
Its moving 75 ft a round, so to speak. Maybe through the floors. Maybe its a phantom only we can see? We need to close the portal and watch our for fuckery.

Anon needs to, not relax, but not lose his cool. His dad died and was tortured in a he off anons making. We can do it again, black hole or not. Dont dip down into our black rage just yet.

Rage and hate is a tool, one of many, but its a blunt instrument. This calls for surgery. Focus and cut it off at the source then when its in our claws, cut off and alone do what needs to be done. And for fucks sake give out some orders.
The Black Hole can turn off its own gravitational pull, I don't know how, but it does do that, that's why it could sing it's shitty song and let us rant for a second until it started ruining the earth. If John realized we really were here and turned on his gravity, then we might not die because of starwalk, but Susan, Jackie, Tom, and Foss are going to get literally creamed. The planet will cook. We'll also slowly start to die from radiation poisoning again. STOP TRYING TO RATIONALIZE THIS AWAY AND FIX IT NOW!
Supporting >>3581325 , >>3581332 . Only way something can be so close his Visa the portals.
Stop panicking, retards.

Anon never does anything right when he's panicking.
I think we agree. We need to close whatever portal the Giants opened, get rid of whatever projection of John the Silence is throwing out, and communicate to Foss that shit is very fucked. We also need to keep our party in the loop and maybe let Jackie take point? Hate to split the party but Foss, Jackie and Susan could handle the portal while Tom and Anon take the Shade of John.

>So many thoughts
>So many needs

>Can't be
>He's gonna g y-

A: "...He's gonna get everyone. Unless we stop it."

F: "I don't understand."
>Summon yourself, Anonymous
>You have the power
>You have to use it

A: "Foss. My dimension is dead."
F: "How you say so calm?"
A: "I will mourn when time stops."

>Is shooketh

A: "I'm a ball of hate right now. We gotta act."
>You turn to your friends

A: "I can sense anybody's soul I capture."
>You hold up the wand
A: "I put my Dad's soul into the Black Hole that ate Earth. So it couldn't ever escape me...and I feel it. Here."

J: "How?"
A: "Exactly. Foss?"

F: "Uh-"
>Is a little overwhelmed
>So many people
>So little pants

A: "How do your people get to earth?"
F: "The dream door."
A: "Close it."
F: "They need it to come back! I am forbade from entering th-"

A: "If what killed my world comes here. We all die. This world dies."
T: "I can melt invulnerable objects."

>Lights his hands up
T: "Show me the door and I'll shut it."

F: "I cannot LEAVE my father with this horror of which Shorties speak!"

A: "You won't. I promise. I saved one giant. I'll save the rest. Somehow."

>Picks everyone up

Since I know you can sometimes read and hear us Anon. Remember. John doesnt matter anymore. We killed him, hes dead. Even if something wears his face, hes dead and you killed him. He cant hurt you anymore as the man died, and soon we may be able to destroy his soul once and for all, but he has no power over you or your family. You and Luna are forever. Try and get that in your soul and start pushing out the bad times.

T: "Whoah!"
>Tom flips into Bow
>Does a flip
>Gets way too low on a dex save for once
>On Tom

T: "OW! My back!"
J: "Why are you like- All bones, man?"
T: "I'm %2 Body fat."

>Tom Lifts his shirt

>A B S

T: "Hell's Hot."

J: "Put that away."
Su: "Mine awe bettew."
>Susan did not even Roll the save
>She just laid down in Foss's hand
>Is playing with her towel fur

>Sprints through the keep
>Ducks a low hanging beam
>Finds a door even bigger than she is

F: "Uh..."

>A single note
>High and clear
>It's Pretty
>Despite it's simplicity

>The Door

>You see a room
>Who's floor is a shining Lake

>This lake is massive
>Easily Miles in Width
>The Ceiling just as High

>The Surface of the Water clearly shows
>Black Space

A: "That's home..."
>Stars begin to fade out
>As you watch

>A darkness swallows everything visible

F: "It cannot see the door! No one who is not dreaming can!"


F: "I-...I have to cry."

>She has to cry

Su: "Anon."
>Susan stands

Su: "You wewe bown fow dis."

>You have to make a giant Blue Girl Cry

John: "There you are."
>You see him
>In the darkness
>Those old
>Judging eyes

What do?
I mean. His body is still alive. All we did was take his soul out and put it into a new, way more dangerous body which he might or might not be able to gain control over.
Foss, forgive me. Your father's dead, there's no bringing him back. He was swallowed up, probably suffocated before hand. And now he's trapped, suffering, in that thing. Forever. There's no bringing him back. I'm sorry.
Touch her mind, reach out and show her our pain. She her everything the face that creature wears did to us. Make the connection on the surface only so we dont violate her privacy
Huh... Everyone you knew and loved that went through that door is probably dead from that thing!

Yeah. That maybe.

If anything else fails... we can just try physical pain.
Supporting >>3581478. The clue was given in the event. Her first reaction was immediately to her kin. Her father. We can apologise afterwards and give our rally the troops shpeel after the crisis is averted, but we need those tear ducts good and moistened asap.
Alright. Lets go with this first.
>2 votes to show her your pain

>3 to amplify hers

A: "Foss. Your Father...Everybody you knew. Every family you could have ever had."
>You point

A: "Is in there."

>It's voice can echo up through the water now


>It's half The Silence
>Half your father

A: "I'm sorry..."
F: "...I did not say goodbye."

T: "Whoah."
F: "I shut my door. I screamed at him. For not letting me help. For not letting me fight I-"

>You can feel her voice
>Go from strange winds
>To shattered rain drops

>Her mysterious breeze vanishes
F: "The last thing he heard me say was I hated him."

>A single tear
>To her knees

>The teardrop falls
>It hits the surface


>John is gone
>So is the portal home

>It's just your friends
>and Foss

>Bow is licking her wrist to calm her down
>Is weeping
>You smell rain

What do?
Go base giga form and use our stretchy limbs to give her a proper hug.

>"I'm sorry. I lied. You'll see your father again, if it's the last thing I do. I won't let that be the last thing he says to you."

And just wait for her to be done.
>Tell her why we're here in the first place.
>Tell her about our plan to bring back Earth
>Why we're essentially in need of that Sky Steel stuff atm
Obviously, her parents are another dot on the list of reasons we wanna bring Earth back
Reach out for her hands.
"Foss, dont cry. Its not all lost. Hes dead but We are working on a plan to undo it all. Help us, hell, join us and you can tell him you love him again. We are going into Hell to fight a demon for its soul. A part of the great device to save them all. I need armor, why we came. Help us, and never lose hope. "
You have your chance anon. Be the beacon of hope, champion of second chances, protector of the lost. You can be the great Golden king you are and give her hope. And youll actually mean it. No memes, no grandstanding, just pure and honest and good Hope. Youve shone before, you can shine again. The lost are not lost forever.
We can still make things right. Weve got a plan. But we need the giants help.

Your help.

Thats why were here.
Oh and try and ger things off her mind... why were the giants looking for me exactly?
This too
Supporting >>3581569. Honestly, Betty White and RW... Their ingredients and aspects towards the full end goal. Just like our wand. A grand undertaking, but this time not in a bid for oneself... But rather to correct a wrong that we didn't have the power to stop from occurring.
Add on the recruitment aspect. She wants to get her family back. We might have a way to do that. It's what we're working towards. If not as straight up as companions, at least as allies. Our goals align in this regards at least.
Should we ask Tom to call Star and Marco? I really would like to not go into hell alone. Theyre trying to work the same goal but we have a solid plan. We should share with them and see if they can help or have ideas?
Maybe some of those flowers we have growing at our base would be a appropriate thing here.

The silver didn't seem that interesting to her.
Many votes and ideas.

All lead to the same conclusion.

>Help her
>Let her cry
>Tell her the reason

>She should

A: "Foss."
>She shudders
>She moans
>Her hands nearly clench shut
>Bow gently nibbles her wrist
>She relaxes her hands

>A tear hits Tom in the head
>It's like Slime Time

>Snerks at him

A: "Foss. Listen to me."
>She stops crying
>At least daudibly
>She doesn't look up at you

A: "I came here because together."
>Muscles Clenches his fist
A: "We can beat that thing."
F: "You cannot beat death."

A: "Yes. We. Can."



Roll Charisma.

Take Advantage.

For doing something that matters to you.
For being a good friend.
And for telling the goddamn truth.

Proud a' you
One thing to keep in our back pocket is that the Giants were a HUGE PRIMAL FORCE on mewni. We still need the history of Mewni from non mewmans but from what weve heard, they kept the ponyheads suppressed and fought the mewmans. The fact that the Giants fell entriely as a race is a major political shitstorm.

And honestly I dont know who to tell.
Rolled 17, 15 + 8 = 40 (2d20 + 8)

Rolled 11, 19 = 30 (2d20)

Rolled 14, 11 = 25 (2d20)

Rolled 2, 10 + 8 = 20 (2d20 + 8)

Rolled 14, 20 = 34 (2d20)

Here we go.
Rolled 15, 3 = 18 (2d20)

If I can get my mom back, you can get your dad back.
Rolled 19, 8 = 27 (2d20)

I brought back Defiant to his home and with the fall of that thing I can bring back more than spirits and undead. I can show you if you want proof, or you could ask the chours of souls that live in paradise in my wand, or ask my friends, but is that enough. Its not enough to know, its not enough to hope, you have to fight. I freed the world, now I want to save it. It has my friends, my family, my people, my dimension. How many other worlds has it eaten? No more, help me and it will be undone you can sing for your father again and no one else will have to cry for the lost ever again.
Rolled 6, 19 = 25 (2d20)

Time for some charisma
File: 1269201069615.png (292 KB, 373x666)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
Rolled 19, 16 + 8 = 43 (2d20 + 8)

A blessed reference
Rolled 4 (1d9)

It's "dice 2d20 + 8" on Options.
All these 19s and we get the 10.
It is what it is. Still 20 so we should be ok
I preferring the old dice system.
Rolled 6, 2 = 8 (2d20)


I was cursed by satan

That you were.
Since you were in the technical window of 20 minutes.

>By just over 15 seconds.

That means we did not have 9 rolls to pick from.
>But 10

I ask you.

Do you want to help him?
Do you want Anon to at least. In this moment.

Receive your love?
Then Give it to someone else?

My finger is on trigger.
I can pull it.

Then re-roll your result. Using 1d10 instead of 1d9.
Pull the trigger.
If cheesing to be true and honest and good is cheesing then fucking throw my ass to Wisconsin and pull the trigger.

Luna said, the dice dont matter when you get strong enough. Well hes being pretty strong right now, so he should have a shot.

We are rolling with Advantage, maybe you should too.
File: pull.jpg (21 KB, 480x360)
21 KB
Pull the trigger.
Pull the lever, Kronk!
File: Icosahedrax.png (6 KB, 120x189)
6 KB
roll the bones my dude
we live by dice, we die by dice.
Who are we but mortals that decide the fate of one?
one cannot be truly us if we are to deny ourselves such a opportunity
Rolled 5, 3 = 8 (2d10)


Cowabunga it is.

[See you Blue Cowboy]

It's about Goddamn time you got here.


>You hold her chin up
>In one Contorted
>Bestial Hand
>Muscles lights up like he's on fire
>So do your eyes

A: "There's a hole in the world, Foss. It comes into everyone's lives and rips something away. Worse. It tricks you. Makes you afraid. It makes you think you have to collapse. Get small. Die inside to try and hold anything you have left together...it's a shitty goddamn lie. Loss doesn't make you weak."

F: "I-...It-"
A: "It hurts? Good."
>You're crying

A: "That means it hasn't beat you yet. That means some part of you wants to feel better. Some part of you knows the truth."

A: "You can't protect your way to being happy. You can't stay so safe the dark doesn't get you..."
>Your smile stops
A: "It gets everybody..."

>Your first

>Your eyes are Golden Stars
A: "Unless you get them FIRST."
>Foss' tears have stopped

A: "You needed your Father. I needed mine. There's a beautiful girl behind me who needed her Brother. Her mom and Dad. Tom needs someone who could understand instead of judge him. Susan needed me. I needed her. Luna needed a Happy Fucking Ending for once."

L: "I will."
>Cheek Smooch

A: "You know how we get ANY OF IT BACK!? We stop crying. Or we cry while we get. The fuck. Up. AND FIGHT!"

File: 636330346803974302.jpg (211 KB, 749x1000)
211 KB
211 KB JPG

>Your body glows
>Pink lightning
>Sears white in his seams

A: "Cry if you have to, Foss. I came here to do what you know you need to. What we all have to. Fight. I got a plan. That'll KILL that thing and get everyone it's taken back. It's not safe. It's gonna take more out of me than anything ever has. It's gonna take going to the fuckin' pit Satan himself crawled out of. Fighting back everyone that's given into that darkness. Beating all the shitty things about myself. Just to have a chance..."

>You pant

A: "But we have to take it. We gotta. We all become orphans eventually..."

>You let her go
>Step back
>Arms wide
>To all the friends here with you

A: "So welcome to the family."
>She hears

A: "Let's do the impossible. Let's undo the order of this whole fucking thing. Let's peel chance and losses face off and gnaw their SKULL INTO MUSH."

>You feel it
>True Godhood

>As Tom Watches
>His knees to his chest

L: "He's never had a purpose like you have."
>He is in awe

>As Jackie
>Steadies your shaking human Hand

>As Susan
>Stands at your right Shoulder
>Standing tall

Su: "I missh Buwwitos!"
J: "I want my family back. My future."

>Joins you
T: "I just wanna do something that matters."

B: "BORK!"
>Tackles you all
>Licking your faces
>Then rolling onto his back

F: "Anonymous."
Somebody believes in you again.

F: "I will do it. I will Fuck the Hole of the World."

>and Unbroken
>Thanks to you

F: "What do you need?"
A: "Armor. Fireproof."
F: "How Fireproof?"
A: "To fight off the armies of Hell."

F: "Then we need Skysteel. The Metal of the King."

File: Spoiler Image (160 KB, 532x175)
160 KB
160 KB PNG

>The Door opens
>In it
>Stands an extremely old Giant
>His eyes Milky with Storm Clouds
>His hair is snow drifts

F: "Uncle!"
C: "Did you forget the old Myths so soon?"

>He must have been listening

C: "Sky Steel? For a shorty? The metal of the King..."
>He smirks

C: "Can only be forged by his Queen. That's hard myth. In a Dragon's Heart it must be made. With fire old as..."
>He chuckles
C: "Me."

>On his Apron
>Just at the shoulder
>Is a brilliant Blue Sapphire
>Inside of it
>A shape you recognize

>A stillborn Dragon
>Just like Leatherteeth

>He approaches
>Hoists his pants which billow like Sails
>He has countless Forging tools in his belt

C: "Cumulo."
>He says
>With a small bow

C: "Who's gettin' Hitched?"



Stay, Blesst
Love, Quest

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So long, for now pals
May the dice roll ever in your favor



and enjoy this pic
Of what Foss' Sister and Mom probably Looked like

good luck my fellow dudes
i will not be here to partake in adventure but i hope we will do good
>The metal of THE king
Hol up..... don't tell me we gotta marry Foss or something.
We have to get married and then our wife must forge the armor for us. We could marry Foss, Jackie, Shiloh, Luna, any one really, but I think it has to be Jackie. Jacknon wins.
File: Spoiler Image (94 KB, 375x400)
94 KB
.... Ok. This is gonna sound crazy. Like, Tenchi Muyo crazy... but what if we just proposed en masse?


is it so crazy to consider? Ask about the Myth/Legend!! The Giants have brought it up before... It can't be just a 'Myth' if they take it so seriously. ...maybe augmenting with more than one will have other advantages... Maybe there's disadvantages as well...
Yeah. It's a real shame Sabrina wasn't here to faint over this too...

Please remember to vote on every thread so that it's archived and saved. Thank.
Something I've been wanting to ask: What's everybody's favorite spellform? They've really stood out as the coolest new powers of season 3 to me.

I really like Raise Dead from a body horror perspective as Anon's entire body has been completely mulched into meat and contained in a carapace that only superficially resembles human remains. And I really like how much it fits the necromancer king aesthetic.
Hard pick, but I'm gonna go with Bloodfeast. It has a great upside of basically turning every attack into a blood for blood spell but with our claws. And it's when Anon is most obviously affected by being fused with a literal spell and his monster arm. Which is a really cool concept to me.
I really like how Bloodfeast's persona is the most extreme of all the spellforms. The other forms all have certain emotions and attitudes that they acentuate, but Bloodfeast is the complete removal of any mental filter and strips away most abstract thought so nothing comes through except the frenzied, animalistic desire to maim, fuck, and devour anything that moves. It's like Anon's a passenger in his own body, barely in control of his own actions.

Definitely one of my favorites as well.
>I am tempted to Say Susan.
>So Susan. You up for getting hitched?
>Don't wanna anger the waifus
>Marry the lesbian just to prove this is for the armor only
I can dig it.
>Also for the love of GOD.
>Whoever you pick ASK FOSS about her feels!
>Marry your lesbian daughter to avoid hurting anybody's feelings.

Really flexing that 20 will galaxy brain.
Well she's more our sister than our daughter.
Bloodfeast is currently the Alpha Form because its the only form to have ever gotten laid

Dream Eater is unknown, he needs more play.

We should take a spare moment and cycle through our forms to at least get them written down.

FURY OF THE BURNING HEART is a Tier 2 spell and can be combined with other spells. We have a huge book of spells to explore and combine.

That and Luna has a whole bunch of shit we can use just rolling around in THE HOLE.
I have a better idea.

>A: "Hey Tom! Wanna get hitched with a sky giant?"
I think we should learn more from Cumulo before trying to marry everyone under the sun.
Cool idea
Wow, way to puss out, anon
Also, haha, with that Tom is now THE KING, with armor made from His Queen. Gonna do us some real good giving the guy who literally lives in Hell the fire resist armor.

Listen to the tale of the Myth, make your decision afterwards.
I'm reading alot of suggestions that heavily rely on suppositions and uncertainy.

Let me rectify that:

>F: "Thank you! Come back soon!"
>A: "Wh-"
>>A big blue arm is waving from the window of that lonely little house

>F: "Thank you! You listened!"
>>You gave her what she wanted
>F: "No Steel! Big secret! Only for family!"
>A: "...Do you count In-laws as family?"
>F: "Yes!"

>>Holy Shit

>>P O L I T I C A L M A R R I A GE!?

Sky Giants are very protective of their metalurgy secrets, and will only ever share it with those that they consider family. In-laws count as family.
It's highly possible that the only way we'll get our hands on Sky Steel with any Giant's permision is we marry into it. With Foss probably being the only possible candidate to fullfill such union.

Now, I'd like to clarify certain points of this situation:

>A) We've not even heard this giant, "Cumulo", out, and everyone is already making decision on who to marry to who.

>B) It's most probable that the only option available to this hypothetical marriage of political and logistical convenience is Foss with Anon since we're the ones that require the Armor (four ourselves and our subjects) And Foss is the only Giant available for such union (maybe).

>C) We don't know anything of Foss. For all we know she's already married, if not a toddler by Giant standards, not to mention we don't know her feelings or thoughts on the matter.

>D) We've not even heard out the other party members on this. Are you going to simply pass on any imput or opinions they might have on the matter?

>E) Before anything else I must admit my own personal bias towards the possibly greedy & lusty Haremnon.
>Is is not super convenient for Anon to claim that he *needs* this armor not only for himself, but for his allies and subjects/minions and that he just happens to have to marry this big, pretty giantess princess?

>F) On the other hand, some have suggested marrying someone else other than us, but isn't that equally as scummy? Pretending to be self-righteous by suggesting that you're being forced into this, yet at the same time suggesting we just marry off Susan (or someone else) without even asking her first?
>Is this not in a way refusing responsability for your decisions by throwing the consequences of your actions at someoen else?
>Did we not gave life and freedom to Susan so that she may use it? Then, what logic does it make for us to now attempt to force her into a marriage to someone who just a few minutes ago tried to squash her with an anvil on a stick?

>G) Asking Tom to marry Foss makes even less sense than asking Susan to marry her, and we don't even know if Foss swings that way.
>Not only would it not work since we (Anon and his family) wouldn't be considered In-laws to the Sky Giants, but we'd be putting people who not only now next to nothing about each other but might as well make a horrible couple. together.
File: POTUS.jpg (1.33 MB, 1600x1000)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
>H) This is but our first option of what may be multiple ways we can obtain fire-proof armor.
>The "Firenuts" that The Horned One gave to us were able to give Janna temporary immunity to fire, which seems to have even protected her equipment.
>There might be options out there if we just ask our allies.

>I) However, on the other hand...We could REALLY use and upgrade to our equipment and those of our troops. We will have got harsh fights ahead of us, and without Earth firepower we need a new way to keep up our edge.
>It'd also cement what could be a very productive alliance with the Sky Giants thought a convienient, if loveless marriage.

>J) I am behemently against doing anything against the wll of those we care about, and this could certainly change radically our relationship with those we care about (particularily the girls we have varying degrees of feelings for).
>Do we still feel the same way we did for Jackie as we did a few days ago? Surely love cannot go that easily? What about her own feelings.
>Sabrina is here to state their own opinions. How will she react to this possible news?
>What does Luna think of this matter?

>K) This could signify the union between two powerful allies, but what will happen wth our relationships with Mewni and the Ponyheads after this?
>Will we have to break ties with Queen Moon and King Ponyhead? Star? Marco?
>Would we be picking a side in a war we have no interest (or capability) of fighting at this moment?
>Remember this might not be our sole option for this matter. Do not keep yourself contained inside a box.

>K) I might be leaving our something. If you have an opinion or data on the matter please point it out.

>M) >>3582066
>Have to say Raise Dead Exoform/Spellform as it's the coolest looking one IMO, and it's my favorite spell and the first one we learned.

You are a KING, Anonymous. Not only that, but you're striving to be a GOOD KING. One unlike this universe has seen before.

You must plan to the future, and think and deliberate on your decisions based on more than just their immediate risks, benefits and consequences.
You must think on the moral implications of such decisions, as your actions don't affect just you anymore, but many people you care about and even more people you might not even know exist.

>"I found Aquilonia in the grip of a pig like you — one who traced his genealogy for a thousand years. The land was torn with the wars of the barons, and the people cried out under oppression and taxation. Today no Aquilonian noble dares maltreat the humblest of my subjects, and the taxes of the people are lighter than anywhere else in the world."
>— Conan, "The Scarlet Citadel"
People are just shitposting while we wait for the next session, not voting for what path they actually want to happen. Unless you're talking about marrying Susan, because that is clearly the winning move in this 4-dimensional chess game.
I think marriage to Jackie would be nice.

Oh my eyes
I can't see through the tears I-


I'm sorry.

I just love weddings.



>Are Anonymous
>A serious boy

>Seriously Autistic
>With serious problems

>Your planet is dead
>Your dimension is dead
>The Villain responsible is loose
>And becoming more malevolent by the second

>You have made a serious team
>Of your Formerly Undead Best Friend
>Your monster arm

>The Prince of Hell
>Your Ex
>And a Dog

B: "BaRkf!"

A: "And I gotta get MARRIED TO SAVE THE WORLD!?"

>A cloud giant looks down on you

>Sort of

A: "I'm over here."
Cu: "Oh?"
>Cumulo overshoots

A: "No. To the left."
Cu: "Hells is Left?"

Su: "Not Much aftew Wuna getsh done wiff him."
A: "Why you-"
Su: "What? She'sh Cweawly Your queen!"

>Goes Quiet
>And Glares

File: Mayan-Calendar.jpg (75 KB, 550x367)
75 KB

F: "There must be another way. My father would kn-"

Cu: "YOUR Father. Never got his Suit of Sky Steel, little gale."
>Cumulo Holds Foss' shoulder
Cu: "Your mother tried to make it with doubt in her heart. And I'm sorry she was the first to go because of it."
>Foss Looks away
>Cumulo doesn't let her shoulder go
>Looks at the roof
>Which is covered in Tile-Pattern Pictures
>Depicting the Tale he describes

Cu: "The first invincible Armor. Was made for the Giant King by His Queen. Forged with True Love and the wish for him to be protected. So he could kill the last dragon! You know that. That's Hard Myth. Back when the Mewmans were still worth a damn ahaha. Back when they cared about dreams! Before they had Queens like Moon."

A: "Look. I'm 15."
F: "Oh? So am I. Today."

>Her Dad died
>Just before her Birthday


A: "Is this literal?"
Cu: "It's Myth. Can't argue with it."

>The Armor you need to face Hell
>To face many challenges that are to come
>Might stand behind the most frightening enemy you could face

>Romantic Commitment

Cu: "Now I can solve some questions for ya."
A: "Like what?"

>Details on Sky Steel

>Details on Giant Marriage

>How the Hell can you just get married? Just like that?

Cu: "Well. You should marry your true love, A course!"

>You scan the entire Room

>And Bow
B: "Berf."
>He is chewing Foss' Hanging White Hair.

>You're on the Spot

What do?
Cumulo, can you tell me about the dragons? I know nothing of the history of this world but I see the unborn dragon on your shirt. I need to know more before I fuck up this world any more. Its the most importamt thing right now.

>then turn to jackie.

>"Im not asking to get hitched, but you and Luna are the only two I think dont have doubts about me. Would you?"
>Cu: "Well. You should marry your true love, A course!"
That's a problem my dude. Because I'm a teenager and don't entirely know what I want. My first love dumped me. My second love's stayed with me, but that just turned into high sexual tension mother/son love. My third love dumped me after I tried to take over a war planet. My fourth love is not only in a sibling way, but she's ghey. My fifth love is dead. My sixth might faint if I tried to marry her. And I just met my potential seventh. Might've missed some but I think you get the point.
>"Can I have more than one wife?"
File: Untitled (3).png (453 KB, 474x888)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
Ask the questons that need asking to Cumulo.
>Details on Sky Steel
>Details on Giant Marriage
>How the Hell can you just get married? Just like that?
>About Dragons and that Stillborn on his apron as suggested by >>3585713
Yeah, all of those.

Is he saying whoever tries to forge Sky Steel could DIE if it isn't forged for someone the forger loves?
Cause I ain't risking Foss' life if that's the case and this is literal. We barely just met.

And as far as I'm aware, Giants won't give Sky Steel to anyone they don't consider family/inlaws (See: >>3585312) if that's the case then anyone marying anyone but Foss won't let the giant's give it to us (if they're so stubborn about it).

Luna doesn't have a physical body she could use.
Does Jackie still see us in that way? Even after all the time has passed? All that has occured?

Either way, while Sky Steel sounds amazing, I'm not ready to risk anyone's life over it, and I still wouldn't want to force them into something they might not want to do.

This might not be our only option.
As I pointed out here: >>3585324, there might be other ways we can combat fire attacks on Hell. Ask about that.

Also, ask your party and friends how they feel and what they think about this.
>Tried to make it with doubt in her heart
>And I'm sorry she was the first to go because of it.
>Cu: "Well. You should marry your true love, A course!"
This could be death as a result. Jackie's shown recent resolve, this is true... But the only ones who have ALWAYS been in anons corner have been Luna and Sabrina.

>What ask about?
Im curious about it all, but details on what classifies as 'marriage' is probably the most pertinent right now.
>What ask?
I want to know about all... But in order of priority, I'm gonna say a clearer definition of what makes up Giant Marriage is probably the most concerning at this moment.

>Cu: "Your mother tried to make it with doubt in her heart. And I'm sorry she was the first to go because of it."
>Cu: "Well. You should marry your true love, A course!"
Gonna hold fast that only Luna and Sabrina have been shown to have *never* had *any* doubt in Anon or his capability. Jackie has a lot more resolve now... But based on those statements, it could also kill her as a result. That's a pretty heavy request to ask of her, especially since.. you know... she broke up with Anon and all. Could be worth asking at least

>Foss's Birthday
Wish her a happy birthday. The gift will be kicking the ass of the thing that took her family.
>But based on those statements, it could also kill her as a result
That's the real issue. The ones who truly love Anon either don't have a body at all, or are too physically weak to even considering do it. I don't wanna marry Sabrina just for her to be snapped in half by sky steel.
Luna could forge it though anons hands maybe? She was able to inhabit a corpse long enough to repair jackie and ourselves.

Wed need a fresh, strong body to do it but she could.
File: Untitled.png (438 KB, 492x564)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
How pretentious of you to believe who loves you and who doesn't.

>That's a problem my dude. Because I'm a teenager and don't entirely know what I want.
>My first love dumped me.
For understandable reasons.
>My second love's stayed with me, but that just turned into high sexual tension mother/son love.
Ok, NO ONE needs to know that.
>My third love dumped me after I tried to take over a war planet.
For evern MORE understandable reasons, and she didn't dump you because of that.
>My fourth love is not only in a sibling way, but she's ghey.
Not sure that kinda love counts.
>My fifth love is dead.
Well, yeah.
>My sixth might faint if I tried to marry her.
Sabrina is a great girl, but really, she barely knows anything substantial about us or what we do. She only knows we've been nice to her.
She doesn't love Anon. She loves The Idea of Anon she has in her mind. Maybe. Probably.
>And I just met my potential seventh.
And she barely knows you as well.

Foss already said that the Sky Steel is only for "family". Inlaws and such. Does that still count despite the exceptional circumpstances?
Ask about that too.

Anon cannot make this decision. He hasn't even talking it through with anyone else.

Ask questions first. Deliberate. Then give your answer.

Dont forget we might still have more ways to cicunvent Fire Damage through other items liek Firenuts: >>3585324
File: DSr10UCU8AIAUdU.jpg (299 KB, 1703x2048)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>How pretentious of you to believe YOU CAN CHOOSE who loves you and who doesn't.

Damnit. Fixed that for meself.
>Foss already said that the Sky Steel is only for "family". Inlaws and such. Does that still count despite the exceptional circumpstances?
We could just do what we did to Susan and adopt her as our little sister. She's just as old as us. She's a bit big and blue, but our mom's tiny and pink. So it's Gucci.
That's a pretty beta way of viewing things Anon. ONLY sure bets? We both know the way this Quest typically works is through will. But in this case... It's not really about. OUR will, but the WILL of our waifu. How much do THEY want the love to be true. How much have they shown it? Without doubt and utterly committed. It's a question for them, not really us... Though we are the ones "popping the question", so to speak.
Really though, the steel is to.bring back the earth. Does anyone believe that we can do it more than Jackie does? Its not about the love in their heart, its about the forgers belief in us. Who believes in us unquestioningly?

Luna or Jackie?

You are right, we have to ask.
I can't fucking believe Sabrina isn't here for this.
>its about the forgers belief in us
That's a really big assumption to make considering that Cumulo practically just said that True Love™ is required.

She's resting like a lil princess drooling over a pillow dreaming it's Anon, just like she deserves.
It ain't route lock.... READ THE FINE PRINT... What's up with "Giant Marriage".... 'True love' can exist in many forms..
We can and should ask more. We finally have the time to stop, think, ask and investigate.
>Details on Giant Marriage
>How the Hell can you just get married? Just like that?
>Details about dragons. We noticed the stillborn one he has.
>forgot to link:
File: file.png (115 KB, 296x418)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Basically. And nothing else.
you could always take a glance into the wand if you're curious, Anon
Are we going to pick up where we left of on the eyes of mammon and our talk with Luna?
Sure, but now we have other matters that need adressing.
I hope so... Such insight into rolls ahead would come in handy on a situation like this. Also, wtf was up with extra creepy/cryptic Luna earlier...
I think she meant when get get powerful enough dice dont matter. Weve had to roll for less these days. Raising the ghost squid and taking the strings on a few people happened without needing to roll.
L: "You will see each person's next dice result. Before they even roll them."

What shes saying is that the Eyes of Mammon see the future in a way. We know what the outcome of events will be, before they even resolve. Causality is broken in a way. You got to attack but using the eyes we see how hard the defender blocks. If you see a weak block you strike harder, if you see a strong block maybe you pull back and roll off for a second hit.

Its a step to godhood.
>I think she meant when get get powerful enough dice dont matter
This is a concept that was mentioned when we fought Loozar. 100 of any skill means that skill has no more rolls. You're basically on the level of an actual god and numbers don't matter anymore. So we're very very roughly a quarter of a god right now. Off by five.

The concept of no longer needing to roll has been present since the start as well, with higher levels of WILL making certain undead effortless to raise and even lowering their upkeep cost. I'm sure once we reach effortless gargantuan tier of WILL at the very least tiny undead will have effectively no upkeep cost.
>You are in a dire scenario
>Not only
>Are you ass out in the wind
>Desperately trying to get mountains of resources to do the literal impossible


>You handed this decision
>Out of nowhere

A: "What if it's somebody el-..."
>Everyone looks at you
>Nobody likes that
>Not Even Tom

T: "Dude. It's -your- dimension."
Su: "Awso. It's -youw- mission!"

A: "Oh sure just dump the marriage on me! I'm not a girl yet Susan I can't just hold your hand in front of God and be done with it!"

Su: "I do not wike you wike that."

A: "Well you're the only one I could politically marry without it pissing everybody off!"

Cu: "Won't work!"
>Cumulo is very far away
>On the opposite side of the room

Cu: "Loyalty in the heart."
>He points to his gigantic White-Haired chest

Cu: "Has nothing to do with law."

A: "Okay. Fuck...where's Sabrina?"

J: "Wow."
A: "No! Jack. Look."

>The Votes are tied
>Between admitting your
>RIDICULOUS love for so many women
>And just-

A: "It'd be you. Okay? Look. I get it. It's weird. We're weird. You dumped me."

J/A: "You/I should have."

A: "..."
J: "...you needed it."

A: "I know. YOU know how I am. What I'm like."

T: "What's he like?"

J/Su: "He wants to fuck everyone."

>Jackie and Susan exchange a look

J: "Emotionally."
T: "Your intimacy is cute."
J: "Nah. S'me."
T: "Hah."


A: "I had...a -thing- for my best friend. He dropped me and I am-"

>You clench
>Don't say you're not over i-

>Holy shit

A: "I have this even weirder thing with my mom so OF COURSE It'd be Jackie. Luna doesn't even have HANDS!"

L: "My hands are unseen. Unheard. Unfelt."
J: "Well that's humble."

L: "My time will come."
J: "Huh?"
L: "You should listen as much as you look, darling."

A: "I have. Questions."

Cu: "Such as?"

A: "How does Giant Marriage Work. Do I need to marry a Giant to Use Skysteel?"

Cu: "No. Just we'z giants are the ones that have it. An we'z the only ones that know how to get more."

A: "Why?"
Cu: "Not sayin."
A: "Bitch."
Cu: "Cause we'z is GIANTS. An Giants. Is Mysteriffic."


>So you don't need to Marry a Giant

Cu: "But ya'z need to be properly wed. Cause there's no other ways to get YOUR Queen. Eh...you -are- a King, yeh?"

A: "Yes."
Cu: "Good and Gooder."

>So it does need to be someone who is YOUR Queen Specifically

>So that means...

A: "So I -do- have to be married? No. No this is way too huge."

J: "Anon."
>Holds your hand again
>It feels cool
>Like sticking your hand in a perfect 78 degree temperature Swimming Pool

J: "You can figure this out."
A: "Right. What if I used other ways? Like Fire Nuts?"

T: "Temporary Fire immunity? Yeah. If it lasted."
A: "Why wouldn't it?"
T: "It's a drug. You've got max a few hours on it."

A: "How long will we be in hell."
T: "Could be hours. Could be weeks. Demons don't make roads. Just highways. That're ALWAYS clogged with the damned who caused DUIs."

Cu: "Ya could just get somebody that loves ya and believeses in yah. The Skysteel forges with the heat of one's beliefs! ...and a Dragon's Flame."

A: "Do you have that?"
Cu: "Yes."
A: "Can I use that?"
Cu: "Not unless yeh be marrying me Nicephew there."

F: "It is -niece- "
Cu: "Words is what I sez em as!"

File: Bow IRL.jpg (23 KB, 466x281)
23 KB

A: "So what if I DID Marry Foss!? EH!? EH!?"

F: "A-Anonymous..."
>Is Blushing Purple

F: "We have just met. I do not know if I can do that."

Cu: "Ah. See. Doubt."
>Lights a pipe
>With his thumb
>There is White and Blue Fire on the end
>When he flicks the flame up

>His Still-born Dragon Charm

>That Pipe is as big as a Canoe

A: "Does it have to be LITERAL Marriage!"
Cu: "It has to be. Someone that knows yer heart. Loves it. For all it is...and would anythings to Protecter It."

A: "...Mom. Jackie. Sabrina. Susan- FFFUCKIT It should just be Jackie."


J: "You wanna marry me."
A: "Yes. I do!"
J: "...but you wouldn't do it until now when it -Benefits- you?"
J: "You'd Marry -Bow- if it would benefit you wouldn't you?"
A: "Y-...nO!"
>Bow Licks your face
>The Hair on that side stands up


T: "This is just like the Love Sentence Album-"

A: "Group Chug. Drunk on Love and I need a new Liver."

J: "Do we...compete over it?"
A: "..."

Cu: "Giant Marriage Kind of Works like that."

A: "For once. I wanna...be smart."
>You Eye the Wand
>It eyes you back
Marry me

>It whispers in French Horn

A: "Let's figure out ALL the angles."

What do?
File: FF_steve_about_3a.jpg (91 KB, 1140x642)
91 KB
>J: "Do we...compete over it?"
>A: "..."
>Cu: "Giant Marriage Kind of Works like that."

Get all of Anon's potential love interests and have them compete in the game show.
Wait....this worry is all about getting armor for ANON to be fireproof. We still need armor for the other people.

We are being selfish. We need to think about the party as a whole right now.

>we can just use some.magic on our own ass or our fire form for the long parts or get some shit from quest buy.

>What if we make the Armor for Jackie instead of us?
So, I'm just gonna point out that Sabrina meets all the requirements for this marriage and then some.
She's literally the best choice and the only reason we wouldn't get with her is people's personality preferences.

So just fucking Marry Sabrina.
Get the shit.
Send her back to bed where the die gods clearly believe she belongs.
>J: "...but you wouldn't do it until now when it -Benefits- you?"

Anon would have married her on the spot if she had ever asked. He added her last name to his when telling people who he is. I think his hesitation is due to the fact he doesn't want to trap anyone into marriage with him and doesn't want to get married when it's forced due to benefit. He has seen his parents marriage and probably doesn't want to trap anyone like his father did his mother.
Stop pushing Sabrina she only sees what she wants to see.
This is not about us. Its about saving our world. There will be a time and a place where anon and his queen have no doubts. Now is not that time.

Im sure Hekapoo has stuff for fireproofing.

But Jackie is right, we need to stop thinking about ANON FIRST. Even if we do so because we think anon and anon alone need to save the world.

We arent the main charecter, there is no main charecter. We have to stop and see what we have around us. The people here that believe in us, who fight not for us but with Us.

We dont have to go all out on everything. All or nothing. We have friends and we have options. We have time right now.

Listen to what Jackie tried to teach us. Enjoy this rare moment where our enemies are far away and we have time.

Give Jackie a hug and tell her she is right and thank her for being there when we need it and look for other options.

1. Maybe the Giants have other metal around that resists fire enough

2.ask Hekapoo, who is a literal forge demon that fights in hell and likely brings in outside non fire resistant parties

3. Go to questbuy and see what is up. Im sure shit from earth is at a premium now that the planet is gone. Imagine what a human shotgun sells for.

Stop and think anon. And proud of you for expressing your feelings.
File: Star_vs_skeletons.jpg (273 KB, 900x331)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
>A: "Let's figure out ALL the angles."

Here's an angle. You're a horrible, horribly broken person who might or might not be deserving of the love that might or might not be directed towards to by the people that might or might not be present at this time.

You need to apologize to EVERYONE for your own mistakes and personal weaknesses for ONCE in your miserable fucking life and take responsability for your actions like your daddy or mommy never taught you to.

You're going to tell all of this to Jackie. You're going to apologize for bringing her into your fucked up life. You're going to acknoledge your own feelings for her and her own for you (whatever those may be, and you're going to ask her if she thinks she could pull this out.

You're going to take responsability for whatever her answer is, because GOD HELP ME if you put her or any of the people you SUPPOSEDLY care about at risk again because of your own failures.

No. Fuck no. Fuck you.
I categorically and systematically counter your post with my own, because I'm fucking tired of your retarded shitposts bringing this quest and Anon's life down with his and your autism.
Well since no one seems to be bitin', might as well ditch that idea as cool as it was.

Sabby's really the best candidate for this. She's so pure and trusting that I'm 100% sure she can handle the sky steel now.
Sabrina likes (maybe loves) the idea of who she thinks Anon's is. She's not seen into Anon's mind like Jackie has.
Sabrina might have no doubts, but she certainly doesn't know who Anon is for sure or what he does, and Anon has certainly not attempted to correct her on this.
Dude, Anon has realized this once before, but here.

"Its not always about us"

While hosting the Bachelor for anon would be a funny meme, it would be a terrible example of anons screaming narcisism and insecurity.

This, but a little less negative. Anon literally doesnt know better and is trying to grow into a better person under extreme circumstances. He needs help to see the path forward, not the back of a hand. You cant heal someone by beating them well.

I think we should apologize but make it clear were trying our best and really do want to make everyones life better. We are just learning how still.
The fact we need Sky Steel taints this. Marriage is a partnership and about love. It shouldn't be about gaining something. That's the only reason Anon's father got married. John got married to gain something and had planned to push her and his kid onto someone else when they weren't needed anymore.
We have told her multiple times who and what we are.
She stay with us.
We have subjected her to danger multiple times.
She remains
We have done her dirty with accidents and vial experimentation at least twice.
She still loves us.

She may not waste our time with mind games, but she knows us just as well as Jackie.
And she loves us for it, flaws and all.
And if you don't think so, we can ask her.
File: Nobody's Perfect.png (547 KB, 1360x768)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
>You're a horrible, horribly broken person who might or might not be deserving of the love that might or might not be directed towards to by the people that might or might not be present at this time.
OK, looks like this is happening. Go fuck yourself you rotting bastard, and I hate saying this because I know it still results in Anon hating himself, which I also hate. But it really needs to be fucking said. I'm sick and fucking tired of this demonizing of Anon. Treating every single fucking mistake of his as if he's killed every orphan on the planet. Anon is entirely deserving of the love he's given. And I'll drop every single vote I ever cast now and into the future to shut up toxic jackasses like yourself keeping Anon in this perpetual self hate for everything you dislike about him.

Can any of you freaks even comprehend the idea that Sabrina might be OK with what Anon's done? Is that even a thought that crosses your mind? That she likes Anon so much, that like many others like Susan or Luna, she accepts his flaws and looks past them to the good he has? I considered that, and I trust her enough to know that's the truth.
>J/Su: "He wants to fuck everyone."
...well... At least they know harem route is just kinda in our nature...

I say (1) experiment with the Eye of Mammon on the options we've outlined, (2) literally ask. Anon kinda just did with Jackie... And I think for her it really is tied to what we want.. if what we feel is REAL or just a convenience. And she's right. Are we doing this for a goal? Or because we want to. I don't think I would mind ending with Jackie.... She's not so prudish and even seemed down with Janna joining in. But I think in the end, she wants to know she's on top in Pecking order, particularly in matters of the heart

Bullshit. Sabrina LITERALLY RAN to our aide when we self imploded. She rolled the dice to resurrect us WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT. She's always been supportive of everything Anon has been, much like Luna. Sab best girl.
Yeah. Nobody's perfect.

And Anon needs to stop EXCUSING HIMSELF for that and actually take responsability for his flaws and he mistakes he's done.

Sabrina does NOT know ANon like Jackie does.
She doesn't even KNOW about all of Anon's flaws. She doesn't love Anon because she doesn't know Anon.
>People who hate Anon and want to turn him into a paragon of virtue want Jackie so she can "fix" him.
>People who think Anon is cool, and don't mind him getting angry or edgy at times like Sabrina, because like them they love Anon for all of his flaws and his strengths.
This is a pretty interesting dynamic all things considered. I wonder who will win out in the end, if anyone.

Sabrina loves her Idea of us. We havent really had enough time to forge a deep relationship yet. Skysteel is something that may test that bond greatly and is not something we should put her through yet if ever. Just not yet. And I think enough of us are uncertain to the point of doubt. Its just not right yet.

To answer if its right the answer should be a firm and hard yes with no hesitation.

We dont need Skysteel, the party needs heat resistance from something. This is just one option.

Luna herself likely has 10,000 spells for fire resistance along with the flesh sculpting powers to turn anon into the prettiest little.fire princess 4 times.over. questbuy too is an option.

We have options and we should explore them all, TOGETHER.

Tom may have more ideas, Hekapoo certianly has ideas. We have time, lets use it.
I don't thinking rushing into a marriage is a good idea.

I don't think marriage to Sabrina is a good idea because it's so similar to John and Emily. She only sees what she wants in anon and will ignore or out right encourage his worse aspects.

She ran to grab the only thing she thought was left of Anon. She didn't do it because it would bring him back. She was running to grab the only thing she thought was left. Anon was just lucky it did bring him back. Don't try to reshape the past to fit you're narrative.
>do you even WANT to get married Anon?
... I kind of would argue yeah. Love and acceptance is something he's always longed for. Always searched for. Throughout the adventures... Through the relationship with Jackie .. I think he does want to go through with this in the end. The choice is as >>3586015 mentions... But maybe that isnt so bad. That push and pull has ALWAYS been a part of Anon and his 'consciousness'... Maybe it needs to be a part of who or how he answers a question like this too
That's not the fucking issue.

I don't want Anon to hate himself. I want him to take RESPONSABILITY FOR THE THINGS HE DOES.

Anon is nto a helpless little kid anymore. He can hurt others. Bad. Bother physically and emotionally, and he's done so. And yet he's never apologized for it, much less taken responsability for it.

Anon wants to imrpove himself? He wants to be "kingly" he first needs to take responsability for his decisions.

>Treating every single fucking mistake of his as if he's killed every orphan on the planet.
But that's the fucking problem. Anons mistakes CAN and DID kill every orphan on Earth.
Directly or not, Anon is now responsible for the fate of Earth and all of the souls on it, and he needs to start acting like it.

First thing he needs to do is fix the smaller mistakes he's already done. How he hurt Jackie and how he continues to hurt her with this behaviour.

Does Anon want to improve? Well he needs to put work into it.
>Sabrina does NOT know ANon like Jackie does.
You know, who are YOU do decide what Sabrina does and doesn't know about us? I'm trusting, I believe she knows enough to love Anon. But you, you just assume she doesn't know enough, that she'll for some reason drop Anon once she knows something she apparently doesn't know. I have an idea, how about we just go fucking ask her. Get her side of the story, stop being so selfishly self-hating, and get her side of the damn story. Instead of this pointless bickering that serves no real purpose aside from making Anon fucking suffer.
Anon can be better. No vitriole towards anyone else here, there's good points on all sides. It's likely best at this situation to not use Anon's loved ones for personal gain.

I support >>3585997.
>She didn't do it because it would bring him back.
That says more about her love for us than you think it does, but if the general consensus is to avoid route lock all together then fuck it.
Just saying, Sabrina is the best choice, your dead memes be damned.
We are not our father, and I'm not sure how many times that needs to be proven before people actually start believing it.

Well I for one love Anon, and while he has a lot of growing to you this implication that he's "horribly broken" that needs fixing is upsetting to say the least.
We need more positive reinforcement, someone that genuinely believes in us.
Sabrina to me is that person.
Its super obvious that Anon is a fantasy for Sabrina. A magic boy that came amd swept her away from her evil parents and miserable life to a literal floating castle in the sky ruled by his magic mother.

Sabrina has seen a tiny fraction of anon, but shes not afraid of us.

Sabrina is someine we care for but the depth of that relationship isnt real.

Jackie has literally seen our love for her, from our persepctive. Shes seen anon in a way few have and even she has reservations.

Its not time, at all, for this to happen. Not one bit, no matter how.fucking hard your shipping boner is.

Think about what anon is asking for


How narcissistic and pushy is that?

This isn't right, its not good and its not nessescary. Heat proof armor is like the most basic enchantment that exists. We can find it elsewhere without having to force marraige.
>How narcissistic and pushy is that?
>This isn't right, its not good and its not nessescary. Heat proof armor is like the most basic enchantment that exists. We can find it elsewhere without having to force marraige.

It's not ok for Anon to force Anoyone to do anything they might not want to do under the excuse that it's "Necesary to Save the World".

He should not force anyone to help him fix his own mistakes.

This whole argumetn is retarded. We've time.
We can figure something else out without having to push anyone.
>We are not our father, and I'm not sure how many times that needs to be proven before people actually start believing it.
It doesn't really matter. John is a vague representation of everything possibly bad Anon could do, and any time he fucks up he's gotta go into a fucking comatose state curled up in the fetal position muttering "I don't wanna be like John" over and over again.

>How narcissistic and pushy is that?
And also fake as shit, really no one's said anything like that. No one's said "hey just throw them to the forge" we've been considering from the start who'd be the right person to help, and then after that if they even could or would want to help. Sabrina fits that mold potentially. She clearly fucking loves and believes in Anon, would be willing to help him out to get earth back, so I don't see the problem.

Sure it might be selfish, but selfish acts aren't inherently fucking evil. We want and need this armor to help bring the fucking earth back. If anything, it's more selfish to not even ASK Sabrina to help us with this because we don't wanna feel bad about putting her through this.
Time has been taken. We have been delayed.
It is time to count.

Will you ever get laid?


>It's not ok for Anon to force
Nigger, who the absolute fuck is even saying to force any one to do this? If every potential candidate says "no" you know all of us are going to instantly back the fuck off. Hell, Foss originally said no to sky steel because we weren't family, and we backed the fuck off. Quit seeing the fucking worst in everything. Literally no one's saying force anyone to do anything, it's actually considering our options and ASKING.
I hate to say it, but this really holds true. I really would like to get an answer for all this from an actual character perspective because it is something that should be worked out... Hell, probably would've been worked out had The Silence not fucked up the ball. While I don't agree with much of what >>3586064 says,the one key line is that It really is too narcissistic to try and foist onto one of our friends like this. It's our responsibility and our decision, and our consequences.

Which means we're back to square zero trying to find fire resist for our party...
>Sabrina has seen a tiny fraction of anon, but shes not afraid of us.
That is complete bullshit.

The rest of your points have merit though.
This whole thing is quite retarded.
Fuck getting our loved ones potentially hurt.
Fuck this shikata ga nai bullshit.
Fuck the institution of marriage.
There has to be a better way.
>and our decision
Not entirely though, it's two way. What if Sabrina would be thrilled to help us get the earth back by forging armor? What's with this self centered mindset, thinking we're going to grab Sabrina by the fucking arm, drag her to the giants, force to marry us, and then chain her to a forge until she makes us our armor? When it reality, it's more like we go back to the castle, wake up Sabrina, and explain the situation and ask her what the fuck she wants to do. If she says yes, great new armor. If no, fine, we'll work something out then.
>it might be selfish

Thats my point. This isnt just, hey lets marry on paper so we can check some boxes on a sidequest. The bond needed to forge this armor is literally the butning love, passion and commitment between two people and even then it has to be perfect love as any doubt will kill the forger.

You are asking Sabrina to take one for the team so anon can get some fancy fireproof armor. You might as well just kill her for her soul and have luna forge it into an enchanted ring or whatever for all the care that request carries.

I dont care how Thirsty Sabrina is to get her holes stuffed with anons scarred dick, we arent that base to mistake lust for love or even ask anyone to take the hit for us.

Its fireproof armor. You dont sacrifice your top materials for basic equipment.


Anon is a king, but he doesnt own his friends and lovers like slaves.
File: 64e.jpg (58 KB, 768x768)
58 KB
So then can we all agree that forcing anyone into this is stupid and hella gay?
If forced to pick someone I choose Jackie.
We aren't forcing anything on anyone.
But at this point i feel even asking is retarded and unfair.
We'll deal without.
File: 3F4uCqu.jpg (35 KB, 598x327)
35 KB
That's the thing. The Queen tried to forge that armor.

She sayd YES:

She still died.

Im saying we MUST reject this whole idea on principle because pushing for it out of necesity is an impure reason to do this.
We are saying "we have to do this or earth wont come back". The subtext of this request is fucking huge both personally and at large. Dont pretend what we are asking is a simple request.

Yeah, we investigated and this armor is too expensive right now, but its fireproofing. Humans can do that with technology, im sure one of our super talented allies can make something servicable. Hell Luna could even splice some of toms fire resistance into our flesh. Hekapoo is also right there We have Soooooooo many options.
Yes. Literally asking someone anon cares for to die for a gear upgrade is retarded when we have a bag of nuts that does the same thing.

We can get some elemental resist without killing our friends.
>We are saying "we have to do this or earth wont come back".
How about we, just, don't fucking phrase it like that? You yourself are listing other fucking options. So it's not a "you have to do this" it's "hey you wanna help?"

But whatever, YOU don't wanna risk your friends lives. You don't want to give them the fucking option. It's Janna and Jackie all over again. You think you know best, so you deny them any chance to fucking help. You try to fucking control them, this is Janna all fucking over again! Never giving even the fucking OPTION to them. Take the not selfish option, and make the choice yourself, based on what you think. So selfless.
>I don't think marriage to Sabrina is a good idea because it's so similar to John and Emily. She only sees what she wants in anon and will ignore or out right encourage his worse aspects.
>Its super obvious that Anon is a fantasy for Sabrina. A magic boy that came amd swept her away from her evil parents and miserable life to a literal floating castle in the sky ruled by his magic mother.
>Sabrina has seen a tiny fraction of anon, but shes not afraid of us.
>Sabrina is someine we care for but the depth of that relationship isnt real.

I really want a proper convo with her just just to clear the air of these ridiculous assumptions. Hopefully so these Anons can take those words and shove'em up their ass but it's like her bad luck also triggers whenever those chances arrive as well...
All of this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
I don't agree with a marriage out of necessity.
I don't think this is something we should just run into as it actually matters.

The Nuts are a temp solution.
Do you know what a loaded question is? We arent saying it but the implication is there that if this isnt done anon can't save earth.

Also I know I dont want to ask sabrina because I know she will say yes because she believes in some fairy tale fantasy about anon and when thats put to the test shell realize that her infatuation is just that. Infatuation. Maybe as time goes on thetr will be something real but its not there no matter how horny you are for Sabrinon.
For a few hours but you can just keep eating them before the timer runs out. Its not a good option but it exists so there are easily other solutions that arent this morally dank.
... Luna is very well versed in potions.... Perhaps the nuts can be formulated into a longer lasting elixir?
>when thats put to the test shell realize that her infatuation is just that.
Then why don't we go put her to the fucking test then, if you're so sure about it. Test her love. Tell her everything. Make sure she understands everything you think she doesn't before asking her.
Or we dont kill Sabrina in a stupid attempt to get new equipment? We could do that.
See, you're deflecting. You say Sabrina can't fucking possibly just love Anon despite his flaws. We can't actually put her to any kind of test, help her understand what she supposedly doesn't. No no, we just need to assume in the dark that she's a poor innocent flower who's been completely sheltered off to Anon. Because there's no fucking possible way anyone could love Anon despite who he really is. *cough cough* Luna, Susan, Wondervan. *cough cough*
.... I'm legit kind of hoping for 'Anon decides'
"I want it all."
The only two I can think of that truly love Anon are Jackie and Luna.
Its none of that. This armor isnt nessecary and neither is proving Sabrinas feelings for us. Even more so its totally unfair to even suggest it to her.

Youre putting words in my mouth. I said none of those.things about Sabrina. We know shes very much into us but that doesnt make perfect, unquestioning love between two souls. Anon isnt even that into Sabrina. We pushed her away at the party to "figure things out" but the moment Jackie looked at us we were back on that.

Ill put it another way, I am confident that there are doubts between Anon and Sabrina to the point where I dont want to take the risk she might die for a fucking stupid hunk of metal.

Its not worth it and I dont want anon to be that kind of person.

Ill ask you, are you 100% sure Sabrina has no doubts about Anon and Her love. None at all. Sabrinon is flawless. Are you sure of that because if youre even 1% wrong, she dies.
Is Anon having so many problems with Jackie because he doesn't believe she could truly love him after everything he's put her through?
>are you 100% sure Sabrina has no doubts about Anon and Her love.
Yes. Clearly thanks to you Anon has doubts, but Sabrina, 100%. Rivals Luna. And I'm so sure of it, I say let's rush off to Sabrina, give her the OPTION to do this for us, make it clear it's not required, and clear up any questions you have. Tell her any stories you think she doesn't know. Tell her Undertale dungeon, how we cried when we lost Luna, what we saw on the other side of reality, the chinese gang members we crushed to mush that one time. Anything. I'm that 100% sure it will stick. Hell, tell her our complicated feelings of love, and how we yearn more than anything to BE loved.
Jackie seems to already see through the farce this is. I think she's just waiting to see Anons response. Ever as cool as a cucumber
File: tiniestyuh.png (10 KB, 39x65)
10 KB

I just got my blue ass kicked by work

Let's see if we can't untangle this mangle.

>Yes. Clearly thanks to you Anon has doubts, but Sabrina, 100%. Rivals Luna.

> give her the OPTION to do this for us
Bitch. do you even know Sabrina? As if telling her it's optional would deter her in any way. She's self-destruvtive to a fault. Anon could ask her to try and do this and maybe she could EVEN pull it off, but it would still be all kinds of fucked up and manipulative.
It's wrong on principle.

>but it would still be all kinds of fucked up and manipulative.
How though? Literally how? How is giving her the option to help us fucked up or manipulative? Is giving her options to help us with anything fucked up and manipulative, what twisted world do you live in where asking for help is fucked up and or manipulative? What's wrong on principle is you controlling peoples lives, denying them the chance to help someone they love. It. Is. Janna. All. Over. Again. I thought Anon said

>A: "...but the world isn't about what I approve of."
Clearly that lesson to let Jackie and Janna, two people who did love him, help him didn't stick.
>How though? Literally how? How is giving her the option to help us fucked up or manipulative?
Becuase she would OBVIOUSLY SAY YES. You should already know how Sabrina is compliant to a fault about doing things, EVEN if she doesn't like them.

The Queen that tried to Forge the Armor for his King AGREED to do SO.

She still DIED.

This is entirely fucking different because it's basically asking someone to put their lfie at risk so that she can do somethign for us and the only reason you don see it is as absolutely unreasonable is because you 100% despite having absolutely no proof of it that Sabrina has zero doubt in her heart about her love for Anon, which, even if it was true, would still be fucked up.
Nah man, its hubris. Im sure Sabrina has strong feelings but not 100% love. And even if she does, this isnt the way to find out.

We dont need this armor, its a nice to have and Sabrina would not hesitate to take a bullet for anon. She has actually tried to do just that. But it doesnt feel right to ask. Not with whats at stake and not when there are other options.

Maybe, if after we talk to other people and we have no better.options to equip the PARTY not just Anon with protective gear, we explore Sabrina as an option.
Even then I still think Jackie is an a far better position to know whether she truly loves Anon and wether she could pull this off.
Yes, 100% support. Jackie is stil here, standing with us and still feels for us. Long story short is that for this gear we.do not meet the requirements yet. We just dont and thats sad but its important anon recognize that and also that he can look for alternate options.
...it not Abad idea to clear the air with her at least, though. The negative zone definitely did something to her. It'd be nice to rebaseline our understanding at some point ..
>and Sabrina would not hesitate to take a bullet for anon. She has actually tried to do just that.

>Cu: "It has to be. Someone that knows yer heart. Loves it. For all it is...and would anythings to Protecter It."
If anything, her willingness to risk her life PROVES she's the right fit.
We should do something at least tell her she looks nice and let her know we are working on things shes said. Slowly.
She knows jack shit about Anon's heart however. She's not melded minds with Anon.
Unike Jackie.
Or Luna.
Or Marco.
Which we could do but again it would be for all the wrong reasons. She would see how we feel for her and what we think from our mind and I know anon isnt on the same.page as sabrina.
Agreed, the negatize zone shit has been coming up pretty frequently. Anon really ought to ask her about her experience.
That too.
Just mind meldind with her and seeing how Anon feels for her might put doubt into her.

WHICH we should do, as a way to level with her and don't give her false hopes (not that we don't like her, but how the situations is).
NOT something we shoudl do for this particular reason however, which is fucked u.
Then fine let's tell her then. Show her, like I've been trying to suggest for a damn while now. Hell, don't even pre-fae with "oh hey I need armor" just jump in and tell her you want her to understand Anon more. Then see the results. If she's clearly not OK with this and doesn't see past the flaws like she has before, then fine. But if she does still wanna be with Anon, then great, we have the next best candidate besides Luna.
The thirst is fucking real apparently.
We should mind meld with Sabrian to level with her.
Eventually. But doing it for this reason is not worth it.

Plus, just knowing Anon doesn't feel the same way about her and how he feels about others, including Luna and Jackie could put doubt in her mind, yet she mgiht STILL agree to trying to forge it, dooming her to death.
If we fucking mind meld with her though, wouldn't WE also understand? And get if her love really is true without question?

Ignoring the fact that her persisting to wanting to do the forge, knowing how much it scares Anon, and the risk, and how if she dies then Anon won't even get the goober, is more a sign of love than anything to me.
File: grinch1-280x175.png (73 KB, 280x175)
73 KB
T: "A competition?"

>Into yourself

Su: "A wove duel."
J: "It'd be...mm."

T: "Oh! Can I be the host!?"

>What are you?
>A person?

A: "I'm a shitty fucking mess."

L: "We both know that what makes you who you are is beautiful. Terrible and glorious."

A: "Mom. You mean so much to me th-...they all do."

L: "So make your choice."

A: "My choice?"

A: "Stop. I-"

T: "I have a cool suit!"
Su: "I wanna hosht!"

F: "Wait. Please. Anon is the Handsome, yes...but do you and all these other people know heem enough to be his Queen?"

J: "Three of us do."

Su: "I wanna shpin deh Wheww! At weast!"

A: "Sabrina...Luna...Jackie."
J: "Yep. That's it."

>You look up

J: "All the paths forward, huh?"

>You stand
>And Anon Speaks

A: "I love you."
J: "...and-"

A: "And I don't -deserve- or -earn- any love I get back. That doesn't matter. I-...I would love you. Even if you wouldn't marry me."

J: "That's not you asking me to marry you."

A: " Love and acceptance is something I have always longed for. Always searched for. Throughout the adventures... Through the relationship with you...I need it. I just..."
J: "Just what?"

A: "I just don't know what to do with this. With all...this."

>You Motion
>To your entire body

A: "With me. With you. Luna. Sabrina...god I just...I really don't want to disappoint her."

J: "What about me?"
A: "I trust you. I KNOW if I had listened to you I'd be a better person."

>Touches your face
J: "I'd rather you be yourself. More than anybody, dude."
>She moves your half-lengthed hair
>Pulls on your tie
>Like she's steadying you
>Tightening you

J: "I saw a lot in the Negative Zone. I met a lot of people. Most of them afraid. The ones who felt no fear were liars. To themselves...usually."
>She seems distracted a second

J: "I saw this one chick pull her own sister inside out and throw what was left into a volcano to save the crystal castle of hope. So the world of the Negative Zone could -keep- it's hope."

A: "She sounds like a hero."
J: "She hated herself. For it."

A: "...just like I do."

File: Spoiler Image (30 KB, 540x304)
30 KB

J: "She had the some problem you do."
A: "..."
J: "You both thought you were your mistakes. Not that your mistakes were -part- of who you are."

A: "I'm still sorry."
J: "I'll forgive you. Only. If you love yourself."

>You Grit
>Your teeth

A: "I don't WANT to hate myself an-...an... And I guess."
>You finally relax

A: "I guess that's a start."


>Jackie hugs you

J: "You are such a dork."
>She squeezes you

>Was Bench pressing Tom
>She puts him down and comes over

Su: "Anown?"
A: "SnIFF! YEah?"

Su: "I wove you."
A: "...ff-fuck that's gay."
Su: "I do! You wewe deh fiwst pewson not to wun away when I needed youw. I pwotect you cause of that. Cause of...cause of what dat meansh to me."

A: "...I even told Sabrina what I am. What I do."
J: "She still loves ya. Believe me. I looked into some alternate futures. As long as that girl doesn't get permanently paralyzed by uh..."

>Jackie eyes Muscles
J: "She's good as goat cheese."

A: "If I was forced to pick someone. I know who I'd pick..."

T: "Yourself?"
>Tom is eating a sammich he snuck out of the Ball
>From yesterday

A: "Heh. No no...I-..."

>Clenches his teeth

A: "Cumulo!"
Cu: "Yessum."

A: "What if a King Made the armor?"
Cu: "...Hm."


Cu: "Well there -was- the armor of King Typhoon."

>He gets up
>Pulls a key
>From thin air
>Once again the Dragon Phetus flares

Cu: "He had his Husband do it."


>The Key Enters the Door you all came in from
>The Outline Shines
>When he opens it


Cu: "There was the armor of King Krackle. He had -seven- wives."

A: "So? Can I do it?"
>He looks near you
>Over his shoulder

A: "I know for a fact. I believe in their love. I trust them."
>You hold up Muscles

A: "I would do. ANYTHING. To make their world right. Anything to make them safe."

Cu: "It'd take weeks."

A: "Dead world can't get deader."

Su: "What about you? You'd need Watew!"

>You feel a tingle in your brain

Sa: "Anon!? ANON! CAN YOU HEAR ME! The Skeleton doesn't have good reception I think!"

>You didn't forget her
>Not once
>and because of that

Sa: "Do you need me? I- I don't know why I know it but. I feel it!"

>A connection has grown

>Your family
>Your love
>Is willing to stand behind you
>While you make armor to beat the fires of hell

>Not for yourself
>For Anyone you want to come with you
>They will be
>Nigh Invincible

File: Spoiler Image (1006 KB, 230x174)
1006 KB
1006 KB GIF

Cu: "Any more than Four would definitely kill ya."

A: "I still need a way to beat the fires of Hell."

L: "I can help with that."
A: "Mom. Can we make the Fire Nuts better?"

L: "...yes. With their oil."
A: "Awesome! What do you need?"

>Looks at Tom

L: "His seed."

A: "..."

L: "Or his cranial Fluid."

>She waves a hand
>Becomes a prod-like Syringe

L: "I know what I'd prefer."

>You shake Muscles Clean

A: "I'd rather leave this whole goddamn mission behind. Make a whole new path. Than mess up what I have...with you."
>You look at Jackie
>Then Luna
>You Respond to Sabrina

A: "You're a good person, Sabrina."
Sa: "Is that a yes!?"
A: "It's a notice. I don't think I'm more scared of hurting somebody more...so yeah. If you wanna help. I might need to be hydrated. A lot."
Sa: "I'll get my juice!"

A: "With my friends."

A: "Or with my family."
>Susan and Bow

A: "We got this."
>You feel

A: "I got this."

>Doesn't hate himself so much
>And Even
>Wants to do...better
>Than hating himself
>That's not even a start

>That's a big fuckin' step




Fuckin Blest

Huggin' Quest

File: file.png (305 KB, 640x640)
305 KB
305 KB PNG

File: about time.gif (786 KB, 400x356)
786 KB
786 KB GIF

>Doesn't hate himself so much
>Doesn't hate himself so much
>And Even
>Wants to do...better
>Than hating himself
>That's not even a start
>That's a big fuckin' step

Now that shit right there.
That's what it's all about baby.
Good show everyone.
File: 1559764208560.jpg (102 KB, 1056x871)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>J: "She still loves ya. Believe me. I looked into some alternate futures. As long as that girl doesn't get permanently paralyzed by uh..."
>J: "She's good as goat cheese."

>You feel a tingle in your brain

>Sa: "Anon!? ANON! CAN YOU HEAR ME! The Skeleton doesn't have good reception I think!"

>You didn't forget her
>Not once
>and because of that

>Sa: "Do you need me? I- I don't know why I know it but. I feel it!"

>A connection has grown

No more fighting, no more wars. Just this once every ship is canon.
starnon never
I'll drink to that.
File: Spoiler Image (796 KB, 1938x1482)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
>S:"I'll get my juice!"
I...is she taking lessons from Shiloh
Hey Quest, are your livestreams archived anywhere? I haven't been able to find them.
File: xieOrIof_400x400.jpg (4 KB, 169x169)
4 KB

Which ones are you looking for pal?
If it is the one with Luna

That link is saved in our Discord pins.
If you're after the art streams. They are currently down as I used my personal YouTube for those.

Here is Luna's

thanks brotatochip
Just for the record before we hide away for weeks making gear we have a number of outstanding issues to handle.

In no particular order

>Ludos Army and the Monster War
>Our captured human
>the humans aiding Ludo
>the humans held by Moon
>the crystal dream
>why does sabrina sleep so much
>the untermensch catching wind of Wondervon
>hell holding moms soul
>the rest of our spell forms
>the rest of our spell combos
>the rest if the spell combo forms
>making the fire potion
>Ludos Army and the Monster War
We've ignored that for over a year in-game, we can spare another few weeks

>Our captured human
We can deal with him later

>the humans aiding Ludo
See point one

>the crystal dream
That's the most irrelevant thing possible. We already know everything about it, it's a wet dream sabrina had about Anon.

>why does sabrina sleep so much
She lives an exhausting life and quite frankly deserves sleep.

>the untermensch catching wind of Wondervon
We have people for that

>hell holding moms soul
She's not going anywhere. That seems more like an after we save earth thing. Hell maybe after we save Luna so we have some REAL good back up going up against Lucikron himself. Use Mom to save bio-mom. Even though at this point Sab's technically our bio-mom.

>the rest of our spell forms
They ain't going anywhere

>the rest of our spell combos
They ain't going anywhere

>the rest if the spell combo forms
They ain't going anywhere

>making the fire potion
That won't take long. Hell, have a skeleton help Luna with making one while we're busy forging. With the time we're using we can keep making them. Also ask Tom to jizz in a cup for us.
>Tom Jizz
I can't help but feel we've probably interacted with Star or Marco where she's been in some visually compromising positions. So we make it a simple trade, between friends. Mind-beamed fap fuel, for a 'favor'.
I have recently concocted a vile plan while reflecting on our fight with Leatherteeth : Fury of a Burning Heart allows Anon to swap an attribute of his with a target that has that same attribute, gaining both the feats associated with that stat AND the sources for that attribute bonus. That last part seemed particularly interesting to me, as that implies that we could get other benefits based on how the target acquired that bonus, ie if the target had a large dex modifier from acrobatics training. Another important feature of the spell is that it lasts until the target dies. If we wanted to go full supervillain we could kill a target (let's say Wondervon for optimal bastardry) and use our ability to create perfect soul vessels to turn him into a true revenant, use FoaBH to steal his INT (granting us his vast scientific knowledge and the feats that allow him to create his machines) and then lock him in an oubliette never to be seen again. There's no limit to the evil we could do with this method! Steal Marco's martial arts, steal Oscar's music, exploit everyone around you and destroy them to better yourself!

DISCLAIMER: I am not suggesting this as an actual course of action.
>Steal Marco's martial arts, steal Oscar's music
I think these aspects are more a result of their stats (DEX/CHA) rather than the cause of them. Stealing Anon's WILL won't let you have access to his spells, just his stubbornness and desire for everything ever.

Also something like stealing CHA or INT or even WIS seems like a risky idea for more than a single fight, due to them being very mentally based. If we stole all of those from John, we might literally turn into John mentally speaking.

This line of thought made me think of something though. Briefly stealing someone's WIS, say Luna for example, then using that wisdom as information to add to our own non-stat wisdom. But I reason that Anon will probably forget that kind of stuff the second the spell ends. But that just lead to me thinking a completely different train of thought.

Luna can and has looked into our mind. Which is fine since it literally just translates to her talking to us the players. But we've never really tried to take a glance into her mind. I mean we have, but that was when we were a weak 3 WILL scrub and got spooked by seeing her eyes/a moon. I think sometime in the future we should take another glance into her mind. If not for literally no other reason than I'm pretty curious what we'll see now that we're a 20 WILL quarter god.
>Just give the boy a handjob already.
>We've been...
>Perhaps TOO squeamish about our sexuality.
Anon, randomly giving people handjobs out of nowhere demanding their seed is sexual harassment.
Please, as if Anon hadn't done that already and worse.
Well at that point we might as well sap some cranial fluid from him, it'd be quicker. That or instead of a handjob just take his seed directly from the source.
would rather anon get the handjob, though that doesn't advance any of the direct goals. I mean... did we get 3 waifu's after all? Did we just skirt past the whole "Queen/King" thing? or were they our waifus all along?
File: sweaty anon.jpg (4.1 MB, 2898x2988)
4.1 MB
4.1 MB JPG
not great, but it could've turned out worse....
File: D9b67XUW4AEC6kH.jpeg.jpg (635 KB, 1536x2048)
635 KB
635 KB JPG
You made it.

So it is perfect.
Perfectly blessed.

Skydiver syndrome.

And your heritage showing.

Adopted AND gentic.
Or the call of the void perhaps

When considering a plan. Dont let the first hang up get you down.

For example. Your idea about Wondervon's Intel.

It's sources aren't things like
>being an Untermensch

>Having a rare cranial disease

So far Anon has only Stolen stats from creatures that have their abilities from demon deals (Steve Harvey) or their monstrous Nature (Sea Troll Regeneration) which has fundamentally altered your appearance and nature too much to keep.

You've tapped into something clever. By realizing there are stats some people have as the mere result of hard work. Or an inherent focus. That's dangerous. Bravo.
Good Anon, purge the gay.
How about, get the fuck out gay person. Queerness wont ruin best boy.
Nobody said the form Luna gave muscles was meant for Tom's skull juice.


>Foss put you and your friends down a moment ago
>Ran back to her room
>Said she would need something

>Have work to do
>Thank fuck
A: "So. How does it work? Making the armor?"

Cu: "Like this."

>Cumulo reaches through the back wall of the hall of armors
>Swats at a pterodactyl that was nesting in his beard


>A metal bar
>Big as a limo
>Is tossed like Parade Candy from the invisible vault
>It soars through the air
>Then Collapses
>Straight down
>Like gravity had to catch up to it

>Not even a bounce when it lands
>Right in front of you

Cu: "Tha's Skysteel."
A: "It looks..."

>Just like metal

Cu: "Touch it."

T: "I don't like people telling Anon to touch things."

>As you even look at it

>The metal glows
>Your hand raises
>It glows

>Some pink

>Muscles raises up
>Deep hateful Purple

>It all turns pink
>Crystalizes like Bismuth
>When you lower your hands
>It stops

A: "...Cool."

>You Have affairs to settle


-Negotiating with the Trolls
-Getting THE JUICE from Tom

Cu: "You'll be locked in the forge with it. No tools. Hands only."
>Cumulo clenches his fist
Cu: "Gotta use what your made of."
>Cumulo grins
>He has 4 total teeth
>The rest are blackened stumps
Cu: "For each suit. One week."
>4 weeks

Who will get a suit of Skysteel armor?

F: "I return."
>Has on Glasses
F: "Now I ca-"
>She looks at you

F: "Oh. That's what you look like."

What do?
Basically the two pressing issues are

>Troll alliance in 3 days

The rest are quick things.
>testing out our existing spell forms
This takes maybe 30 min? More to get them on paper so we arent taking risks im combat using untested forms.

>spell combos
Spell combinations are dangerous and maybe we can hold off but really we have at best a handful of spells and we really should take a day and some time to explore then safely.

>crystal dream
We have never actually figured out who owned the dream or what it contains or what we can even do with it.

Again, this takes only a second with Luna to confirm.

We really need to be knocking out these easy tasks before we lose weeks of.time.

We have minions, they can do stuff for us such as contacting the remaining humans. Sitting with our people in Moons court to ensure they arent mistreated.

All Im saying is before we commit to a timeskip we should set up our house.
>-Getting THE JUICE from Tom
>"Tom, go jerk off into this cup for me would ya? So I don't die."

>Who will get a suit of Skysteel armor?
Susan, Jackie, Sabrina, Luna. When we revive Luna she can make a set of armor for us. Of all people Luna is by far the one at least risk of dying. Until then we'll make do with our drake armor.

>F: "Oh. That's what you look like."
I know, stunning isn't it?
>We have never actually figured out who owned the dream or what it contains or what we can even do with it.
It's Sabrina's it's a wet dream from Sabrina. We figured it out at the end of season 1. It's not a mystery.
Troll moot comes first. We have to be there for that physically so armor forging comes after troll moot.

I suggest

>Today we relax, plan the hell attack and figure out who is going and what everyone needs to make this trip. Gear, rations, weapons etc etc. We also interview the captured human and figure out how to get his buddies to stop helping ludo and return to us. Tell them if they have any dead we can raise them back.

>tomorrow is meeting prep. Maybe help with the mosnters and improve webhallow. During that time likely we send KK to get the humans or meet with them.

>third day is troll moot.

After that we forge armor and delgate any tasks that came up.
Hey quest, mind clarifying something? When we start making armor, do we have to 100% commit to it, or can we work on the armor for three days, go jerk off with the trolls, then go back to forging? If so, there's the troll issue solved.
Cumulo just said we get locked in there with this metal that literally reflects our soul.
Ah, my bad.
>Negotiating with the Trolls
Have Jackie, Susan, and Shiloh do it.
Jackie and Shiloh have enough Char between the 2 of them to make peace deals. Susan will help them both fight in cause of conflict.

>Getting THE JUICE from Tom
Get a skeleton with a nice fleshy hand to jerk him off into a cup. Ask him first of course, but that's how we should get it.

>Who will get a suit of Skysteel armor?
Susan, Jackie, Sabrina, Luna? I guess.
I'd give one to Shiloh, but I'm not sure if we love her enough.
Not sure why Luna would need Armour atm, but we probably love and understand her the most out of this whole group. Fuck need, she deserves it.

Fingers guns at Foss.
Charm the big blue bitty.
>Giant Glasses Girl
Got some gap moe going on there.

>Negotiating with the Trolls
I think Jackie probably has the most tact and social hutzpah to get through it gracefully. Have Tom assist as escort to provide a fiery bodyguard in case they try to get uppity and as proof once again of just how bad they ended up losing by (he did win the competition 2-1 on styling on the trolls).

>Tom's juice
Dude.... It's like, 4 weeks. And it ain't no-fap-november. Mind beam him some exclusive 'Star in compromising situations' shots and tell him to drop by WV's lab for a vial or container to put it in.
>Not sure why Luna would need Armour atm
Future proofing my dude. Once we revive her, she'll have some killer armor right out the gate.
Once we revive her she probably won't need it.
But like I said I'm down for it anyway.
When she gets a body that won't explode from her power I doubt having armor will matter for her.
>Negotiating with the Trolls
Our boy Killa.
>-Getting THE JUICE from Tom
Im sure with 4 weeks to work he can get a very big Nut. Do your best Tom, shoot for the sky!
>Who will get a suit of Skysteel armor?
Jackie, Sabrina, Susan and Shiloh. Our closests living confidants besides Wondervon who doesn't need armor.
We cant have other people negotiate with the trolls. Thats a super fucking massive dishonorable insult. They respect strength and by not showing we send the message that we think they are beneath us. It sends the message that we are no better than the Mewmans that conquered them and thats not what we want.

We can hold off on the armor for 3 days to get everything ready and clean house at home and be there for this important event.

Also nothing says we have to make all 4 armor sets right now. We can make the basic number of sets right now for the hell trip and if we need more, return later after we saved giant civilization.
Luna is a literally universal being. When she gets a vessel that can contain her it will be invunerable to anything less than something that can destroy an entire reality. Some.piddly fireproof armor made of love wont do anyhting for her.
You're probably right... Do we burn a week to show her that we treat her as equal among all our other Queen's? Or would she forgive us for foregoing her armor...(since it is more a trinket... Still... Mom's love gifts from their sons)
Jackie, Susan, Sabrina, Luna

supporting idea >>3590808

supporting idea>>3590839
we can take the next 3 days to also plan, rationing, weaponing, interviewing captured human, improving webhollow somewhat.

like the other anon said about negotiating with strength. If we don't send in ourselves for negotiations it would not turn out great because they like and respect strength.

If we have to send someone if we can't ourselves I would want to send our second strongest, like susan and a skeleton translator for her. i'm not too comfortable sending a human friend other than jackie with susan for negotiations
We don't know what Luna revived will be like. How strong she'll be. For all we know it could contain her whole power but only let her use 1% of her power. It's best to be safe than sorry. Luna was never even that physically adept, she put all her physical perk points into her thighs. A good trade off if you ask me though
>-Negotiating with the Trolls
Jackie (if she's ok with it) will be in charge of the household and negotiating with the trolls in my stead. I trust her now years of experience and level-headed mind far mroe than my own. Susan, Wondervon, and KK should heed her requests as if they were my own. Luna, I trust that you'll help her in anything she might need.
She's also has available whatever gold we have left from the treasury if we need anything from Questbuy or food, and to do decide whatever big decisions might need decididing without Anon. However don't doubt in coming for me if you're being attacked and need help.

Remember, our goal is to convince the trolls is better to join us than not. IF they do they'll be able to come back to their ancestral home. They need to know that we're in charge but that as long as they're out allies and subjects they won't suffer injustice.

>-Getting THE JUICE from Tom
Wondervon seems the most apt to the task if we're getting cerebral fluid, with Luna's help. If not... well he can get it himself.

>Who will get a suit of Skysteel armor?
Anon, Susan, Jackie and Killa Kente.
They are our top four fighters and we need them for our lil excursio into hell.
Luna doesn't NEED Armor. She wouldn't even be able to use it. Thsi idea is absurd.

>Somethign else I want to point out.
Wondervon has (under Jackie and Luna's supervision) to do whatever upgrades he might think possible to Webhollow and Webwillow Castle. He should also look for a way to restart our Metal Production ability and to FINALLY reverse engineer that MiB Capture device we got and haven't had the time to look at it.

Killa Kente is to continue training Raise Dead and preparing himself and our troops. He should continue to raise undeads as long as he maintains the army in it's defensive capability, and to arm them with whatever he considers proper and available.

Luna, do you think it'd be possible to teach some magic/psychic trainign to Sabrina, Susan and my other allies to better them? I want them to be prepared for everything that could happen.

Cool. I'll see you in a month. Take care.
Lunas vessel will literally take the sacrifice of trillions of souls to make. She is a being that encompasses her entire reality. When quest say she is thicc, she is literally as thicc as you can get, a universes worth of thicc, thicc across all dimensions and spreading into ours. She fucking summoned a Brother Moon and then thanos snap killed it using the barest fraction of her power.

Her AC is just a webm of her laughing at your tiny dick.
Trolls greet each other by beating the shit out of each other. You want jackie to get gangbanged by trolls?

I dont disagree with her doing the nitty gritty of negotiating, but for the event we need to be physically present to reinforce our power and strength and show the Trolls we respect them enough to.actually be there.
Luna does not need armor. She wouldn't be able to use it anyway. The best you could do to protect her using Armor is making ANON'S armor, since her thread of fate is tied to him.

BEst Options for Armor are Anon, Jackie, Susan, and Killa Kente, since they are our strongest first-line combatants.

Have Tom back her up then.
Jackie negotiates in our stead as and Tom serves as the stick over their heads.
BEsides Jackie is now a Level 17 Ranger/Monk. She's way stronger than we saw her last time, but also much wiser from her time in the negative Zone.

I also suggest voting fot the other options. >>3590889
>BEst Options for Armor are Anon
Do you want to die? Anon just barely started to hate himself less, and you wanna make love armor for him? That is out of the question. The first hammer strike we'll blow up.
>Do you want to die?
If we do die, we can always have Sabrina give birth to us again. Jackie could also go with the first-hand experience.
Fine then, if making Armor for Anon doesn't work and we die, we can always try making Armor for Jackie, Susan, KK and Bow.
We havent even planned out the attack. Is it going to be an infiltration, loud smash and grab? We need to plan first before we commit weeks of time to something. With the moot coming we have 3 days to do that.

Again, im not opposed to letting jackie do the nogtiations, but we still need to be present for it to project that strength.

Anon demanded they return in 3 days, not Jackie or Tom. Anon was the one that scattered their forces, killed their brother and crushed their warlord to dust. Being the one to greet them as we sit at the negotiating table, something I don't think Trolls often do if at all, needs our presence to give it the legtimacy and backing it needs to survive.

We also have to consider that negotiations may break down and turn as the trolls.may have become.desperate after their brutal loss.to us.

Its a question of do we risk 3 days delay on the armor to ensure the troll negotiations dont fall apart in our absence.

I think theres no risk to waiting the 3 days and being there for the trolls. We can accomplish a lot else in that time period so we can go into hell satisfied we arent leaving critical things unattended.
Yeah, that's how she used to be. We don't know what she'll be like revived.
>and we die
Nigger, we can't die, dying is out of the damn question. If we die, we turn back into a baby. And every relative of ours is dead. So the only option would be to wait out our baby hood, which is an awful idea.
No, she is literally THE HOLE. She is the whole of that multiverse condensed into the moon and her planet. We have to build a perfect physical vessel that can allow her incomprehensibly powerful amd gigantic soul without breaking. Something that will likely take trillions of souls to forge. Something like that wont be so easily broken.

We are preparing something similar right now to catch the earth dimensions souls and dirt and that isnt something so easily broken.

Luna doesnt need armor nor or in the near future. Plus she will be able to cast her magic in that form. She will be untocuhable.
We can die. Easily. Someone kills us then destroys the wand. Tom could melt it in his hands.
... Since Luna INHABITS Anon.... Could it be fashioned in his form, but with her in mind? 2 birds, 1 stone? We are her vessel atm...
I don't think you understand, I mean can't as in shouldn't, not that it's impossible.

Yeah, those are some cool feats, all based on her WILL and WIS and non-physical stats on account of she's literally a ghost right now. WILL doesn't mean much in terms of durability, if it did Anon would have much higher AC and HP than he does now.

Now that's an interesting concept, have Luna basically take on our hands and make a fifth armor for us out of her love.
What are you babbling about. Anon dies, someone has to accept bringing him back to life. If they dont they can simply take the wand and destroy it to kill anon and Luna for good.

Luna isnt a ghost, she is something different. A sentience trapped in a machine of souls built to sustain her own dream. Her book was her physical anchor but now its anon and the wand.

Luna taking our hands.directly would kill us in about 15 seconds based on his HP.
... What about her taking the strings on us for each hammer-strike?
Luna cannot cast her own magic without using us as a conduit and that is like putting an entire dyson spheres worth of power through a jumper cable. We burn for massive damage as she uses the barest fleck of her power. We let her let loose duing the leatherteeth fight as it burned his HP and she did 100 damage for two piddly spells. Its not happening unless you harvest thousands for their lifeforce to keep us alive and even then lunas doubt about hurting us would cause it to fail.
>What are you babbling about.
Jesus christ you are missing my god damn point. if we die we turn into a fucking baby again. And we can't remove being a baby again because all of our relatives are dead. Yes we can come back, but all our stats will be nerfed and we won't have a way to remove it.

And we've only had Luna cast spells through us, basically using us as a foci. We don't know what her taking control of our hands would do.
Also sky steel isnt forged by physical might. It takes that and also some form of expressing our love. It reflects our soul. It has to be told how to form and we have to form it using our pure and unyeilding love to take the form of something that protects.
Dude no, if we die our soul goes into the wand and then someone has to agree to something that lets us reform. Sabrina accepted the gift and gave birth to us. That is why we came back as an infant that time. We dont auto-rez. Not by a long shot.

To clarify. You cannot make armor for yourself. It is a ritual that must be done to protect someone you both love and unfailingly believe in.

To give such a gift to yourself would require.

Staggering levels of inner peace.

Not even John could do that with his elephantine ego.
Now then.

Both Jackie and Susan have 5 votes a piece.

A: "Jackie. Susan. You're definitely getting this Armor. You cause..."
>You point at Jackie
>Find yourself hot in the chest
A: "Well...y- Y'know I-"
J: "I do."
>A cool breeze moves through your lungs

J: "We got this."
A: "Susan. You're my right hand."
>Muscles is offended and wants a cool glove-suit

A: "Hushit. Down."
>Muscles dislocates hims-
A: "AAAAHH! AUgh-"

>Muscles wants to know if the floor is "Down" enough

>20 WILL tho
>He's back

A: "...Ok. So yeah. Susan gets armor. So will Sabrina."
Su: "Weawwy?"
A: "You deserve it."
>Susan ponders
Su: "An she Needsh it."
A: "My last one is for mom."

L: "If only I could be touched."
>She smiles to you
>Her joke
>It stings

L: "The good news."
>She brushes your ear
>tiny seizures
L: "I -can- be flattered. Thank you, Anonymous."

Well... Why not have the initial idea then. We're currently Her 'form' in the physical realm, right? Could our love in crafting it "for her" end up creating a piece that fits "Anons form"?
File: images.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
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>The Troll Moot

>2 votes for Anon to do it himself
>3 votes for Jackie to lead the negotiations (Combined with groups that -include- Jackie)

A: "I feel like I should be there..."
>You look at Jackie
A: "But I -know- you'd be better at this."
>Jackie smirks
J: "Stop with the butter-up."
A: "Stop lookin' like Toast. Nah forreal. I want you to lead the way on that..."

T: "AHEM."
A: "...Tom?"


T: "What about me?"
A: "Nutt for me."
T: "Dude."

A: "I need your JUICE, Tom."
T: "Why!?"
A: "To not die in Hell. It's not like it's hard. Well. It should be."

>Tom isn't even blushing