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File: Title2.png (352 KB, 970x510)
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The Age of Fire is ending, the undead are rising. And in Forossa, a fallen quagmire of war, a fatal solution is sought by the Great Sage, the power to control time. Sources of power must be severed to preserve the world.

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3477317/
File: Giantdad and Drakeman.png (303 KB, 844x378)
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303 KB PNG
You touch two of the White Phantom summoning signs on the ground that lay out before you and then pace, waiting patiently.

>Phantom GIANTDAD summoned.
>Phantom Bezzone summoned.

You see a person in Drakeblood armor wielding a really long eastern sword and a person in a mask with gold armor, a green shield and a Zweihander. The Drakeblood knight does the bow gesture and the legend pulls off the signature 'Well, what is it?' taunt.

"Urh... I don't usually get summoned for this guy..." The phantom Bezzone says, shaking a little as he stares towards the massive Justice Protector. "Just stay behind him and hit the feet and you should be fine."

Will you plan out how things should go or charge into battle and hope for the best?
File: Inventory.png (84 KB, 1021x758)
84 KB
(Current inventory for reference.)
The best Way to fight is to go without a plan
File: Boss - Justice Protector.png (1.05 MB, 1110x938)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
You nod to the two phantoms and beckon them onward towards the Justice Protector.

"APPROACH AT YOUR OWN PERIL. YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN WARNED." It says from afar, but you continue towards it nevertheless. A fog wall appears behind you and your companions as you all take off towards the machine.

"RECEIVE RECKONING." It booms as it picks up the mace and clasps it in both of it's claws, ready to attack.
File: Sweep.png (1020 KB, 1063x924)
1020 KB
1020 KB PNG
You see chains dangling from the base of the mace, indicating it's ability to double as a flail. You think that perhaps if one was far enough away that the machine would use it, the chain could be cut and the weapon rendered useless.

Furthermore, you see the back of the feet are poorly guarded with Titanite armor unlike the rest of the body, meaning that bringing the thing down is a most viable option.

It does an overhead swing with the mace, your group splitting apart to avoid it as it splinters the ground and makes a small crater. Bezzone goes to the left while you and GIANTDAD take the right.

You are able to get a glimpse at the back of the machine and can see that there is a port there from which a Soul shines through glass.

The Justice Protector hops away and raises the mace with both arms, preparing to sweep across the arena.

The crater it made was deep and had the potential to get the mace lodged inside of it.

How do you plan on taking the machine out? You could knock it down and go for the head by attacking the feet, you could try to disable the mace by cutting the chain, get the automaton stuck by baiting it into hitting the crater again, or you could try shooting at the Soul port with your arrows.

What will you do?
both of our buds should go for the feet.
We shoot the soul port
File: Core Damaged.png (444 KB, 526x882)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
My internet shit itself for a while but I'm back now.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8UqJKY_HVU since I forgot it earlier
GIANTDAD and Bezzone rush for the feet of the titan, narrowly escaping the sweep, which launches waves of snow and rock across the plain.

"FFFFFIRE UP THE BASS CANNON!" You hear GIANTDAD yell as he starts hacking away at the feet with the Zweihander, seemingly unable to run out of stamina. It's doing good on it's own, but the damage dealt seems better with Bezzone taking that large katana to the other foot.

The Justice Protector tries as best as it can to stomp them, but they evade before coming back to chopping away at the feet. It's then that you get a good view of the back and see a large glass panel guard by thin bars on the inside and out. You quickly switch around weapons and pull back a Giant's Great Arrow and then let it loose.

The arrow travels upwards and flies straight through all that protection, right into the Core. The Justice Protector emits a loud booming sonic pulse that hums across your body before it falls to one knee, the aura of the Soul mass powering it flaring radiantly.

It quickly rises and then punches the ground, sending a shockwave that knocks everyone off of their feet. It's torso spins around and you are too late to run as it picks you up high into the air and begins squeezing down on you with it's large black metal claw.

Roll a 1d4 for an outcome.

1. You manage to pull your arms loose and expertly fire a great arrow straight through the visor of the chassis, temporarily blinding the automaton and allowing you to walk along the top of it and attack.

2. You are able to wriggle loose from the clamping claw and fall safely to the pelvis of the automaton from where you are cable to climb around and attack the Core directly.

3. You are crushed for half health and then released.

4. You are thrown far away to the edge of the arena for half health, from where the automaton will next try to use it's flail on you, giving you a chance to cut the chain and disable it's primary weapon.
Rolled 4 (1d4)

I can't believe we forgot about this entire quest.

I've been busy Dark Souls OP, I'm surprised there aren't any players.


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