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Welcome back one and all into a new chapter of our adventure, the stakes have risen quite considerably. Are you ready?

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.


The path to restoring your memories might not be so clear-cut anymore; the Blood and Zipangu rituals aren't your only options anymore, revelations from the Throne and reunion with a knight of your past could allow you to investigate with fewer dangers to your psyche.

The Suppression is to happen tomorrow. The Royals have opted to bring a combination of lamias and Shining Knights. You'll be able to influence this decision if you decide to attend the evening meeting.

Here are the people planning of not participating in the Suppression. Sieglinde, Elina, Martha, Klesiah, Vilma, Teruko and Hao. It's possible this group could increase or shrink with coming events.

Side activities
Your two unused privileges from gambling with Elina and Sieglinde remain available.

Daiyu granted you a ''favor'' to use at your leisure; the Demon Lord is a resourceful person.

Further activities decided in the thread will be noted here.

Happenings to remember.

Fight and triumph.
File: 11.jpg (907 KB, 1500x825)
907 KB
907 KB JPG
Echoes of pitter-patters traveled out of a wide corridor, the small gentle silhouette of a young girl was running toward you -no, the room you were in- with a surreal vision of a monstrous ghost following close behind. It was a combination of floating and swimming, ten tendrils exiting out of a bony humanoid torso curled inward then pushed forward in continuous momentum, propelling this glowy blue ghost with odd organic grace.

Yes, it was strangely elegant, even as it reached forward with this bony hand toward that poor girl, its semi-translucid state allowed you to gaze at a pair of men slumped on the floor near the beginning of the hallway, condemned to eternal sleep far too soon.

This memory wasn't... no, it was yours for now. Gardy awakening, his very first kindle of sentience happened in strife; this young girl burst into the room, hid under the bed then...

Direct contact with the Magritew has the unfortunate side effect of imposing a few seconds of hypnosis, where memories bubble up to wrap your consciousness with new, invasive perspective into a state of semi-stupor. Your haste to help Vilma had you strike before erecting a proper barrier against manipulations of your soul.

Another skill from Gardy.

Grabbing the creature head to violently yank it away from Vilma glossy green silhouette happened quickly enough to take your foe completely by surprise, even if it had been a rather clumsy and violent approach, it proved effective in breaking its deadly grab as each tendril was ripped away liked a yanked arrowheads. The Fascination took hold, the creature, unfortunately, slithered itself free from your hand. Crashing into a nearby column of charcoal had been enough to reestablish your mind.

Architectures inside Mother Earth realm was represented oddly inside the Red World, becoming strange shadowy shapes without defining features or entrances and exit for most buildings, they were solid enough to feel like castle walls; your impromptu flight had abruptly ended when your large body of steel simply bounced off a house wall instead of crashing right through.

Buildings manifesting into the Red World seems nigh indestructible.

The Red World wasn't a realm of sounds, noises struggled to form in this hellish dimension, always coming out as quiet and muffled yet Gardy -no yours- sensitive hearing picked a melodious plaint emanating from the glowing Magritew. Having suffered near decapitation had certainly been effective in opening hostility, a mouth that had been previously covered by a mass of flesh was visible and all of its tendrils -now dangling free- rubbed together in a harmonious melody of deadly intents coming out as rubbing steels. The creature swam toward you cautiously, carefully maneuvering around your friend's burning existence after recovering its wits.
Gardy never fought one of these creatures inside the Red World, in fact, this entire realm attached to reality wasn't formed during antiquity. How did these soul eaters adapt here, where everything was food?

You'll have to find out.

The Embodiment of Protection fought three of these creatures alone during the wars of the Pretenders, each of them manifesting into the world to kill his beloved charge. These confrontations had always been particularly tricky because of these ravenous eaters natural effectiveness against everything with a soul. They fought with lunges, swipes, jabs, and slices of wicked claws going through clothes and steels, each success taking its toll on souls and memories yet physical strikes in return had somehow remained effective, even without Mother Earth influence, you could still harm the creature.

They were lethal grapplers of unprecedented dangers, each of these tendrils could easily sink deep into your essence and coil in a vice-grip of steel to choke out the very core of your existence

A jet of golden fume exited your arm as your foe made a fake attempt at charging, a clumsy bait to test your nerves. More than five meters separated the two of you, it's sight was often directed at Vilma soul protectively cocooned between your friends. Movement from the real world didn't translate fully inside this dimension, a bonfire was kindling in the middle of the road; it was doubtful they all remained here now.

A sense of loss filled your entire being when a barrier of soul spread around your body, a first and only defense against the ghostly jellyfish: filled with superfluous memories, it'll make an adequate defense... albeit without any chances of recovery unless you wish to sacrifice something precious. Nevertheless, your instincts turned into brief sadness from losing a substance so intimately related to your being - tiny pieces of souls consumed for battles.

Your foe grew much more careful. Perhaps stalling for time, waiting for the end of the Lullaby? It swam in the air, playing its eerie melody of metal produced by its vibrating tendrils. Magritew have always been ambushing predators, although perhaps it was simply waiting for you to approach and then lunge and entrap you.
File: 1365215137772.jpg (202 KB, 1440x900)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Barrier Strength: 100%
By sacrificing all superfluous memories of the last two weeks (unimportant things like what you ate for suppers on a given day, casual conversations about books here and there, things like that) your nature as an Embodiment of Protection manifested this barrier against the Magritew all-consuming hunger. It will not recover unless you decide to sacrifice more parts of your soul.

Your foe is cautiously watching your every move...

Here's a reminder of what you can do.

Light will favor a quick, probing strike to test or interrupt your enemy.
Medium is a careful attack, meant to react against your enemy. Think of it as an offensive-defensive.
Hard is self-explanatory. A big, damaging attack.
All-Out is a dangerous gamble where you give everything you've got. Or employ your special skill as an Embodiment (see below).
Defensive options will open once you need it, for now, the Magritew isn't attacking.
Take some time to examine your foe and the area.
>Free. (Employing a peculiar strategy)

Factoring your environment into attacks and/or giving suggestions (like trying to lure your enemy into an open house or specific area) will be your measure of customization/options. Mentioning specific spells won't be possible because, despite the merging, Gardy body remains a bit of a mystery. Hence these vague options, Arawn will be operating on instincts.

Since you are accomplishing your role as Embodiment of Protection and your excellent relationship with Gardy make you're Joining perfect, you are able to consciously unleash an extremely dangerous offensive. Creating it will demand a moment of preparation and, overall, doing it can be extremely hazardous and dangerous to your health. We can call this command the [Ideal of Protection] and it is NOT to be used lightly.
Good to have you back, Insert! How have you been?

>Light Attack
More testing the waters, maybe we can get it to commit to an attack we might use to nail a counter.

I wonder if the fight in the 'real world' translated enough into the Red World for there to be a sharp piece of debris we could impale the Magritev onto - either by flinging the soul eating filth at said piece or vice versa.
>Good to have you back, Insert! How have you been?
A bit o nthe woozy side but I'll be good to make a few updates today. Gotta get the boss fight going!

>I wonder if the fight in the 'real world' translated enough into the Red World for there to be a sharp piece of debris we could impale the Magritev onto

There are a few fences around the houses, no debris to pick up anywhere, unfortunately.

Roll 1d100 for light attack.
Rolled 97 (1d100)

Oh boy, I wonder how the Dice Gods feel about me tonight.
File: Noble Voice.png (142 KB, 293x341)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Good thing it's light.
Is high good or bad here?
Good. Only time lower is better is when I ask you to roll 1d6 for spell measurement, which isn't going to be needed in this fight.
So that's damn near a crit then,sweet. If we somehow get it inside our friend's collective aura it'll start taking damage?
Yes, as will you.
>Big success, critical hit!

Ten tendrils, two arms, strange eyes, floating two meters above the ground... There were long moments of silences, the creatures many limbs tensed when your first step bridged a foot of distance, a second one made it braces and stop the melody of steel, tendrils curling inward like an angry spider.

You rushed forward without warning, Gardy metallic feet glowered with potent energy of soul and burst in a sudden explosion that threw you forward in unbelievable momentum. your foe reacted swiftly, all ten tendrils whipped forward to crash into your flanks of steel but a knowing reinforcement of this area had the few who touched you bounce off uselessly.

Barrier Strength: 96%

Your body was a weapon of metal, your velocity had you crash into the Magritew, one foot planted under your foe chin and the other on its torso, your hands met a wall with bone-crushing pressure that would have shattered your organic limbs. In this same momentum, you maneuvered both of your legs to ram its head into the wall below, your strength reverberating in subtle trembling around the world and without wasting a second, Gardy metallic feet glowered again and exploded in a muffled, roaring noises of chaos. A few tendrils had come swiping in your direction, your dodge was lucking indeed; momentum drove you upward yet iron grip on the dark pillar changed your direction to bash into the charcoal scenery, missing the Magritew clumsy resistance. From there, your legs of steel pushed forward one more time, jumping you toward the ground where your hands sank into the ground and directed you away from the rising monstrosity as momentum ended with a few cartwheels of distance, ending not too far from the gathered souls of your friends.

Yet, despite this dizzying success, a flash of blue heralded by noises of sharpening blades revealed your foe charge. He was fast, really damn fast!

>Defense [Evasive. Guard. Counterattack]
Evasive has you focus on trying to make distance with the Magritew, it's an option to take if you don't want to try to continue your aggression.

Guard is about bracing and enduring. Damage to your barrier is reduced.

Counterattack will have you stand your ground an attempt to harm your foe in the middle of his assault. Dangerous. Will always result in damage to your barrier


You can't spend times to observe your surrounding and/or wait.
Are our friends behind us?
No, they are to your side. Left, to be precise.

I've been trying pretty hard to find some easy to use mapping program in order to precisely show this information but I haven't been able to do anything.

With it being so fast, there is no way to avoid it's attack, and we aren't trying to run away, either. Let's minimize the damage, and wait for our next turn to strike big.
I'll wait about 10/15 minutes for other votes.
Clothesline/Lariat, bitch!
Damn, I was gonna say try to be a matador and try to dodge and let it get a bit toasty if we succeeded if they were. Would that have been a guard option?
>Would that have been a guard option?


I might have to be a bit vague in what's possible in this fight, you guys have to try and be a little creative!

So far we have two votes. I'll wait until 18:20 then make a roll to confirm what we do.
Maybe we could try grabbing the Magritev by the tendrils at some point in the fight and swing at against the buildings or at the proverbial bonfire that is the souls of our friends... risky though, would certainly cause damage to our barrier.
Guarding was the right choice, no need to roll for success.

Time to proceed.
Do we have to dig in and meet the attack head on or can we try to dodge while also enhancing the barrier?
Guarding is about digging in and meeting the attack, it's the only way to enhance your barrier. Can't do it while dodging.
When you say the shield can only be replenished by sacrificing parts of our soul/memories, is it just for the duration of this combat?

Or will it also stay damaged in any future encounters we face in the following days?
>Or will it also stay damaged in any future encounters we face in the following days?

It'll regenerate as you make more ''non-important'' memories and recover with time. Meaning that it will not be completely healed tomorrow if you were to go into battle as Gardy again.

Let's say we end at 30%. Tomorrow, it'll have naturally recovered to 40% or 50%.

I see. That is good news.
If we were to, say, sacrifice an important memory would we get an overcharge on the barrier?
There was only enough time to raise your arms and plant your feet on the ground before contact. It's long bony arms reached for yours than gripped onto your thick shoulder of coppery obsidian; fumes of gold exited like a jet of steam, ten tendrils curled inward and stabbed into your body uselessly, bouncing against the aura of gold highlighting your silhouette.

"I say, refugee food is rather unhealthy why then ask to taste it?'' Teruko glared half-heartedly at you and Elina. ''Why, you think this a test of my motherly culinary skills? I'll have you know that Lisbeth won't be fed rat meat!''

''You trying to ditch your turn in the kitchen, teach?'' Elina snickered
and disappeared.


The sheer strength inside the Magritew was beyond reasonable. Your feet peeled off traces of charcoal out of the ground as they scrapped against darkened granites, its tendrils stabbed and stabbed continuously, it's lack of grips only feeding into a maddened, frenzied rage. The Red World muffled nature still translated these wicked stabs into hollow thuds, each digging further and further into your protection...


Its rage was a boon; the Magritew hadn't tried to enroll those deadly limbs around your body, nor did it realize where you had angled yourself. Now that you've taken a few feet of distances backward, the kindling bonfire of collected souls... wasn't burning quite as brightly. Where were Elina and Tuilelaith?

No matter! Klesiah, Sieglinde, Vilma, and Gwendolyn were still together! If you had lips you'd have smiled, instead the single light of your gem-eye grew a murderous red and with odd clicks, the machinery inside your body braced, struggled and muscled for dominance. A push shoved your enemy inside the burning bonfire of collected existence, the Magritew scream was no melodious song of steel. It was like a drowning man, a muffled noise of lonely agony as the contained flames simply... overwrote the Magritew existence, unfortunately, the damnable manlike jellyfish slipped from your weakening grasp, touching the girl's souls had, unfortunately, taken an unexpected tool.


Necessity demanded a second of recollection after making vital distance with the bonfire. Your enemy was writhing on the ground in a blanket of limbs, holding onto half-of a forearm: its right arm had been reduced to a stump and it wasn't used to pain, you didn't know if it looked like a dying snake or a fish out of the water, flailing uselessly.

>Your foe is looking distracted!
File: HULK SMASH.gif (2.69 MB, 498x249)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB GIF
>Hard Attack
I'm tempted to give this thing the Hulk treatment but I'm not willing to risk damaging our barrier with prolonged contact.
What kind of attack would a "Death From Above" maneuver be?
I believe it's time for this!

Hm, I'll wait 5 minutes to see how we confirm this.
Rolled 1 (1d2)


Alright, you guys can roll me 1d100
Neither of them was the right choice for auto-success.
Rolled 24 (1d100)


Let's goo!

Also, dammit! I suppose the bonfire thingy will still harm us some.
File: Surprised 1 - Baby Enda.png (173 KB, 1771x1771)
173 KB
173 KB PNG

It is the best out of 3 rolls, right?

Someone else, do better than I did!
Rolled 68 (1d100)

Dice Gods, I beseech thee!
Best out of three yeah. I'll wait about 20 or 30 minutes to get those rolls.
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Let's see here...
File: Evil fluff.jpg (117 KB, 857x1125)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
File: BringItOn.gif (150 KB, 500x296)
150 KB
150 KB GIF
Ah shite, I guess we got a little too overeager this time around.

Ah well, we'll deal with it. We always do.
A 68... at least it shouldn't be an immediately critical failure thingy. I hope. >w<
Damnit, how many degrees of failure was that?
You'll know when I post. Shouldn't take too long, actions and battle demand shorter updates.
>Small failure.

Only a few seconds of rest, scarce little moments to recover from having brushed existences with so many gathered souls. Your attention focused on Gardy hands. Both sported clawed fingers of steel rendered night unbreakable by your joined purpose; Vilma gentle, dull soul held no shine yet put between so many stronger, beautiful flames, your friend lonely face came to mind. Her anger at the injustice forced on her by her peers, her rage at seeing Mimiru mistreated, her quiet happiness when she woke up after recovering from Overcast... These precious memories gathered into your steely bosom, your purpose is to fight and protect this girl. Reestablish what was a loss, all taken by this damnable animal!

You took off running, single eye focusing on the blue writhing creature. Your arm underwent a rapid metamorphosis: fingers welded together and the metal of your limb thinned to allow one long blade to sing a deadly song of steel as a wide pommel appeared midway into your forearm but a flash of blue suddenly reverse your stride.

Something collided with your frame, it would have landed right in the middle of your face had you not spun to offer your shoulder instead.


Collision made you spin wildly out of control for a second, you willingly allowed yourself to crash into a painful fall when another spark of blue appeared in the maelstrom of confusing images and it was a good thing indeed for something whizzed past your body and audibly crashed into the Red World solid architecture.

There was no time to wait around stunned, already undoing the modification of your arm, willing strength into your legs had you bounce away and -thankfully- dodge another projectile that audibly crashed into the ground where you previously lied in, peeled off pieces of charcoal colored granites.

The Magritew was off the ground again, levitating above a fence that had been destroyed inside Mother Earth dimension. It's bony, husk eyes glowered brightly, gathered energy defusing and spreading into its body, manifesting as gathered lines of darker luminosity traveling throughout its semi-transparent body.

Projectiles? It can create projectiles? This is new.
File: 1694109.png (1.96 MB, 971x1406)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
Something else was going on. Energy visibly gathered into the entity face again, it's single hand gripped the dark pillar and you braced to dodge something else yet, instead... it spat out something, a liquid of dark blue a few feet away from its position. This ball splatted unceremoniously, only to glower in blue similar to the evil creature; a sigil quickly formed, expanding out of that liquid. It was the Magritew face, except somehow even more disfigured, stretched out and dry.

Then... your foe retreated? Swiftly swimming in the air, the odd style of the Red World had nearby building fuses together. By using these as an anchor for levitating movements, the Magritew was quickly moving in the direction of the forge without touching street level, where the alley opened into a wider circle of roads.

Chasing it off wasn't going to work. The Magritew will be coming back to infest Vilma soul again once she goes to sleep, unfortunately going deeper into the Red World isn't a good idea... There's not much of a choice now. That sigil, however, is an odd thing. Glowing an ominous blue, it was radiating from the Magritew energy but seemed otherwise entirely harmless.

If you were to pursue your foe without destroying this thing, you'll have a good shot at landing a blow...

>Pursue your foe without dispelling that strange sigil. (1d100 to gauge success of harming the Magritew).

>Whatever it created is definitely harmful to you. Break that cursed thing and follow the beast afterward.


This little lull in the fighting makes a good stopping point for tonight.
So our failure meant we dealt no damage, but luckily de damage we took from the projectile wasn't too high, either.

>Whatever it created is definitely harmful to you. Break that cursed thing and follow the beast afterward.

I vote for this. We can't leave things like that hanging at our back while our focus is gathered on our front.
>Whatever it created is definitely harmful to you. Break that cursed thing and follow the beast afterward.
File: 111.jpg (281 KB, 1280x993)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
Real boss fight begins here.

Things sure went well so far! This might be a bit of a long fight, being the Embodiment of Protection is a hard job.
>Whatever it created is definitely harmful to you. Break that cursed thing and follow the beast afterward

It's a hard job, but one we will do gladly!
>Whatever it created is definitely harmful to you. Break that cursed thing and follow the beast afterward.

Please tell me we're faster than it. We need to be or else it'll get away but this thing can't be good. Either it's summoning buddies or that's the real deal and the thing running away is an illusion meant to draw us off so it can escape.

Gardy's an expert on these things right? What's our gut sayin' about this? About how damaged is the beast?

>That spoiler
The heck that supposed to mean?

>being the Embodiment of Protection is a hard job.
We knew what we were getting into when we picked the fusion option. We're him and he's us, so of course we inherit his responsibilities. He gets ours too, buddy might be able to become a King and as we all know, it's good to be the King.
File: 59.png (80 KB, 488x211)
80 KB
>Please tell me we're faster than it.

Speed is honestly equal. The Magritew are very agile creatures but Gardy manages to be even nimbler so that why you haven't been stuck in a deadly hold yet. In term of running speed though, you won't be able to catch up to it by taking care of the sigil first but it's not fast enough to get out of your sight.

Especially since it's very difficult to hide in the Red World as a shiny blue man-jellyfish.

>Gardy's an expert on these things right? What's our gut sayin' about this? About how damaged is the beast?

The loss of its arm was a genuine stroke of good luck, otherwise, the creature still got plenty of fight left in it.

>The heck that supposed to mean?

There's fighting to do.
Ok a final thought before I gotta sleep. The damn thing might be heading in the direction of apostles/backup. Do they have bonuses in the red world due to the "gifts" of Lady White?

Also, it *is* the absolute last resort but say we activate that hypermode ya hinted at with a damn good reason why we did. How badly will it fuck us up? I mean, I just know it'll claim a precious-tier memory at the very least (i.e. the very name of a waifu *and* that moment that made us like her so very much that she became one) but is that it or will it leave us with something else that's rather permanent in the disability department?

Just... tryin' to gauge how far you're planning on taking this whole thing. Tui and Elina are probably planning on coming to our aid and/or preventing White's forces from helping the beast. God I hope it's the latter, that'd be the big break we'd need. Poor jellydog cries for master's aid, only for it to be denied. Poor abomination... and lucky us! The former though, well, I just hope that adds a positive modifier to our efforts. We are the embodiment of protection, and they are certainly people we wanna protect.
>Do they have bonuses in the red world due to the "gifts" of Lady White?

Can't answer that. Lady White was a different person during antiquity so Gardy has no idea how her apostles work.

>Also, it *is* the absolute last resort but say we activate that hypermode ya hinted at with a damn good reason why we did. How badly will it fuck us up?

The thing about that super strike/Ideal of Protection is that it has more to do with feelings and situation for proper activation. You have to -really- get into the mindset of your objective and go to the point of completely disregarding your individualism and feelings of self-preservation. Necessity will be needed to activate it. The toll it'll take isn't something that can be accurately predicted. Gardy only used it at full strength once and afterward, he was in the Throne; it's possible to activate it at lesser power of course but it's still not something that can be activated like a trained spell.

Gambling on a lesser attack will drain a chunk of your soul, this could mean losing your barrier or, of course, a memory.

It's pretty vague because this type of ability only belongs to angelic Embodiment and, of course, yourself now so it function on angelic logic: feelings and emotions.
Lemme guess, he tried to take on an actual full on "god" didn't he. Gonna need a conceptual class weapon or greater for that and while he ain't Black Barrel or the Monado, if it was gunning for his previous charge his ideal would be quite the opposition at full power even for a deity.

Good to know we have an out if my worst case scenario happens. Surrounded by apostles intent on dragging us to Lady White's most luxurious estate for some "personal" time with the mistress. A fate far worse than mere death. Even Mylen would wince...
File: 1.jpg (577 KB, 700x1134)
577 KB
577 KB JPG
Simple staring wasn't going to reveal whatever purpose this odd sigil could be accomplishing, unfortunately, there wasn't' any time to experiment. This thing was magical, yes, but the smoky face of your prey lingering in the air seemed to lack ambitions, nothing was happening. When you passed your arm through this manifestation, the darkened bluish smoke gave way as if you waved into a large patch of dust and the equilibrium of its magic broke down, leaving behind nothing more than a viscous patch of blue liquid.

These seconds of pauses allowed your foe to make significant headway. It's large glowing body stuck out like a sore thumb against the backdrop of solid onyx throughout the Red World but you couldn't afford being distanced like this anymore, the straight line that led toward the forge seemed twice as long inside this alternative dimension; stamina wasn't going to be a problem thankfully. Running didn't cause burning in your lungs, your limbs of steel creaked in smooth noises of steel while your feet echoed in continuous heavy stomps to keep up with your prey, no fatigue, no decrease in speed, only raw purpose to return Vilma memories so viciously toyed with and stolen by this infernal abomination!

You foe, of course, arrived first into the small square marketplace around the forge -even the poorer district of Throne Town at least enjoyed some amount of commerce- with the nimbleness of a supernatural spider the Magritew swiftly floated toward the single structure and climbed up its smooth surface of coal. In this dimension, this simple wide forge had the look of an ominous gothic temple, a wide and solid structure dedicated to some foreboding dark god without openings, surrounded by a smooth field of charcoal that ought to still have a few stalls.

Thankfully the dangerous dwellers of the Red World weren't something to worry about yet because nothing was lingering in this area, the Magritew almost looked trapped as he floated on the roof, it's expressionless bony face observed you through a pair of glowing balls of energy inserted deeply inside these dry eyesockets and remained motionless for a moment in careful study.

Back in Mother Earth realm, the militias cordon was still in effect, the two big streets used as the main artery to leave this district were filled with burning silhouettes of gorgeous unending colors representing Mamonos of all shapes and sizes

From atop its perch, the one-armed abomination raised its many tendrils in an intimidating posture, slowly moving in the direction opposite of yours as you walked around, when one of the pillars came to obstruct its pace, the Magritew simply coiled around without moving its torso. Reaching that roof would be difficult because of the smooth glass-like disposition of its walls. This forced you to aim for the ceiling itself and grip a pillar to redirect your momentum...
Dangerous, it'll give the Magritew an opportunity to force you into a deadly embrace... But you don't seem to have any other options.

However, when the soul eater spat out another one of these sigils that landed unceremoniously on the dark ground and moved about the length of its perch to create more of these strange -yet harmless- spells, you observed with a measure of cautious and distance to avoid any potential violent reaction. It stopped after creating five of them in random angles that surrounded the forge, glowing a darker shade of blue with the mutated face of their creator glaring into nothingness, hovering above ground like ominous beacons. Once done, the Magritew was happy to sit, wait and cautiously observe you.

This is... odd. It couldn't be a trap given how blatant it spread these magical marking around but there weren't any hints about the purpose of these creations even now.

>Your foe is cautiously awaiting for your offensive.
>Move around dispelling these sigils.
>Move around dispelling these sigils.
Let's see how it reacts.

Man, if only we had some ranged option available so we could nail the Magritev in it's dumb face.
Gardy is sorta 100% melee, it's an unfortunate reality.
About how long will it take to dispell the sigils and can we make ourselves an X-Buster if we get high enough in magitek in the future?
>About how long will it take to dispell the sigils
A few minutes, which would amount to something 3 rounds of combats.

>can we make ourselves an X-Buster if we get high enough in magitek in the future?

Maybe. You'll need a way to study Gardy artificial body first.
Alright, it's been long enough. we'll go with dispelling these sigils.
We could circumvent this in the future if we can get Arawn's spells working in this Joined state, I think. Using Arawn's magic to create spears for Gardy to throw would work wonders.
That's good thinking indeed, something to remember.
Fair warning that I might be unable to post further tonight, I'm having some odd problem with my internet coming and going at random.

If I end up disappearing, it'll be due to that.
Also, don't let the goo accumlate on us. I bet it's bad news
>Move around dispelling these sigils.

...I think my vote comes in late, but oh well.

I wish you luck being able to post again!
File: 1.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720)
95 KB
The simple act of jumping through the images of smokes was enough to disrupt these spells. Without noises or burst of power, their purpose remained a mystery but it was enough to motivate the Magritew into making more during your running around that large, darkened forge, creating a stalemate.

A few minutes of this farce made you wonder if, perhaps, your foe was trying to waste time and let the Hour of Lullaby pass, you didn't know precisely how minutes diverged between these alternate dimensions and fact remained that it was slowly but surely exhausting its magic; each sigils was a small spell with an objective that you tirelessly worked to deny, while slow, you were at a definite advantage here, locking the beast into a fight of attrition.

When things changed a dozen patch dark of slimy liquid dotted the black ground, it was enough to make your foe stop, tendrils shaking and whipping the air to translate a general state of agitation that couldn't manifest on its face, shiny liquids flowed throughout its human half to concentrate behind its eyes, both balls grew a familiar shiny, murderous blue and for a moment you braced to dodge a projectile but the Magritew settled down instead, keeping a firm hold on the pillar, eyes slowly diminishing into their usual bone sockets.

You've learned by now that noises didn't function similarly inside this realm of living souls. Here, Gardy body of steel should have caused a ruckus with each stomp of your steps and sharp movements yet these always came out muffled and tired, as if coming from inside a room at the end of a long hallway, it's why hearing a sudden loudhowl caught you completely by surprise and for a moment your plot to measure the needed burst of soul to reach the Magritew was completely thwarted.

The origin of this interruption was a mass of flesh standing on two legs on top of a house, a combination of cancerous growth, tumors, eyes, and meats with a single mouth protruding out of a shapeless face thoroughly disfigured by mutations. A familiar being indeed, it's gargled -aquatic and noisy- voice was somehow manifested without the Red World natural ushering. A gangrenous spread of diseased meat slowly oozing around its legs like a blanket of infection.

Its frame, its silhouette was familiar to something -someone- you recently saw. There was also this item hovering above its right shoulder, a meaty square attached to this monstrosity limb via a rope of flesh... This man was the strange brawny silhouette that ordered the retreat of the apostles!
File: 149012872536.png (874 KB, 1715x1136)
874 KB
874 KB PNG
Had the Magritew been trying to buy time all along!? Unfortunately, this wasn't the end of bad news. From the alley, you had been fighting in before this combat lull, a small horde of monstrosities were climbing from houses to houses or rounding corners -those thankfully were ending up consumed by the souls of your friends- nevertheless this swarm was making steady progress for this wide, empty marketplace with the odd additional fighter coming from random directions.

Hour of Lullaby be damned! These ought to be asleep!

''Ah, I get it.'' There was no speech inside this realm of souls. ''These sigils were beacons of souls, baits for the ever starved entities'' Spells made from souls, something you could easily replicate for all the good that'll do.

And you've gone through each beacons.

A flash of blue glimpsed into sight and you quickly raised your arm.


The Magritew projectile was pathetically weak but that, in of itself was a taunt, a signal to fight. Its confidence was back, the melody of steel coming from its many tendrils was a testament to victory.

Aah... Fine. There wasn't any way to get out of this cleanly.

>Fight has progressed into stage 2

>The Magritew is cautiously awaiting your offensive

>Move toward the Apostle and interrupt whatever it is doing. It seems to be spreading a bed of corruption.
>Prepare to thin the approaching swarm, there's about 30 of these monstrosities, all of them thankfully similar in sizes to human.

I'll probably have to end things here tonight. I'm feeling very woozy tonight, my writing shouldn't have taken this long so I don't think I should push it. It's possible I'll be unable to answer tomorrow as well due to life interruption, I really didn't choose the good weekend to run my quest
How bad did we screw up?
You didn't. This was a case of making the best out of a bad situation. You might have been able to hurt the Magritew by focusing on fighting, but that would have meant leaving the beacons...

Things are happening in the real world too.

on the Magritew. We are immune to corruption, I believe, so whatever the apostle is doing won't affect usimmediately. If his ritual takes more than a turn to complete, we can pray to the dice gods that we finish off the magritew in one swoop and spend our next turn disrupting the apostle.

Also, did we see from where the apostle showed up? Perhaps it has rght under that spot some sort of fast travel sigil we can damage to hinder these clown's mobility.

>Also, did we see from where the apostle showed up?

No, it's standing on top of a house neighboring the marketplace you are inside, he's about 10 meters away. How he came here is a mystery.
We can get things rolling with a 1d100

I'll do my best to continue tomorrow.
Rolled 8 (1d100)


Let's go! Don't fail me this time dice gods!


Um. Someone else. Please.

This doesn't count as an insta-critical fail, does it? >w<
File: 137060134356.png (655 KB, 933x1161)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
Best of three.

Very tempted, but no.

I think it's fair for the next rolls to be made by other players.
Yeah, I'll wait for their inputs. Hopefully, my bout of illness will pass after an early night so I'll be in good shape to continue tomorrow.
Where is the apostle in regards to us and the Magritew? Is he directly behind it? Could we perhaps clothesline it on the way to the apostle? Could we also attempt a feint, look like we're gonna charge the magritew then suddenly change direction and punch that kurogiri looking motherfucker in his smug evil face or what looks to be his balls? What kind of attacks would these be? Finally, does Gardy have any "special moves" that he developed fighting Magritew and abominations in general?
>Where is the apostle in regards to us and the Magritew?

On a house to your eastern flank, about 10 meters of distance.

>Could we also attempt a feint, look like we're gonna charge the magritew then suddenly change direction and punch that kurogiri looking motherfucker in his smug evil face or what looks to be his balls?

Yeah, that can work by quickly changing direction or using the pillar to pivot in his direction. There's too much open space to completely take him by surprise, you can't clear that many meters fast enough to catch him off guard, you'll need a pretty good roll for a successful strike.

>What kind of attacks would these be?

Nothing fancy, sword strikes, punches, grapples... if you get within range of someone, you're extremely dangerous.

>Finally, does Gardy have any "special moves" that he developed fighting Magritew and abominations in general?

Outside his special skill as an Embodiment, Gardy outlasted his foe. His existence as an artificial being actually allows him to physically harm creatures who should be extremely resistant to physical damages (like the Magritew) so that's why he's such a melee powerhouse. His very existence is an antibody against abominations and, in fact, most humans as well.
Rolled 34 (1d100)

Too tired to give a proper plan, would laugh uproariously if we hit the Apostle with the bait though.
Rolled 64 (1d100)

Aha! Woke up just in time to make the last roll!
...Well, it coulda been worse.
So we deal significant bonus damage to abominations and ignore their physical defense? One day in the future, a nice haymaker to Ama's face will be very interesting to see.

Well at least it's not a critical failure. Damn, wish I knew the DC on this one. Hopefully the more we just barely fail the more we learn thus start reducing the DC until we finally hit the fucker eventually.

We're probably gonna have to sacrifice a memory soon. I don't wanna find out what happens if that thing lands a hit with our shields down.
Oh, just thought of this. The Magritew was basically spewing out raw soul material in order to draw in red world entities. Probably to line up the bastards for a blood nest ritual so they could just gate out.

Are we covered in soul goo and could we perhaps absorb it and route it towards our shields? Bit apprehensive though, it *did* come from that thing so it might be better to just shake it off.

If we could somehow gather it into the palm of our hand though we might have another option. The entities wanna eat the goo and whomever is covered in it. We could paint the apostle instead. Fastball gooball to the face!
>Are we covered in soul goo and could we perhaps absorb it and route it towards our shields?

Nope, you went through the smoke while carefully avoiding the goo. For now, you guys are attacking, so you can't interact with the surrounding liquid anymore.

I'll try to post soonish.
...I gotta ask. The Magritev has some sorta spikes/blades on it's tentacles, yes?

I'm wondering if we could perhaps pry a few of those off and use them against the Apostle. I'm admittedly curious if it would affect the Apostle enough to risk depleting our barrier.
Anything you slice/tear off disappear quickly because he's a soul creature, anything coming off his core cannot maintain itself.

Your situation was becoming a bleak one. How the apostle got here and what he was doing was something of a mystery but his presence -while far- was a menace to take into account, the small horde of thirty-some soul entities and the odd approaching stragglers will make for an unfortunate distraction once they reach your position.

There's no time to think about your options anymore.

Fears or hesitations were of no uses for protection. Something in your stance must have warned the Magritew, perhaps your single eye had turned a different color? Your blue foe braced, carefully maneuvering itself to inches backward when a loud eruption on your feet created a familiar rain of dark gravels and promptly launched you upward, aiming at the roof, specifically one of its four pillars.

Gardy solution to reach flying enemies during the wars was a true display of crude efficiency.

The sheer speed at which your single good hand grasped that shifted chimney would have been a bone-crushing agony. Metal wrist and fingers endured the shock of sudden reversal and reorientation. Your second arm -now a familiar blade- sang a short and sweet melody of steel, its sharp tip running across the blue bony torso of your foe.

It has made a very slight miscalculation about the length of your blade, having tried to twist its boneless body backward to pounce in a deadly embrace the instant you landed -for you'd inevitably need a second to reorient yourself- but it let this vital opportunity go and instead angrily thrusts two set of tendrils like spears that sank into your flanks as your metal feet dug into the solid roof of glassy onyx.


Your barrier prevented purchases, a shrill yell of metal sectioned a pair of blue tendrils and without needs for breaths or moments to endure pains of awkward movements and positioning, you stepped dangerously close to the Magritew, well into his deadly range of embrace. And yours.

Noises of battles, muffled as they were in this hellish reality, rang louder than the apostle guttural screams. Swipes, slices, dice, half-moon-crescent, sidesteps, low squats, grabbing onto a pillar to adjust your balance, feints, and parries. One second was a slice, two second was a light forward step and a sideways slash, three seconds was a squat and an unnatural shift of your elbow to graze the Magritew bony skin and peel off morsels of its existence... There was no pause because you didn't need to breathe. There was no stopping because you had a need to see it dead.

When the Magritew tried to flee, you pursue and cornered it back on the roof. When ti wizened to its position and understood the four chimney weren't something you could slice through, it began a pathetic game dodging peekaboos and momentary counteroffensive by conjuring small projectiles that you didn't bother to dodge.

A quick metamorphosis of your blade-arm thinned the blade into a long thrusting sword and the next dozen seconds had you peel off three fingers, the Magritew quickly abandoned its position to redirect itself in the center of the roof while throwing another eye projectile that -unluckily- slammed directly on your face...


...Yet your body was continuously obeying conscious thoughts and despite having your neck thrown backward with snapping violence you were already in the process of sidestepping into range, blade swinging mid-morphing, and carved out a chunk of the Magritew bony ribs.

An unfortunate interruption prevented you from closing in. A dark mass moved into your line of sight, barely registered by your peripheral vision. A creature from the Red World had somehow managed to climb up the forges slick, glassy walls and pounced toward. It was a small humanoid thing of a similar disposition to the fleshgaits; your good hand grabbed it mid-jump, your wrist twisted on itself and snapped its neck and a swipe of your arm promptly threw it off the roof like the piece of garbages these creatures were. Below, a mass of flesh had congregated into makeshift furniture, dozens upon dozens of creatures -now little more than corpses- had apparently killed themselves to make a mutated scaffolding.

Very odd. The Red World denizens are inherently chaotic, they should have been in the process of ripping themselves apart since they couldn't reach you, yet they've gone and made a collective conscious decision...? Or did they ram their heads against the wall in frenzy?

An unfortunate pause that allowed the Magritew to gain a moment of respite, a meter of distance and you could finally take proper stock of your foe state. Its wounds were beyond counting, a collection of slashes and pierced holes melded into a pathetic hole of agony. Having lost three fingers of its good remaining hand, the Magritew hold onto its newly wounded side with a little desperation, blue fumes constantly exited a few holes and odd twitches betrayed something similar to fear or nervousness.

Death by a thousand cuts was the most reliable way to kill these infernal predators because of their agility -about half of your swords strikes had missed- but Gardy anomalous state was thankfully working flawlessly.
The Protector had always been the most efficient of destructors. His very essence was an abnormality.

A living soul inside an artificial body -what a soul he is- corroded the living merely by touches with only a very few somehow able to resist this harm. Souls were no exception. It's why he -you- need to be so close.

Perhaps you might have a chance to finish this. Growing frenzy in the Magritew manifested as a gathering of blue light which caused renewed fumes of blues to exits its wounds. This damnable interruption of Red World entities was, perhaps, being seen as a turn of fortune for it could undeniably feast on them and recuperate but, perhaps, it would prefer their constant presences to give it a better edge in your duel...

...Of course, there was also the apostle to worry. You couldn't spare a single glance to see what it's been doing. Not if you want to keep up your offensive.

>Your foe is preparing to attack by synchronizing with the soul entities arrivals!

The continual interferences of these aberrations will impose a permanent -5 to your rolls and prevent critical success.

Unless you guys make the conscious decision to ignore them which WILL means guaranteed damages on your barrier and potentially worsen your situation.

Meet fire with fire and go on the offensive!

Take a step back and collect yourself, this option will allow you to catch of glimpse of the Apostle.
>Defense [Evasive. Guard. Counterattack]

And finally
You can always try to run away and do something else.

With how damaged he is, rather than focusing on doing a devastating blow in exchange for accuracy, we want to ensure the blow lands, no matter what. Let's prioritize a faster attack, which will, with a bit of luck, not give it time to finish synchronizing with the aberrations.

What I remain uncertain on is if we want to ignore the aberrations to free ourselves from that -5 to our roll, or not.

For now, I'll go with "Don't ignore them", but other users's votes and comments might make me change my mind about this.
Mmhm, coming to a consensus about the handicap and course of action will be needed.
Will this be our only chance to get rid of the aberrations?
As in killing the Red World creatures coming to interrupt your fight?

You'll never be really able to get rid of them. Despite the Lullaby, numbers upon numbers of them are converging on your position. It's something you'll have to put up with.

If you mean the Magritew, the fight can continue until one of you is dead or flee.
Supporting. Let's see where this ride will take us..
Light attacks are the interruption option yes? Is it synchronizing as in just preparing to take advantage of opportunities they offer up or is he preparing to use them as fuel for a big blast?
>Light attacks are the interruption option yes?

Yes. Counterattack work similarly but you commit much more power into it.

>Is it synchronizing as in just preparing to take advantage of opportunities they offer up or is he preparing to use them as fuel for a big blast?

There isn't enough of them available for easy consumptions, there's no way to accurately predict the Magritew true intentions so you'll have to trust your guts.


Two votes for medium with the handicap. I'll lock things in about... 15 or 20 more minutes I'd say.

Medium with a little -5 it is. Unless we get a sudden influx of other votes quickly, let's go with that.

Roll me 1d100. this choice wasn't the fabled auto-success.

Rolled 44 (1d100)

What could go wrong?
Rolled 52 (1d100)


Come on now. My last two rolls were awful. Surely we deserve something better this time! >w<
Not too bad but will we get a clutch?
Rolled 40 (1d100)

Gah, Dice Gods please!

Not getting the auto-success frustrates me more than it should have any right to do so.

We need something better!

If a while happens and no one else rolls, should we try rolling again?
File: 1340585764998.jpg (257 KB, 660x794)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
It'll be fine, don't worry.
Damnit, I knew light attack had to be right option. We could have combo'd into something else after rattling that fucker up a bit.

And oh yes, it'll be fine, fine for you that is. Then again, our foe does appear to be heavily wounded. Not like he's gonna stay that way for long now that the buffet has arrived though...
File: 11.jpg (124 KB, 1024x748)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>Light Failure.

If it was awaiting reinforcement, logic dictates to pursue your advantage now. With metal feet scratching the smooth ground of obsidian you preempted the Magritew aggression in a calculated offensive, blade singing its familiar deadly croon of steel. the Magritew had grown used to its length now, so you shifted mid-battle, transforming a broadsword into a finer, thinner blade and there more morsels of skins were peeled off. your freed hand helped keep your balance; onward and onward did you go, keeping firm attention on your surrounding and the Magritew potential counterattacks, pressuring it toward a corner of this makeshift arena that was a fair distance from that flesh pyramid.

! A gathering of light behind its transparent skull heralded another projectile. Your legs retracted, your blade carved a fine line across the Magritew ribs, a flash of light and a murmur of sizzle above your head was no cause of celebration, unfortunately, a suspicious splotch of humid, heavy flesh behind you demanded attention. A pair of foe -mutated men, perhaps recently formed entities- had managed to up and bridges distance quickly enough to demand a response. What looked to be remnants of heads had fused into a throat that itself, opened into a bloody maw of moving tendrils.

Another song of steel slice apart their single-minded charge bereft of self-preservation, half a second later -before and blood even colored the dark ground- a weight on your arm heralded trouble.

Two of the Magritew tendrils were wrapped around your good arm, their energy-sucking nature inevitably taking a toll.


It was fast! With all of its tendrils back and deployed, the Magritew pulled itself closer instead of trying to pull you over, tendrils deployed like the long legs of an angry spider to finally devours.

There's nothing deadly than its embrace but you haven't been caught completely off-guard.

>Defense [Evasive. Guard. Counterattack]

Things are occurring too quickly to be interrupted by aberrations in this round, so the Interruption malus isn't in effect.
>Defense [Counterattack]

If it is latching to us for damage, it is exposing itself to a powerful blow from us!
It's real risky, but could we yank it towards us by the tentacles and impale it on our sword? Or we chop most of it's tentacles off to somewhat ruin it's offensive capabilities.
Both options enter the counterattack option, though if players insist on this options you guys can do that too.

I don't want to influence things too much so I'll remain vague.
Let's see, I'll wait 20 minutes before locking things.

I like the otions that this anon provides. I don't want to let it escape to potentially regenerate it's wounds.

So I'd lean more toward the Yank and impale strategy.
Yeah, I feel like counterattack is the way to go. Can't really be evasive when the Magritev already has a hold on us, and guarding will most likely just let it wrap it's tentacles around us more.

Lowkey getting real anxious about going into this fight without communicating anything to Sieg, Deru and Tui. Sieg absolutely would have protested but let's be real, outside of physically knocking us unconscious how could she have stopped us?
I'd say it's been long enough.

Counterattack it is, high risk, high reward...

Offering auto-success choice might be too generous.

Possible that we'll end things here tonight, I'm not sure how long the next update needs to be.
Guarding will only allow it to envelop us completely and it's got its tendrils wrapped around our arm but good I'd imagine so evade will only delay the inevitable.

Well, unless going full Hulk on it is a good idea but you said it doesn't really take physical damage unless its from our body. Thus, our only option is meet its attack with one of our own.
Look I'll have to update tomorrow. Making the right choice at this venture was... Well, things happen.

Rest well, INH.
And thanks for an excitement filled night, as always!

Looking forward to what will happen next~
I don't think getting impaled is gonna bother it much (unless we impale it's head that is). If we split it in half from head to balls or just straight up decapitate it though, that ought to finish the job.

So yeah, one of those three for me.
The Magritew approach demanded a snap reaction -no more than half a second- and thus, you did your best to dig your feet firmly against the smooth glassy soil of obsidian, hefted your trapped arm and struck back against the floating spidery abomination with your altered blade -already in a process of mid-transformation- as the Magritew full set of regenerative tendrils wrapped behind your back into a deadly embrace, contact was simultaneous and nearly toppled you down. A chimney digging into your spine was the entire reason you didn't fall, your sword-arm was deeply embedded into the Magritew torso; not enough to be lethal, a successful gamble from the creature.

It likely thought it would either die or trap you in its unbreakable soul-sucking hold.


Without your barrier you'd be in the middle of a deadly fascination, condemned to review memories after memories before their disappearance, your soul becoming nothing more than substance for the blue humanoid jellyfish. Its embrace of ribs shattering strength caused plaints of yielding metals to whine out of your body as parts of Gardy coppery material bent inward with each tendrils sliding toward your spine.


In normal circumstance, cutting those limbs holding you prisoner and falling down to avoid the Magritew jump would have been a likely option of evasion but today wasn't ''normal'' by any stretch. Prudence wasn't your watchword.

Drying the tears of your little friend little sister? needed an unorthodox solution from the very beginning.

The Magritew let out a worrying sound that almost sounded like a yelp -if one could find such noises by slamming two full buckets of metal together- when your arm deep inside its slimy body grabbed onto its backbone.

Your second hand wormed upward, clawing into the skull face of this dangerous predator, it`s good to hand began to slam the back of your head, it`s ten limbs constricted with desperate force trying to overcome its organic flaw; there always had been a maximum pace with its soul consumption. Water inside a gourd couldn't flow faster from its small opening after turning it upside down, even if what awaited below was scorching hot sands in a desert.


''ive...take...ake it back!''

A voice, a meld of two presences now united in a single purpose, emerged from a throat of darkened iron. Yanked its spine, digging your thumb into the only eye you could reach, the Magritew yowled. Bright liquid visibly traveled the length of its transparent blue frame, coalescing behind its head and a projectile, this time heavier than normal, rammed into your face with familiar deadly strength, bending your head into an unfamiliar angle - then a force slammed into your side, your knee bent... and found emptiness.

You fell with your enemy but your bigger, heavier body could still wiggle in this constrict of blue. The creature incessant projectiles flew wildly off course, allowing you to regain your sight. Something on left side of your face had bent inward, obscuring a degree of vision. Your hand on its face was reaching the inside of its cerebral cortex whilst its spine bent outward like a piece of clay as you continuously pulled, imposing a concept of death unknown to its body.

All of it!

The ravenous eater pressure would have killed anyone truly alive. Your body cracked and protested, your barrier weakened in flashes of gilds, your arms had pushed the creature headfirst into a deadly landing.

Vilma had been crying far, far too much these past two weeks: her resolve before fighting Elenore had been beautiful, her failure in the duel was a harsh lesson, the following Overcast had been a moment of pure despair -one you dearly regret missing- the reconciliation later that day with everyone was a souvenir of radiant, warm happiness...Then the days after where she resumed proper lesson with Teruko, shouldering new responsibilities as Sieglinde retainer then wanting to help a destitute family of undead with, perhaps, a little too much overeagerness... All of these memories were important. Her old master, her trials, triumphs, and failures needed to remain whole, to be protected.


And this infernal thing stole it all away.
Deep, deep your limbs of iron went, the anomalous state of unliving -yet so intensely alive- animated by the simple wish of maintaining what was precious, smiles needed protections. If one of your precious flowers was extinguished, how many others will waste away?


''Make them back!''

Magritew were consumers of souls, memories were the first -perhaps only- a manifestation of a person soul. This one had somehow altered instead of taking, changing with purpose rather than piggishly eat. Was it truly holding Vilma memories? Had it made careful, surgical cuts into her precious past and devoured them like prized fillets?


In this precious moment in time, two souls were one, united in friendship. The Protector always was a walking anomaly, reality rejected his existence of artificial yet how intensely did he live and wish!
File: 6.jpg (270 KB, 1024x990)
270 KB
270 KB JPG

A violent impact on your back almost flattened your spine accompanied by a disgusting fracas of humid organic material simply... falling apart. Whatever aberration decide to jump from the roof had killed itself in doing so. Thoughts bubbled to the surface, consciousness lit up your mind again, filling you with strange euphoric lethargy as if you'd been drowning underwater seconds before.

The Magritew was a husk of blue starting to melt into an unrecognizable puddle. Life, this strangely invisible spark of existence was gone and without it, these soul entities couldn't maintain the integrity of their bodies.

Below your belly of steel was a strange item. A small statuette of dull jade had somehow appeared into this hellish dimension, crafted beautifully to represent a short-statured cowled presence.


Another violent impact almost split your back, the last of the two intruders on the roof killed itself in trying to harm you. This immediately cleared awe and confusion out of your head. Carefully grasping this precious jewelry, nearby approaching sounds of approaching dwellers coming on your flanks force you into a sudden forward sprint already impeded by numbers of smaller mutated freaks that forced you into a zigzagging pattern.

10 seconds, 10 meters. You've gone and distanced yourself from the forge, allowing you a brief respite to re-examine your surrounding.

This damnable creature that had intruded on your duel was, beyond the shadow of a doubt, amassing an army, imposing some kind of order in this anarchic reality. Close to fifty random entities were present -all congregating on you of course- whilst the strange bed of corruption emanating out of that mutated wizard had gained some kind of semi-sentience, become a moving mass of... of flesh, mouths, and eyes. There weren't any other descriptions.

These heavier foes were making steady progress toward you, consuming anything that was in the way. A few even fused with one another to create a bulk of mutated beastly violence.

Standing on the other side of this battlefield, the strange wizard mutant hovering book was open and he continuously gestured into your direction.

He'd amassed an army, clearly not intent on letting you go...

But it didn't seem to know you could physically shift in and out of this plane at will.

Will you?

High above you saw the unique maelstrom of the Demonic Throne twisting and twirling on itself up in the red sky, as if observing these events with great interest.

>You have acquired a strange figurine of dull jade!
>Will you stay and fight the Apostle?
Hightail it! We're really beat up, and there's no telling if damage taken in the Red World transfers over once we plane shift.

We've achieved our objective here, let's not bite off more than we can chew. But make sure give the Apostle a mocking salute/rude hand gesture on the way out.

Any chance we could sprint closer to our friends before leaving? If damage does carry over from the Red World I'd rather not risk passing unconscious too far from them.
As much as I'd like to kill this fucker here and now we both A)don't have the shields remaining for yet another boss fight and B)Can't risk damaging or losing this figurine as it may be the key to fully restoring Vilma's true memories.

Exit stage right and book it for our friends at top speed. For all we know this bastard can do the exact same trick we can only, thankfully, his attacks don't ignore defense and eat souls of those on the other side. Oh man are the rumors gonna spin after this stunt. Especially if our fusion state persists after the shift back into real space.

Also, I think you meant to say Give them back not "make" them back
>Any chance we could sprint closer to our friends before leaving? If damage does carry over from the Red World I'd rather not risk passing unconscious too far from them.

That can work.

No no, the words were right. Arawn/Gardy was saying that all of Vilma memories will be remade if they were truly gone. By using the Magritew as clay.

Two votes for legging it.
I really hope back-up arrives soon. Ideally Daiyu can enter this realm from the Throne.


Hoping my hunch is right, basically we have that this Apostle fights by controlling these abominations and making them attack us. So if we disrupt the Apostle, it should be possible for us to stop the aberrations. Ideally he won't be able of fighting and controlling them at the same time.

Also, if the Apostles are following Ama's orders, they will NOT harm us. We won't be killd, and likely we won't be crippled, unless they are willing to risk Ama's wrath.

They could attempt to capture us, but we have a way of replenishing our shield and buy time.

Lastly, why are we staying here and fighting if we already protected Vilma?

Well, as I see it, we're not done protecting our friends. I feel like while this all is going, Teruko is being targetted as well. If we let this person go, he'll rejoin whomever is trying to harm Teruko, and team up with them. We must not let that happen!
File: 55.jpg (292 KB, 1000x1347)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
I'll proceed with the current results but if people end up swayed into fighting within the next, say, 20 minutes I could accept that.
There's only one itsy, bitsy problem with the shield replenishment thing. See, we already used up all the inconsequential memories. If we want more shields, then we're gonna have to start carving into the important ones.

Also, don't be so convinced about Ama's attachment to us. She wants to see us struggle. If there was no chance of us dying then the struggle was essentially meaningless. Like flipping a coin with two heads and no tails. Why even bother to flip the damn thing? It is our meaningful struggle and bitterest suffering that fill her with joy. Least we forget, she did let us die once already...

You do have a point. Then again, what I propose is to keep fighting with just the current shield and build up more from an important memory in case the shield breaks.

I have the feeling the Magritew was much more of a threat than this Apostle or any of the creatures that are chipping our shield by 1% at a time.

As for the second part... there is admittedly a chance we could die here, but I don't think the apostles will be the ones behind of it, if they can help it.

The toy may break, but they'll be in deep shit if it breaks, so I don't think they'll want to let that happen. Now, the abominations in the red world? Those WILL try to kill us, most likely. That's where the risk is, if I am understanding things right.
File: 1.png (205 KB, 587x600)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Alright, it'll be better for me to confirm that I'll update tomorrow now. Retreating means writing another fair chunk of text, staying and fighting would obviously lead to more quicker interactions.

How happy do you guys think the girls are?

I expect them to be pretty damn pissed.

But if what we recovered ARE Vilma's memories, or at least, part of them, it will all be worth it.

Also, the Magritew is now 100% confirmed dead, right?

Let's hope the apostle can't just re-raise it with it's magic or something like that.
Oh they'll be annoyed at us at best. Sieg's probably going to be angry at us - we really ought to have told them we were going into the Red World, I thinks.

We'll probably going to be put on a house arrest of some kind, and not allowed out of sight for the time being. Oh well, it'll be an opportunity to study and train, won't it?

If you're referring to their opinion of the current overall situation, they're going to be absolutely livid that White's lackeys have gone after Vilma in this manner and are making a mess in general - especially given the timing with the Suppression mission.
It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission, especially if you come back in one piece and with the objective completed. Victory, after all, needs no explanation.

They are going to both curse us for making them worry themselves a shade of pale *again* and be damn near crying with joy upon noticing the fact that we're 100 percent fine and have a way to restore Vilma. Depending on the girl in question we will either be hugged, slapped, or they'll put their head on our chest and thump their fist upon it as they condemn our actions and beg us to never make them worry like that again. Perhaps all three, as I said it depends.

It's gonna be a very emotional scene. Can't wait to see it all play out.
>Also, the Magritew is now 100% confirmed dead, right?

Not even necromancy can give back the spark of life. You can chalk off that problem.

>Oh they'll be annoyed at us at best.
I wonder what you guys will have to say with what they were about to do. We'll see tomorrow!

Boss died before stage 3, talk about working fast.
There was a third stage? Thank god we killed it before that happened. What would have that have looked like, y'know, out of morbid curiosity?
I think you'll be able to deduce it after reading tomorrow continuation.

If not I'll be happy to answer then.
My guess is, It was going to fuse with all the aberrations to mimick what we had done with Gardy.

If we can fuse and get a power boost, so can the Magritew! Except, we kinda killed it while it was getting prepared to undergo the Magical Girl Transformation sequence.

Kinda cheating, but the magritew cheated first by breaking rule number 1: "Do NOT harm our waifus"

No playing fair against anyone who breaks that rule.
Magical Girl Transformation sequences are supposed to be happy, cute/pretty, and fill those around them with hope for a brighter tomorrow.

That thing's "transformation" would have been the exact opposite of all that!

Dark Magical Girl transformation. :3c

The same concept applies, though. It is bad etiquette to interrupt someone while they are transforming.
Not in my book. A transformation sequence looks like an opening to me, and a wise fighter never fails to exploit an opening!

Besides, the dark transformations are more sad and tragic, not something straight outta Lovecraft.
File: skullgreymon4.png (109 KB, 611x413)
109 KB
109 KB PNG

But if we don't respect peole's transforming scenes, our enemies also won't respect ours. What if Lady White slips something between Arawn and Gardy while they're in the process of doing their fusion dance/ transformation sequence?

Considering that we got a 100% successful fusion rate, it is likely to think that, at times, the fusion can go wrong.

I am scared to think what will happen when Lady White finds a way to make the fusion/power up sequence go horribly, horribly wrong.

pic attached may help illustrate what I am getting at.
I had players drop a bomb under my boss that ended up cooking off the ammo their zombie minion was carrying and they forgot about. Ramped the blast up from "Next Stage!" to literally three times the damn thing's maximum health.
>I wonder what you guys will have to say with what they were about to do. We'll see tomorrow!
Hm. I wonder, perhaps they were preparing to back us up somehow - in which case we need to remember to communicate more in situations like this. If we'd known about possible back up we could have used querilla tactics against the entities amassed by that Apostle to buy time.

Oh well, what's done is done.
What is TOM?
Stand for Tale of Monsters
I'll be posting tomorrow, got home a tad too late today.

Writing the girls is fun.
Do the girls get more anxious waiting for news on Arawn during the days where no update happens, I wonder~?
File: Sieg1.png (283 KB, 800x800)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
It might be safe to say they'll develop some anxiety when they don't see our elf face to face due to his propensity for doing unreasonable things out of nowhere.
As is being with them. I can't wait to see how they've reacted to all this but no matter if they're mad at us for yet another stunt, just glad we're OK, or miffed that we didn't bring them along for the wild ride, the most important thing is that we have results. No matter what they gotta say, they can't argue with that!

I wouldn't call the things we do "unreasonable", I'd call it... bringing "excitement" into their lives.

I mean, if all we did was play it safe things would be boring. Living on the edge is much more fun and stimulating!

That is a valid point. Has any of the girls seen us while we were fused with Gardy? We might get attacked if they think we are an enemy.
>I mean, if all we did was play it safe things would be boring. Living on the edge is much more fun and stimulating!

Disappearing right before the eyes of a lady who feel things very, very deeply and swore never to leave your side again can be a bitter pill to swallow, a responsible and far too empathetic demoness understanding the dangers of the Red World miiiight have a little something to say about adventuring in there when there's an unbelievably dangerous creature awaiting...

The girls are way too soft.

>That is a valid point. Has any of the girls seen us while we were fused with Gardy? We might get attacked if they think we are an enemy.

Nah. Looking into the Red World itself is extremely difficult, let alone going into out fully bodied as you did. Gardy + Soul nature really come in handy huh?
Yeah, you are right about that. We'll have to find a way to make this one up to Klesiah and Sieg in particular.

We can take them shopping in Throne Town when we get a free day or something? I mean, it's not like that'd be a date or anything. Totally not a date...
>Forgetting the angel and Vilma
Oh don't worry, I didn't forget about them. It's just that if we bring them all at once we won't really be able to land intimate moments with any of em' as once it looks like one's gonna happen the jelly will kick in and compel the others to interrupt!
Seconds were all you had to make a decision. Whatever dominion the apostle had within the Red World made him a complicated menace. Somehow overcoming the Hour of Lullaby and the inherent violent individualisms of all these pieces of souls and uniting them with a collective objective was... troubling. Quality, wounded quality in this case, against unending quantity wasn't going to lead into a good outcome; reaching him was possible but events are likely to worsen quickly.

For a moment Teruko features flashed into mind but the tiny weight of today objective in your hand finally motivated you into a speedy retreat, soon enough joined by running quadrupeds, pale imitations of wolves undeniably sculpted by the apostle. Red World denizen naturally grew into bulkier physiques.

Having a few meters of advance allowed you to arrive first into the familiar alley, the souls of your friends burned brightly, having moved away from their previous amalgamation of rainbow burnfire to linger into sharp humanoid lights here and there -Elina and Tuilelaith stark absences was starting to become a genuine worry- but the intrusions of your pursuers demanded immediate reaction. Forced to use a single hand, the dog jumping at your throat had its muzzle and teeth shattered when you grabbed onto its head and the second one attempting to nip at your hell was reduced into a mess of flesh when you squatted down to squash its brethren onto its back in a murderous downward thrust.

You couldn't see the apostle from this angle, perhaps you'd be able to conceal your dimensional shift with a little luck... Trying to find another way out would take far too long.

Gently wrapping the small statuette with both hands, you did your best to mentally block the noises of approaching aberrations; running steps and roars melded into a quiet echo of carnages.

Souls needed separation, Arawn body is one of flesh - your duty is done today. Worrying lethargy dimmed your consciousness, your standing legs almost buckled under invasive sleepy pressure. Sight darkened.

What was whole split into a natural two.


Daiyu precious capital city was a place of sounds and smells.

Winds whistled into the alley in acute flows, boots created sharp scrapping noises by carelessly touching debris, an iron perfume of blood tickled your nostril alongside lingering ozonous remnants created by Klesiah fearsome magic.

You actually missed these natural sensations during your... trial.

Mother Earth realm was a place of pain.

Flesh had replaced steel, breathing required conscious efforts on your part. Each movement of your chest caused burning lances of torment to travel right into your spine, a thick swelling on the left side of your face closed your eye, robbing you of precious peripheral vision.
Back there, inside the Red World, neither Arawn Loukanos or Gardy held true dominion of their beings. Inside the realm of souls, the Embodiment of Protection had accomplished his duties, materialized by the small statue of jade in your trembling hands.

Goddess, this agony in your guts...

''You!? Y-you you!? What!?'' The same person that witnessed your disappearance had witnessed your reemergence. Klesiah truly was a healing sight, a combination of gorgeous blue, functional gray and feminine elegance that made smiling an inevitability despite her ferocious expression.

Anger, frustration, worry, happiness... All of these produced a dangerous mixture on her lovely features and -perhaps for the first time- she forgot her stubborn position. Klesiah all conquered distances with a raised hand covered in iron. Weak as you were with shattered ribs, a swollen face and enough fatigue that a simple poke would make you pass out, bracing for impact was slow, but you deserve it.

Thankfully nothing came. Klesiah swallowed audibly and you peeked a glance, her hand had balled into a fist far away from your body and she looked at her limb with a genuine expression of guilty horror, droplets of worried tears sparkling in the corner of her nice round eyes, hints of white teeth peeking out of her upper lips as she bit onto her bottom one.

Mother's Mercy! Nothing works better to make you feel terrible.


''You look terrible, my lord.'' The knight interrupted you, fists on her hips, she audibly sniffed and put on a terribly, terribly forced smile.

Her glaive had been left at the center of the group where Sieglinde was having an intense chat with the Overlord while glancing your way with burning red eyes of honest fury. Whatever they were talking about had the Gazer nod frantically. Then, she produced a silver necklace out of an inside pocket of her tunic and began to speak into it, eyestalks bending to look observe you in frowning disbelief. Vilma was twisting her body to look at you, the poor girl face showing honest marks of crying; you can just imagine the heartbreaking sight of her sitting there with hands covering her ears.

The crimson princess approach could have shaken the earth. Long curly red hair floated with each step of her long, dark legs, hands visibly twitching as she radiated rage with sharp mannerisms, her long deadly tail made this fascinating back and forth...

''Your majesty, wait!'' Klesiah, goddess bless her, interposed herself in the demonic princess path.
File: Red 19.jpg (120 KB, 800x1132)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
All traces of anger vanished from Sieglinde face after a better analysis of your rather pathetic state. ''You...?'' She whispered with honest horror, that irresistible empathy dispelling anger like a cloud of dust. ''Sun isn't completely down, it's still dusk, I swore I'd... I'd make you... Mother's Mercy look at you! Is that internal hemorrhage? And that breathing!?''

That's when your knee bent, the two girls all but threw themselves to support you and feeling their hands on your sides caused such a spread of agony that your scream mixed with fluid, almost puking right on the demonic princess as both girls retreated in terror of worsening your wounds.

''I-I did it.'' You squeaked out while spewing out something. ''It's dead, smile's been protected.''

''Damn it, damn it! It was freaking dangerous but then mister had to go and play hero huh!?''

''Please lean on me milord, use the side that doesn't hurt. There's no need to walk anymore...''

You were holding the statuette hard enough to imprint it into your skin.

''Hang in there'' Buddy's voice resonated throughout your skull. ''Your wounds aren't lethal.'' He sounded drained.

A sudden luminescence of gold opened in the middle of the alley. Its swirly magnificence turned within itself; a spiral in the world conjured from nothing and from its shiny gilded depths emerged an unlikely trio.

''Where is he!? Wh-?'' Elina didn't share the blue knight and red demoness gentleness or mercy. Pale eyebrows knitted together in naked frustration and her pale red wings flapped together upon seeing you, carrying her away from the ground. Tuilelaith was thankfully more casual, although keenly interested in this little drama, she waved for Gwendolyn and Vilma. Sieglinde little sister, Deruella, stepped out of the ancient Supreme admittedly wide silhouette, her expression radiated keen interests with naked delight, undeniably fully expecting to enjoy a good show.

What had these three been doing?

''You made Vilma cry, moron.'' The angel whispered after reaching you, beautiful golden halo shining brighter with her agitation as she barely managed to speak through clenched teeth. Her anger was cold and choking, yet she looked almost serene, an unbreakable statue of porcelain garbed in blue metal, her gaze of pale green briefly hovered at the two women touching your shoulders and keeping you from falling over. You could only smile, the girls gentle hold was simply far too painful to do anything else.

''You know, letting your wounds heal slowly by using a few potions is what you deserve after that stunt.'' Said the merciless heavenly girl whilst placing her palms near your body, causing a few tremblings of excitement throughout your frame as you simply smiled in return. ''Freaking soft I what I am.''

Seriously, keeping quiet -really- is the path of wisdom.
File: 3.jpg (145 KB, 1280x784)
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145 KB JPG
Sweet, sweet release came in the form of a thick white fog filtering inside of you. Alchemical healing was the refinement of the uses of simples to boost natural recovery but Holy was, just like Elina, a miracle worker; functioning for as long as Mother Earth spark of life remains within oneself, damages that hadn`t been mended would be removed as if time itself rewound.

A refreshing coldness came with Elina spell; pain dissolved, replaced by immense lethargy. ''Thank you, Elina.'' You whispered, finally able to string sentences together.

Of course, the angel spell wasn't soporific. Your first adventure inside your own soul had been a tiring one indeed, poor Martha showed what happened when oneself gets overworked in souls matter, and for a moment you feel into a state of semi-aware sleep right there on your knees, supported by Klesiah and Sieglinde.

A rough finger tapping your chest brought you back to reality. ''You really think we'd be happy that'd you'd go in that red place on your own?'' Elina growled, ired by your smile, her wings flapped. ''Throne, now two times into the Red World!''

''Aah! You irritate me! Irritate!'' Sieglinde tone had grown painfully acute and now that you were -somewhat- fine and in one piece, her tightening hold on your shoulder made it seem she was about to dislocate it. ''Going poof into a deathtrap right before our eyes should be theoretically impossible because of collective...! Aah! Angry!''

The deadly blade on her tail curved inward and stabbed into the rock yet she carefully measured her strength to avoid hurting you.

''I... I'll do what I can earn forgiveness from you all.'' You decided to look at Vilma instead of the girls, elsewise you might start feeling tears burning your eyes. Deruella had moved to stand beside the lich and gently push her forward, the purple girl had the countenance of a prisoner in her careful gait.

''Everyone...'' Saying ''girls'' here might be a little too condescending, you managed to stand on your legs with Klesiah soundless support and Sieglinde pouty mutterings, Elina glare had changed into curiosity as she finally saw the strange statuettes in your hands.

''I think I have something that'll help Vilma.'' Hearing her name made the lich nervously twitch but, instead of stopping, the three other Supremes closing in forced her forward, beside Elina.

''I wonder if you`ll pop a blood vessel if you knew what we were about to do, lad.'' Tuilelaith commented, sharing a suspicious stare with Deruella and Elina. Oh, that was a mean bait. Your frown created a light-hearted chuckle amongst the girls, besides Vilma.

''You-you didn't...'' Her pale gaze bore holes into the damaged ground.

''I did, Vilma. You're part of us, no matter what lies plagues your memories, I wanted to help.'' Getting on your knees wasn't entirely to get on her level, your legs wobbled with each step and you had to hide your face with your elbow to mask a rude yawn.
File: L 2.png (1.32 MB, 1501x972)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
That strange statuette nestled in your palms met with sunlight, it's dull jade color shone with tired luminosity whenever a rare ray of sunlight pierced into it. The small cowled lady on her knee provoked a collective intake of breaths amongst your companions.

''Brought that back from that there place?'' Tuilelaith frown was intense enough to sink her eyes into her face. ''Lad? Laaaaad?'' Her tails straightened, a few whipping into Deruella side, which somehow sent the (not so dirty anymore) demoness into a giggling fit. ''How'd you make it?'' How was this vixen so sharp?

''When I and Gardy killed the Magritew we... I`m not certain what happened. All I know is that we acted as the Embodiment of Protection.'' It is difficult to recall what happened during that deadly wrestle with the ghostly abomination, your emotions had been incredibly intense.

Tuilelaith clapped her hands. ''What a fucking day!'' The fox bellowed while laughing, kicking away a limb from a fleshgait.

For this moment, Elina, Klesiah and Sieglinde animosity was shelved. All three observed one another, then the statue and finally Vilma in silent realization.

''This is... there's something in there.'' Gwendolyn muttered all of her tendrils were focused on your artifact, making for a very intense stance, ten small eyestalks seemingly hypnotized by this item made would have you believe you weren't wearing anything. ''Colors, maybe images, come into my head when I look into it. I dare not try to use my Gazing, possible that I'll end up breaking something.''

''Thank you, your grace.'' You spoke and gently reached for Vilma's hand, placing it on top of the kneeling -praying- cowled silhouette.

''I-I don't... Arawn...?'' Murmured the lich.

''My, I dare say we could be witnessing a true first in magic.'' Deruella licked her lips, her tenebrous eyes shining with excitation. ''Our man with a nature of soul comes back from the chaotic dimension of rejected souls aberration with a pretty little artifact - all done in an honest spirit of protection. Necessity'' The white demoness carefully measured her tone. ''Sustain miracles.''

''I did what I had to do.'' You replied, blinking to keep your brain alert. ''Elina created the only miracle today by arriving here so quickly.''

''Don't even start, big guy.'' Replied the angel, had you looked at her she was likely rolling her eyes, but that was to conceal embarrassment. ''I was going to slip my entire body into that plane of souls and drag you back.''

''You...what?'' Now that demanded a stare and the blond looked radiant indeed, grinning in broad self-confidence. ''That place is far too dan-Ack!''

Klesiah had gently poked one of your ribs. None of them hurt anymore, but the memory of your suffering still made them sensitives. ''Milord does not have the privilege of saying this. Not today, perhaps not ever.''

It's not even known if the air can be breathed out there!
File: Sieg 16.jpg (537 KB, 1240x1754)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
''I-I think... I-we can help Vilma with this.'' Change the subject, quick! By gently touching this strange statue, attention thankfully shifted away from incoming elven bullying.

''By joining with Vilma, then using the energy inside...'' Deruella muttered, scratching her chin. ''...I have absolutely no clue.'' She conceded with a grumpy harrumph.

''My-My... my memories?'' A glint of hope shone inside those eyes of amethyst. ''Is... can my soul be healed?''

''You should probably think about feeding today and tomorrow, the Magritew was latched onto you tightly and... dislodging it was violent.'' It had ripped apart holes into Vilma dim green soul with the kind of dreadful brutality that would have killed anything alive.

''Of course! Of course!'' Her fingers held onto the statue tight enough to withen her knuckles.

With the use of your Battery spell and its feeble link, it could be possible to activate this strange statue and indeed, restore what was altered and lost...

Goddess, you haven't realized it yet but you had been embracing Focus all this time. Your veins bulged and glowed in steel-like color, evident hints of redness melding with the disappearing sun.

Your mana reserve is incredibly low. Perhaps enough to reach Overcast...

>Join with Vilma and try to restore her memories despite the risk.

>Use Battery and Fork to also establish a link with Overlord Gwendolyn. Her lordship is a Gazer -a monster born to interact with minds- having her present could be helpful in this sudden ritual.

Your measuring perk will not be taking effect here, Arawn is dangerously exhausted, he won't be able to embrace Focus again before sleeping.

>Leave this memory ritual for tomorrow. In your state... you might commit a mistake.


Next few days should resume our regular session. For now, this post is everything I'll do today
Ok, so the statue is permanent right? As in it won't fade away in a few hours and we could put it into the personal safe of a royal that has all the wards necessary to ensure that nobody but them even has the slightest chance of getting at it in the meantime right?

Also, the memory ritual, if a link is needed to activate it wouldn't it be better to wait and use Martha's device for a full powered one?
>Ok, so the statue is permanent right?

>As in it won't fade away in a few hours and we could put it into the personal safe of a royal that has all the wards necessary to ensure that nobody but them even has the slightest chance of getting at it in the meantime right?

It'll be somewhere even more secured: Deruella direct attention.

>Also, the memory ritual, if a link is needed to activate it wouldn't it be better to wait and use Martha's device for a full powered one?

You aren't entirely certain what you need to ensure success, this is Arawn operating on instincts. You could wait to use the device of course.
>Leave this memory ritual for tomorrow. In your state... you might commit a mistake.
Yeah, let's not give the our friends even worse headaches.
How long are we gonna hear about this particular stunt?

I'm really tempted to argue with the girls that we technically were not alone in the Red World, given that Gardy is essentially a part of us but there is no sense in splitting hairs.
Well then, since Deruella is the resident soul expert I say we wait and let her figure something out. We just mess with the stuff willy nilly like a kid in a chemistry lab, she's the actual authority on the subject who could actually put our gift to truly miraculous use.

On a side note, we need to find a way to reverse the battery flow in the future. The donor would still have to be willing but if only we could top off from one of the girls just enough to not suffer burnout that'd be great.
File: Red 12.png (355 KB, 496x702)
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355 KB PNG
A stunt that had Klesiah almost slap you will be a lifelong memory.

>I'm really tempted to argue with the girls that we technically were not alone in the Red World, given that Gardy is essentially a part of us but there is no sense in splitting hairs.

Oh, that'll be plenty of fun. Right now the girls are all primed and full of mixed emotions, fact Arawn came out half-dead and is now extremely vulnerable and tired is sorta putting a damper on that anger but if you make a spark...

Alright, so that's two votes for not doing anything.

Since I'll be restarting the session properly tomorrow, I'll try avoid to making comments that'll influence future votes.
>Join with Vilma and try to restore her memories despite the risk.

I want to get it done with now.

I don't think Arawn will be able to endure a fork and battery here, though.

We may go into overcast, but... I feeel if we linger too long, Ama will do something to sabotage our attempt to do this. She might even try to do that the next time we fall asleep which... might be in a few minutes if Arawn's condition is any hint of our liklyhood to faint.

Vilma's memory handling needs to happen before Arawn falls asleep and Ama can try anything.


Besides that, we want to inform the party of the following:

1- Elina and Vilma's souls, along with the others, burn brightly and keep the things close to them safe, so Vilma, whose soul is weakened, needs to remain close to people whose soul can keep hers safe. No going all alone to where her weakened soul can be attacked.

2- We fear for Teruko. One of the Apostles was in the Red World, directing and gathering more of those aberrations. The onslaught likely isn't done just yet, and Teruko might also benefit from a soul-shielding from people with intene souls.

I want to convey this to them, before we all settle down thinking everything is all over now.

That was a looong text post. Good job!

Also, I know of a surefire, foolproof way to washo our hands from the blame of this particular event.

Do tell.
Will you use one of your gambling victories before falling unconscious?
Oh yeah, that does remind me. We still aren't 100 percent sure that Vilma isn't infected by the White one's influence the same way we are. INH, is there a way to "scan" someone for that shit? We really gotta know, very important information.

Best buddies don't throw best buddies under the bus to avoid the blame. Gardy suggested it, we went along with it. We're still guilty.
>Oh yeah, that does remind me. We still aren't 100 percent sure that Vilma isn't infected by the White one's influence the same way we are. INH, is there a way to "scan" someone for that shit? We really gotta know, very important information.

You'll need to establish a Battery and experiment from there.

"It was all Gardy's idea. I didn't want to go, told him it was reckless and dangerous, but he insisted."


How did you call my bluff? :V
File: 1360530058614.jpg (102 KB, 800x500)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I suppose Arawn could say that if we vote on it.

That's another way of "Protection" we can use Gardy for. :3

...Though jokes aside, I feel like it'd ither damage oour credibility among the girls if we used this, and it might even sour a bit the closeness we have with Gardy. We're bros, but not to the level where it's legit to take these kinds of blows for each other.

Besides, I think it's good for us to take responsability for this. This lesson of humblety is one Arawn needs to learn.

Also, now we get pouty girls who will want us to make it up for them.
Well, we still have the curse aspect. It's not reacting in any way towards her is it? Is it reacting in any way at all right now?

The other anon has me spooked a bit but my gut still says waiting is the better option right now. Can we ask Deru if she has any ideas about how to foolproof this?

Now then, next question is where everyone's gonna sleep tonight? How secure are the inner sanctums of the Demonic Fortress from Red World infiltration and incursion?
File: 7.png (1.24 MB, 1566x1200)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
>Also, now we get pouty girls who will want us to make it up for them.

Thinking of a way to do that could be wise.
>This lesson of humblety is one Arawn needs to learn.
I... don't really see how 'humble' is a lesson to be taken from this, Arawn's IS being humble about this imo.

I too think we should wait, but I support a short discussion with our friends. Who knows, they might come with something that requires minimal interaction from Arawn, unlikely as it is.

I'm gonna have to leave that for other Anons because I am complete dogshit when it comes to social conflict and baggage.
*Grumble* Feelings and emotions are bullshit, we should all be Vulcans.
File: 1539162548975.png (488 KB, 530x700)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
>Well, we still have the curse aspect.

You'll need to get it back after this adventure. Now that you know what you need to do, it's not going to be difficult making use of Lady White curse.

However, in our current context, you've just about one chance to do something before passing out so I can't tell you anything here.

>Can we ask Deru if she has any ideas about how to foolproof this?

I'm unsure what you mean by that.

>Now then, next question is where everyone's gonna sleep tonight?

In they're own rooms in the corridor directly facing Sieglinde.

>How secure are the inner sanctums of the Demonic Fortress from Red World infiltration and incursion?

The Demonic Altar itself? Nothing can happen inside of it due to his proximity with the Throne. It's impossible to create portals inside of it (aside from using the Throne itself, of course). The fortress you've spent all of your time in isn't any more special than Throne Town itself.

There's no real protection against ''Red World infiltration and incursion'' as you put it because it has rarely, if ever, been a malignant force up until now. People natural souls are simply that strong.
We need to get them some presents. Cook them some meals (we probably can't cook, but Gardy might know a thing or two), mana battery always seems to get a positive reaction out of the people we use it on. We could both train and make things up to them with that option.

Still, the thing they all seem to want most is time spent with us, preferably alone. They'll probably wanna boss us around too, y'know, as punishment. They may even wanna molest our precious pointy ears!

God help us if they ask Teruko for suggestions on how we may "properly" earn forgiveness....

Deru foolproofing means thinking of a way to prevent outside influence and/or ensuring the restoration ritual goes smoothly.

And, wait, we gotta get the aspect back? How the heck did we lose it?
>Deru foolproofing means thinking of a way to prevent outside influence and/or ensuring the restoration ritual goes smoothly.

Doing it somewhere inside the altar would be good security.

>And, wait, we gotta get the aspect back? How the heck did we lose it?

It's not so much losing it as having to consciously embrace it. Think of it like siding a sword out of its scabbard. It's a mental exercise you have to do while embracing Focus.

I think, we can come up with a few plans for that, and sure enough, as >>3183270 says, we will try to get them some presents if that helps.

But I believe, letting them tell us how we can make up for it could lead to more interesting things.


Perhaps humblety wasn't the right choice of word. Still, we've been naughty, and we need to accept our rightful punishment, which we're doing admittedly okay.

I was saying that trying to talk our way out of it by saying "I did nothing wrong" would send the wrong message.

The girls will surely be happier knowing that we are aware that wwhat we did was bad, and that we feel bad for it. Along with a promise to try and be more careful next time things like these happen.

Not that we can actuallly guarantee we won't just jump into danger without warning, when a threat looms over our friends! But short of a guarantee, letting them know we understand why they're mad is a good step in the right direction.
Alright, the majority of votes don't want to attempt doing the ritual now. We'll proceed that way.
Good thing too. On top of everything else I just remembered/realized that the apostle's likely still within our immediate area. Ya can't tell me he wouldn't try to jinx the ritual if given the chance. Probably under White's orders to do so.

We should probably tell the girls about that little fact before we pass out. He's probably the one after Teruko.
Can I vote to pass out after telling Vilma to keep the statue with her? Maybe roll to see who's pillows we wake up sleeping against?
Maybe you can say whose instead.
I'd like to but that's too risky. The figurine goes to wherever it will be safest from theft, destruction, and/or tampering. Sadly, that is not with Vilma.

Wait, so we can vote on whose bed/room we "mysteriously" end up in after all this?
I was only teasing. There are too many guests for that kind of shenanigans, Arawn is going into his lonely cell of a room. Unless, maybe, you make a heartful request of the ladies here...
"Please, I don't want to be alone." He said in a quiet voice, barely audible to those around him, vulnerable, and yearning.
''P-p-please let me sleep in your bed...''

Guess who would like to hear this?
We can't really do that sadly. We haven't all sleep in a pile like we'd all like to because that'd risk some scandalous rumors the royal family can't afford to have floating around in other capitals. Then again, someone really ought to be bunking with Vilma given the recent problems. She also needs to munch on a soul soon and I think ours is the most "nutritious" if ya know what I mean...

More than one of the girls I bet, though I think only Vilma and Klesiah would own up to and admit it.
No one?
Is it bad that I imagined Aarawn transforming into a child version of himself after tiring himself out this much?
Anon actually was onto something by going the tried and true eloquent and vulnerable route. I was just teasing again by delivering it like that.

Indeed, gotta earn your bed.
>age regressing Arawn.

Now there's a fantastic idea.

Someone better keep Klesiah very away from the lad.
What would she do?
File: Close2.png (334 KB, 619x1000)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
Something unsafe.
File: Spoiler Image (443 KB, 850x832)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
pic related?
Define "unsafe".
You could call it a journey of self-discovery for everyone.

Too bad it can't happen.
Darn, that could have been some good smut.
Pervert in me agree heartily.

I think we are walking a dangerous road.
With the FBI at the end of it yeah.
Mayyybe I could be convinced to write a weird dream for our knight, wouldn't be the first we jumped into her head...

Ah, this is dangerous alright. I need to stay focused on updating!
Klesiah wakes up rubbing her tummy, saying something about Aarawn's baby (form), and hungry for some tasty food.
I wake up, check the thread and come to *this*??
Ya'll need Talos something fierce.

OH, Insert! couple questions.

Firstly, how much could we have mitigated the girl's anger/annoyance at us had we given them a little warning about our sortie into the Red World?
Secondly, does Throne Town have changing seasons? I imagine it doesn't, but my curiosity demands I ask!

I wonder if Mamono's celebrate anything like christmas, just imagine the possible shenanigans involving mistletoe and... *cough*gift wrappings*cough*.

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