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File: City.png (858 KB, 697x409)
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Hi, names Umasi I'm a pacifist. You have come across my path time and time again your training that I have put you through has gone on long enough. You are now an expert with knives, martial arts, and perception. This city is in ruins and you will decide who's side to be on. There is the mayor who is strict, loyal, and cares for his subject, but treats them like ants. However, you can also join Taken in his fight against the mayor.

Who's side are you on and what is your journey?
You didn't really tell us anything about Taken
what kinda person is he
Well, sir Taken has yet to be described by me, but rather by those who encounter them.
From what I have heard however Taken is a cruel man, yet only 15 and he is so young and ruthless because his sister was killed in a car explosion the one that the group he supports started in repression against the government. Finally he was trained by me so a lot of his qualities Aline with my own
Maybe a third path is best.
Let's be the best of both the Mayor and Edgelord Taken.
>Also you have a terrible nose for people boss
So what strike on our own? Fuck both sides?
So what your saying is that you'd like to be of neither affiliation.
If so what direction would you like the government to go in?
And, who will run the third party?
I will not intervene in the way this party runs, because I believe that both sides should resolve there conflicts and be peaceful, but what about a peaceful third party?
I feel that we should try to aim for a golden mean between being the chessmaster and being the anarchist.
What kind of government systems do we want?
>Democratic (what the Mayor is doing)
>Communistic (basically China)
>Anarchistic (what Edgelord wants to do, I'm guessing)
And what kind of economy will we have? Where will it lie on the Free-Market/Planned continuum?
A peaceful Capitalist Democratic party, while we don't want to use violence we will if provoked.
Nah, a reformist leftist state that advocates autonomy and local commerce, while still holding some capitalist aspects to build an external market :^)
Hell nah, lets go centrist, everything else I can agree with.
File: sword.png (146 KB, 263x320)
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146 KB PNG
I have decided to take control of the Anarchist party we have now been labeled as and we will no longer uphold your government ideas that follow those of the mayors
Umasi, you seriously TRAINED this guy? nigga look like a robot and you taught him to use the blade
So how about a Centrist, Capitalist Democracy? This seems OK.
If there are no further objections, OPEN THE GAME
File: talk.png (3 KB, 327x184)
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Damn you know we would love you to join our ragtag group of individuals who oppose the government system. What is your name and attributes.
File: The Empty Palm.jpg (8 KB, 220x301)
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I'm very sorry, fellow disciple, but I cannot walk down your path, so I will have to decline in favor of going my own way.
You will know me as The Empty Palm, for an empty palm, free from the baggage of unjust beliefs and cruel ideologies, can hold the world itself within its confines.
File: TakePlz.png (221 KB, 459x324)
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I will go on my own way as well then.
Me and my fellow mates are setting up in a district not to far from here
*location has big supermarket and flashy lights with hookers at every corner and sign saying district 27*
So I wish you the best of luck and here have 100 credits for your travel
...I understand.
I wish you the best of luck as well, my once-brother.
Am I going to namefag the whole quest or what, QM? Because anons don't look kindly upon namefags who don't need names
File: gas.png (275 KB, 423x289)
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275 KB PNG
I suppose namefag because can't really be identified without'em you know.

Also, >>3256607 I will provide you a quest do it or not I don't really care. Find me some gasoline and if you bring me back 3 gallons I'll compensate you greatly
Let's wonder south. It always feels like going downhill.
I will go with you down south I guess and we will hopefully find something useful. I am also in search of the mayor and I believe he lives down south would you like to join me?
Thank you! Company is always appreciated.

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