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The Hunter Association is an organization of the best and brightest humanity has to offer. They work everyday to protect the people, knowledge, culture of world. To become a Hunter, one must pass a test known as the Hunter Exam.

The Hunter Exam is a test that happens once every year, it is known to be one of the most difficult and dangerous test ever conceived.

Back-Breaking Physical tests paired along with Complex and Unconventional mental tests which are all conducted under extreme environmental conditions, all done in order to find even one person with the skills to survive the intense mental and physical pressure.

Those who pass the test are shown to be the best warriors and survivalists known to human kind. Passing the exam gives them a Hunter License, proof of their prowess and accomplishments.

This license gives them access to 90% of the entire world, 75% access to restricted places in the world, free use of all public utilities, almost 0 legal consequences for murder and most importantly, A lifetime of wealth and fortune.

However, the morality rate of the Exam can go as high as 90% with a pass rate of 1 out 10,000 contestants ever passing the Exam every 3 years. Despite this, 1000s upon 10,000s of men and women still enter for even the smallest chance at winning the title of Hunter. Whether this be out of insatiable greed, heroic honor or outright desperation.

In the Hunter Exam, the only thing that matters is the need to win and the strength to do it.





Quest Archive:


Combat rules:




Character List:

It's time
File: Derrick Holums32.jpg (87 KB, 400x300)
87 KB

"Ugghhh...No...please no! I-I'm sorry, I'll give up this life! I won't hurt anyone anymore! Please, please, please! Don't kill-"


The sound of rifle fire rings through the dilapidated walls of the abandoned apartment building as it cuts off the begging pleads and howls of the remnants of the mobsters that used to inhabit this run-down hole in the wall.

A sound you're all too used to now.

Time: February 1st, 1993, 6:07 AM, Sunrise

Location: Yorknew City, Inner city

Your name is Derrick Holums, you're still 16 years old, but you're definitely not the same person you were just 6 months ago. Things have changed and not in a good way.

When Fernand told you that he was waging war with the Mafia community, it seems you didn't really have any idea just what going to war really meant.

But after shooting that man 2 months ago during that first raid and fighting your way through the many raids that came after that.

You've finally come to understand.

War is hell.

Hell can be the only place you are right now. Sitting on the staircase leading inside the building, listening to the screams echo through the building as the remaining survivors of your current mission are cleaned up by Zeena and Rickard.

You sit outside, trying your best not to stare at the corpses of the 3 men you killed littering the street and stairs.

You never understood what Hell was till you saw it in the eyes of the men you killed. All this time, You thought it was a place. This burning dimension, filled with red men and sharp pitchforks that torture anyone who lands down there.

A bad place for bad people to go when they've done bad things.

But that's wrong, Hell isn't a place, it's a state of mind.

It's the state of mind of men who forced to come face-to-face with the darkness of their own souls, day after day. And that, in turn, is what War is.

The place where hell becomes manifest in the hearts of men.

You stare off into the rising sun in the distance and wonder what life would have been like if you didn't commit to this.

But every-time your mind wanders, reality comes back in a flash to wake you right back up with that same horrifying sound.


(That makes the 14th shot fired, Rickard and Zeena are too experienced to miss in a place with narrow hallways, especially not when their opponents barely even fight back before running away, piss staining their pants) you realize.

(That probably means the next shot ends the operation...for today.) you think.

After the first raid just 2 months ago being a resounding success, barring the single casualty of Danri Smarts who you buried just
5 months ago.

Fernand put the army to work, taking anyone willing and trained to go out and strike at the Mafia communities various industries of drug creation and trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, counterfeiting, arms trafficking and many more.

They're are many families all across the various states of Yorbia, but Fernand's focus has been on the 7 ruling over Yorknew.

Those being the: Kumins, James, Dim-Dimes, Rejual, Yang-bil, Nostrades and the one you're currently fighting,The Xanders.

A particularly vicious and bloodthirsty Mafia with a strong focus on money laundering, political manipulation and assassination.

The war is being fought on all fronts, by teams hand-selected by Fernand himself, mainly through the use of digital messages, since he still hasn't come back, despite it being 6 months since his last appearance, but that isn't anything new, so everyone's more than used to it now.

Your small team of 4 was assigned to destroying the Xander family, one of the largest in the city.

Fernand didn't give much of an explanation as to why you a team comprised of 2 teenagers, 1 military vet and his daughter would be the only one fighting the biggest and most dangerous family in the city, despite the literal 100s of more qualified teams that could do it.

All he sent you was a message stating You four have my upmost trust in handling this massive ordeal. I will send you any supplies you need and I assure you will be reimbursed in full upon completion, this is probably the most vital mission for Carpe-Diem's success. I'm sure you all won't fail me.

(I can see why he said that about Rickard and Zeena, those two are highly trained killing machines, they could probably bring down 3 families, all Xander's size, and hardly even break a sweat.) you admire.

(Me on the other hand, I'm just some angry kid who's out to get revenge on the people who hurt his family, barely out of training and almost out of vitriol at this point...why me? Why the fixation on me?) you wonder.


Your train of thought is cut short by the sound of gunfire yet again, (And there goes the 15th shot, that probably means operation's over now...The hell am I doing questioning Fernand's intentions anyway?) you realize.
The city has turned into nothing short of a warzone. People find themselves hiding in their homes to escape the sound of gunfire and the occasionally explosion.

Finding buildings filled with bodies is now commonplace, reports of the attacks of an unknown gang are stacking up on the news and the mafia leaders work tables.

The teams have been ordered to try and keep all raids and attacks restrained to nighttime and as silent as possible, but some teams simply can't help but wage war morning, afternoon and night.

When asked why, the answer is usually Because we're tired of being quiet about what we want and what we want is the mafia out of the city. or some variation of that.

Naturally, with this many coordinated attacks on various mafias groups kept piling up for months on end, the gangs have become wise to the fact that a 3rd party group has been waging war with the entire mafia community. The Mafia has come to see Carpe-Diem as a sort of ghost organization.

Impossible to define in terms of size or location. The only thing known is that they exclusively target mafia members and operations, never announcing themselves or their desires.

They don't seek money steal money, as any they obtain goes back only to back to hands of the various innocent people of the city.

A giant, looming enigma of a group, one that refuses to back down and is very good at what it does. There's nothing more horrifying to people than something you can't understand or reason with.

(A group incomprehensible killers who hunt down gangs indiscriminately, never asking for money and clearly not seeking fame. Jesus, the thought of it must strike fear in the hearts of good criminals everywhere.) you realize.

(Was this what Fernand was planning for from the very beginning? To give mafia's everywhere the same sense of fear the innocents of the city feel everyday?...Yeah, he seems like the kind of guy to create this group just to deliver some poetic justice.) you think.

The door behind you opens and a man with a tiger mask exits with a woman in a horse mask behind him.

Blood covers both their bodies, their visage is almost childishly horrifying, like someone dragged them off the set of a haunted house or from some highly traumatized child's deeply disturbed dreams.

However, they remain unaware, or perhaps, unfazed by their own appearances, too used to the scent of blood to even let themselves be bothered by it, no different than yourself now.

"Job's done Holums. let's go." The unfiltered voice of Rickard leaks from the mask.
File: Derrick's Mask.png (134 KB, 269x272)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
You look up at him, your expression indistinguishable due to your own bloodsoaked chicken mask, ( Job's done he says, like we just got done delivering these guys some pizzas...shit if we hit them all a little harder, we could probably stuff a few of these bastards in a pizza box...) you think as you look at the brutalized corpses of the men on the ground.

3 floors, comprised of 18 people total, all wiped out. No survivors in sight. Not inside or out.

(Most terrifying thing is, this isn't even my bloodiest mission this week.) you think.

(just 2 days ago, we hit a drug-making nest with 25 men in it. Killed every last one of them inside. On my own, I made up 8 of those kills.) you realize.

You look down at the pistol in your hand, a classic 1911 handgun, one of the first you made and same one you used to kill your first man, (I've killed so many, with this dinky little thing in my hand...almost looks like a toy, till you go popping people between the eyes and watching them drop like flies...now I can't look at it as anything other than the tool of a murderer.) you realize.

Rickard kicks you to get your attention, "Didn't you hear me Private? We're done for the day, time for you to run along to mommy. Can't keep her waiting any longer can you?" He states.

"Yeah, you're right...time for us to go." you answer apathetically.

"Well don't you sound more sourer than a rotten grape? What's plaguing your mind Private?" he asks.

"...." You go silent.

"Keeping up the morale of his men is the field commander's first job, if you ain't gonna tell me now, I'll freeze your active duty status till you do." He threatens.

"...Hey Rickard, you mind picking me a new gun? I don't think I can keep using this one..." You state

"Now where the hell is this coming from? Suddenly got a hankering to try your hand at new weapons?" He asks.

"...." you don't answer.

"Something tells me you aren't that much of a gun-nut though. Hey Corporal Zeena." He turns back to Zeena.

"Yes Dad? What is it?" She asks

"Head to the car before us and get that sloth Private Yardley to pull the car closer." He orders.

"Understood. What of you and Derrick?" She asks as she walks ahead.

"Me and the Private are going to have a quick chat, looks like he's in need of some morale-boosting." Rickard answers.

"Understood Sir!" She salutes Rickard before looking down at you.

"If you're feeling overwhelmed or depressed, you don't have to join every mission you know? You're more than free to rest for a week or two. Especially considering you haven't taken a single vacation in these last 2 months...." Zeena advises.
"...." you still don't respond.

"Your concern is appreciated Corporal, but the last words Private Sunny here wants to hear are the words rest or vacation." Rickard states.

"Tch" you click your tongue reflexively at the mention of that nickname.

"Is that so..." Zeena states, hesitating to leave you.

"So it is. Now get moving." He hurries her out.

"Fine then, don't take too long you two, we can't stay here any longer than 30 minutes." She says as she heads down the street.

As she leaves, Ricakard sets down his rifle and sits beside you, "Right, you hear that private? If we got 30 minutes max, let's make this quick and only take 15 minutes." He states.

"Will you stop calling me Sunny? I don't mind degrading nicknames, as long as they don't have anything to do with my hair..." you state.

"That's a something we'll sort out later. First, What's the problem with your gun?" He asks.

"Sights off? Power too low? Got some kinda jamming problem? Suddenly got a problem with Handguns in general and now you want something new?" He asks.

"It's none of that, you think my gun-making skills are that damn terrible? The gun works great...that's actually kinda the problem actually..." you admit.

"Huh?" He blurts out.

"The gun works fine...there's no issue with the sights, power or jamming. I can kill anything in one or two shots...but that's kinda the problem. My gun works too damn well." you state.

He cranes his head in confusion, "You have to be the first solider I've met that complained that his gun is working too well for him. Is this some damn joke Private?" he asks.

"I know it sounds stupid. But it's actually kinda scary to me...how efficient guns are at killing people. It feels like I'm carrying death in my hands and that feels...wrong." you answer.

"Interesting way of looking at the thing, not exactly wrong neither." He begins.

He picks up his own rifle and examines it, "Yeah, guns are death. They say God made man, but guns made men equal." He states.

"Guns are tool made for ending lives. We've had quite a few of those throughout history, swords, bows, slings, large sticks. But none of them compare to the gun." He states.

"There ain't nothing more efficient, more clean, more deadly or more personal than a gun. It's like Mr.Colt just gathered up all the hate, malice and death throughout history culminated it into one tool." He states.

"One very powerful, very easily made, very easily used tool, that makes the act of taking someone's life as clean and efficient as the invention of a soap and sponge made cleaning dishes." Rickard explains.

"The act of holding a tool like that is scary to some people. But we aren't some people private. We're the people who use guns the right way, to protect good people from the bad people who would use guns to hurt the good people." He states.

"Are we really the good people though?" you ask.
"Now what are you trying to say?" he asks.

You hold up the pistol, "Every-time I stare down the sights of this gun, I see the faces of the men I've shot. Every-time I pull the trigger, hear the sound of the gun going off, my mind flashes back to the last person I shot." You answer.

"I can't get them out of my mind...all the men I've killed with just this weapon. I can't stand listening to sound of it's discharge anymore...it's driving me over the deep end." you state.

"You saying you scared of killing scumbags like the mafia? The faces of monsters like these are keeping you up at night? Knowing I put one of these bastards down helps me and every person in this city sleep a little better at night." He counters.

"So why are you suffering for them? I thought we got over your aversion to killing that night, two months ago?" He asks.

"That's the problem. I don't feel anything about it." You answer.

"What?" He asks.

"I don't feel a damn thing. I can see and remember the face of every single person I've killed, yet it doesn't keep me up at night, I see the faces of the people I've killed and I feel nothing." You explain.

"So you're doing fine then? What's the problem?" He asks.

"It feels wrong...it feels wrong to feel nothing." You start.

"Just two months I struggled to shoot someone who was holding me up at knife-point, but in just half a year, we've been through...how many missions now?" you ask.

"Probably 32 or so. We've covered a lot of ground, working everyday because none of us are looking for a break." He answers.

"And during those 32, how many people have I killed? How many of them got and their knees and begged me not to kill them? How can I remember them all...and not feel anything?" You ask.

"Because you don't care?" He suggests.

"But that feels wrong, it feels like, it feels like it should be normal, to feel...horrified, disgusted, angry-just something!" You list off.

"But I feel nothing, I don't feel a damn thing killing anyone. Isn't that strange? Isn't that the way a psychopath thinks?" you ask.

"I ain't no psychologist, you think I know that?" He asks.

"It doesn't take a psychologist to know what a psychopath looks like. Which makes me question, are we really the good guys here? Are we any better than the people we're killing here?" you ask.

"...." He listen silently.

"Thoughts like that have been keeping me up lately. It's starting to get to me..." you state.

"Maybe Corporal Zeena was right. I think you need to take a vacation Private." Rickard counters.

"Huh?" you blurt.

"You're thinking too damn hard about all this. Didn't I tell you when we started? We ain't doing this as some fucked up passion project. We're doing this to protect the people of Yorknew." he corrects.

"You may be in this for some revenge thing over your brothers, but that ain't why me or anyone else in this group's here for." He explains.
File: Get-away car.jpg (65 KB, 640x480)
65 KB
"Are we protecting the city though? This place feels more chaotic than ever. People barely even leave their houses anymore because of what we do." you question.

"That's just the process. Can't help inconveniencing some people when work needs to get done. You think road workers have to stop working just cause they're blocking a few people from going down the road?" He asks.

"It may look bleak and dark now, but we're working towards a brighter future." He states.

"Made from the bodies of the men we killed?" you ask.

"You see, that's where you're getting wrong." he counters.

"Huh? How?" you ask.

"You're measuring our work by the number of men we've killed, instead of the number of people we've protected." He states.

"Number we've protected? How do we even count that?" you ask.
"I dunno. I like to think that for every mobster I put down, that's another man or woman who's life I've saved." He states.

"And what if, in the end, the number of bodies outnumbers the number of lives saved?" you ask.

"Well, there ain't no such thing as a bright future that didn't have some blood spilled for it." he answers.

"And that just the thing, can people who've given up feeling things like remorse or mercy really make a bright future? Can numb killers like me even make anything resembling a happy future?" you ask.

"If you're getting numb to it all, that means you're starting to get this isn't just about you, but everyone in the city. In my opinion that's a good thing, but if you really want your sensitivity back, maybe going on break for a while is what you need." He states.

"I don't want a break...I just want to stop feeling like a heartless murderer. And that starts by getting the sound of gunfire out of my head." You state.

"I don't want to use anything that goes bang anymore...." you explain.

"You do know that's all guns right? At least, the non-explosives that is." Rickard counters.

"Well there has to be something other than a gun I can use, I can't keep going like this..." You state.

As you say that, a white Mustang car with no license plate pulls up in-front of the both of you and a youth in a wolf mask sticks his head out.

"Beep-Beep! Here comes the existential crisis mobile! Room for one Derrick "Captain Sunny" Holums?" He shouts.

"Errr...I can't stand that wit of his. This was a serious moment damn it." You state.
Rickard gets up, "Yeah? Well I love it. I can't stand how he doesn't take anything seriously, but he makes a good counter-balance to your depressing ass. You need someone like him who will tell you when it's time to think and when it's time to act." he explains.

"I hope you treasure your friendship." He states.

"Our first stop is Pity-Party street, followed by getoverit avenue and ending at you'llbeoveritinaweek Boulevard. Get in now or get left behind." Austin honks the horn.

"Ohhh, I just cherish it." You state.

"Well you heard the annoying little twit. We're going to Pity-Party street, your favorite Private!" Rickard jokes.

"Did you hear anything I said? I was being serious about the gun thing damn it." you state.

"Listen, I understand your qualms and all, but if you let it bother you too much, you really will become a monster. So stop thinking about and just do as your told, like a good solider." Rickard says as he heads over to the car door.

"Right..." you agree as you follow behind.

He opens up the door and speaks, "If it will really make you feel better, I hear the boys in engineering have started developing some fancy-new bows for people to use during silent assassination missions. Wanna try using one of them?" He asks.

You head inside the vehicle, "Bow? As in bow and arrow? Just because I don't want to shoot guns anymore doesn't mean I wanna head back to the stone age." You counter.

You see Zeena greet you with a smile as she speaks, "But these aren't your old-timey bows Derrick, these are modernized recurve bow, faster, more powerful than the old ones and they kill with a single shot to almost any part of the body. Plus the arrows are recyclable, unlike bullets." She explains.

Rickard sits beside you and closes the door, "And even it was the old kinds of bow, are you saying you think you're better than a weapon man has been using ever since we figured out we can shoot things deadlier than a rock?" He asks.

"Bows and arrows have been around far longer than any gun and for good damn reason." He begins.

"They can do what any single-action rifle can do in half the time with just as much of the power, as long the archer knows how to use it properly that is. Plus they don't go bang,bang, just like you want? Right Private?" He asks.

"Really? You guys are making bows sound pretty cool...maybe I will use one." you state.

"Ha. Yeah right, it took you a whole 2 months of practicing with a pistol before you could even shoot straight. Imagine going from that to firing an arrow? He ain't gonna do it." Austin states.

"Hey you don't know that man. Maybe I'll be an natural at it? Give me a month I'll be a professional archer." You state.

"Oh really? What are you robin-hood?" He jokes.

"Well, we steal from the rich and give to the poor, so yeah, maybe I will become robin-hood, you never know." you counter.
Austin laughs, "Yeah man, I'll be some kind secret agent in a few years, they'll be calling me Double O-7, professional badass." He counters.

Rickard leans over, "Well good for you private Yardley, but guess what your tag is right now? Single O-idiot, professional Dumbass! Now stop chatting and get driving! It won't be long till someone finds this place and we can't be here for that!"

Austin takes the steering wheel in his hand, "I hear ya...wait, no I don't. I think all that shouting just made deaf." He counters.

"Shut up and drive!" Rickard orders.

He steps on the pedal and puts the car into motion, "Sure thing... you Triple O-Asshole." Austin insults.

Hearing his insult Rickard and Austin fought all the way to the base and this would be the solemn start to the slow death spiral that would become your life in that long month of February.
File: Jesper Myerscough01.jpg (33 KB, 480x734)
33 KB
(Shit, more flashbacks. Why the hell does this exam keep bring back these memories? Why can't I just forget?) you wonder as Jesper speaks.

"Let's not waste anytime. The 3rd test begins now, newbie Hunters." Jesper declares.

He turns then turns around heads towards the doors of City hall, "Follow me in here and I'll tell you where to head from-"

"Now hold on a moment!" Dillion shouts, cutting him off.

He stops and turns his head back, "What do you want?" He asks, clearly annoyed.

"Are we really just heading into the next test just like that?" He asks.

He turns around and sighs, "What kind of stupid question is that? Of course we're moving right on to the next test. Is there some problem with that?"

"Oh my, do I sense a fight stirring?" Arztz questions.

"Jesus Christ that boah's more standoffish than the old west, who said I needed to act more civilized again?" Reynauld states.

"Quiet yourself you incest-born reprobate! I have the basic sense not to just walk away with this literally shady-eyed man with no idea where I'm going! I like living thank you!" Dillion counters.

"Oh boy, here he goes again with this shit..." Bradford shakes his head.

"Oh my great brothers, he about to complain about everything again, isn't he?" Brovoski looks exasperated.

"Shut your mouths you collection of lemmings! Mr.Myerscough! Aren't going to give us some explanation as to why we're solving a murder mystery? How that relates to being a Hunter? Why their just so happens to be to be a murder for us to solve?" He asks.

He puts a finger in his ear to clean out the gunk and continues, "By god Kid. Did your Grandma ever knit you a sweater with the words Long-winded etched into them? Do you really want to hear all that? It will take so damn long to explain..." He complains.

"As if my grandmother would waste her skill on something as old-fashioned and out of style as a sweater vest. And Of course I want to hear all the details! What sort of fool would accept that half-assed explanation!?" He complains.

"You didn't even do us the basic courtesy of giving us the usual wordy speech! Even the two idiotic twins behind you managed to do that!" He scolds.
File: Henry Dillion03.jpg (45 KB, 465x600)
45 KB
"Well I certainly don't like the way you call us idiots, I'll have you know that the two of us are modern-day philosophers! Thinkers far beyond our time!" Sheldon declares.

"But we do like the way you use wordy. If there's anything we love it's putting out as many words out in the world as we can! We believe every word we speak is yet another blessing upon everyone in it." Ami agrees.

"Ya'll ever hear that too much of a good thang makes it bad?" Reynauld asks.

"Of course, who hasn't heard of that quote!" Sheldon answers.

"Though we've never heard it in English that broken!" Ami taunts.

"Yeah well your blessings turned to curses a good while ago, so maybe it's time ya'll took a break...forever." Reynauld states.

Jesper looks away and shakes his head, "Listen Mr. Too-fancy-for-his-pants, I have neither the time nor the energy to give you a speech or be anything even close to wordy, I have better things to do, say and be." He states.

"Better things to do? This is the Hunter Exam! You've been designated with the task of leading the next generation of members into your organization! What better thing could you have to do?" Dillion asks.

"Literally anything but listen to you complain all day. If I answered your question do you know how long this would drag?" He asks.

"Who cares if it drags, there is a proper order and work ethic to be followed here!" Dillion scolds.

"Christ kid, you just don't get it do you? I hate things that drag, nothing gets on my nerves more than people who put too much effort into things." He declares.

"Too much effort? There's no such thing! There's only as much effort as you're willing to put in! That's the ethic of the proper working man!" Dillion counters.

(And the ethic of a sweatshop, but I'mma guess that's a trigger word for him, so I'll refrain from saying that out-loud...) you think.

"That's where you're wrong. There is such a thing as too much effort, it's everywhere you look." he points out to the city streets behind you.

He points to the business men walking across the street, "From the People who commune to work day-to-day, working their asses off for a promotion that they'll never get."

He points to the trendy women talking further down the way, "To people who wonder day and night about what they should wear out tomorrow as if anyone cares."

He points at the building behind him, "To the fancy, dressed-up, low-lives who infest the walls of the place behind me, they bore everyone to death with their speeches that babble on for hours without actually saying a damn thing."
File: Sheldon and Ami04.png (1.07 MB, 1200x900)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Then he points at Dillion, "And most annoying of all, people who think too damn hard about every little thing."

Dillion's face begins to scowl in annoyance, "I personally think I haven't put much effort into thinking at all, after all, it didn't take me much effort to see you for the lazy patronizing prat you are."

"If I put a little more effort in, I might get a useful answer out of you." He states

Jesper laughs, "That's where you and me disagree Mr.Peacock-for-brains, I personally believe that putting too much effort into something is just as lazy and wasteful as putting too little, the only difference being that putting too much effort is twice as tiring." He declares.

"That's why I aspire in life to only put in the absolute bare minimum of time and energy into everything I do. That way I don't needlessly waste time or energy on anything." He finishes.

Dillion gives him a derisive smile, "What a slothful ideal. I can barely imagine a philosophy like that taking you further than a basic janitors position at some low-end hole in the wall."

"You might not be wrong Mr.Coat-tails-for-Brain-cells, but for as slothful as my lifestyle may be, it got me as far as the top brass of the Hunter Association, that's further than you've got with all your trust fund money." He counters.

"Oh shit! He went there! He fucking went there!" Bradford laughs as Dillion's temper flares.

"You pissant...! How dare you even insinuate that I made even a fraction of my millions of jenny by using my family's money! I worked my rear-end off for my status and now I'm rich enough to buy your disgraceful tongue and cut it off too!" He challenges.

"Yeah, you can be mad about that all you want, but the thing that should really piss you off is that I'm just as rich as you are and I pulled it off at half your effort. How exactly are my ideas bad again?" He asks.

"Errrrr...."He growls, incapable of coming up with a comeback.

"Good on you for telling him what's what boss! Stuck-up brats like that just don't know when to quit!" Ami praises.

"Ah, is there a fun past time around than bullying rich kids? I dare you to find one!" Sheldon challenges.

"Why, just last week, I bullied myself this rich emo brat who just didn't know the way of the world! Oh my, this is the next generation of Hunters? What is the world coming to..." Sheldon asks states.

Jesper's cigarette light begins to fizzle out, but on reflex, he pulls another out of his a half-empty pack and tosses the last one to the wind as he puts in the new one.

"How many times do I have to tell you two to stop kissing my ass? It won't get me to promote you two to 2nd-stars any faster. It just gets on my nerves." He complains.
Ami catches the falling cigarette before it hits the ground, "Oh we already know that Boss! We just think everything you do, say and think is great!" She exalts.

Sheldon appears on his knees with a lit lighter and fires up Jesper's cigarette, "We are your closest aides and your greatest friends, we only wish to make you feel better about yourself after being harassed by that Opulent hooligan!" He states.

He puffs out a ring of smoke without a change in expression, "You two aren't my friends, I keep you around because you're good at filling in the silence with all your noise. You make excellent mouthpieces." he states.

"But Sir! Isn't that exactly what friends are for?" Sheldon questions.

"Oh boss! You don't need to remind us we're your mouthpieces! We love you because we know we're your favorite mouthpieces!" Ami states.

Jesper sighs a cloud of smoke, "Well that's good, cause it seems I need you two to do a lot of the talking here for me if we're gonna satisfy this fat cat's curiosity." He states.

"Well, I certainly don't appreciate a svelte man like myself being called fat, But I'm glad you're at least being cooperative." Dillion calms himself.

"Ahem. Now then, firstly, I must ask-"

"Hold that overpriced tongue frilly boy. Time for you to get in line." He cuts him off.

And just like that, the red shade of rage retakes Dillion's face, "Huh!? What the hell are you on about now!?" he asks.

"I said, I would answer your questions, but I never said I would answer them first." He counters.

"Well who in the seven hells is going to talk but me!?" he asks.

"Dumb question. Do you not see the 5 other people on the street?" He answer as he waves a hand indicate the rest of you.

"Do they not get the right to ask some questions too?" He asks.

"What!? These mental invalids!? They didn't even care enough to ask any questions in the first place! Why are they going before me!?" He asks.

"Because unlike you, they already knew asking me anything now is pointless." he answers.

"Huh!?" he sounds.

"Have you learned nothing from the last two tests? This isn't some classroom excursion kid. This is a survivalist training ground." he declares.

"You think it's just a bad stroke of luck that's put you lot through the wringer and made you put your lives on the line day after day just to get one damn piece of plastic?" He asks.

"Of course not, you're going through hell because we're putting you through hell." he states.

"...." Dillion goes quiet.

"Unlike you, the rest of them have already learned that the examiners aren't obligated to tell you a damn thing, they only tell you as much as they care to give you." He declares.

"And being honest, I don't care much for any of you, especially you Mr. Moneybags." He states.

"...Damn it." Dillion gives up on arguing back, remembering his position.

The streets goes quiet for a moment after that statement.
File: Jesper Myerscough09.jpg (18 KB, 210x240)
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"Well shit! That was harsh even by my standards!" Bradford breaks through the quiet.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but you shouldn't don't bully the prick that much! He just wanted to get a question!" Bradford defends.

"Yes, I must agree that while he overstepped his boundaries, his inquiry was valid, was it not?" Arztz question.

"Oh come on now. Don't give me that, I was just reminding him the kind of place he was in. He was treating me like I had to tell anything. Like I'm his mother or something. Honesty ain't cruelty." He counters the both of them.

Ami speaks in a hushed tone, "Uh Boss, I know he's an annoying bastard and all, but you were given explicit orders from the testing committee to accommodate and encourage the applicants. Not scare them."

"Yes Sir, we don't want a repeat of last year's exam where you made almost a 100 promising looking newcomers quit because of your...verbal abuse." Sheldon explains.

"Compliant letters are still being sent to your office to this day..." Ami whispers.

"Oh please, if a few words were enough to scare them off at this point, they wouldn't have made it this far." Jesper counters.

"Those talking heads at the committee are a bunch of molly-coddling pencil pushers. These newbies need a good damn hazing." He counters as he tosses his 2nd cigarette and takes out a 3rd in a row.

"Just like this cigarette needs a good lighting. Get on that Sheldon." He orders.

He pulls out the lighter again, "Anytime Sir, but I needn't remind you that if another person files a compliant about you, the committee promised to cut off your cigarette supply until you clean up your act." Sheldon states.

Jesper goes rigid, "Shit, I forgot about that..." He groans.

"The Association has been looking for an excuse to limit your tobacco consumption, you've used up almost a 1/3 of your license budget on cigarette packs alone. I wouldn't tempt them if I were you." Ami explains.

"...." Jesper goes silent.

(He's used 1/3 of a card that has enough money to last a lifetime on just cigarettes? How the hell doesn't he have late-stage lung cancer?) you wonder.

He takes the cigarette out of his mouth and clears his throat, "Ahem! Sorry about that earlier scolding, I may have been a little too mean, I admit that." He voice takes on a noticeable friendly tone than before.

"So as an apology, I'll answer any two questions you might have! Please make them quick and easy because we really don't have that much time." He proposes.

Reynauld laughs, "See how soft the man becomes when you cut threaten his vice? Almost makes him seem sociable." He taunts.

"Shut up and get talking cowboy. I'm sure you've got cousins to be sodomizing, so let's not waste each other's time." he counters.

"Hey! That there's a false stereotype! Them types of prejudice is why everyone thinks the south is a degenerate shithole!" He denies.
"That doesn't sound like a no." He states.

"...Well, Mary-bell does have a very fine rear end I must admit." he confesses.

"Good fucking god." Dillion blanches in disgust.

"Oh you shut yer mouth rich boah, trace your lineage back a few decades and I guarantee you'll find that your grandparents did more than sodomize them cousins!" He counters.

"Oh how dare you! My grandparents were saints! They would never-"

"Do you all want to talk or rip each other's heads off?" Jesper asks, clearly impatient.

"Talking's the goal, but being honest, ripping a rich little twats head off sounds temptin' too." Reynauld threatens.

"Who was rejecting false stereotypes earlier? I'm quite sure the violent nature of the south is a rather common one wouldn't you agree?" He taunts.

"Well yeah, but here's the thang, some stereotypes are horrifyingly accurate at times boah." He states.

As the two of them death stare each other, Jesper looks on with exasperation, "Oh brother, first they shit on me for trying to move things along and they go flinging shit at each other the second I try and do things their way, is this normal for you all?" He asks.

As Arztz moves in to stop the two, you, Brovoski and Bradford all nod, "Yeah, pretty much." you state.

"This only way we listen to each other." Brovoski admits.

"I'd be more freaked out if we actually agreed on something! Then you know something's wrong!" Bradford declares.

"Goddamnit...Why does everyone who applies for this organization have to be such damn headcases..." Jesper curses under his breath.

"Well, one of you blockheads better start speaking up soon, or else I'm just moving on!" He declares.

"Well in that case, why not let these blockheads go first?" Sheldon chimes in.

"Huh? You two?" He asks.

"Yeah Boss, we've got a question, though it's not directed at you." Ami answers.

"What? Then who?" he asks.

They both point at you, "Him! That's who!"

"Huh? Me? What do you need from me?" you ask.

"Oh, it's not me who's in need my Blonde boy, clearly it is you who has lost touch with his trueneeds." He states.

"Uh...what?" you ask.

"Don't you Uh...whatus! What do you think you're doing travelling with an all male group! Where is your harem of loving girls!?" Ami demands.

You're struck and left dumbfounded by those words, "What the fuck?" is all you can ask.

"Exactly! That's what we were expecting you to be doing while we weren't looking!" Sheldon exclaims.
File: Sheldon and Ami11.gif (482 KB, 500x284)
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482 KB GIF
"When we saw each other last, you had at least 3 girls fighting for your attention, so I was expecting you to be hoarding a hearty harem of at least 9 women at your side, yet all I see is 4 burly, hard men, a creepily cute ghost boy and a dainty rich kid!" Ami follows-up.

Arztz blushes a little, "C-Cute? Me? Why thank you, it's nice to be complimented."

"Uh, I'm pretty sure anything preempted with the words creepy is more insult than compliment man." You break to him.

The blush on his face fades and is replaced by a look of despair, "What? Really? How heartbreaking..." He pouts as Dillion steps forward angrily.

"Hey! I'll have you know I'm just as manly and strong as anyone else in this group!" Dillion counters.

"You can call yerself a man when you ain't 5 heads shorter than every man in the room!" Reynauld taunts.

"I'm only 2 inches shorter than you!" Dillion declares.

"Yeah, 2 heads less a man." Reynauld counters, reigniting the freshly ended battle.

"Oh no, not again..." Jesper's impatience flows out in the form of a sigh.

"Ignore those idiots! First of all, I never had 3 girls fight for me, second of all, even if I did, how did you jump from 3 to 9? It's only been a week and a half since I last saw you two." you counter.

"Oh please, didn't you go to school? Everyone knows 3 by the power 2 is 9!" Sheldon argues.

"You expected me to exponentially boost a harem of 3 to 9 in little over 7 days?" you ask.

"Love is an exponential factor my Blonde Lover boy! Once it starts to go up, it doesn't stop till it reaches the roof!" Ami answers.

"But it seems you've gone and made an inverse function out of a even factor and rooted yourself right to 0...Good heavens...not a beautiful girl for miles..." Sheldon complains.

"Hey! Are you blind or stupid!? There's a beautiful lady right beside you!" Ami declares..

He looks all over the place, "Maybe I am blind, because I'm not seeing a thing!" Sheldon answers.

Ami pouts, "Bah! I'm not surprised! You couldn't find a beautiful woman if you tried! Derrick on the other hand, he's an expert at snagging the beauties!" Ami compliments.

"Which is exactly why we're so curious! Where did they all go!? Did they die!?" Sheldon asks.

"No." you answer.

"Did they get tired of your three-timing and leave you!?" Ami asks.

"No!" you answer.

"Hmmmm...Then what could it be?" Sheldon and Ami wonders.

A lightblub flashes on inside both their heads, "Wait! I've got it!" They declare simultaneously.

"You realized you your true taste lied with men!" They declare.
"Oh hell no!" You counter.

"What? I thought for sure that was the right answer. Why else would you have a harem of men instead of women?" Sheldon asks.

"Why is the only group I can travel in some variation of a harem!? No, I would never even consider being with one of these animals!" you state.

"Oh come now, a band of men, travelling alone through the wilds...all that lies between them is the distance and barriers of their gender...both easily surmounted obstacles when love is in the air." Ami imagines.

You gag, "S-Stop, you're going to make me actually imagine that..."

"Oh come on now, some of these guys are actually pretty hot!" Ami shouts as she looks at each of them.

She looks to Bradford, "How about you loud-mouth! I see you rubbing shoulders with my lover boy! Maybe you two are ready to rub something else together if you catch my drift!" She states.

Bradford shakes his head, "I feel a lot of things towards that Blonde Bastard! Friendship, rivalry, bloodlust, maybe even Brotherly love if we're getting nice about it!" he states.

"But oh no! Oh hell no! I ain't feeling that fruity patootie, stick-it-up-your-butt and make-it-loosey kinda love! Don't you look at me like that!" Bradford states.

She then looks to Brovoski, "What about you big man!? I know you're about to get hitched, but something tells me Kuggend's the kind of place that wouldn't care if you happened to walk in with two brides!...and maybe a husband too." She asks

Brovoski laughs, "Funny thing, in past, Kuggend used to allow man to marry all the women he like, till domestic murder rates and number of eunuchs started rising, now only men with more than one wife are Kuggend traditionalist."

"Well you look like a traditional man big boy! I'm sure if you put enough make-up on him and throw a wedding veil over his face, he'll pass for a waifu too, right?" She asks

Brovoski backs away in fear, "No! Me respect golden head too much to even consider putting him through that embarrassment! Plus Brovoski is progressive man! But he not that progressive!" He counters.

She looks over to Reynauld, "And you cowpoke? I'm sure you're no stranger to herding the rams back to the ranch, am I right?" She asks.

Reynauld reaches for his gun, "You ever wonder what graveyard dirt tastes like girly? I can help ya learn if you want." He threatens.

You nod to those reactions, "My thoughts exactly guys, maybe we can all agree on something after-all!" you praise.

"Okay, so maybe the manlier men aren't interested, but what about our friendly neighborhood twinks!?" She shouts as she points to Dillion and Arztz.

"Twink!?" Dillion calls in disgust.

"What's a twink?" Arztz asks, clearly confused by the slang.

"Yeah! Ghost boy and the rich kid would look girly enough with a dress slapped on them! What about it!?" She asks you.
File: Arztz Todd08..jpg (259 KB, 1048x1048)
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"Just because you put a dress on a man doesn't suddenly make it straight! What kind of queer trap are you setting up!?" You counter.

"That's what you say, but what do the boys gotta say!?" Ami says as she looks over to Dillion.

"What about it fashion king? Wanna try your hand at being a fashion Queen for a night? I hear girly men in dresses are all the rage these days!" She states.

Dillion's face goes blank as he puts a hand up, "Stop. Stop there. Do not continue that line of thought you just had. Where it begins is exactly where I am ending it. No. Just...No." He shuts down.

She looks over to Arztz, "You're not as closed-minded as the rest of them are you doctor? I know you're a real people pleaser! So how about you help me pleasesome men!" She exclaims.

Arztz closes his eyes and laughs, "I certainly have no interest in men, but I wouldn't mind dressing in female attire if it brought a smile to everyone in the group."

"See!? Ghost boy's willing to cross the barrier for you, don't tell me you wouldn't try your luck with a sweet boy like that, I know I would..." Ami licks her lips.

Arztz continues to laugh, "Funny, yes, that would make an excellent joke..."

His laughter stops as he opens his eyes and shows a dark look, "Though I must say, if anyone dare make a serious pass at me, the only love of mine you'll be tasting is my freshest batch of my lovingly made poison..." He threatens.

"...." Everyone goes silent at the threat.

"...Is it bad that I think that only made him hotter?" Ami asks.

"Nevermind your lust Sister! Back on topic! What happened to your girlfriends My Blonde friend?" Sheldon asks.

"Yes, you're right! Where's the pink-haired one that cried over you, I can't remember her name, but I thought she was so cute! Where did she go?" Ami asks.

You sigh, "Listen, it's complicated-"

"Oh preach brother, it's always complicated." Ami cuts you off.

You feel a tinge of rage, "Etheline decided to stay back to repair her equipment, so you probably won't see her until a day or two from now." you answer.

"And your lovers?" Sheldon asks.

"My what?" you ask back.

"Don't answer a question with a question! Obviously we're talking about the dark love twins! The black and red twins you were two-timing at the same-timing!" Ami asks.

"Oh you mean Regina and Christina, wait, you didn't see them?" You ask.

"See them?" They both asks.

"Didn't Regina come do this test last night and move on with the exam?" you ask.

"Uhhhhhh..." They both sound.

"What's that supposed to mean?" you ask, slightly panicked.

"It means that none of us have seen anyone by those names or descriptions." Jesper answers this time.
File: Jesper Myerscough03.jpg (261 KB, 800x900)
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261 KB JPG
"What?" you blurt out.

"I'm terrible with names, but I remember faces real well, I know who that black-haired chick you're talking about it is, she was the one who was with you on the airship right?" He asks.

"Yeah, she didn't advance to the next test?" you ask.

"Nope, not as far as I remember, though a ton of much more notable people have been coming along, so maybe I've just forgotten her is all." He answers.

"What kinds of people passed by? Are you sure Regina wasn't one of them?" you ask.

"Are those your final questions?" He asks back.

"Huh?" you blurt out.

Jesper focuses in on you, "I can see the worry in your eyes, seems something's happened hasn't it? Something terrible." He starts.

"I understand your worry for your friend, it's an honorable thing to have in your heart, but are you sure that's what you should be worrying about right now?" He asks you.

"...." you go quiet.

"You're about to head into the next test of the exam, the semi-final one, and this one is one you'll need all your wits about you to complete. Trust me, putting your friend at the fore-front of your mind will just cloud your judgement and screw with your reasoning." He states.

"So I've got to ask, I'm only giving you two, are you sure you want to put them on her?" He asks.

"..." you go silent in consideration.

"Well, even before you answer, I'll tell you this much, if she hasn't, she better get down here before the final day, anyone who doesn't show up after that day is assumed to have given up and fails the Hunter Exam." He informs.

The shock permeates through your face at that statement, (She'll fail the exam...?) you question.

(Shit...he just said don't let it cloud my mind, but knowing that she might not have advanced means that Christina either kidnapped her, or...) you don't want to consider the alternative.

(And it will all be because of me! Because of my fuck-up! Damn it! How am I supposed to just forget that!? How-)

Jesper snaps his finger to bring you back to reality, "Focus kid." He states.

"...." it takes you a moment to push down the dread.

"You better get talking quick, your friends won't rip each's hair out for much longer." He states.

"...right...well then..." you trail off.

What will you ask.

>Who has passed the test so far?

>Where did you find a murder on such short notice for us to solve?

>What's does a terror Hunter do?

>What did your earlier quote mean? The one about dying?


[Two questions max]
>Who has passed the test so far?

>Where did you find a murder on such short notice for us to solve?
>Where did you find a murder on such short notice for us to solve?
I've been wondering this the whole time

>Who has passed the test so far?
>Who has passed the test so far?

>Where did you find a murder on such short notice for us to solve?

>20 posts before a single vote
Bruh your dialogue is decent to good but that's definitely too much at once, holy shit
This isn't even the worst it's been. The dialogue is actually surprisingly good though so I got used to it

You must be relatively new anon, back in my less experienced days, it would take a good 30 posts before I finally got to the point.

Though you're right, I have a terrible habit of overwriting things, I'll try and condense my posts and get to the point faster.

I'm leaving the vote open for 10 more minutes to see if anyone else will come before proceeding, though I think winners here are pretty clear.


>Who's passed so far?

>Where'd you find this murder?

"Who's passed so far then?" you ask.

He scratches the back of his neck, "Well, I can tell you that, but don't expect any names, if I haven't seen someone in longer than a day, then their name's fair game. And manners be damn if I recognize you after a week." he states.

"Wait, is that why you asked who we were after we left for a week to prepare for the exam?" Ami asks.

"And why you keep referring to us as you two instead of our names?" Sheldon asks.

"Shut your mouths you two. Blondie here is asking the questions, now let me think..." he taps the bottom of his cigarette against his forehead to help him focus.

"We've had a bunch of people, roughly 500 or so people have come through since this stage of the exam has opened of, I believe only around 200 or so of them have actually passed." he states.

"Of the ones that I saw, the ones of note anyway, I remember this red-head chick, full clad in armor like she just got off the set of some gender-reversed medieval play." he starts.

"Then I met this midget with a voice deeper than mine dressed in some foreign military gear. An Edgy kid and his weird maid, who despite fighting the entire investigation, actually passed with flying colours." He notes.

(He's definitely talking about Noell, Flourette and those two Brenho nationals that they fought with. Not surprising they all passed, considering they all got through before anyone else.) you realize.

"After that, there were these two strange and extremely rude chicks, one with an eyepatch and the other wearing clown make-up. They passed too, but let's say that if these two back here didn't stop them." He points to Sheldon and Ami.

"You would be investing a double murder, neither of them very pretty." He explains.

"Ugh! Don't remind me, I still have to take ice packs to cool off all the homerun swings I had to block to save that eye-patch woman." Sheldon shakes his head.

"Not to mention how ungrateful the both of them were for our help. I swear, at one point, the two of them were trying to kill us instead of each other." Ami states.

You crack a wry smile, (Vanilla and Peachnia, can't be anyone else.) you realize.

"Few other interesting ones, but those are the only ones I bothered taking note of, mainly cause these two keep hounding me to remember." He explains.

"We're sure they'll appear in the final stage of the Exam. We can't have you forgetting such balls of amazing potential, We're sure they'll rise through the ranks at unprecedented speeds once they get in." Sheldon explains.

"And they'll probably kill all of us to do it, if you're going to die, you should at least know your killer's face right?" Ami nods.

"Couldn't have said it better myself Sister." Sheldon nods back.
Jesper shakes his head and ignores them, "Bare in mind, I'm not the only examiner at this stage, 100s of people are being tested elsewhere, and I'm sure they're moving quicker than us..." He explains.

"Don't worry, my next question is a short one. How'd you find us a murder to solve on short notice?" you ask.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asks.

"I mean, ain't it a bit convenient we just so happened to stumble upon a murder just in time for us to get tested? Is this a fake case or something?" you ask.

"Well, yes and no." He answers.

"The murder you're about to investigate is definitely a real one. But it's an already solved one." He explains.

"Already solved?" you ask.

"Yeah, by yours truly." he points at himself proudly, "I won't give you the real details until we head inside, but this murder you're about to investigate will be something of a simulation of what I had to go through when I investigated it." he starts.

"All the conditions will be the same, we got all the same people that were around during the time and ensured that the crime scene has been completely persevered with any evidence that might be missing being recreated as authentically as possible." He explains.

(Ah, so it's a simulation of the murder, that makes far more sense.) you realize.

Then Arztz speaks up, "But wait, doesn't that mean the killer of the case has already been found and locked up?" he asks.

"Of course, I captured them myself. They've been sentenced to 20 years in maximum security for what they did." he answers.

He then smiles, "But I'm sure you should know by this point kid, my authority as a Hunter means anyone I put in prison, I can take right out." he states.

He looks over to you, "I'm sure you especially know what I'm talking about."

"Yeah, I haven't forgotten." You state.

(He's talking about that serial killer Bruno for the Pre-test. That bastard nearly split me in two with that blade of his.) you recall.

"Wait, the Hunter license can act as a get out of Jail free card too? Damn that fucking thing just gets more awesome by the second." Bradford laughs.

"That's if you even get thrown in prison in the first place. The license pretty much lets you commit any crime as long as you have proper rustication for it. And trust me, most Hunters don't." Ami explains.

"Now, now, Sister...Don't give him any ideas, I already fear most of my peers killing me in my sleep..." Sheldon scolds.

"Don't you worry Shelly! I've never killed a man in his sleep! I always make sure they're awake if I'm gonna off'em! No fun killing someone who can't fight back!" He assures.

"Oh my...I feel better already..." A tinge of fear appears in Sheldon's eyes.
File: Turnland Brovoski03.jpg (58 KB, 787x573)
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Jesper presses on, "As long as I ensure that they don't flee anywhere outside the city, you will be investigating the real murder with a real killer and of course, a real body." He states.

"Even the body? How?" you ask.

"We've made sure to preserve the bodies, since this will be their last time on earth before cremation, we might as well put them to use in training you all." He states.

"Besides, this body hasn't even gotten all that cold yet. After-all, the murder you're about to investigate, only happened 2 weeks ago." He explains.

"Just 2 weeks ago...?" you ask.

He laughs slowly, "Don't worry, you'll be more then enlightened soon enough, now, for your friends questions..." he looks over to see Brovoski has taken the situation between Reynauld and Dillion into his own hands.

Quite literally, as he holds the two of them up with his hands, stopping the two from attacking each other.

"Time for killing each has long pasted. The time for learning about murder is now."Brovoski scolds.

"Oh we can learn about murder alright! Just give me another minute with Money-bags here and I'll give ya'll a whole damn lecture!" Reynauld swipes at Dillion.

"As if you've ever had a day of proper schooling in your life you inbred trash! Your teachers must have been too busy cleaning manure out of your farmhouse schoolyard to teach you anything!" He swipes back.

Brovoski sighs and then proceeds to pull the two apart and slam them together, almost knocking both of them out.

"Owwwwwwwwww!" They both moaning.

"You stop fighting now or Brovoski stop it for you. Listen to shade man before Brovoski stop being gentle with you." He threatens.

"That was being gentle?" Reynauld asks.

"Fine, a man of my class needn't quarrel with this trash anyway. Can I ask my questions now?" Dillion asks.

"Not counting that one, sure." Jesper answers.

"Okay ahem question 1 of 10..." Dillion starts.

"Oh Christ no..." Jesper complains.
>30 long minutes later.

"...And why is it you think your opinion is so much higher than others? Just because you're an accomplished Hunter, does not give you the right to dismiss mine or anyone else opinions." He states.

Jesper, who looks to be on the verge of toppling over from answering far more than the originally stated 10 questions, takes a moment to think before answering.

"...Are you asking a question or stating an argument? You know what, doesn't matter. Both are irrelevant! Question time is over now!" He counters.

"What!? But I have other-"

"I don't care anymore! We have to get moving before my hair goes gray and my sanity gives out! Both things that will happen soon if I listen to you! So we're done now, moving on!" He cuts him off.

"Grrr...Fine then." He reluctantly agrees.

"Oh finally, I thought that was never gonna end. I don't even got any questions to ask, so this just felt like a waste of time!" Bradford shouts.

"Couldn't a said it better myself double-barrel. I was half way to putting a bullet through my skull...or his, being honest." Reynauld states.

"Yes, we can progress. Are you ready, 13th son? Hm?" Brovoski looks over to see Arztz slouched over, fast asleep while still on his feet.

Brovoski knocks him awake with a light tap, "Wah-What's happening?" he asks, only half-awake.

"Question time is over now. Time to progress." Brovoski explains.

"What? Already? A shame..." He pouts.

"You had question?" he asks.

"Not really. I just wanted to ask him where I can buy such cool looking glasses. I've been wanting a pair myself." He answers.

"You can go shopping for them after the Exam. Now, it's finally time to move on." Jesper states.

He clears his throat and speaks, "Now then, team A, present the trophy so we can continue." He asks.

Everyone is silent for a few long seconds.

"Excuse me? Trophy?" Dillion breaks the silence and asks.

"What do you mean Excuse me? I thought we were done with the questions. Don't go back to asking dumb ones on me again." he pleads.

"Well sorry for the being stunted by the sudden item request. Why are you only asking for the trophy now? Weren't you ready to send us all in at the beginning?" He asks.

"Yeah, well, that's because I was in a hurry to get moving and I didn't care before, but now that I remember I might get my cigarette supply cut-off if I piss off those stingy ass-hats at the committee, I gotta follow procedure or else I might get the axe you know..." He excuses.

Reynauld laughs, "Well Tarnation, you're about as reliable as a second-hand cigarette and just as loyal ain't ya chief?"

"Quiet you two. Save the patronizing trash for the idiots behind me will you?" he counters.
"Oh please boss! we're far from patronizing! We've never even insulted anyone in all our lives." Ami states.

"Exactly right Sister! We only give out patronizing truths! Ones that no one else will give! In that way, we're not mean, in-fact, we're kind! Kinder than all of you!" Sheldon condescends.

"Exactly right Brother. It's yet another patronizing truth that we have to be the kindest people we know! It's a fact!" Ami agrees.

"Okay, how about we knock the sarcastic quips and just get to business? I need that Bone-Devil trophy, the team that hunted it needs to step up an we can continue." Jesper explains.

However, no one moves on command, not a single person responds, "What this now? Did everyone decide to play a game of red-light, green-light with me as the indicator? Well guess what, light's going green. Time to go!" he complains.

"Well, here's the thang chief, we have the trophy, but the circumstances about which team hunted which beast are a little...complex at the moment." Reynauld breaks.

"Complex? I don't like that word, that word means extra energy." he states.

"Well, thanks to the insipid actions of some people." Dillion casts a glare at Bradford who throws his hands up in concession.

"Each of our teams got mixed up and we ended up hunting different targets. So it's hard to say which team actually owns which trophy." he explains.

"What? Oh Christ you can't be serious..." he shakes his head.

"Just to be sure, it's not against the rules to aid another team in their hunt correct? We won't be disqualified for that right?" Arztz asks.

Sheldon chimes-in, "While I'm not exactly sure on the specifics, but knowing that softie Damon, He wouldn't put any such restriction on aiding other applicants." He states.

"He'd probably say something like Oh, Helping each other and others is the true meaning of being a Hunter. I'm happy to see youngsters ensuring each other's survival in the field, la,de,da,de,da! or some other boring, sappy garbage." He states.

Ami shakes her head, "It amazes me that a huge wimp like Damon was even allowed to be an examiner by the testing committee, if he wasn't told to push the applicants hard, he would have made the test about going out in the fields and picking roses or something! Eugh!" She gags.

"Oh surely you jest Sister! Damon would never allow such a test." Sheldon counters.

"Why's that? Are you saying he's tougher and rougher than he lets on?" Ami asks.

"Of course not! Have you met the man? He'd donate blood to a mosquito blood drive if he could!" Sheldon answers.

"I was saying there's no way he'd create a test about picking something as dangerous as roses! He'd be too worried that one of these fools get's pricked and bleed to death on him!" Sheldon laughs.

"You got that right! Sorry, let's make that a daisy picking contest instead! That's far more his style!" She laughs too.
(Didn't Damon call these two his friends? Damn Damon, you need get some new friends, maybe ones that don't consider basic human decency a good joke.) you reason.

Arztz laughs with them, "I see, so if helping is allowed does that mean trading of trophies does as well?" He asks.

As the twins are too busy laughing to each other to answer, Jesper chimes in, "I don't know if Damon would allow it, but if it saves time, I sure as shit do." he states.

Arztz brings out the two job files, "So that means you don't know which team is delivering which trophy and thereby, anyone can go anywhere they desire, as long as they have the trophy?" he asks.

Jesper sighs, "Look ghost boy, We've been taking up this street for a good 30 minutes now just puzzling out who should walk through a damn door." He complains.

"I don't care who brings me the damn thing, the only thing I was told is that there would be a team of 3 idiots with a trophy from a Feral Bone-devil. I'm supposed to accept that trophy and bring the 3 of them inside this building to solve a mystery and send the other group on their way to the other drop point." He explains.

"So any 3 out of the 6 of us are allowed progress beyond this point, irregardless of who actually hunted which beast?" He asks.

"The politics of your group doesn't mean a damn thing to me, just take the trophy and present it to me with your team and we'll move on and if you're gonna discuss anything, make sure it's quick, any longer than this and the sun will set."

"Is something important about setting sun?" Brovoski asks.

"No. It's just super hard to see things in the dark with my shades, real pain in the ass." He complains.

"Ah, Brovoski sorry he ever ask..." He sighs.

Arztz turns back to you all with a sad look on his face, "I'm sorry everyone, it seems like we have to split up for a while..."

"Oh thank god!" The entire group exclaims simultaneously.

"Huh?" Arztz blurts out.

"I'm glad to be away from even some of you brainless mongoloids, if anything's a tragedy, it's that this separation might be temporary." Dillion states.

"Tell me about it! Any minute away from an anal prick like you is a moment of peace from the hours of complaints, lectures and classism! Just sucks I'll have to stick with two of you assholes anyway! But I guess 3 less pains in my ass is progress at least!" Bradford states.

"By God thank ya! I was 'fraid that I might have to murder the lot of ya to get some damn peace! It's good to know ya'll go off to kill yerselfs without me! Jubilee! Thank the lord!" Reynauld exclaims.

"What? B-But weren't we all good friends by this point?" Arztz asks.

"No!" They all shout in unison.
Arztz sadness is palpable at the proclamation, "No way! Even you Mr.Brovoski!?" He asks.

"Brovoski sorry, but if he doesn't get few minutes without fancy man and cowman fighting, or loud-man having to rant about every little thing, he will go off the deep end and he swear that he drag all of you off with him." He states.

"This can't be true! Was I-....Was I the only one having fun?" Arztz voice hitches in his throat, as if he's on the verge of crying.

"Yes!" They confirm.

He looks over to you, tears welling in his eyes, "Mr.Derrick, please tell you at least had fun! I can't be the only one!" He states.

What will you say?

>Yeah, I had fun

>Uhhhh, I thought you were cool at least

>Finally free of you scumbags, maybe now my sanity will return to me!
>Yeah, I had fun
That smile... we must protect it
>It had some fun moments, and you were a good hunting partner Artz.
>Yeah, I had fun
Derrick's as crazy as anyone else on the team, in his own way
Changing to this

Looks like the write-in wins.

>It had some fun moments, and you were a good hunting partner Artz.

File: Arztz Todd06.png (352 KB, 934x882)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
"Well...I'd be lying if I said had half the fun you had." you start.

Just those words alone cause whatever little hope he had to fade away as you can physically see his heart-breaking behind his dropping eyes.

"But-" you quickly add to save him, "But, I'd also be lying if I said I didn't have some fun moments with you all." you state.

And just like that, colour returns to his eyes, "Really!? You had fun!?" He asks happily.

You put a hand to his shoulder, "Yeah, the others may disagree, but I'm sure they all had fun too, they're all just too grumpy to admit it." you state.

"No we ain't! You two are just fucked in the head!" Reynauld interrupts.

"Grumpy and dishonest." you tack on.

"So you're saying that, even if everyone else doesn't act like it, we're all still friends at heart?" he asks.

"Damn right man. And even if the rest of them don't think so, I sure as hell thought you were a good hunting partner, Arztz." You compliment.

His once frowning face is quickly replaced by a beaming smile, "And you were an excellent hunting partner as well, Mr.Derrick. And I'd be happy to work with you again, anytime." he compliments back.

You share a happy moment together, "Makeout already...Makeout already damn it!" that is, until Ami implores you to kiss from the distance.

"And just like that, all the purity is gone..." you complain as your hand falls off his shoulder.

"You made a good attempt, no one can fault you for that." Arztz assures.

"Thanks man." you sigh as you focus back on the task at hand.
"You people done deliberating now? Who's going inside with me?" he asks.

"Yeah, I'm going in, along with...." You trail off.

>Hold a moment! While this may be a bit awkward, I have to stop to explain a few things pertaining to how this whole mystery solving business will pan out, I'll try and keep it short.

>First and foremost, investigation is about analysis! Seeing is believing, but how much can you really believe in?

>The exact specifics of investing areas, collecting clues, extracting testimony and then criticizing them are best left for the moments they appear, for now, allow me to explain how character traits translate into [investigation skills]

>[Investigation skills] are more static than the normal character traits, though one is based off the other. [Investigation skills] are traits that work to make certain parts of investigating much simpler and easier, stuff like rolling to interrogate a suspect or to analyzing the environment for clues can be bypassed via these [Investigation skills].

>But isn't that exactly what Character traits are God? Aren't you just re-skinning the old system so you don't have to come up with a new one you lazy scumbag? you might ask, and I have to say you are a very mean person for asking like that.

>But anyway, no, this is not a a re-design as much as it is branch of the trait system and like I said at the start, [Investigation skills] are more static than regular traits. By static I mean that [Investigation skills] don't give bonuses, they give
specific results.

>Basically, with [Investigation skills] characters can find certain clues that you would need to otherwise roll for and can miss, or get specific kinds of information from witness that the suspect may withhold from you.
>For example, Dillion has the skill, [Tailor's eye], which gives him a much keener sense of the environment and everything in it, meaning he can find easily missable clues or notice oddities in certain objects, making him an excellent partner when trying to find decisive evidence in a case.

>Another difference between [Investigation Skills] and Character traits is that every character has only one, yes, just one skill.

>While some character's have abilities that cover multiple aspects of an investigation, no character has more then one [Investigation skill] that way, no one partner becomes any more useful then the other.

>So then, which skills does each character posses in this current roster possess? I'll explain that now!

>Bradford has the [Bad cop, Best cop] skill, which allows him to use his naturally intimidating looks and extremely angry nature to scare testimonies out of uncooperative or secretive witnesses, allowing you to auto-pass certain interrogation rolls.

>This makes him an excellent interrogator, but otherwise useless in collecting evidence or analyzing anything.

>Reynauld has the [Outlaw's Insight] skill, Using his years of experience dealing with lying, cheating thieves (And being one himself), even without evidence, he can tell when someone's lying in their testimony, making it easier to refute their arguments.

>This makes him useful for learning who's trustworthy from who's not so you know who to revisit later when it's time to catch the killer.

>Brovoski has the [Kuggend Genius] skill, Being a Kuggend-born engineer, Brovoski has a masterful knowledge over the inner workings of machinery and electronics, allowing him to find certain pieces of evidence that would require extra-effort to discover or would be out-right impossible without him.

>Arztz has the [Death's Doctor] skill, Forensics training is a mandatory for any practicing doctor of Gleetjeet, as it's a common tradition that if someone were suddenly die, it didn't matter which office or hospital you brought them too, the cause of death and time could always be recognized so that a funeral could be planned properly. This helps in finding certain otherwise impossible to notice clues.

>And as for Derrick himself, he posses the [Rookie Detective] Skill, a simple but versatile skill that grants the character the ability to roll to find any clue however, the ability only works once room or clue, meaning you cannot endlessly re-roll until you obtain the result you desire.

>That's it regarding [Investigation Skills], explanations regarding investing crime scenes and bodies, interrogating witnesses and suspects and catching the culprit will come when relevant!

Pick any two people

>Telfour Bradford

>Turnland Brovoski

>Henry Dillion

>Arztz Todd

>Reynauld Stevens
>Arztz Todd

>Reynauld Stevens
And with that I'm leaving this vote open till I return (This time at the usual time of 2:00 PM EST) and we can really get into this episode.

See you tomorrow anons.
>Arztz Todd
>Telfour Bradford
>Arztz Todd

>Reynauld Stevens
Do we have one of these threads for greed island
>Henry Dillion
Because he's like the most intelligent guy there and he's the only one we haven't really gotten to know yet, so that'd be interesting

>Arztz Todd
Because his forensic knowledge would be really useful
File: [Polite Confusion].png (360 KB, 850x498)
360 KB
360 KB PNG

I'm not exactly sure of the question here. Are you asking if I'm planning to have an arc set in greed island in the future?

If so, my answer is both yes and no.

No in the sense that the main line story is (For the most part as you will see later in the thread) disconnected from the real Hunter X Hunter storyline, only being set in the same world and operating under the same rules.

Yes, in the sense that I am aware that this means my quest is not an authentic Hunter X Hunter fanfiction, a problem I have plans to remedy after this first arc in the Hunter Exam is over.

Tl;dr: No there is no thread for greed island, but don't worry, I have plans in the future to include it.

Bradford and broviski
Bradford and brovoski
Why vote twice?
Maybe because he spelt "Brovoski" wrong and couldn't delete his vote for some reason?
>More likely he's a samefagging retard who forgot about IDs
File: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png (180 KB, 500x405)
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180 KB PNG
>>Arztz Todd
>>Reynauld Stevens
Music Anon here, sorry I missed some of the thread, I didn't realize you came back so soon
Anyway, some possible music that could work with the investigation scenes
Maybe for Sherl-Derrick's Holmes pursuit theme we can use one of these
File: [Enthralling].png (385 KB, 464x403)
385 KB
385 KB PNG

Well it was a bit of a tight race, but looks like Arztz wins by 4 votes and Reynauld 3 thanks to our local music anon! >>3163610

Also, yet another great selection of appropriate music, I can see two songs I'm definitely going to use here.

Thread resumes in 30 minutes, ready yourselves.
File: Reynauld Stevens02.jpg (69 KB, 900x599)
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"Hey Stevens and Arztz, what do you think about keeping our little band going?" you ask the duo.

"You wanna go hunting with me again? I honestly thought, you'd had enough of me the first time. Glad to see I'm wrong for once." he laughs.

"Yeah, well the last hunt proved to me you got a great nose for sniffing out bullshit...both figuratively and literally." you joke.

He laughs, "Yeah, well, just don't expect me to be some Watson to your Holums. I'm an outlaw, not a sheriff." He states.

"Don't outlaws love a good bountyhunt? Don't tell me the only thing you can hunt are wild animals." you taunt.

"You making fun of me Sundance? I'll have you know I've hunted many a man and beast, and many a beast that looked like a man." he states

"Well I hope you'll show me how wrong I am. And you Arztz?" you turn to Arztz.

He smiles, "Oh come now Mr.Derrick. I believe the answer should be obvious by now. I'll gladly work with you, whether it be in hunting large, gnarly beasts, or evil human ones." he answers.

You smile, "Well that's all I need to hear. Jesper, I'm taking these two with me." you state.

"Alright, present me the trophy then." He orders.

Reynauld pulls the large claw from his satchel, "Funny enough, me and Casper were actually the ones that slayed the beast and we were the ones that were supposed to hunt it in the first place. So you can almost say we're being honest when we hand this in." he says as he walks up to Jesper.

Dillion coughs, "Almost is a good word, surprised you can say one, because yes, you're forgetting a certain someone who aided you in that hunt."

He hands the trophy over to Jesper as he turns back and speak, "Oh please money-bags, all ya did was bark orders and fire that gaudy-ass gun of yours once or twice. You just lucky them was good orders, else I would a shot ya for ordering me around." He states.

Dillion looks both offended and confused, "Are you insulting me or thanking me for my help? Either way I'm just glad you won't be around anymore to answer anyway." he states.

"Exactly right kid. Since these 3 just confirmed their team, that means you lot need to clear out, you got another 30 or so minute walk on your hand to the next examiner." Jesper explains.

"Fucking seriously! I have to go off with these two assholes again!?" Bradford complains.

"Listen, I'm no more enthralled to have to work with street trash like yourself again. But perhaps I can put that crass nature of yours to work in our investigation." Dillion states.

"Whaddya mean?" He asks.

"I expect we will be met with blocks, annoyances and possible physical conflict no matter which investigation we participate in." He announces.

"In which case, someone with your level of skill in employing violence in everything you do, will actually come in handy for once." Dillion states.
File: Telfour Bradford17.jpg (95 KB, 712x400)
95 KB
Bradford looks very confused "...Are you complimenting me?" He asks.

"If you consider being told that your Neanderthal-like methodology has an almost artistic level of merit to it, then yes, I am very much complimenting you." He confirms.

Bradford smiles, "You said a lot of big words there! But basically what you mean is, You want me around because I can smack people around good!?" He realizes.

"Yes, for once, I would actually like to have you by my side, if you can believe it." he states.

"Well I can't! But if you want me to beat the shit out of someone, just say the word Boss!" He agrees.

"Of course and you Brovoski." He turns to the giant.

"Considering you've finally broken out of your depressed stupor. I expect you to actually do something in this investigation." Dillion implores.

"Worry not fancy man! Brovoski no cry no more, he live for his waifu, he fight for his waifu and he refuse to fail on his waifu! He will help in anyway he can!" He promises.

Dillion laughs as he walks down the street, leading the other two behind him, "I do love your enthusiasm. Maybe my first impression of you gentlemen were wrong, perhaps we can get along, as long as our goals align anyway." He states.

"Yeah, I doubt that! But as long as you ain't an annoying prick, I'm happy to help!" Bradford states.

"Fancy man will see that Brovoski can do more than get along! Many people not know this, but Brovoski is man of much smartness!" He boasts.

"Uh...I'll take your word for it." Dillion concedes as the other group moves further and further away.

"See ya Derrick! Meet ya in the final Exam friendo!" Bradford cheers you as he heads off, causing the other two to throw you some waves as they get out of earshot.

"Well then, with no more delays, I believe it's time I escort you gentlemen inside." he states.

Then he turns towards the twins, "And by that, I mean you two are escorting us." He corrects.

"Oh boss, did you forget where the crime scene is again?" Ami asks.

"No, I just can't be bothered to remember a crime I've already solved. Now lead the way already." He says, pushing the two along.

"Alrighty Sir! We're happy to have you at our backs!" Sheldon says as he opens one of the two large doors.

"And our fronts! And our sides!" Ami agrees as she opens the other one and they both gesture to head inside.

Jesper walks inside, leaving a faint trail of smoke behind him as you follow him within, "Yeah, well I'm only happy when you two quiet and out of sight." he taunts as you all enter.
I kinda wanna make it a side mission to solve this mystery before Dillions team. Some friendly competition never hurt
As you walk into the building, you're amazed by many things, first being the vastness of the room, the wide amount of open space makes you feel as if you've shrunk 3 sizes and the world grew 6 more.

"Well Tarnation..." Reynauld states in astonishment, his voice echoing through the halls as he admires the imposing and grand stone artistry above the long staircase as you head further inside.

"Amazing...it's more than words can describe..." Arztz looks utterly bewildered by the structure as he looks this way and that to take it all in.

"Yeah, it's amazing isn't it? The amount of cash they wasted and making on this shit is more than words can describe." Jesper remains unimpressed however.

"You're not impressed? Well, you've already seen it, so I guess you're used to it." you state.

"Nah, wasn't impressed the first time, not impressed this time, I'm not the kind of guy that stares and gasps at things just because their big and pretty." He dismisses.

"Oh Boss, always so hard to please." Ami states from the distance as the once opens doors, close behind you, stranding the twins outside.

"Oh Sir. You truly don't get the beauty of good aesthetics do you? You learn from other connoisseurs of the beauty of the world. Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gough, Beethoven..." At least, that's what you think, till you notice that Sheldon is actually leaning on your back and talking.

"Jesus Christ!" You jump.

"Yes! Good choice! He's quite the connoisseur of the beauty of mankind himself." Sheldon pats you on the back as he approaches the front along with Jesper.

"Yeah, well he was, till we nailed him to some wood and stabbed him to death. But he came back 3 days later anyway, so who really cares?" Ami jokes as she pulls herself from under Reynauld's coat.

Reynauld freaks out, "Fucking hell woman! How'd you get in there!?" He asks.

"That's not important, what is important that you take that duster of yours to the cleaners. I could hardly breathe under there!" She complains as she joins her brother.

"Didn't I just tell you two that I'm happiest when you're out of sight?" Jesper asks.

"Yeah, well, we were out of sight for 10 seconds weren't we?" Ami counters.

"Yes, and what a peaceful, amazing 10 seconds they were." Jesper states.

"Amazing for you, but torture for us! Imagine that we were out of the spotlight for 10 whole seconds! Oh, how the world must have missed us!" He shouts dramatically.

"Give it another 10 seconds, or maybe 10 hours before anyone misses ya'll." Reynauld counters.

"Don't set them off or we'll be stuck here for 10 hours just shooting the shit instead of investigating." Jesper interrupts.

"Oh yes, the investigation, we should get on that." Ami remembers.

Jesper snaps his fingers, the sound echoing several in the large hall, "Damn right you should, now, give our friends here the run-down." He orders.
"Yes Sir! Welcome one and all! To Dardan city hall! One of the oldest building in one the oldest cites in all of Kukan'yu!" He begins.

"Home to politicians, legislators, city councilmen and pretty much anyone who has any real say in society!" Ami continues.

"It also happens to be home to not one, but two mysterious cases! With deaths of two mayors in office that has led people to believe this place may in-fact cursed by extra-ordinary amount of hatred built up by the citizenry over the years thanks to actions of various corrupt officials!" Sheldon explains.

"Two mysterious deaths?" you ask.

"Yes, the first is, of course, the death of Inell Ucedes, the now previous mayor in office, who's death you will be investigating." Ami answers.

"I see, and the second?" Arztz asks.

"That would be the death of a Mr. Tenpan Marrion, he was mayor two years ago, though he committed suicide after having several documents exposed that revealed he was embezzling funds and had connections with various gangs in the city." Sheldon explains.

"Oh, well good riddance on that one. No wonder the place has so much built up hate if the big man in office is corrupt as all hell." Reynauld states.

"Right you are Sir! Though the dark history of this place goes far and wide! In-fact, there was this incident 1904 that-"

"Stop right there. I told you to give them a run-down, not a history lesson." Jesper cuts Sheldon off.

He pouts, "I thought we were the criminal hunters, not the fun police..." He complains.

He turns around and heads up the stairs, "Trust me, you don't need a history lesson to learn how fun this place is. Let's just take these bunch to the crime scene." He leads the way.

The twins throw their hands up, "Well, you heard the man! Follow us to see a dead body!" Ami exclaims happily as she continues up the stairs.

"You know, she'd almost be cute, if only she wasn't a heartless psychopath." Reynauld states as he walks on ahead.

"Call my dear sister whatever you like, no one will deny her strange charm, it has taken as many men as it has broken...Not including
me of course, I'm not nearly foolish enough to fall for that!" Sheldon laughs as he heads up stairs.

"And you'd be quite likable if learned how to stop looking down on others." Arztz shows a rare moment of displeasure as he makes his way up and you follow.

As you reach the top of the stairs, you and everyone else is stopped by a massive security check-point.

Armed guards stand behind metal barriers that block the hallway, a conveyor belt with an x-ray machine, clearly for checking luggage stands next to a metal detector.

This sudden wall of security almost makes you feel like you're about to pass through airship security again, "Good god, what is this? A government building or a prison?" Reynauld asks.

"Kinda the same thing actually. It's just that the prisoners here get paid low wages for all their hard labor." Ami answers.
File: Jesper Myerscough11.jpg (142 KB, 708x1000)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
"Since the string of deaths of public officials, they've really bolstered security in this building. No one gets in or out without passing through one of many of these checkpoints." Sheldon explains.

Jesper walks through the metal detector without even looking at the guards, the machine goes off immediately as he steps through, making the guards quickly step in front of him.

"Name, occupation and reason for coming inside?" One of the heavily armored guards asks.

Jesper looks slightly annoyed, "You already know who I am and what I'm here for. Just let me and these idiots behind me through." He demands.

"Name.Occupation and reason for coming inside." This time the guard takes a slower, more commanding tone with his question.

Clicking his tongue, he pulls out his hunter license and speaks, "Jesper Mysercough. Terror Hunter. To conduct the 3rd test of the hunting exam." He answers.

"Thank you. Now please remove all metal and weapons from your person." The other guard requests.

He sighs as he pulls open his long, obscuring jacket and pulls out two Glock 19 pistols and hands it to them.

(Jesus he was packing that much heat!?) you almost reel in surprise.

They take them, basically unfazed, "Anything else?" The guard asks.

"You already know there's nothing else! This is only the 10th time you've checked me!" He complains, starting to get fed up.

"I'm just doing my job sir. You may head inside. Next." The guard orders.

"Wait, they're doing this to all of us? We're going into a place with a murderer with no weapons?" Reynauld questions.

"Well, as Hunters, we'd usually bypass checks like this since it'd be a time of emergency, but since this is only a test, we're subject to the laws of this place for as long as we're using it." Ami explains.

"And don't worry yourself, you may be unarmed, but the killer themselves will be without weapons as well. So you needn't worry about being murdered yourself...unless you aren't careful." Sheldon assures.

"Oh goddamn it..." you complain as you get checked, stripped of all your gear and let inside the building.

>Recurve bow is now missing!

>Thunderstruck gloves are now missing!

>Anti-blade armor is now missing!

"Damn it, I just got used to using all of those things too..." you grumble as you walk on ahead.

"What did I tell ya Sundance? Bunch of gun-hating unconstitutional commies. Can't believe we let 'em into our government n' everythang." Reynauld states.

"Well, let's give credit where it's due, I think these security measures are overbearing but due considering the circumstances." Arztz reasons.
File: Card Reader (Clue 04).jpg (10 KB, 180x412)
10 KB
"Though I must say it's disheartening to head into a possibly dangerous situation without even a piece of armor shielding me." He complains.

"Don't worry boys, they'll give you back your toys when you exit." Jesper calls as he leads from the front.

"Where you're going, you won't be needing them anyway." Jesper assures.

"And where exactly are we going?" you ask.

"To the mayor's office, where you're going into a special little room to investigate." He states.

"Special room?" Reynauld questions.

"You'll learn when you get there." He answers.

With those final foreboding words, he leads you through the massive city hall building, the structure becoming less grand and epic, and more bureaucratic and organized. Filing cabinets, printers, offices and cubicles, with titles, numbers and names attached to them.

Men and women, dressed in red and black suits hurry across the halls, clearly too caught up with work to even notice the clearly out of place men walking down the hall.

It becomes strikingly clear that there's some kind of caste-system in place, as you can see a very clear contrast between the common working, federal employee or intern various their various bosses who you can occasionally see sitting around through the glass doors to their offices.

Either they play with the paper on their desk out of boredom or on their phones instead of doing anything productive.

(Are these really the people ensuring that society doesn't fall apart at the seams everyday? Half of them look stressed enough that it looks like the fall of society already happened for them while the other half looks like they couldn't be bothered to get out of their chairs for a few minutes.) you notice.

However the deeper intricacies and woes of the common federal worker isn't and hopefully never will be your problem.

"Alright boys, we're here." Jesper stops you all in front a glass door at the end of the hall.

Before you know you know it, you've reached the entrance to what must be the mayor's office, the thick glass door obscures the inside from outside viewing.

However, the door isn't what catches your eye, but instead the terminal behind it, what looks like a card reader, hanging just below a small and black screen.

"What's that?" you ask as Jesper pushes the door to the room open.

"Oh don't worry, I'll tell you all about that in a second, just follow me for a little longer and you'll learn what that is." He asks.

"...Sure." you oblige as head inside the office.

>Roll 1d100+10 (+10 from Derrick's starting bonus.)

>DC: 50
Rolled 71 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolled 69 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolled 44 + 10 (1d100 + 10)


Sorry for the late reaction, my internet seems to on the friztz at the moment.

May be slow in updating.

>Rolled 81

As you enter the room, you're met with a cascade of chairs and tables, brought together in what looks more like a conference room rather than a mayor's office.

The air-conditioning in this place is everywhere, but it's especially thick here, with glass door clearly not allowing even a breath of air escape, along with any words that might be carried with it.

However, it is not the look of the room that catches your attention, but the smell.

Reynauld's nose fires off first, "Blood." he answers before the rest of you.

"Yes, the smell is faint, but the scent is definitely in the air." Arztz confirms.

"Where's it coming from though? I don't see anything strange about this room." you ask.

Jesper smiles, "Good noses people I was worried you might not notice without me pointing it out to you. You might just be able to solve this mystery if you keep your sense that acute." He compliments.

"So is this where the body is then?" you ask, since the room seems to be completely devoid of other people.

"Not here. Above here." he answers as he walks over to a wall of photographs you didn't even notice when you entered.

(Is that a memorial wall?) you wonder as you see somewhere around 70 black and white photos attached to the wall, all with a short description attached to them.

You aren't given enough time to take all of whatever it is in, as Jesper goes ahead and pushes down on the photo of one of the more recent additions to the wall, labelled Tenpan Marrion.


Once he does so, a clanking noise slaps against the roof of the office you're in, causing everyone but Jesper and the Carlton twins to jump.

Afterwards, a small latch in the corner breaks open and a metal ladder falls with it.

"...What the hell?" you ask.

"This is the special room I was talking about. Brace yourself kid, the real shit starts now." Jesper warns as he climbs onto and ascends the ladder.

"If I were any of you, I would brace my eyes. They're in for a sight!" Sheldon exclaims as he climbs the ladder.

"If I were any of you, I would bare my nose. They're in for a ride!" Ami laughs as she climbs the ladder.

"..." The rest of you are left speechless as the others climb.

Reynauld is the first to break out of the confusion and moves to the ladder, he grabs the ladder to ascend but reels back for a moment.

He looks to you both with a glint of worry in his eyes, "The scent gets way worse in this hole...Brace yerselves men." he states as he begins his ascent.

Arztz's smile begins to wane as he walks up to the ladder and learns what Reynauld meant, "Ah, this is a familiar, but far from welcome scent...reminds me of home." He says with a dark nostalgia to his voice.

"I don't imagine what lies at the top here will be very beautiful...meet you at the top Mr.Derrick." He continues on upwards.

"..." you don't bother responding, he didn't seem like he wanted a response.
You walk up to the ladder and look up to see the hole goes up quite high and it gets darker the higher it goes.

You also, of course, grimace as you notice the strong, repugnant smell that clings to your nostrils like a bad cold.

You take a deep breath to mentally prepare yourself as you ascend.


The climb is short, only about 20 seconds, but the results of what you find from it are massive.

Once you emerge from the hole, you find yourself leaving the freezing cold of the air-conditioned room to be met with the natural cold of the outside.

Strong, noisy winds blow against you, chilling you to the bone, which only helps to emphasize the feeling of dread when you peer into the completely unorthodox room.

Time: January 19, 2000, Saturday, 6:35 PM.

Location: Zenla Region, City-hall building, Secret room.

You stand at the apex of the building, you quickly realize that this room has been built within the insides of the top of the Clocktower you saw when you arrived.

Dimly lit, moderately sized space, filled with all kinds of things of note, bookshelfs, computers, printing, copy and coffee machines, if the room weren't built in such a strange location, you might even say it's just like the other offices you saw on your way here.

However, there is one other massive difference, it sits in the center of the room, literally, in a chair, it's shadow indicates a man staring outside the clocktowers window and down unto the darkening street.

However, on closer inspection, you notice the man has no head.

"..." you're left speechless at the sight.

"Jesus fucking chirst..." Reynauld groans, he's already taken in the scene, however, he still has to admire the brutality before him.

And brutal, it is.

When you reach around the front of the headless man, you notice that the his wounds extend far beyond his headlessness.

Even with a cursory glance, you can tell that this man has been killed in a fashion so brutal, that it could almost be considered artistic.

As you look upon him, his body is in a relaxed state, but his detached head lies in his lap, covered painful, black bruises that make it hard to tell which part of his face you're looking.

Or maybe it'd be more accurate to say, how much of his face is left to look at.

"...." Arztz can't even offer words, the heart-breaking frown on his face says a 1000 more words than he ever could.

The whole room is silent in their examination of the body, that is, until Jesper speaks, "This is Inell Ucedes. Or rather...what's left of him." he begins.
"..." you all listen in silence.

"His body was found around 7:00 AM two weeks ago, in this exact spot, in this exact manner. His perfectly decapitated head left in his lap." He continues.

He puffs out a wave of smoke, "Two weeks ago, on a Saturaday just like like this one, a charity party, held by none other than Inell himself, hosted here, In city-hall." he explains.

"However, during said party, Inell went missing somewhere around 10:00 PM and never came back." He crosses his arms as he explains.

"He was found like this a day later by a young politician named Nicholas Harte. Who noticed the same faint scent of blood coming from the roof that you all did and found that secret switch to this room and of course, his body with it." He finishes.

"Needless to say, the panic was wide-spread for a few days. The mayor was found dead in a space that no one else in this building even knew existed. Murdered on the day he decided to give back to the public in charity." Ami grimly continues.

Sheldon produces a small yellow file from under his jacket, "Fortunately enough, our good boss was on the case not even a few hours afterwards and he managed to solve the case before the end of the day." Sheldon explains.

"And so it is that the same task falls unto you." He hands each of you a piece of paper with sizable amounts of info written on it.

>Case File Received!


Taking a quick glance through it, you can tell there's a lot to go through here, however, one in particular stands out as you read, "By the end of the day? But it's 6:00 o clock! That means we have 6 hours to solve this mystery!?" you panic slightly.

"Don't act so surprised, I was told to make the testing conditions harsh you know." Jesper answers.

"Ah damn, might as well put the noose round my neck now, cause looked like Headless here isn't the only one losing it tonight..." Reynauld nearly gives up.

"Worry yourselves not young Hunters! We are cruel, but not without mercy!" Sheldon cheers.

"We will be with you the entire way to answer any questions you have and help you along the investigation!...within the boundaries of what's fair to answer of course, you'll be doing most of the work." Ami explains.

"Yes, If you ask, I'll give you my opinion on any clue or person you want." Jesper promises.

"Though I won't tell you who the killer is no matter how you ask me and I won't point anything out that you haven't noticed, so don't rely on me." He states as his cigarette light dies and the twins scramble to light him a new one.

"Well shit...no time to waste then! Let's get searching boys!" Reynauld claps to wake the two of you up.

Arztz reads the case file more intently, "From the what I'm reading here, we have a lot of ground to cover and not much time to do so, I don't quite know where to begin..." He states.

"Well, If I were you all, I'd start right here." He says waving a hand across the strange room.
"After you're done searching this place. I'll do you the kindness of giving you a general idea where the best places to search are, save you some time." He explains.

That calms you down a bit, "Okay then, I guess that means I'll start by..."

What will you do?

>Examine the room for clues.

>Check the body

>Have Arztz check the body

>Ask Jesper some questions.
>Have Derrick examine the room for clues.
>Have Arztz check the body
>Have Reynauld ask Jesper some questions.
Might as well use our numbers and personal skills to their advantage
>Checks case file
Chirst I have a lot to memorize
Seems everyone needs a minute to memorize the contents of the case file before continuing, I'll leave the vote open for about 15 more minutes than continue.

File: [Indecision].png (64 KB, 232x271)
64 KB

Well either everyone just saw that case file, got tired and gave up, or everyone wants this particular option and didn't see it necessary to voice their opinion.

I wouldn't be surprised by either outcome.


"Well, strength in numbers." you state as you look over to Reynauld and Arztz.

You take charge as you point to Arztz, "Arztz, check the body, give me all the information you can find. Don't skimp on anything, but don't be slow either, we're on the clock." you order.

"A most efficient idea, just give me 10 or so minutes and I'll tell you everything I can." He promises.

"Good, Reynauld, I'mma need you to extract as much information out of these bastards as you can, be tricky so you can get something useful out of them." you order.

"Sure thing, I'll use my roguish charm to win 'em over. Hell, they might just tell me who the murderer is when I'm done with 'em." He jokes.

"But then what are you gonna do?" He asks as he moves to talk to Jesper.

"Simple, I'm gonna check this place top to bottom to see what I can find..."

>Hello again! Are you used to get interrupted mid-way now? I know I am!

>Now regarding investigation of an area (Or professionally referred to as a [Crime Scene]), the process is simple, once Derrick enters a new [Crime Scene] you will be immediately prompted to roll to analyse.

>Assisted by whatever bonuses and aid you have, you will have a set DC to pass in order to properly investigate the scene and ascertain the evidence that can be found in the area, which will be highlighted in green text in the following post.

>If you want to properly estimate how many clues there are in an area, you can count it by the increments of 10 you roll after you've passed the DC. For example, a room with a DC: 50 on me there are 5 clues to find within it.

>Which in turn means, the more clues in an area, the lower the DC becomes. But a lower DC doesn't necessarily mean an easier roll, in fact, at times it can even indicate a much harder roll to win.

>With more clues in the area, not every clue is as useful as other ones, finding any decisive pieces of evidence become much harder, as they are locked away at the higher tiers of the roll, (Going back to the DC:50 example, you would have to roll numbers between 80-100 to find anything that will truly help solve the mystery)

>Which means at times, higher DCs are actually indicators of places with much more useful evidence, at the cost of being much harder to notice.

>In addition, we have of course, pieces of evidence that can only be gathered via [Investigation Skills] which you'll have to use your own discretion as to when they will be useful.

>Also, if you miss certain pieces of evidence, don't fret, as long as you have a decent amount of decisive evidence or a good enough stack of normal evidence, you can still find and take down the culprit, making logical guesses to fill in the blanks when it comes time to prove your case and catch the killer.

>That's was your second word salad of the day! Happy Hunting folks!

>Roll1d100+10 To analyse the area!

>DC: 40
File: [Angered Confusion].png (79 KB, 313x382)
79 KB

>30 minutes pass

>Not a single roll thrown

>Everyone decides it's time to go to bed early the second the main part of the thread begins.

I'm not mad, just very salty.
Rolled 37 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Finally Captcha will let me post
Rolled 23 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

File: [Mild Depression].png (135 KB, 435x335)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
>2 hours have passed and no third roll.

Guys, be honest with me, is my quest boring?

This isn't a oh woe is me, people don't care for my quest! Have pity on me type question.

I mean it seriously, I am boring you all? I took up the mantle of QM to entertain and flex my literary skill, but perhaps I've flexed too hard and turned what was supposed to be a fun game with a hopefully deep story and fun characters, into a rigid, boring chore.

I think it's pretty clear to everyone I enjoy writing, but I don't do this quest to enjoy myself, but to entertain people and felt like the last two episodes got far more engagement than this, far more people were have fun, at least, I think so.

So ask you not for pity, but your honest opinion, do you actually want to continue with this? My feelings aren't easily hurt, so a yes won't break me you know.
I was asleep due to work based exhaustion, which is why I missed rolls.

It's far from boring, but people DO have lives other than questing, and you keep changing your quest headers which can cause people looking for pictures to skip over it.

That said it just might be a slow day, or people do not feel the ened to roll because we already passed and they are afraid of cocking it up.
This quest is one of the bests imo and I think it's plenty engaging (I'm even trying to think up some different scenarios of what could've happened while we wait)

I think you're kinda being overdramatic about this, it's not that far of a stretch to think that people are just busy today (it is a weekday afterall) and want to make time to read the pastebin so that they can understand what's going on before making any important decisions. It's not like it's a reoccurring thing it was fine yesterday, I think you just gotta chill man and wait till tomorrow so everbody can make time to catch up

>I was asleep due to work based exhaustion, which is why I missed rolls.

I figured that would be the reason for it, Lord knows it's rare for me to have a free moment to run this quest and since I finally have it, perhaps I'm making myself feel pressured to make the most of it, I will concede to that.

>you keep changing your quest headers which can cause people looking for pictures to skip over it.

This statement here interests me, people look for specific headers to find the quest? I didn't realize having a solid titlecard could be so important, I'll have to look into making a more permanent one.


>I think you're kinda being overdramatic about this, it's not that far of a stretch to think that people are just busy today

Very likely I will admit, though once again, I'm not fishing for sympathy, I just wanted to be certain that people weren't just turning away because I'm boring them.

Well, it's a Tuesday, I should've known everyone would rather sleep than quest, that's a very reasonable thing to do.

With that in mind, I guess my only choice is to wait till tomorrow and accept whatever rolls I find, have a goodnight all.
>people look for specific headers to find the quest?
Yeah most quests that go for more than a few threads either have one titlecard or a solid and eye catching rotation of them.
Rolled 88 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

File: best boy 2.gif (316 KB, 152x192)
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316 KB GIF
Sorry man, timezones are a bitch and I can't afford to stay up overnight during weekdays.
Keep up the good work, I've liked what you've done with this murder mystery so far
>Nicholas is definitely suspicious, the likely hood of just 'finding' a secret room is very sketchy. I doubt he's the killer per say, but he might be connected to a group of people who knew of the secret room.
Quick guide that summarizes the info:

Victim: Inell Ucedes
Time of death: 10:21-11:00 pm

Suspect requirements (How):
>Needs to know about the secret room
>Needs to be strong to nearly destroy the victims face as weapons are not allowed or had to be able to sneak one in
>Needed to be there between 10-11 pm
>Needs to have access to Beige Danielson's office to dispose of gloves
>Small fingers (Beige's card)

Possible motives (Why):
>Keep him silent

Suspects (Who):
•Beige Danielson
>Victim's friend
>Has bloody gloves hidden in office drawer
>Card data states that he entered the victims at 10:22 (a minute after the victim did) and exited at 10:54
>Claimed his card went missing
>Is very likely to be the next Mayor
>Former cop
>May have something against Nicholas
>Possible Motivation: Becoming Mayor

•Zarques Marrion (Piano player)
>Suspicious behavior
>Uncooperative toward the investigation
>Possibly related to the previous Mayor Tenpan Marrion who is known for being corrupt and his recent suicide
>Possible Motivation: ?

•Nicholas Harte
>Found the body
>Pupil and friend of the victim
>Knew about the secret room
>Reported to have had made "Strange movements" on the might of the crime
>Brutal approach to justice
>Possible Motivation: ?

•The Mafia
>Not a lot of info yet

•Susan Sarmon (Psycho Susie)
>Planed the party
>Noticed a few oddities

•Revali Keys
>Leader of Zarques band
>Noticed a few oddities

>Why did the victim go into the panic room in the first place?
>What was the part for?
>Is Tenpan Marrion related to Zarques?
>What kind of relationship did Inell have with the mafia?

[Made this a few minutes ago so if I missed anything feel free to say]

>Rolled 98

>Beautiful crit, good work anon


>Timezone problems

Clearly I need to run earlier than, I have some time now, let's see if people would enjoy me running a bit earlier.


>Managed to summarize all the information this concisely and clearly.

I wish I was that good, maybe then I wouldn't need to make five posts to get one point across.

But either way:

As your two partners quickly get to work on their tasks, you waste no time scanning every inch, every nook, cranny and crevice of the room for clues.

And as expected of the scene of the murder, you find quite a lot.

>As you begin your search, you turn your gaze towards an inactive computer, it looks like the power is still connected to the device, which could mean you can unlock it...

>You then move along the collection of bookshelfs, many different books take up row after row of space, all of them with interesting titles and covers, however, none of them seemed relevant to the investigation...that is until you noticed the faint smell of burnt paper behind one of the books and see a strange book with it's cover burned off.

>Also, along the shelf, you notice an empty spot near the end of the bookshelf, rather unnoteworthy on it's own, however, you notice an strange outline in the dust, one that indicates something may have been there...

>On the ground near the front of the victim, you notice some strange footprints...

>Near the corner of the room, you notice a strange glint of light...

Which will you examine?

>The Computer

>The strange book

>The dustprint

>The footprints

>The glint of light
>>The Computer
>The strange book
I think I smell a big hint
>>The glint of light
The book

>The strange book

(Everything in here is worth examining, but right now..) You turn towards the bookshelf, move take a few books out of the way as you find a misshapen, twisted roast of a book, black in shape and colour.

(This thing catches my interest the most.) you think as you pull the book out, bits of the cover fall off and crumble into dusty ash.

(Well, without even opening the thing, I can already see there's something majorly off with it. Someone had to have tried and burned this.) you realize as you open it up.

As you would expect of a burnt book, the first few pages are completely indecipherable, all of them either burned to ash or hardened into charcoal.

However, the burning wasn't perfect, as a select few pages remain in-tact, most of which center around the back of the book, which seems to be the part with the least amount of damage.

(The only front part of the book that's moderately still legible is page 12) you begin to read.

Date: March 12, 1998. It's been about a week since I've gotten into office. you read first.

(Oh...this must be a diary, Inell's diary) you realize, (This should have some pretty concrete stuff in it...) you think as you continue to read.

I've became Mayor of this fine city in order to fix it's corrupt ways, to bring peace and happiness back to the population. However, In the short time I've been here, I've quickly come to realize something. I can't trust anyone. the first few lines read.

(Well, I can tell this Inell guy sounds like a real positive person.) you think as you read on.

Everywhere I look, I see some kind of corruption, some-kind of conspiracy. Conspiracies against the citizens, conspiracies against the state and, of course, conspiracies against me. But I can't say a damn thing about it! The walls have ears and the floors have eyes! I can't go on like this, if I'm not careful, I may turn my back one day and find a knife buried in it. He continues.

(Jesus Christ, he was only in the position for a week before he started going paranoid...politics is a harsh world.) you realize as you read on.

I've decided, I'm going to need a safe place in this pit if I'm going to complete my objective, or even just survive till the end of my tenure. I'm going to contract the secret construction of a new room at the top of the clocktower, there's no way anyone will know of or find me there. it reads.

(So that's why this room exists...it's his own personal safe haven, a panic room.) you realize as you read.

Yes, within that place I'll keep all my secrets and plans locked away. Or maybe, I should say our secrets, for if I'm going to construct this room, He'll have to know as well won't he, even though I don't trust him either, we are partners in crime by this point It reads on.
You tap the page, (Wait a minute...he told someone else of this room? Someone he calls his partner in crime, now whether he's joking or not about that remains to be found out. But you can say for sure you've found something major here.) you realize.

( I wonder if he makes mention of this guy's name...) you read on.

He aided me in freeing up this position, although I'm sure he wasn't expecting me to win the election and take it from him. I imagine he'll be aiming to eliminate me somehow if I leave him unchecked, but at the same time, I can't hide anything from him, or else he'll spill all the dirt he has on me. It continues.

(This aided him in freeing up the position of Mayor? I can't imagine he means running against fair and square, considering how corrupt the mayor before him was.) you note.

(It's also strange how little he trusts his supposed partner. It's clear there's something fishy lurking under the surface here...) you read on.

But what he doesn't expect is that I have mounds of dirt on him too! A fact I'll make very clear to him when I tell him about this plan. I have a USB with several files that could ruin him! And I'll store it all on a computer that I'll have specially made so that he can't break through it without my help! If I'm going to be trapped by my sins, I'll make sure he is too. The final lines read.

You look over to the computer, (That thing has files that contains info that could ruin whoever his partner was...does he never mention the guy by name?) you wonder as you turn the page, only to find everything else afterwards singed black and unreadable.

(Goddamn it...) you complain.

>New clue Found! [Purpose of the panic room]

>From what you've read of Inell's Dairy, it seems from the very beginning he was paranoid of being killed by his peers and so felt the need to construct a secret room to store away any secrets.

>However, the room wasn't only known by him, he had a partner who aided him in some under the table deal to get rid of the previous mayor, unfortunately, his name has been lost in the ashes...

You flip over to the back pages, (Well, maybe he mention he somewhere near the end...) you read on.

Date: December 29, 1999 the header reads.

(This is from 3 weeks ago, it must be among the final entries he wrote before his death...) you realize as you read.

Two years...Two long years of planning, backstabbing, paranoia and rooting out the trash that corrupted this place. In a few more months it will make 3, however...I'm quite certain I'm going to die soon. It reads.

(....) you put your full attention into reading.

I've destroyed many criminals, many sinners, people who would have destroyed this city if left unchecked, however, in doing so, I have made two monsters I cannot defeat...Myself and- From there a large chunk of text is missing, burned away.
>He aided me in freeing up this position, although I'm sure he wasn't expecting me to win the election and take it from him
Originally I suspected that Nicholas was the only one who knew about the panic room but this line heavily points to Biege
File: Derrick Holums26.jpg (101 KB, 640x640)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
(Give me a fucking break...) you complain as you skip a few lines.

I've kept him at bay for a long time, but it's clear he won't have it any more, I'm sure he'll fine some way to kill me in these next coming weeks, whether it be by assassin like we used in the murder of Tenpan, or maybe he'll actually have the courage to do it himself, unlike me...

That's an eye-opener, (The murder of Tenpan!? Tenpan was assassinated!?) you can barely hold back your surprise.

(So that's what he mean't by freeing up the position, I'll have to carry this with during the investigation, this changes a lot...) you note as you read on.

The only thing I am certain of, is that I'm going to die. I am going to die and the only thing I've done is bring down people and destroy everyone around me's lives. Beige, the one, real friend I have in this place, told me that saving the world isn't just about destroying the evils that lurk within it, but ensuring that good has room to grow and prosper when that evil is destroyed. it reads.

I want to take those words to heart. In these final moments of mine, I want to give back, not take away. So I'm going to arrange a party. A Charity one, one where I'll give away all my wealth and worldly possessions, and then, confess my sins to the whole world and let it be known that Inell Ucedes is a lying murderer. That should atone for the things I've done... The final lines read.

(So that was the purpose of the party...he was going to give everything up and get himself executed before being assassinated himself...but then he was murdered before that could happen...) you feel your grip tighten around book, a strange mix of anger and sadness taking you for a moment.

You turn the pages, but everything else after that can be read can be summed up as a list of apologies for all the people he hurt and the ways he wishes to atone, but now can't.

You shut the book, feeling both proud yet regretful to have read it.

>New Clue found! [Inell's Diary]

>A Diary detailing Inell's life in office. It speaks of many things, most important of which, is that he planned to confess about the murder of Tenpan Marrion, previous mayor who people believed to have committed suicide and that he had an accomplice in this murder, however, he was murdered himself before this truth got out.

(I can't help but feel that whoever this accomplice was had a direct hand in murdering him that night. Though I have no idea who that is yet...) you think.

You look over to the body of Inell and feel even worse now than you did before, (The guy was an admitted murderer and a liar, but he wasn't a bad guy, he was remorseful, ready to serve time for what he did and because some bastard wanted to hide from his crimes...) you feel a surge of rage inside.

(I should focus on the mystery for now, what next...)

What will you examine?

>The Computer

>The dustprint

>The footprints

>The glint of light

>Check on Arztz and Reynauld's progress.
Just adding by the way that every new clue will be added to case file, so if you ever forget about one, just check it to remind yourselves.
File: Batman thinking.gif (408 KB, 500x345)
408 KB
408 KB GIF
>>The Computer
>Beige, the one, real friend I have in this place
Hm, so that the rules off him being his partner in crime.
something I found interesting about Nicholas
>being brought in 3 years ago on recommendations by the victim,
>The Computer
We might be able to fill in the blanks left from the book
>The Computer

>Time to check the computer

You take the only logical step after reading that book and check out the computer.

(He wrote that he had mounds of dirt on his partner on this thing. Maybe some of that dirt includes an actual name for once...) you think as you approach the desk.

The computer is a large screen but other normal desktop computer with a keyboard and mouse and it's CPU tower hidden under the desk, (He wrote that this thing was specially made, but it looks normal to me...) you think.

You notice that the computer is actually on and is just on powersaving mode, so you grab and swing the mouse to get the screen to display.

Once on, you're greeted by a security screen that asks for a user name and a password, (Typical security system too...not that makes thing any easier, I have no idea what this guy's password would be.) you realize.

But even so, you put fingers to the keyboard, (Well, considering the guy looks like an old man who was barely used a computer anyway, he probably used the world's most simple password...) you guess as you type in password123

However, as you tap on the keys, nothing is appearing in the password bar.

(Huh? Is this thing just slow?) you wonder as you re-type it. yet still no characters appear on the screen.

(What the hell? Is the keyboard disconnected?) you wonder as you dip your head under the table to check the keyboard wire, only to see that it's connected and firmly in place within it's port.

You take it out and put back in anyway to see if it will work, it doesn't.

(Seems this security screen doesn't take character input. How the hell am I supposed to get in then) you look around for an answer and that's when you see it.

A scanner of some sort, one connected directly to the CPU Tower, (What's this? I've never seen one of these before.) you examine the scanner closely.

"It's a special function scanner." Jesper suddenly chimes, cutting off his talk with Reynauld for a moment.

"Special function Scanner?" you ask.

"Yeah, a custom-made one. It's sort of like a card reader, in that, it takes the codes or patterns off an object and translates them to machine code, making it capable of entering information into the computer instantly." he explains.
"Oh really...any idea what that object might be?" you ask.

He shakes his head, "Nope, if you don't know, how am I supposed to have a clue?" he laughs.

You laugh back wryly, (Should have figured he'd only help me to make fun me of after-wards...) you realize.

"I think you're better off not trying figure out what's behind that screen. You don't want waste time right?" Jesper suggests.

"..." you say nothing in turn.

"Well, it's up to you what you devote your time though. If you need me, I'll be talking down your cowboy friend, real pest that guy, just won't shut up." He complains as he returns to Reynauld.

(Shit, if only I had someone who was good with tech like Brovoski, I might be able to learn a useful thing or two about this...) you regret.

What will you do?

>Accept the evidence as is

>Attempt to find out what it does.
Attempt to find out what it does
>Attempt to find out what it does.
>Move onto the glint of light

>Attempt to find out what the device does.



Side question: Am I the only one having trouble with captcha lately? Seems the thing barely lets me post unless I reset it a bunch of times.
Rolled 24 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Moment of truth

Yeah Captcha's been really annoying these past few days
Rolled 62 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Last post of the night, good luck guys
Rolled 91 + 10 (1d100 + 10)


>Rolled 101

>Modified Crit

>Worry not folks! Derrick Gates is on the case!

(Well, I'm no computer expert, but I should be able to learn something about how this thing works through logical deduction.) you guess.

(The first thing I would assume goes unto this thing would be their keycards. It would be something he could add a code to and no one would suspect anything odd about it) you reason.

(However, that would mean either he'd need to make new cards made or their current cards to be wiped and new codes added to it. Both actions that would appear suspicious on his record. Inell seemed too paranoid and secretive to leave something that traceable. So let me rule that out.) you dismiss.

You approach the device again and begin to examine it in extreme detail, you peer behind the glass of the scanner to see the actual scanning device and realize something, (This device underneath the glass...it is...?)

You test your idea by taking your belt off and pressing the buckle unto the screen.

Just like that, the scanner activates with a flash, scanning the metal object and entering the information into the computer.

Both the user name and password bar on the screen are suddenly filled with obscured characters that continue to fill up both and inputting the information.

(A Metal detector! I thought it looked like that metal scanner they used around the entrance!) you think.

(So whatever key he was using, it's some form of object made from metal. He must have hid the code within some sort of metal object he carried around!) you realize.

>New clue found! [Modified computer]

>Within the secret room, Inell built a modified computer that could be accessed via a scanning device. Within this machine, secrets that could ruin his accomplice reside, which he used as a safe-guard to prevent that person from using his against him.

>New clue found! [Metal scanning device]

>Whatever key Inell was using to get past the security screen on the computer, it was some-kind of metal object that code store a code within it's depths.

You put your belt back on and turn away, (Well, if anyone would know what he's was carrying around, it would be one of his co-workers...I'll have to check that later.) you note.

(For now...) you think.

What will you examine?

>The dustprint

>The footprints

>The glint of light

>Check on Arztz and Reynauld's progress.
>The glint of light
>The glint of light

>Glint of light

File: Piano Wire(Clue02).jpg (96 KB, 500x500)
96 KB
You turn your attention to a strange glint of light in the far corner of the room.

(I barely noticed this thing thanks to the lighting being just right to catch my attention, now let's take a closer look..) you move over to the tiny glint and as you close the distance, you notice that the shining object is small, thin and very familiar.

You pick up what appears at first to be a long sliver piece of string, but upon closer inspection, you realize the object to be piano wire.

(Piano wire? What's piece of piano wire doing here?) you question as you measure the small piece and see that it's about 0.5 millmeters thick.

(a little on the thinner side, but just about right for a grand piano. What could this mean...Why is there a random piece of piano wire just laying around here?) you ask.

You look around to see if you find anything else odd, and that's when you turn your sights upwards and notice something even more unorthodox.

A strange device, attached a high part of the wall, (What's that doing up there?) you wonder as you grab a nearby chair and take a moment to pull it down.

On closer inspection, the device seems to be some-kind of wind-up device, the kind used by tailors when stitching and making clothes to add lengths of thread.

You think on this for a moment, (Was this thing holding a piece of piano wire? When did this thing get attached to the wall? How long has it been here for?) questions start popping up like wildfire with no answers to quench them.

That's when you feel a light tap on the back, making you turn around and see Arztz, "Oh! hey man, done with your autopsy already?" you ask.

"Yes, sorry to interrupt you in the middle of your thoughts, but I want your opinion on something." Arztz answers.

"No problem, I'm not getting anywhere with this thing anyway." you excuse.

"Right, well, If you'll follow me back to the body, I have a few things I'd like to point out..." he say walking back over to the corpse.

You follow as he speaks, "So, as it's probably the most pressing thought in our minds, allow me to tell you Mr.Inell's missing head." he begins.

He steps up to the body and points to wound, "The wound is something to behold, it's perfectly clean, skin, muscle and bone are all evenly split from the lower neck upwards." He explains.

"Perfectly even?" you question.

"Yes, almost like he had his head lopped off by a guillotine. A cut so clean and perfect that I imagine that the oxygen in his brain actually allowed him to live for a few seconds after separation." He answers.

"Really...but there's no way a guillotine is the murder weapon right?" you ask.

"Correct, that's actually the part I'd like some consultation with. I can't quite determine what the murder weapon actually is." He states.
File: Arztz Todd10.jpg (15 KB, 401x320)
15 KB
"What? Isn't it some-kind of blade?" you suggest.

"That'd be the natural assumption yes. But this cut is too clean for any blade to make. Even if the killer had absurd enough strength to decapitate the victim with a single slash, the cut wouldn't be this perfect." he corrects.

"Besides. Even if it was some sort of blade, how would the killer sneak it in? Any blade that could do this much damage in a single strike would have been found long before it could reach the victim's neck." He adds on.

"So it's best to rule out any blade weapon, or maybe even any conventional weapons too, since they'd all be detected...Wait a minute." you look to the piece of piano wire you just picked up.

"What angle did you say the weapon cut from again?" you ask.

"Hm? Upwards of the lower neck, separating everything above the spinal cord." He states.

"Like, the weapon cut from below the chin and wrapped around to the back of his neck?" you ask.

He thinks for a moment, "I wouldn't phrase it in such a fashion, but yes, that might be the best way to put it. The weapon cut through his neck like it had wrapped around it and caused it to pop off." he explains.

(Eugh...that's an image.) you think, but quickly snap out of your disgust, "How thick would you say the weapon would be?" you ask.

"How thick? Hmmm..." He re-examines the wound, holding the body by the shoulders and gently but extensively examining the wound up close.

"Damn...how do you get that close to a corpse and not flinch?" you ask.

"Practice. Before I was a Doctor, I was a mortician. Declaring the deaths and examining bodies that had wounds far worse than this one." he explains.

"Oh...that probably wasn't a very fun job." you joke.

"No. No it was not." he doesn't laugh.

"...Well, at least you're helping people not to end up like him anymore." you assure.

"Yes. Being a mortician where I came from was consider an almost holy profession. Treated on the same level as being a priest, since you were seen as someone who helps other pass on in a way." He explains.

"I didn't share such an opinion. I care far more for the living than I do the dead. All I feel when I stare at eviscerated corpses like this..." He turns back to you with a dark look and a hanging frown.

"Is a growing hatred for monsters that would hurt other people like this." he finishes.

"Right..." you is all you can say, "So, have you determined the girth of the weapon?" you ask, moving away from the clearly touchy subject.

"Right, well, it's a bit of an estimate but I'd say it's somewhere between 0.5 to 1 millimeter thick. Extremely for a weapon, perhaps that's how they slipped it past? Make it basically undetectable?" he questions.
>I can't quite determine what the murder weapon actually is
Oh geez. I wonder what it could be

Zarques just got a lot more suspicious
Upon hearing the measurement, a chord in your head strikes, "Nah, it wasn't that the weapon was undetectable..." you present him with the piano wire.

"It was that it was something unnotable." you correct.

He takes the wire, "Is this...piano wire?" He asks.

"Yeah, I found it in the corner along with this." You explain as you show him the wind-up device.

"Is this a thread-winder?...Hold on a moment." The same chord strike with Arztz.

"Did you figure it out too?" you ask.

"Yes. It makes so much sense now, I had my mind focused so much on cutting that I didn't even consider the possibility that the weapon might be something other than a blade." He unravels the string.

"But that's where I was wrong. There is another way to decapitate a person that doesn't require a blade. Garrote wire." He states.

"Exactly. That's what I realized too." you confirm.

"With enough force and pressure on the neck, even with something this thin, as long as the material was strong enough, it's entirely possible to decapitate someone using just this wire." Arztz continues.

You hold up a finger, "Yeah, but the thing is, the killer didn't just use the wire, they used something extra." you say presenting the wind-up tool.

"Something tells me there was a contraption set up in this room before hand. One that would automatically wind-up these wires and cause them to wrap around the victims neck, decapitating him without them having to even move a muscle." You explain.

"An apt observation Derrick. But one misstep." Arztz states.

"And what would that be?" you ask.

"The killer most certainly moved a muscle. The state of our victims body stands a testament to that." he says as moves from the victims neck to his body and head on his lap.

"It should be pretty obvious from the state of the victims face, but it's clear that killer didn't simply active the device in question on Inell while he wasn't looking. He had to get him stationary for that to work." he starts.

He points to some ripped, messy parts of his clothes, "My observation tells me that the victim and the killer fought. Mr.Inell was terribly injured and beaten into submission. During the struggle, his face was turned into what it is now, afterwards he was strapped into this chair and...well, i'm sure you realize the rest." he states.

"So then it's settled. This piano wire is the murder weapon?" you ask.

"Yes, I'd say it's safe to assume this piece of wire was the what delivered the killing blow." he confirms.

"Killing blow huh? Are you sure it wasn't his face being beaten in that did that?" you ask.

He shakes his head, "I was about to mention that actually. Strangely enough, his head wounds weren't the fatal, just very painful, both to feel and to look at." He counters.

He puts his hand on the chair, "He was alive while he was in this chair. Not only that, but conscious." He declares.
"Conscious? How'd know he's conscious?" you ask.

"Well, I know it may be a bit hard to spot considering his condition, but...just look at his posture." He points out.

"His posture?" you ask.

"Yes. The way his arms are positioned and the way the legs are seated. He was relaxed and awake when he was in this chair." he states.

"Relaxed..." you're reminded of the words of his Dairy.

(He was so certain he was going to die, that maybe...maybe when he realized it was happening, he actually relaxed, knowing he wouldn't have to worry anymore...) you deduce.

"I know it may sound far-fetched, but trust me, I've seen what a body that panicked or fought in it's final moments look like. They aren't nearly this calm or peaceful." he argues.

You bring a hand up, "No, you don't need to make a case, I believe you..." you say with a tinge of sadness in your voice.

"Anything else you find? Anything of interest?" you ask.

He shakes his head, "No, his body is strangely bereft of objects of interest." He states.

"What's that supposed to mean?" you ask.

"I just find it interesting I didn't find anything valuable or notable on his body. His body is surprisingly clean of worldly possessions for a politician." He states.

"That so..." you think a moment, (Well, he did write that he was going to give up everything he owned, but I doubt he tossed it all away so quickly...) you look over to the body.

(Was there something on him that the killer took? What would it be and why? Something tells me the killer isn't some common thief.) you think on, but give up since you have no real evidence.

>New clue found! [Piano wire]

>Improvised weapon used to decapitate the victim. Found in the secret room alongside the body.

>New clue found! [Wind-up device]

>Thread-winder found attached to a wall in the secret room, the piano wire was attached to it and used to remotely decapitate the victim.

(Now that I think about it, where's the other piece of this thread winder? If they wanted to use it like Garrote, they need to attach to the adjacent wall as well...) you realize.

>Only one half of this murder device has been found, where could the other be?

>New clue! [Arztz's Autopsy]

>Arztz's Autopsy of the victim reports that he was beaten before he was strapped to the chair he lies dead in. However, in-spite the violent circumstances and his confinement, he remained relaxed and composed in his final moments.

>This suggests that he wasn't surprised or panicked in his final moments, but why?

"Well, what I don't believe there anything more we can learn from the victims body. What shall we do now?" Arztz asks.

"You can help me finish up investigating the scene, there's a few more things of note." you explain.

"Such as?" Arztz questions

What will you examine?

>Check the The footprints and the Dustprint

>Check on Reynauld's progress.
>Check the The footprints and the Dustprint
>Check the The footprints and the Dustprint
>Check the The footprints and the Dustprint
Might as well finish our part

Also nice grammar God

>Check footprints and Dustprint


Thank you for reminding I have the grammar abilities of a kindergartner, I triple check every post I do for mistakes yet I always make them, it's honestly magic how I keep missing them.

I miss having Brovoski around so I can justify my terrible grammar as a character trait.
Why not just use... Word or something? Unless you're phoneposting.
File: Footprints (Clue08).jpg (70 KB, 584x207)
70 KB
"I saw this strange dustprint." you point to the empty section of the bookcase.

"Check that out while I check on these footprints I found." you order.

"Right away." He complies as he walks away to examine the spot.

You then kneel down and examine the footprints lining the dusty floor, (Christ, this place could really use a sweeping, well, I guess it's kinda hard to hire a cleaning lady for a literal secret lair so...) you stop that pointless train of thought.

(I should just be glad there was enough dust in here to leave prints, and by god is there a ton of them.) you notice as you see a near uncountable number of footprints drawn across the floor.

(With this many footprints, you'd think an army marched around this place before clearing out, but nope.) you look closely at the shape of each footprint, (These are all the same size and shape and considering Inell was tied down the whole time, these can only be the killer's shoes.) you deduct.

You trace the lines of the shoes, (It's hard to tell what kind of shoe I'm looking at since each print has another stomped on top of it, but I can at least tell the guy wears a size 9) you realize.

>New clue found! [Killer's shoe size]

>The killer was wearing size 9 shoes at the time of the murder.

(That could be a good way of narrowing down the suspect list. Not full-proof. Considering the killer could have been smart enough to wear larger sized shoe during the murder to make it hard to determine their actual size. But it's better than nothing.) you realize.

(However, something else interests me and that's the pattern of movement.) you reason.

(What was he stomping around so much for? If Arztz Autopsy is correct, the victim was tied down from the beginning and there was no need for him to be moving around...but that does make me think of something.) you wonder.

(Arztz also said the victim was relaxed in his final moments...and all these footprints are in front of the body and no where else in the room...could it be that the killer was talking to him before he killed him?) you theorize.

(But why talk, it seems strange to talk to someone you're about to murder anyway, unless...you had something you wanted to tell them personally before you killed them.) you reason.

>New clue found! [Killer's Movement pattern]

>The strange, erratic footprints found in the secret room indicate that the killer might have had a conversation with the victim before he had killed him.

>This suggest a possible personal motive behind the killer's actions. Perhaps the killer had some kind of vendetta to act out?

"Mr.Derrick." Arztz catches your attention.

"Yes?" you answer.

"I believe I've realized what this dust print you were talking about means and I found something else of interest as well." he states.

>Phone-posting this many words.

I am a god of rock anon, not a god of dexterity.

And Word can only correct so many mistakes, stuff like, leaving an entire word out (I really don't know how I do that) can't be fixed or detected, I just have to see that for myself.

>Still writing.
"Oh? Tell me then." you ask as you follow him over to the imprint in the dust.

"Yes, well, first, when I saw this strange, rectangular print in the dust, I wondered if there was some stack of books or some machine here, but no..." He traces a finger along the edges of the print.

"I measured these edges and realized this is spot housed neither books nor electronics, but paper." he states.

"Paper?" you ask.

"Yes. 8 by 11 inches, the size of letter paper. This spot probably housed a stack of paper of some-kind." He states.

"Oh really...so why's it gone?" you ask.

"That's the question isn't it? Why is it gone? What interest did the killer have in stealing not only whatever stuff the victim had on him, but also a random stack of paper?" he wonders.

"You're exactly right, I can't imagine some thief being interested in some stack of paper..." you reason.

"Yes, not unless that paper had something important enough on it that it would warrant being stolen?" Arztz suggests.

"Important enough to be stolen..." that gets you thinking.

(Inell's diary detailed that on the night of his death, he was going to spill the beans on everything he and his accomplice had been doing, I can't imagine him making claims against someone in office without some sufficient proof...) you reason.

(Could it be that he printed out all the secrets he had on his accomplice and so that warranted him needing them stolen...) you deduce.

(but doesn't that suggest a direct link between the killer and this accomplice? That is, if the killer and the accomplice aren't the same person.) you wonder.

>New clue found! [Missing stack of paper]

>Imprints in the dust suggest that a stack of paper may have once stood on that spot. What reason would the killer have to steal a stack of paper?

>Could the papers have been threatening in nature to the killer? Or, possibly, whoever ordered the killer around?

"I have one other thing to show you, though it only confirms something we already guessed." Arztz states.

"Oh? And what's that?" you ask.

He points to the end of the bookshelf, on the floor, where you notice yet another imprint in the dust, this one far bigger than the other one.

"What's that?" you ask.

"Signs of a struggle. See how the dust spreads out in random directions." he points out.

"This shows the killer was hiding behind the bookcase before ambushing Inell, they fought for a while here and...well, you know how it all ended." He explains.

"Ah, you're right, this already confirms what we learned from his scuffed clothing." you confirm.

"Yes, but more proof for one's argument is never a bad thing right?" He states.

>New clue! [Signs of a struggle]

>Large imprints in the dust on the ground of the secret room show that the killer ambushed and beat the victim into submission before killing him.
"Yeah, you're right there. Hey, you'd think with all this dust around, that the killer's clothes would have to be a real mess too." you state.

"Exactly so, and yet they managed to escape the night of the murder without being detected by any guest or the security...strange isn't it?" Arztz points out.

"Yes, almost like the killer was aided in his escape, right?" you ask.

He smiles, "I see we're on the same wavelength. Yes, either the killer was some sort of perfectly calculating mastermind, or they were aided in the murder of Inell in some fashion." He states.

You cross your arms, "So not only do we have to seek out this killer, but his benefactor too? Jeez, this rabbit hole goes so deep we might end up in Azia before we reach the bottom." you joke.

"The hell are ya'll doing planning a trip to Azia when you're supposed to be investgatin'?" The voice of Reynauld chimes in.

"Ah Mr.Reynauld! Are you done questioning our examiners?" Arztz asks.

"Wasn't much of a questioning Casper. As you'd expect of a bunch of patronizing shit-sticks, they spent most of their time practicing their three-man comedy routine rather than actually telling me nothing." He states.

"So you didn't manage to get anything useful out of them?" you ask.

"Well, they did tell me all the places we should go for the rest of the investigation." He answers.

You scoff, "Turn that 3-man routine to a 4-man cause damn man you must have been joking around too if that's all you got. I could have gotten that out of them." you taunt.

"You're lucky them security boahs stripped me of my blue lightn, else you'd be a dead man right now Sundance." He threatens.

Arztz gets between you two, "Please gentlemen, we needn't threaten each with murder on the scene of a literal murder." He starts.

He turns to Reynauld, "Surely someone one of your wit obtained something greater than that of them, Mr.Reynauld?" he asks.

"Ah shucks, ain't you a flatterer Casper?" He says as he starts thinking.

"Well, now that I think about , I did get them twins to tell me something suspicious." He states.

"From the twins? Everything they do is suspicious." you counter.

"Yeah, well this is the good kind of suspicious, useful kind. I asked them what kind of man would commit a murder this brutal and look at himself proudly in the morning, know what they said to me?" He asks.

"The only kind of man that would commit a murder this vicious and cruel and feel guilt-free the next morning is the kind that was doing it on someone else's behalf." He paraphrases.

"Is that really what they said?" Arztz asks.

"Well, there was a lot more jokes in-between that and the point, so yeah, let's say I just gave ya the express version." He admits.

"Even so, that's useful, that basically confirms our theory doesn't it?" you ask of Arztz.

"Indeed it does." Arztz agrees.
"And what theory per se is that?" Reynauld asks.

"We believe the killer had a benefactor. Someone who aided them in killing Inell the night of the murder." Arztz explains.

"Oh really?" Reynauld grins, "Sounds like you boahs found some good stuff without me. How ya fill me in?" he asks.

"I could use some of that information myself, Mr.Derrick, I don't know every detail you found without me." He asks.

"Alright, let me start from the top..." you begin your explanation of what little knowledge you have.

[To be continued tomorrow]
Thanks for the run so far.
Okay I know this is very early, but I'm gonna start posting in 10 minutes because I have some things to post that are, let's say, Extremely text-intensive.

I'm doing this because if I were to post when the thread really starts running, it would interrupt the flow.

I'm doing this so that those who don't want to sit and wait through what might be hours worth of text without a single choice don't have to wait so much, so if you just want to continue you on with the mystery, the thread actually starts around 2:00 PM EST, as per usual.

And for anyone awake right now and willing to wade through 20 posts with no interactivity, I hope you enjoy.

File: Xander's Office.png (831 KB, 877x542)
831 KB
831 KB PNG
Time: February 1st, 1993, 10:07 AM, Morning

Location: Yorknew City, Xander Mansion, Kingsway street

"108...Tell me, do you know what that number represents, Turner?" you ask in a calm, level-headed voice.

"...." Turner remains silent as he holds his head down, hands and ankles tied as he remains on his knees.

You breath in sharply and let flow a slow exhale, a sour, dour sound that pollutes your otherwise pristine, beautifully designed office room.

Before you lays a man, broken by stress and fear as he holds his head down, hands and legs tied, brought to heel on his knees.

You take a moment to think before you address him and allow the stressful air of the room to settle in, so you're better able to clear it.

During this moment of pause, you take a long, well-made ball-point pen and begin to tap it.

Slowly... and delicately, tapping of the metallic pen against a hard wooden desk, filling the room with an almost rhythmic feeling of distress and despair.

Almost like the ticking of a clock, but for the man before you, it must sound more like the final clicks of a Cardiac Monitor.

Your name is Daniel Xander. And you're in the middle of asking your subordinate an important question that you should have asked a long time ago.

"Strange, he's not answering. Perhaps he's a bit nervous?" You ask of the five other men in room, a mocking, cheery tone present in your voice.

"There's no need feel nervous whatsoever Turner, it's just a simple question. 108, what does that number represent?" You ask again, in a more welcoming voice.

"Boss...Boss please...please be reasonable, don't do this..." He begs of you.

You narrow your eyes in annoyance, "Oh me, oh my, it seems Mr. Turner is a tad too nervous to hear clearly. Can one of you gentlemen please help him Loosen up?." you ask.

A tall, dark man, Darno you think his name was, answers your call and approaches Turner, "No...No! No please don't-"

His begging is cut-off by a swift, heavy boot to the head, which smashes him into the hard, reinforced, brown wooden floor.

The impact of his hard landing splashes a new shade of red against the floor as a large gash opens up in the side of his head.
File: ma nigga.gif (40 KB, 192x226)
40 KB
>text dump
File: Daniel Xander07.jpg (23 KB, 450x360)
23 KB
"Oh no! My floors! Darno! I just had those cleaned yesterday!" You complain.

"Sorry boss, I got a bit carried away." He apologizes.

"You bet you did! I said loosen him up, not break his skull! Pick him up and get him to focus again." you order.

"Yes boss." He proceeds to pick up Turner who was lying limply on the floor, cleans him up and get him to focus as well as his new concussion will allow him.

You address him with a friendly smile in his dazed state, "Well, that was a bit rough, but don't worry about that getting infected. We just hired this sweet, old cleaning lady the other day. She does magic on these floors and even cooks everyone these amazing cookies after she's done, free of charge to boot!" You explain.

"...." He can barely hear a word you're saying, a long-stream of blood runs down his head which drips it's way down the floor.

"Looks like we'll have to call her again, a shame, today's supposed to be her day off but you just had to go off and mess up the floor didn't you Turner? Shame on you!" You state.

You wave your hand to a man on your left, "Gespi? Be a dear and call Mrs.Maggie. Tell her I'll pay her double if she comes by in the afternoon to clean a pile of strawberry jelly I spilled on the floor." you order.

"Yes boss." The deep voice of the burly, scarred face man complies as he walks out of the room.

As he exits the room, you regard Turner again, "Yes, now as I was saying...What was I saying again?" you ask, losing your point amidst your tangent.

"I could have sworn I was asking you something...Turner, remind me what I was asking of you again?" you order.

"...." He remains silent, the concussion and intense cranial bleeding bringing him halfway to fainting.

You sigh, "Haahhhh... you're a bit out of it aren't you Turner? You've been out of sorts all month, what with you nod heeding my calls and even trying to hitch an airplane out of the country and all that." you state.

"Boss...Boss, I swear, I swear I didn't mean to mess up on youuuuuu..." A clear slur takes his voice, whether that's because of the concussion or the bleeding you can't tell.

"That wasn't the question. Unben." you call to another one of the men in the room.

"Yes boss?" A shorter, but still brawny and cold-looking man asks of you.

"You have some medical experience correct? Would you please help Turner focus again?" You ask.

"That's right boss. I'll get right on that." He complies as he goes off to retrieve the nearby med-kit you prepared for this meeting.

"Good, thank you. You needn't be gentle with him." you add.

After a good minute of wrapping Turner's head in enough bandages to soak up all the blood and giving him a few booster shots to wake him back up, you resume your conversation.
File: Daniel Xander03.gif (219 KB, 500x256)
219 KB
219 KB GIF
"...."Even after getting shot up with a few focus-boosting drugs, he still holds his head down and says nothing.

"Still not feeling talkative? I feel like we got way off topic there. So let's start from the top shall we?" you ask.

"108, what does that number mean Turner?" you ask.

"Boss, I'm begging you here, I have a family, that ain't no joke, I got two little girls, Darleen and Saulu." He states.

He finally raises his head to look you in the eye, "They'll die without me! I don't care what ya do to me, but I don't want them to suff-"


A room-consuming slam shocks through the room as you smash your fist against the desk, silencing him, "You finally decide to talk to me and the first things that come out of your mouth are lies? You goddamn low-life." you declare.

He's shocked silent by the sudden and thunderous shift in your mood, but he quickly finds his tongue.

"I-I, I ain't lying! I have two precious daughters! They're the loves of my life! I'd do anything for them!" he claims.

"Two precious daughters I've never met in all the 5 years we've known each other Mr. Veaner Turner? Excuse my anger Turner dearest, but I find that hard to believe." you counter.

"W-What?" He's shocked by your acute memory.

"Are you surprised I remembered all the time we've spent together and your full name? Of course I remember Turner dearest, I know everything about every man who's joined my little family." you counter.

"Family...?" He asks.

"Yes, family. I take that word very seriously Turner, I love everyone who joins my family, all of you are my brothers and sisters." you begin.

"People seem to have this weird idea that I don't care about people, and some people have this even weirder idea I don't like people!" you exclaim.

"The very idea is beyond idiotic. I. Love. People." a dark affection drips off your every word.

"I spend all day thinking about people, I spend all my time dealing with people, I do everything I can to be with people. There isn't anything in this world that I love as much as people." you praise.

"They're all so interesting and different. Each and every one has a different story, a different life lived, a new legend to tell and a drove of wishes and desires I've never even heard of!" you express.

"People are the most interesting and lovable things this world has to offer! If there is a god, I honestly believe he created this world just to let people live on it and make it fun and beautiful. There isn't a thing in this world, nay, this universe more amazing than people." You declare.

"That's why I love everyone in this world and I consider everyone in my gang to be my family, because I get to share in your interesting lives day by day. That's why I know the names, roles, pasts, family trees of every person in my gang." you finish.
"...." your speech has left him speechless.

"You get it now Mr. Veaner Turner? I know all about you too." you state as you put a finger to your forehead and speak.

"Former pit fighter turned common street thug, you joined my gang in 1985 and climbed your way up the ranks to captain at the time of my Father's rule, becoming one of his most loyal and renown fighters and leaders." you start.

"soon becoming head captain of the entire gang thanks to earning my Father's respect." You explain.

"That's...How do you even..." He's stunned by your pin-point accuracy.

"Hold on, not done yet! 3 years afterwards, when my Father had become too old to keep up the lifestyle and passed leadership of the gang off to me, his just 12-year old son at the time, he assigned you to me as my personal guard and adviser." You finish.

"...." He goes quiet again.

"You help me lead this gang into the city-wide super-power it is now and 5 years later, here we are." You state.

"All that glorious, interesting history. And yet here you are. On your knees, refusing to answer me a simple question of the millions of more complex ones I've asked you in all the time we've known each other." you state.

"I....I Um...." he's overwhelmed by the information.

"And of course, I also know you have no daughters. Or no family at all for that matter, you were born an only child, your Father died when you were 14 due to drug overdose and your mother followed not long after by committing suicide." you state.

"Boss, I'm....I'm...I don't know how to..." He struggles to form a coherent sentence.

"You know the one thing about people I don't like? They lie. They lie about things." you start.

"They have such interesting, amazing lives that they can be honest about, yet they still lie and mess up those tales. It's so vexing to be lied too because it clouds an otherwise beautiful truth with dark smudges of deceit." you tighten your fist in your quiet rage.

"Just thinking about people who would besmirch the amazing lives of people with lies, makes me so..." you don't finish your sentence, he takes one look in your eyes and he can instantly decipher exactly how much hate you harbor for liars.

"But enough about that. We've known each long enough. You should know my feelings about liars by this point quite well, Turner." you state.

"So I have to ask. Why are you lying to me Turner? Why ruin your otherwise perfect tale with such a disgusting, rotten lie?" you ask.

"...." You can see the fear in his eyes stunning him from answering.

"Silence again hm? I don't remember you being so tight-lipped Turner. You were always so talkative and honest, especially when you were praising me." You state.

"...." he grits his teeth as he tries to come up with something to say.

"Yes, you were always such an ass-kisser, it really got on my nerves how you always had something good to say about me, even when I've done nothing to be praised for." You complain.
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"I did think it was kind of cute though. Tell me Turner, do you have anything good to say about me now?" you ask.

"...." Your answer is silence.

"Nothing hm? It's good to see even though you've lost your talkativeness, that you still remain honest." You smile the darkest of smiles.

"But enough about all that, once again we've gone off-topic. I'm just on an absolute tangent spree aren't I?" you laugh.

You resume tapping on the desk with your pen, this time with more strength, "I'm going to ask you, one. last. time." you state.

"108. Do you know the meaning of that number?" you ask.

"...." He's on the verge of crying, yet still remains silent.

"Still no answer? By this point I have to assume you simply don't know what it means. Fine, I'll tell you." you state.

"Boss please...please don't....please don't say it..." he pleads.

"But I have to say it! You won't tell me, so it just means I have to remind you." you complain.

"Boss no...please no..." He begs.

"108, that's the number of men that have died since this unknown 3rd party starting attacking us." you answer.

"Ahhhhh....I....I didn't mean for...." his words catch in his throat.

"108, that's the number of my brothers that you let die under your watch." you enforce.

He hangs his head even lower as the guilt begins to hit him, "I'm sorry boss...I know I fucked up...I know I let you down..." he apologizes.

"Oh it's not me you let down. It's the 108 people you let die that you let down. They're the ones you should be apologizing to. Not me." you correct.

"Boss...Boss I'm fucking begging you...I'm so damn sorry...please don't do this..." He continues to apologize.

"108 men, all dead, after I explicated you ordered you not to ensure what happened that day half a year ago, that day when Jimmy died and I put you in charge to make sure that men like Jimmy didn't have to die like this. Yet what do I see? 108 more just like him, gone, killed like animals." you scold.

A dam of tears bursts as he cries uncontrollably, "Bosssss....Bosssssss....I'm sorry, I'm so fucking sorry! Please! Please stop! I didn't mean itttttt..." He wails.

"Most of those men had families. Actual sons and daughters, not like the lies you made up. Real sons and daughters who no longer have a Father coming back or providing for them." You remind him.

"They're suffering. They're suffering because of you Turner." You accuse.
He begins to rock and fight despite the tight constraints on his arms and legs, "I fucked up! I fucked up! I'm so sorryyyyyyyyy! Please Boss! Please! Give me another chance! I'll make it up to you! Give me another chance!" He begs.

Those words cause you to perk up, "Another chance? You want another chance?" you ask.

"Yes! Yes!! If I have another chance! I'll do it right! I'll hunt down the fuckers responsible for killing our brothers and make them pay! I fucking swear it!" He states, a smile showing through his tear and snot covered face.

"Another chance? Another chance!? Pfft, Ahahahahahahahahaha!" you laugh uncontrollably.

As he hears your laughter the smile on his face fades away, "Do you hear that brothers!? He wants another chance! He wants yet another chance! By god! As I live and breathe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Your laughter encompasses the entire room, unsettling not only Turner, but every man in the room, "W-What's wrong...What did I say that's wrong Boss?" Turner asks.

You have to hold your stomach to suppress the laughter, "I'm sorry, it's just...it's just that Turner? Have you forgotten? I've already given you a another chance! So many times I've given you another chance!" you exclaim.

"W-What do you mean? When did you...give me another chance?" He asks.

"I didn't just give you 1 other chance. I gave you so many chances to redeem yourself...108 of them to be precise." you state.

"Ah...Ahhhhhh...." It's then he realizes what you mean.

"Yes Turner. 108 chances, with every man that died under your watch, I thought of dragging you here and making you suffer for your failures like the incompetent mongrel you are!" You declare, allowing your toxic rage to flow out for a moment.

"But I restrained. 108 times, I restrained! I kept telling myself, this is Turner! Surely he know's what he's doing! He may let one of my brothers die this time, but he's sure to save more in the long run! I know he won't fail me!" you explain.

"...." You can see the fear slowly return to his eyes.

"And guess what? 108 times. 108 times! 108 Times. did you fail me. 108 times did you make me into a fool. 108 times did you prove to me you had no plan, that you didn't care for my brothers. 108 times you tricked me into sparing you another day!" you shout.

"...." He hangs his head again, beginning to recognize exactly the situation he's in.

You get up from your comfortable, leather office chair and walk around your long desk, "You seem to misunderstand what the purpose of this meeting of ours is Turner. This isn't a trail where you're trying to prove me your innocence." you state

You stand over him, your shadow looming over his entire body as you look down at him, "No, the time for you to prove anything to me is long since past. This is your execution grounds. I'm having you tell me your last words before I send you straight to hell." you clarify.
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You say that, but you can tell by the look in his eyes that he probably already think's he's in hell, for he can see hell in your eyes.

An intense shiver, one like that of someone dying of hypothermia, takes him, "B-B-Boss, let's t-t-talk this out! I feel as h-h-horribly about those guys as you do! That's w-w-why I want to make it up!"

He shows a fear-ridden smile, "I p-p-promise you! I'll do it r-r-right this time! I p-p-promi-Mph!"

His incisiveness rattling is cut off your hand clutching his mouth, "What did I just tell you? I already trusted those words 108 times. And you betrayed my trust 108 times." you state.

The look in his eyes tells you his heart could stop any second now in your grasp, "Do you know what it means to betray someone's trust? If you don't let me tell you. That's called lying." You declare.

"Do you know what that means?" you ask him.

You can feel him hyperventilating under your grasp as you reach under your fur coat, "That means you've lied to me 108 times. 109 if you count the one you told me earlier." you state.

You pull a short, but well polished and well-sharped knife, "I've never heard of a person who's lied so many times. Someone who would destroy their own legacy 109 times. I didn't think anyone could be that terrible. be that...inhuman." you state.

The other men in the room look on with distraught eyes, "That's right, you aren't human are you? You aren't a person. You're a demon, disguised as a person aren't you? That's the only way you could do something so terrible. I can't believe I let a monster like you snake your way into my life!" you shout.

You drive a blade right beside his eye, "I don't care for anything that isn't human. And I Hate anything that would dare harm a person."

You move the blade from his eyeball to his eyelid and push against it, "To think I let you trick me 109 times...I feel like such a fool...my heartaches at the thought of all the people I've lost because you..." you say as you crave a bloody path from his lower eyelid, down his cheek and to his chin.

ahhhhhhAHHHHHHHHH muffled screams escape through your fingers.

"But no more...now that I know you for the monster you are, I won't let this mistake happen twice...I won't let a demon like you trick me twice...I'll use this experience to make sure I never let another person suffer because of my foolishness ever again..." you let him go with a push.

"Ah! Owwwwww! Shit! My face! Boss! Boss please no!" The demon screams at you, but you can't hear it.

You go back to your desk and retrieve a cloth to wipe away the light sheen of blood off your knife, you look over to the other men in the room, "Darno! Unben! Go get that new recruit who's supposed to take-over guarding against this 3rd party. I believe his name was Yarlager?" you order.

"Yes Boss!" The two men rush out.

"Be quick! Time is of the essence if we wish to ensure no one else dies!" you declare.

"How do we get rid of him Boss?" Nosay asks.

You think for a moment, "Hmmmmm, what did I say would be the punishment for failing me again?" you try to recall.


"Oh yes! I promised to geld and decapitate anyone who failed me!" you remember.

You point over to the long pair of pliers, machete and blowtorch you prepared, "Use those and be hasty about it! I can't stand all this noise!" you order.

"Of course Boss. Right away." Hearno answers as he goes to retrieve the equipment while Nosay drags the demon over to the otherside of the large room and holds him down.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LET ME GO! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! I DON'T WANNA DIEEEEEEEEEEE!" The demon shrieks in absolute terror as Hearno quickly returns with all equipment in hand.

"Be sure to heat the blade first before using it, that way it cuts through easier. Also, pliers before blade. The monster must know suffering for the lives it stole." you instruct.

"Got it Boss." Hearno confirms as he readies the pliers and Nosay opens up the Demon's legs and go for his zipper.

"FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" He screams to the high heavens as the pliers clamp around his delicates.

"And can you please throw a muzzle on his maw? I can't hear myself think with all that noise." You order.

They quickly comply and tie a band of cloth around his mouth, it's then You hear a knock at the door, "Oh that must the new recruit! Come on in!" you allow.

They enter in the room, "We're back boss, he was waiting downstairs for your summons." Darno explains as he lets pass a young boy, can't be a day past 19, with black hair and handsome features.

"I'm Yarlager Boss! And I'm happy to be-Oh god what is that!?" he screams as he witnesses your men dealing with the trash.

"Oh don't mind that! Just removing a rotten devil from this world." You answer.

"...." he's left speechless at the violent spectacle going on in the corner.

"Funny thing. I actually left that monster in charge of the duty you're about to take on! Can you believe it! How big of a fool I must look!" you state.
He tries to recover from the brutal sight and speaks, "N-No, not at all boss. I hear you're extremely wise and always know what to do." he compliments.

"Oh that's not true. No need to kiss my ass. When I act the fool, I deserve to be called as such. The last person I assigned to this job was also an ass-kisser and I couldn't stand it!" you complain.

"Oh sorry...what was...What was his name?" He asks.

"Who's name?" you ask.

"The last guy who took this job? What was his name?" he asks again.

"Hmmmmm, I feel like I should remember...but sorry, I can't." you state, utterly forgetting whoever was leading before.

"Uhhh, really? I was told my predecessor worked with for 5 years, since you were a child." he asks.

You rack your brains, "Really? I feel like you might be right....but nope, I can't remember at all. I think his name might have began with a T or something though." you state, honestly not remembering whoever Yarlager is talking about.

"Hey boss. We're done." Hearno states as he holds the horror-stricken, decapitated head of the demon, both testicles stuffed in it's mouth like an apple to a pig.

"Oh good. Ready some wood, I'd I like to have it hung on my wall, so I don't forget this failure of mine." you state.

"And the rest of the body?" Nosay asks, holding the headless, blood-covered body of the monster.

"Toss it in the trash. Melt it in chemicals, bury it some forgotten corner of the yard, toss it in the wood-chipper for all I care." you order.

"Got it Boss." The both of them move for the door.

Yarlager looks on in horror as the demon's dismembered corpse is carried off, "Now, what were we talking about again?" you ask, catching his attention.

You can see intense fear in his eye, "W-We were talking about my prede-... You were interviewing me for the job, Boss." He corrects himself mid-sentence.

You give him a perplexed look but move on, "Yes. I believe you asked to join a few days ago and the first thing you asked for was one of the hardest jobs at the moment." you start.

"I know I put quite the high pay-rate out for it. But are you sure you want to start with this?" you ask.

"Yes! It's not just about the money boss! I'm here to avenge my Father!" He states.
"Avenge your father? Must be one of the few 100 sons left alone because of that 3rd party." you realize.

"Yes! Those bastards killed my dad! He may have run in a gang but he was a good man! He loved me, my Mom and my sister with all his heart! I won't let them get away with what they've done." He explains

You smile, "Alright, tell me, what do you think makes you right for this position?" you ask.

"I know the people who have been attacking your rings Boss!" He states.

Your eyes go wide, "You do? How?" you ask.

He smiles, "Truth be told, I was actually running with them myself back when I was a kid!" He explains.

Your eyes narrow, "Ohhhh? So does that mean you also killed my brothers?" you ask, a dark feeling welling up inside.

He realizes his mistake, "No! No! I joined back in the days they was just training! I dipped out when they started killing your- I mean- our boys Boss!" He explains.

"Oh? Well good then." you calm down.

He breathes a sigh of relief, "So then? Who are the people attacking me? What's their names?" you ask.

"Oh yes, they call themselves Carpe-Diem." He starts.

"Carpe-diem? Isn't that Latin for seize the day? What a pretentious name." you state.

"You got that right. Nothing but a bunch of pretentious pricks running in that group. They're a collection of retired cops, old war vets and martial artists with an army of young, dumb kids behind them ready to run guns for 'em." He explains.

(Ah, so my original theory about this being an uprising by the people of the city was correct. Well it was pretty obvious if you just think about it) you realize.

"I see, very good information. What of their location?" you ask.

"Oh yeah. Well, they have a bunch of bases now. They had one by the port once, but I think they dropped that one, so...I'm not too sure where they are right now. Sorry." he answers.

You laugh, "Nothing to worry about, I can't expect you to have all the answers, just the information you've provided is perfect..."

(...Looks like I'll be able to deal with monsters that have been killing my brothers soon.) you feel a surge of joy.

(Still, I shouldn't get too excited, Just a name and a general description of the members doesn't really tell me anything. I already had a feeling that the 3rd party was just an uprising by the people of Yorknew, it was bound to happen.) you reason.

You show a rare frown as you contemplate, (The real question is, are they a centralized force with an objective? Or some kind of movement of fighters just indiscriminately attacking gangs out of a need of retribution? Perhaps a mix of both?)
(Reports of various attacks from other gangs would suggest the latter, other gangs have lost upwards of 1000s of members and most of their stock has been utterly burnt to the ground, a few families are even on the verge of collapse, like that Nostrade family, that was all but wiped out, only seeming to stay afloat due to that little girl's fortune telling powers being so profitable.) you remember.

(They seem hell-bent on racking up a body count to rival the decades worth of lives we've taken, to think otherwise would be an errand in paranoia.) you reason.

Your eyes narrow, (However, I can't shake this feeling, the nature of these attacks have no rhythm or reason, yet they most certainly have a greater purpose. This isn't simply an exercise in vengeance, this movement is planned, they have goals in mind and while they may not align, they most certainly converge.) you notice.

(As strange as it might sound, the reason I can think as much is because it's clear that certain bias are at play with some gangs and not with others. For example, as hard as the 108 I've lost has been on my heart, in terms of actual net losses, I've lost basically nothing. If anything, I'm making much more capital than before with all these rival gangs dying off without me lifting a finger.) you realize.

"Uh boss?" A voice calls to you, but you ignore it.

(I have no evidence to back-up such an idea, but it's so strange, despite being one of the most financially powerful and active gangs in all of Yorknew, I seem to receive the least attention by these clearly very violent and volatile forces.) you notice.

(It's can't be they lack resources, they certainly seem to have a nigh-infinite supply of eager manpower, so why does it feel like the attacks i've been experiencing have been the actions of a single team? A well trained and very active team, but nevertheless, a team of probably 5, maybe even 4 people?) you note

"Boss, yo Boss?" the voice calls again.

You lose yourself in thought, (Yes, this can be nothing short of the work of a very tactical but also very mysterious leader, a sort of hand in the dark that leads the way kind of ruler.) you realize.

"Boss! Are you listen'!? Boss!" The voice gets louder.

(But what could they be planning? Why spare me? If they just want revenge against the mafia or freedom for the city like the rest of their followers? Why give me a pass? The only logical answer would be that they don't hold the same values and thereby, they are acting with a separate objective in mind, one they haven't voiced to their companions!) you theorize.

You hear footsteps grow closer, (But what could that be? What does that have to do with me? Why start this revolution in the first place? The questions keep racking up, I'm not quite sure I can answer them all-)

A hand slams on your desk, "BOSS!" A voice shouts.

"Wha-Huh? What is it? Why are you shouting?" you're pulled from the rushing currents of your mind.
"I'm real sorry about raising my voice at you, and I mean absolutely no disrespect, but you were more spaced out than a damn rocketship Boss." He apologizes.

"Oh, yes, sorry, I can get like that from time to time, I have much to think about after-all." you apologize back.

"Well, was one of them thoughts about me getting the job Boss?" He asks.

"Oh yes! You've done more work in just 10 minutes than anyone else has in the last 6 months! The job is all yours." you answer.

He cheers, "Hell yeah!- I mean- Thanks boss." He tries to act professional.

You laugh, "You're adorable. I'll be happy to have you by my side...but wait a minute. I do have one more question." you state.

"Huh? What's that Boss?" He asks.

"Does Carpe-Diem have a leader?" You ask.

"Oh, Uh..." He thinks for a moment.

"Well, uh, It's kinda hard to say, because they've got two of 'em, but like, one's never around..." He struggles to explain.

"Just tell me what you know." you order.

"Yes boss. Well, one of 'em is this real uptight fucker named Rickard Biterad. Old military vet, been fighting for 20 sumthin years and still got more left in 'em. He's the one doing most of the leading." He answers.

"Rickard Biterad...Darno, look into it." You order.

"On it Boss." He answers as he walks off.

"What of the other?" you ask.

"The other, well...he's more a mystery. He's this guy named Fernand White." He answers.

"Fernand White? What's he like?" you question.

He scratches the back of his head, "Here's the thing, I don't really know anything about the guy. Most guys don't even know if he really exists or not, but the older guys say he does for sure." He answers.

"A man most people don't even know exists...interesting, extremely interesting." you smile.

"I'd love to meet this man, talk to him." you state.

"Yeah, well it's kinda hard too, the only way you can hear from the guy is through email, he ain't got no number, no house and no damn way to know where he is or know where he's going. Like a fucking ghost that guy." He explains.

"A ghost huh?" It's then, you hear a ring, indicating a message come from your phone.

"Hold a moment." you tell Yarlager.

You turn on the phone screen and see you've received an email with the subject line reading, Invitation from a pretty lady, (What's this? No one besides my closet aides even knows my email address.)

You open the message and read the contents which is quite short, Would you like to meet and chat with me? Because I would just love to come chat with you, Mr. Xander. it says, followed by an address attached to a nearby restaurant telling you to meet at around 8:00 PM in 3 days.

(What is this? How did this person get my email address? Who even is the sender?) you ask, but you're questions are quickly and amazingly answered.

You read the sender's name as A ghost.

You can't help but laugh, "What's wrong boss? Someone send you a good joke?" Yarlanger asks.
"Yep! A hilarious one. It also seems like I've got a date with a pretty girl in a few days!" You answer.

"Woah! Getting girls by just sitting around being awesome, I'd expect no less from you boss! What a Playboy!" He compliments.

"Jeez, didn't I tell you I hate ass-kissing?" you complain.

"Sorry, what should I do now Boss?" He asks.

"Let's see..." you wonder what your first real order for him should be, until you notice the pool of blood that's gathered in the room.

"Well, first and foremost. Get a mop and lot's of bleach, you've got a mess to clean." you state.

He looks disappointed, "Really? Clean-up duty first thing? I thought I'd be doing gangster shit..."

"Now, now, don't pout, you'll have plenty of gangster shit to be doing soon, don't you worry. Just consider this a favor for me, okay?" He asks.

He walks towards the door, "Yeah, anything for you boss." He complies.

"Oh wait! One more thing." you stop him.

"What?" He asks.

"Tell Gespi to cancel that session with Mrs.Maggie. I fear all this strawberry jam will be too much for her poor old heart..." you answer.
And that's it for that little extra scene, see you all in 30 or so minutes.
"...So that's what ya'll found without me?" Reynauld nods his head in understanding.

"Yeah, what do you make of it?" You ask.

"Well, I can see why ya think the killer had a benefactor. This place has security tighter than a Nun's Ring-a-dang doo and yet they still managed to come in undetected, off the mayor in his supposed secret lair and walk right of the place with no one none the wiser." He agrees.

"That's assuming the killer isn't one of the employees, who might just be very swift and knows the layout of the building very well. Inell's diary did mention at least one other person knew of this room, so perhaps the killer and the benefactor are one and the same?" He suggests.

"Those are the two most likely theories from what we gathered here, however, the two ideas don't line up, those are two very different scenarios the both of you are talking about." you point out.

"It's clear we need more proof and that's nothing we're gonna get here." you state.

"Couldn't have said it better myself blondie." Jesper's monotone voice enters the fray.

You all look over to him and the twins, "From the looks of it, I'd guess you're done with this crime scene? Learned everything you can learn?" He asks.

You all nod, "We've gotten pretty much everything we can learn from here." you answer.

Sheldon and Ami look impressed, "You're already done with this place!? It's only been about 30 minutes! You're making excellent time!" Ami praises.

"Why, the 3 of you combined are almost as fast as our amazing boss who investigated this room in just 20 minutes! Maybe you're all better off becoming gumshoes instead of Hunters!" Sheldon praises.

You don't take it as a compliment though, "Why's it that, even when you're being sincerely nice, you two still somehow end up sounding like assholes?" you wonder.

"Hey! We were being serious, why are you treating our kind words like insults!?" Ami asks.

"I honestly think they might be cursed or sumthin'. They probably made fun of some gypsy sometime and she cursed 'em to forever sound like patronizing shitbags, whether they want too are not." Reynauld proposes.

"Oh be quiet! We can be nice whenever we want too!" Sheldon declares.

"And that gypsy deserved to be bullied! She scammed us with faulty props so she was asking for it!" Ami states.

Arztz shakes his head, "I wish I was surprised that you two would do such a thing. But I'm really not..." He states.

Jesper snaps his finger, "Hey, hey. We can discuss the shittyness of my subordinates another time. For now, don't you all have somewhere else to be? You've still got 5 and a half hours left to investigate." He explains.
"Right. Reynauld, you said you know the places we should head too next?" you ask.

"Yeah. We got a few places to go, not too many really." He brings up five fingers.

"First off, we can go back to the that huge entrance hall up front to talk to the guards, they know everyone who entered and exited the night of the party, so we might learn a thing or two from 'em." he states.

"Second, apparently, this fancy-ass place has a fancy-ass orchestral hall, who'd a thunk it." He laughs, "Seems that's where the main party was held the night of the murder, and it's currently where this Susie chick and Zarques Boah are staying, so we can go there." He states.

"Third and fourth, We got the offices of Mr.Beige and Mr.Nicholas, both a little ways away from the mayor's office. Considering both are on the suspect list, I'm thinking we pay the both of 'em a visit." He states.

"And finally?" you ask.

"And lastly, we got the place just below us. Mayor's office, it's got that card reader thang and maybe a few other clues we can find." he finishes.

"So we've got 5 places to go and 5 people to interrogate, that shouldn't be too hard..." you think.

"Well it shouldn't be as long as we're quick about our work." Arztz encourages.

"Yeah, how about you do the honors, Sundance? Where we going next?" Reynauld asks.

Where will you go?

>Entrance Hall

>Nicholas's Office

>Beige's Office

>Mayor's Office

>Orchestral Hall

>Ask your companions where they think we should go
>>Entrance Hall
>Ask your companions where they think we should go
A second opinion is always nice
>>Ask your companions where they think we should go
Fuck it, I'll change my vote

>Ask your companions

"Right back at ya cowboy, where do you think we should go?" you ask.

"Me? Well, Being honest, while ain't got much evidence, what we do have, points to one man probably being the killer and that's the Zarques kid." he states.

"I say we chat him up and see what he's about, they say he's uncooperative, but maybe you and me can help loosen them tight lips." He laughs.

"Maybe so. And you Arztz?" you ask.

"I agree with Reynauld mostly, but I don't think we have sufficient enough evidence to confront anyone yet. We've only just begun the investigation after-all." He counters.

"We need more clues before we start pointing fingers, I say we continue investigation." He suggests.

"Not an unreasonable suggestion, where though?" you ask.

He thinks for a moment, "I'd wager that we either go back to the entrance hall and hear what the guards have to say or to Mr. Beige's office to hear his defense. Those would be quick and probably profitable ventures." He states.

"Well, them's our thoughts, what about yours?" Reynauld asks.

Where will you go?

>Entrance Hall

>Nicholas's Office

>Beige's Office

>Mayor's Office

>Orchestral Hall
>>Entrance Hall
>Entrance Hall

>To the entrance hall


"I agree with Arztz, we need more info and evidence before we start really cracking down on the killer. Let's start with the entrance hall." you suggest.

Arztz smiles and looks to Reynauld, "For once, my opinion outweighs yours Mr.Reynauld." He states proudly.

Reynauld looks confused, "Was there a competition going on or something?" He asks.

"Nothing of the sort, It's just that this is the first time a suggestion that I made has won the day, so I felt a little proud of myself is all." He explains.

Reynauld doesn't quite know how to react, "Good for you I guess. Be proud you were smarter than me for once." He states.

"Not smarter Mr.Reynauld, more practical." He corrects.

"You know what would be really practical? For us to get moving. Let's hurry it up!" you order as you all head for the entrance hall

>5 minutes later

Time: January 19, 2000, Saturday, 7:07 PM.

Location: Zenla Region, City-hall building, Entrance hall

You and the examiners walk up to the two security guards, they regard you with causal indifference, "Oh, it's you guys again. Ready to leave already?" the left guard asks in a relaxed voice.

"Naw, but we'd appericate if ya gave us our guns back." Reynauld asks.

"Sorry man, not happening, even if you are approved by the association we don't take even the slightest risks anymore with that kind of stuff." The right guard says with a deeper, more serious voice.

"That's actually what we came to ask you about. Were you working here the night of the party?" Arztz asks.

"Yeah, we typically work the weekends, so we were there on the night of the party." he answers.

"Why do you ask? Does this have something to do with the murder?" The right guard is fast on the uptake.

"Exactly so, Mr..." Reynauld asks.

"Billanson, just call me Bill." Bill, the right guard introduces.

"First names only huh? I guess I'll just go by will then." Will, the left guard introduces.

"Okay then Mr.Bill and Will, mind if we ask you a few questions?" Reynauld asks.

"Of course, not like we have anything better to do." Will states.

"Hey!" Bill shouts.

"What? It's the truth." Will counters.

"Yeah, but they don't need to know that, we're meant to keep the heavy-handed guard act up, it's in our job description." He counters.

"Oh come on Bill, the only things they put in our job descriptions was to keep away loiters and harass anyone that doesn't work here. They give us these huge guns, but we basically never use them." Will explains.

"Yeah, but there's no need to tell them is there? What if they see us causally chatting with these guys and deduct our pay...again." he states.

Will panics, "Oh shit right!-Ahem- what do you need to know good citizens?" He puts on his best serious guard act.

Bill holds his head in disappointment, "Why the fuck do I keep getting put on the same shifts as you?" He wonders.

(Boy, these guys get along dry wood and lighter fuel...) you note.
"So they were just harassing me everytime...fucking bastards..." Jesper grumbles in the back.

Will shrugs as Bill sighs, "Well whatever, as you can see, we aren't very busy, what do you want to know?" Bill asks.

What will you ask?

>You did Weapon checks on the night of the murder right? What did you find?

>What kind of schedule do you guys run? Do you take breaks or switch with anyone?

>Did you notice anything particular odd or strange the night of the murder?

>What were the movements of this suspect? What do you think of them (Which suspect: Beige, Nicholas, Zarques)

>You did Weapon checks on the night of the murder right? What did you find?
Start with this
>Did you notice anything particular odd or strange the night of the murder?
I feel like if they found anything that could serve as a weapon it would also fit under the odd category. Also we already know the weapon and where it came from
Rolled 2 (1d2)


Looks like I must roll to decide, let's see what the dice gods think.

1= Weapon check

2=Anything odd?
"So you notice anything strange the night of the murder? Anything that stood out to you?" you ask.

Will gets excited, "Oh! Oh! Hey Bill! Should tell him!?" He asks his partner.

"Tell him what?" He asks.

"The story with that one chick!" He states.

"What? No, that shit's stupid." He counters.

"But it's fucking hilarious! Even you were laughing about it!" he states.

"Yeah, but do these guys look like they have that kind of time to waste? Just don't tell it." He counters.

"You're no fucking fun man! I'mma tell it anyway, so like, there was this one chick during the party with this crazy haircut!" He starts.

"Oh goddamit..." Bill groans.

"Her head was was like 8ft tall and bunched up to hell and back into like, these two tower shapes, I swear that chick nearly toppled over the security system with that fucking thing!" He explains.

"Will, stop it." Bill orders.

"That shit was so tall and filled with stupid accessories that we had to scan it in the x-ray machine before we let her pass! It was like she went to barber and asked Hey man, I wanna look like Marge Simpson but not get sued for it, what can you do for me?" He laughs.

"Will, knock it off." Bill orders again.

"You know what Bill called her after she left? The Twin Tower Bomber! cause goddamn! she was gonna crash the party harder than a plane-Ow!" Will is interuppted by Bill smacking him on the head.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop before you shut up? Stop wasting these guy's time." He orders.

"Alrightttt, sorry Mom." Will complains.

"Jesus Christ, what a duo they've picked up here." Reynauld quips.

Bill begins to think, "Alright, let me remember, something odd...well, to be honest, everything was kinda odd that night and a few nights before it too." He starts.

"How so?" you ask.

"Well, aside from the guests interesting choice in hairstyles, there was also this band they invited, what were they called?" He asks.

"You mean Starry Night? Yeah, those guys were all-around weird, but they played good." Will comments.

"Yeah, those guys played good, but the whole group felt out of place, especially that boss of theirs..." Bill complains.

(Do they mean Revali Keys? He was on the person of interest list...) you remember.

"You're only saying that cause he tried to flirt with you while you were patting him down." Will laughs.

"He was enjoying that pat-down a little too much if you ask me." He shudders.

"Yeah, but that's just odd, not suspicious right?" Will corrects.

"Yeah, in terms of suspiciously odd things...there was that piano player guy..." Bill recalls.

"You mean Zarques?" you ask.

He nods, "Yeah, I think that was his name. There was a couple things off I saw about him." He confirms.
"You mean other than him being a massive dick? Like seriously, the hell is that guy's problem?" Will sounds annoyed.

"We did read up that Zarques was toxic and uncooperative, but was he really that bad?" Arztz asks.

"Uncooperative is an understatement. Anti-social would be a better word." He answers.

"We had to hold up the line for 20 minutes because that asshole kept threatening to stab Bill, so we kept having to search him for a knife just in case." Will explains.

"Of course, there was no knife or any other weapon of any sort on him." Bill states.

"Of course, unless you count that temper of his as a deadly weapon, if looks could kill, you guys would be chatting up graves right now, if they even had enough of our bodies left to bury us." Will states.

"No weapons of any sort hm? What of their luggage?" Arztz asks.

"Nothing weird in that either, just typical band stuff, instruments, microphones, cards for advertising, back-up gloves...." Bill lists off.

"Gloves?" you question.

"Yeah, all of them were wearing black gloves, sort of a band symbol apparently." Bill answers.

(Black gloves...just like the ones found in Beige's desk) you note.

"Hey wait man, that didn't that Zarques kid go in bare-handed?" Will asks.

"What? No, he came in with the gloves. I remember pretty clearly man." Bill counters.

"What do you mean Will?" Arztz asks.

"Well, my memory might be a bit clouded, but I remember, when the band guys were leaving, all of them but that Zarques kid was wearing gloves." He points out.

"All of them but Zarques?" you question.

"Yeah...now that you mention it, that guy wasn't wearing any gloves when he left was he? Weird..." Bill recalls.

"Yeah, and didn't his knuckles look funny too? They were all bruised up, Like he just got out of a fight or something." Will explains.

"Well, I don't remember that, what I do remember is that not only were his gloves gone, but didn't he also change pants?" Bill recalls.

"Did he?" Will questions.

"Yeah, he was wearing black pants when he got in, but when he got out, he was wearing brown pants." Bill states.

"Shit, now that you say, he was wearing new pants on his way out wasn't he...think he pissed his pants mid-performance or something?" Will jokes.

"Don't make me smack you again dumbass." The two devolve into an argument again.

The three of you talk among yourselves as they do, "Well I'll be gentlemen. It seems our local piano player has a thing for wardrobe changes mid-performance. Ain't that the funniest thang..." Reynauld laughs.

"Yes, he entered with Black gloves, yet left without them, very strange." Arztz agrees.

"Black gloves, kinda like the ones that they found in Beige's office huh?" You point out.
>New clue Found! [Zarques Wardrobe change]

>According to the guards at the entrance, On the night of the murder, Zarques had entered the place in black pants and wearing a pair of black gloves. However, when he left, He was bare-handed and wearing Brown pants.

>New clue found! [Zarques injuries]

>According to Will, a guard at the entrance hall, Zarques's hands were bruised badly, as if he just gotten out of a fight.

"Men, I think we have a framing job on our hands." Reynauld points out.

"Now, now Mr.Reynauld, we shouldn't jump to conclusions. We have no idea why the gloves went missing, and as vulgar as it sounds, there's a number of reasons why Zarques could have needed to change pants in the middle of night, stage fright for one." Arztz counters.

"Oh yeah, I bet he had real stage fright after he got done ending the mayor, probably pissed himself thinking he was gonna get caught!" Reynauld states.

"Mr.Reynauld, I just said let's not jump to conclusions. We don't know for sure yet." Arztz states.

"The man had bruised knuckles and had to change clothes Casper! I'm just telling ya this since ya probably ain't been a proper street fight before, but when you're attacking someone, even if ya get the drop on them, it's easy to tear clothes and an even easier to bruise your knuckles mid-fight." he explains.

"If that ain't an indicator that he's our man, I don't know what is! I'm saying it right now, Zarques is the killer!" Reynauld claims.

"You're jumping the gun Mr.Reynauld! We need more evidence!" Arztz counters.

"The only gun I'm jumpin' is the one I'mma pull on that piano playing shit!" he threatens.

"Listen! I know that this evidence is very damning, but it isn't a perfect case yet. How would Zarques, a piano player from a band that only came to this building for a one time show, have the ability to access the mayor's office to enter the secret room?" Arztz asks.

"Well...ya got a point there." Reynauld concedes.

"And that's assuming if he even knew about that room's existence in the first place, no one else in the building did." Arztz adds.

"Well..even so, ya got admit it's suspicious right!? You're with me on this right, Sundance?" Reynauld questions

What will you say?

>Yeah, I'd say it's safe to assume Zarques is the killer.

>No, we need more evidence first.
>>No, we need more evidence first.
I mean, yeah it is suspicious, but that could be a red herring, if it was this easy I doubt it'd have made a good test case.
>No, we need more evidence first.
Last post of the night, good luck guys
>No, we need more evidence first.
Waaay to early to call it. We haven't even talked to them to verify if their side of the story checks out or not

>Calm down cowboy!

"Yeah, it's suspicious, but it ain't concrete. We can't assume guilt on suspicion, that will screw the innocent and us, considering I doubt we get a second chance to guess." You state.

"You consider right Blondie." Jesper chimes in.

"We allow you six hours to investigate, but only one chance to accuse." Ami explains.

"False accusations are a crime by law and a crime by our standards! If you plan on accusing anyone of anything, you'd best be 100% sure that they're actually guilty." Sheldon adds.

Reynauld grits his teeth before sighing, "Okay I get it, I got a bit too fired up there, sorry, maybe it's the time limit hanging over my head lighting a fire under my ass." He apologizes.

Arztz nods in acceptance, "It's okay, I can understand your urgency, but patience is a virtue and a valuable one Mr. Reynauld, let's continue our investigation." He states.

"Alright, i'll save the spit and vitriol for when we actually find the guy." He accepts.

With that sorted out, you turn back to the guards, only to see that Bill has put Will in a headlock and is attempting to choke him out.

"Dude-Dude, it was just a joke man! Gah!" Will chokes as he laughs.

"Yeah! A shit one! Kinda like all your other jokes! Now knock it off before I add your ass to the body count!" Bill threatens.

"Oh-you don't mean that man-Gahhhh- I know you're my bro!" He states.

"Oh yeah Bro! We're just the best of friends! Now be a real bro and let me get a good hold on your neck!" Bill states.

"Ahem" Arztz clears his throat to catch their attention.

They notice you all staring and they quickly fix themselves up.

Will holds his neck in pain as Bill speaks, "Yeah, so was that all you wanted to ask?" he asks.

What will you ask?

>You did Weapon checks on the night of the murder right? What did you find?

>What kind of schedule do you guys run? Do you take breaks or switch with anyone?

>What were the movements of this suspect? What do you think of them (Which suspect: Beige, Nicholas, Zarques)

>I'm satisfied for now, see you two later (Move onto a new area)

>What were the movements of this suspect? What do you think of them (Nicholas)

>What are your thoughts on Nicholas?

"Mind if I ask you a bit about Nicholas Harte?" you ask.

Will laughs, "Yeah as long as you don't tell him we were talking about him behind his back. I don't need that kind of trouble." he states.

"Trouble?" you question.

"Oh drop it man, he wouldn't hunt you down for something so simple, he's got bigger priorities than that." Bill counters.

"Oh yeah? Tell that to the last guards that talked shit behind his back. Ask them if they didn't get their housed searched, emails checked and their criminal records reviewed to hell and back for any previous crimes." He states.

"What are you talking about? They were investigated for just talking bad about him?" Arztz asks.

Bill shakes his head, "That's what this dumbass thinks, in reality, the last few guards were actually taking bribes from the local gangs to let them in the building to check out government files. He thinks it's just cause they talked bad about him." Bill corrects.

"Keep telling yourself that dude, just wait till you get accused of taking bribes and have 10 guys break into your house to check you out." He scoffs.

"I don't got anything in my house that get me arrested anyway, so I don't fear getting searched." he counters.

"Unlike you, I don't need to wipe my hard-drive every few months to make sure the government doesn't check me for illicit material" he states.

"Man are you still on that? I keep telling you it's because my grandmother comes over every few months and I have to make sure she doesn't see anything weird!" Will exclaims.

"Sure man, I'll believe you right up till you end up on a sex offender list and I'm damn sure that Nicholas will be the one putting you on it." Bill accuses.

"Christ man, you're such a damn fanboy for that douche. Why don't you ride his dick a little harder? That way he might notice you long enough to put you behind bars." Will counters.

"Shut it. I'm no fanboy, I just respect the guy's work ethic, no one else in this place is as hard on corruption and intent on cleaning up this city. You just can't see that, cause you're a dumbass." He counters.

(Well it's pretty clear these two both fear and respect the guy, not surprising, it was written in the file that he's known around the place as the Long blade arm of the law.) you recall.

(A name that edgy is bound to stir up some debate with people.) you realize.

"Okay, I see two got very different feeling about the guy." You start.

"You betcha! The guy's a Authoritarian asshat who's got a problem with everyone! He'd sentence a kid to death for stealing from the cookie jar!" Will states.

"He's not an Authoritarian, he's just a politician that actually cares about the citizens, rare I know but turns out they exist!" Bill counters.

"The guy just wants to ensure the city's safe from all the criminals lurk freely because of idiots like you!" he accuses.

"The hell was that!? You wanna go man!?" Will asks.

"Anyday dumbass. I'm ready." Bill Threatens.
Arztz moves in to calm them down, "Stop right there! This much anger over simple political debate is extremely unhealthy. As a doctor I recommend you both take a moment to calm down." He states.

"I'll calm down when this dumbass stops being a criminal apologist." Bill states.

"And I'll calm down when you stop being such a Nicholas Justice warrior." Will counters.

(Well this political debate got heated fast. I know the file said he was controversial but Christ, all I did was ask their thoughts on the guy and they already started going for each other's throats.) you're amazed.

"Listen, I think I've heard all I needed to about your opinions on him, how about you just tell what he was doing the night of the murder?" you ask.

"You wanna hear about that? Not much we can tell you." Bill starts.

"He came in early, right around when the party started at like 6 or 7 PM, and didn't leave till the party was over at like 12 in the morning." Will finishes.

"Notice anything strange about him?" you ask.

"No, everything about him was normal, well, about as normal as douches like him come." Will answers.

"Is that it? he just came in at around 6-7 PM and left at 12 AM? no abnormalities at all?" you question.

"Not on the night of the murder at least, none that we could see." Will states.

Arztz chimes in, "Well did you see anything before that might have been suspicious? Any strange actions at all?" He asks.

Bill shakes his head, "Listen guys, I hate to break it to you, but it's a waste of time to ask about Nicholas, he has no connection to the murder whatsoever." He dismisses.

"There's no a way a just and focused guy like him would-"

"Well, there was that one time on the day before the party." Will cuts Bill off.

"Huh?" Bill goes.

"You don't remember man? Nicholas came in the night before the party during after-hours to bring a few things to his office." Will explains.

"Wait...yeah, now I remember." He agrees.

"I think he came around 12:30 or something. He brought a bunch of regular office supplies and extra paper, said he was preparing for the workload for day after the party." Bill recalls.

"But then I noticed that he had a few weird things mixed in his stuff." Will states.

"Weird things?" you ask.

"Yeah, in addition to all the office supplies, he brought in duct tape and some Wind-up machine parts." Will explains.

"Wind-up machine parts and duct tape ? Why?" you ask.

"When I asked him, he just told me I'm going to build a stitching machine in my office, one I'm going to send to a friend. " Will paraphrases.

"Well that's gotta be the most suspicious thang I've heard all day. You're security and you just let him by with that excuse?" Reynauld asks.

"Well I was planning on asking more questions, till this fanboy here let him pass." he points to Bill.
"He wasn't carrying any weapons or suspicious items, so of course I wouldn't let you waste time questioning him. What harm could he do with Wind-up machine parts and duct tape?" He asks.

>New clue found! [Nicholas's strange night visit]

>The night before the murder, Nicholas came after work hours to city hall with duct tape and wind-up machine parts in order to 'build a stitching machine

"I dunno, stitch someone to death? The hell is he doing building a stitching in the office anyway? Can't he do that at home?" He asks.

"He's always in the office dumbass, he only wants to show to care to his friends by building them a gift while he works." Bill justifies.

(Oh boy, I can feel another arugment coming, better get something useful out of them...) you think as you pull out the wind-up machine part you found.

"Hey, just asking, did the part happen to look this?" you ask.

Bill takes it as they both examine it, "Yeah...yeah it did actually. Where'd you find this?" They ask.

"The scene of the murder. It was attached to the wall using some duct-tape. We have reason to believe it was used as a improvised murder weapon along with some piano wire." you answer.

"...." they both go silent upon hearing your words.

Will looks over to Bill and laughs, "I told you should have questioned him! I knew he was up to something!"

He pushes him, "Shut it! This doesn't prove anything, the killer probably stole it from his office put it there to frame him! Nicholas would never murder someone! Never!" Bill defends.

"Oh yeah, the supplies he brings just so happen to end up the scene of the crime! It's just a frame-job guys, I swear!" He shouts in a whiny voice.

"That's what you sound like right now. So much for making a stitching machine for his friends" He says, making air quotations.

"Shut your mouth! What do you know about his personal life!? You don't know how many friends he's got!" Bill counters.

"Yeah and maybe if I knew how to suck dick half as well as you do, I'd have just as many friends as him." Will insults.

Bill pulls back the extractor on his rifle, "This thing is locked, loaded and ready for you anytime friend." He threatens.

Will throws his hands in the air, "Jeez man, calm down, wasn't saying anything major, just that maybe, if you weren't so much of a fanboy, we wouldn't have a dead mayor on our hands right now." He accuses.

"He had nothing to do with the murder. The killer just broke into his office the night of the murder and used his stuff to do it, trust me, that's all it is." Bill explains.

"Sure man and you call me a criminal apologist." he counters.

"Just shut it." he commands as he turns back to you, "Well other than that, Nicholas had no other strange movements, I know that for sure." He states.

You look over to Will, "That true?" you ask.

"Yeah, other than that, nothing else weird happened, I can vouch for that." He answers.
You turn back to your team, "Well, there's even more suspicious activity to add to the list." you state.

"Great, now we got reason to check out Piano boy and This Nick guy. Just what the hell happened the night of this here murder?" Reynauld asks.

"The truth will become clear as the answers start being less vague, perhaps it's time we moved on?" Arztz asks.

"Yeah, from the sounds of it, these guys saw a lot, but they can no more confirm the killer than we can." Reynauld agrees.

"Indeed, they've told us about most of the suspicious activity they saw and confirmed that no one carried in anything that could be seen as a weapon. I believe we've exhausted this area." Arztz states.

"Hey wait a second, maybe these guys have a bit more to tell us? How are we doing on time?" you ask Jesper.

He checks his watch, "You've been talking for about 20 minutes or so, if you got anything else to ask, It'd better be something important, because in 10 more minutes, the first hour will pass." He states.

"Oh, that's just great..." You complain.

"Well Sundance, if you feel like staying, than ask away, wouldn't want to miss nuthin' but I doubt these two dolts have much left to give but insults towards one another." Reynauld states.

"We'll move out on your vote." Arztz states.

"Well...in that case..." you trail off.

What will you ask?

>What kind of schedule do you guys run? Do you take breaks or switch with anyone?

>What were the movements of this suspect? What do you think of them (Which suspect: Beige)

>I'm satisfied for now, see you two later (Move onto a new area)
What were the movements of beige
>What kind of schedule do you guys run? Do you take breaks or switch with anyone?
>What were the movements of this suspect? What do you think of them (Which suspect: Beige)
The literal least controversial man if the case file is to be trusted so hopefully they won't spend too much of our time arguing

>Thoughts on Beige?

"What are your thoughts on the prime suspect, Beige Danielson? What was he doing the night of the murder." you ask.

"Oh Beige? Easy, just like Nicholas, he was in when the party started, out by 12:00 AM." Will starts.

"As for my thoughts on him, he's probably the coolest dude in this place. Kinda like the office Dad." Will states.

"Yeah, he was actually the guy that got me this job. I used to work on the force with him, he's kinda like Nicholas since they're both hard on the bad guys, so I like him." Bill states.

"Good thing he's only Kinda like him cause unlike Nicholas, Beige actually trusts people. So you know when he accuses someone committed a crime, he means it." Will states.

"Don't start it man. Though speaking of accusations. It sucks that he's being accused of murdering Inell, that guy was like his best friend." Bill explains.

"Yeah, He was the one guy that could get a hard-ass like Inell to open up. Shows just how earnest and loving he is, real wholesome that guy." Will agrees.

"Sounds to me like you two don't think he's the murderer?" you ask.

"Does anyone actually think that? Well, besides the police anyway." Will states.

"What he said, ask anyone in the office, No would say that Beige would murder someone in cold blood, especially not someone like Inell." Bill agrees.

"Though, gotta say, those gloves found in his office are pretty weird. I mean, who else wears gloves around the place all the time besides that guy?" Will asks.

"He just does that to make all the kids that admire him think he's still a detective, I seriously doubt those gloves are actually his." Bill counters.

"But the keycard though? That's pretty damning." Will states.

"Yeah, I have to agree, as I don't believe he'd do it, I can't deny that all the card data suggest it was him." Bill agrees.

"Well, didn't he say that his card went missing?" Will asks.

"Hm? What do you mean?" you ask.

"Yeah...I think he said something about his missing sometime during the party. Says someone broke into his office." Bill confirms.

(Oh really now...That's noteworthy) you think.

>New clue found! [Beige's missing card]

>Beige states that at some point during the party, his card had gone missing from his office thanks to a break in.

"Though that does sound a little convenient doesn't seem?" Bill asks.

"Yeah we can't believe it just cause he says so, I hope it ain't true though man...I'd hate to see someone like Beige get put behind bars." Will states.

"I wouldn't want to see that shit either man, but if it comes up that he actually did it, he'll have to serve time like any other murderer. Not that I could see him being one." Bill finishes.
You turn back to your team, "Well, there's something of note right? Might give some credence to the whole frame-job theory right?" you ask.

"Yes, but be mindful that you're going off the words of the prime suspect, words of defense tend to lack a certain necessary weight when spoken by the mouth of the accused." Arztz warns.

"But that is one trusted mouth ain't it? People round here seem to trust that man don't they? Maybe we should go have a chat with him ourselves?" Reynauld suggests.

"Let me finish up with these two first. I didn't take any time with that right?" you ask of Jesper.

"Nothing major, just 2 minutes." He answers.

"Good. so then...." You trail off.

What will you ask?

>What kind of schedule do you guys run? Do you take breaks or switch with anyone?

>I'm satisfied for now, see you two later (Move onto a new area)
>What kind of schedule do you guys run? Do you take breaks or switch with anyone?

>What sort of schedule do you guys run?

"So how's the security schedule run around this place? Do you get many breaks or switch with anyone?" you ask.

"Well that's an easy one, schedules are simple but tight around this place. We work on a day and night shift system, where we rotate guards depending on the day and the time." Bill starts.

"Two guards work these security check-points in 6 hour rotations, we have guys that start in the morning at 12:00 PM that we take-over for at 6:00 PM." Will continues.

"When 12:00 AM comes, we'll switch out with another team that will hold the space till 6:00 AM and so on. That way there's no way any station goes unguarded, not even for a second." Bill finishes.

"Well damn boahs. I thought security was tight before, but It's clear I didn't realize how tight it really was!" Reynauld exclaims.

"So you're saying that, no matter what time we come back here, guards will always be at the entrance? They're's no break time?" Arztz asks.

"The Six hours between each team switch is our break time. As for days off, during the week, me and this guy rarely get called to work, so we only come out during the weekends really." Will states.

"Yeah and for some reason, they keep assigning to work with you for every shift, despite me complaining multiple times I can't stand working with you." Bill complains.

"Do you really think HR gives a shit about whether you like me or not? They keep putting us together cause we're the only guys that agreed to work on weekends. If you can even call this working." Will counters.

"Oh trust me, I've never had a job as hellish as having to work 12 hours with you, you're goddamn lucky this job pays well." Bill states.

"Oh Billy, you know under all that cold hard exterior and all the insults, you can't contain your massive man crush on me." Will states.

Bill sighs, "Oh lord...why did I take this job again?"

Will goes over to console Bill, only further angering him while you think on what you've just heard.

(The security in this place is absurdly high. Was this system set-up by Inell? Would make sense considering how insanely paranoid he was from the beginning of his job as mayor.) you reason.

(But that doesn't matter, what matters, is that pretty much confirms that there's no way the killer could sneak themselves or something they were carrying in or out of the building without someone having seen it.) you realize.

(Not a major realization, but considering these two were working from the beginning and end of the party, it means everything they saw can be taken as factual true. Meaning the killer had to be among the suspicious people these guys saw.)

(Meaning the two people you should cast suspicion is Zarques Marrion and Nicholas Harte. Though you have a lot more on Zarques than Nicholas, both of them are worth suspecting...) you think.
>New clue found! [Heavy Security Detail]

>Ever since the death of Tenpan Marrion, Security has been extremely tense and basically impossible to sneak past. Anything that comes in and out of the building is monitored and accounted for.

>This means it was impossible for the killer to slip anything past security, narrowing down the suspect list to anyone they deem suspicious.

"Well, that's everything I wanted to ask you guys. Thanks for your help." you state.

"Anytime man, it was good talking you!" Will thanks.

"Any experience that gets this dumbass to stop talking to me for 5 minutes is a good one. I was happy to help." Bill thanks.

"Really man? Did you have to be a dick to me while you're saying goodbye to him?" Will asks.

"That's only cause you're a dick to me on every other occasion. What? Am I not allowed some payback?" he asks.

"You see this? This is why we don't get along, you're such a petty prick!" Will counters.

"Oh man, that's hilarious coming from you, I swear, it's every damn day with you-" The two of them quickly go back to arguing with one another instead of working as you all walk away.

"So, how are we for time again Mr.Shades?" Reynauld asks of Jesper.

He checks his watch, "About 25 minutes. A little slow, but I'd say you made good use of the time." He praises.

"And that's all that matters. Now, we must decide where we shall go next." Arztz states.

"I say we head to the Orchestral Hall and get talking to this Zarques boah. We may not be able to pin him as the killer, but maybe we can trip him up, get him to say something useful." Reynauld suggests.

"Not a bad idea, but I'd say we best head to the Mayor's office or to interrogate Mr. Beige, I feel the both of them will contain much useful information for us in figuring out this case." Arztz suggests.

>Time remaining: 5 Hours, 5 minutes

Where will you go?

>Nicholas's Office

>Beige's Office

>Mayor's Office

>Orchestral Hall
>>Nicholas's Office
And now I shall leave this vote open until tomorrow as I must sleep.

Tomorrow is Friday, so I expect many of you won't be so busy and you'll be able to stay up with me so we can run for a bit longer.

Quite a few new facts and thoughts have come up? What are your thoughts on the mystery so far, what do you believe has happened considering all you've learned so far? Who do you think the killer is?

I look forward to seeing your answers in the morning.

*Side note: For the smarter anons who I know will check through the thread just to call me out on my error, yes, I know that I made no mention of the Wind-up devices being attached by duct-tape.

That's what happens when you try and cram as much info into one post as possible, you miss more minute, but still important details.

Knowing that, I'll just give you this clue free and add it to the case file.

>New clue found! [Duct Tape Adhesive]

>Pieces of Duct tape found on the bottoms of the Wind-up Devices that were attached to the walls of the secret room.

Goodnight anons.
Nicholas's office
My guess is that nicholas hired the piano player to murder the mayor. But that almost seems too obvious
>>Nicholas's Office
Hmmmm, I'm ready to continue the thread, though I'm not certain how many people are awake at the moment.

Let me take a head-count, how many people are ready and willing to continue at the moment?
reporting in
Ready and willing

Sorry for the late response, but this is enough to continue, let me get posting.

"Great ideas guys, but I've got a better one. I say we pay Nicholas a visit." you suggest.

"You want to talk to the least suspicious man in the case? Are you sure that's wise?" Arztz asks.

"Least suspicious is still suspicious Casper, 'sides, after what we just learned from them guards, I kinda want meet this Long blade arm of the Law. Sounds like he's something of an office sheriff." Reynauld answers.

"Or the office executioner, the Case file and those two guards made it apparently clear that he's a hard man with a particular love for handing out the death penalty, not unlike another famous man in my country..." Arztz states.

"Well we'll figure it out when we talk to him. Let's move it!" You hurry them along as you head back into the building.

>5 minutes later

Time: January 19, 2000, Saturday, 7:39 PM.

Location: Zenla Region, City-hall building, Nicholas's Office

You stand in front of a wooden door with the words Nicholas Harte plated in gold on them.

"Boy, you know you've made it somewhere big in the word when you get your name printed in gold letters...wonder if he'd be charitable enough to let me borrow that plate, so I can, ya know, give it to the poor." Reynauld asks.

"If you steal his plate you're next on the investigation list cowboy. Watch those hands." Jesper threatens.

He throws his hands up, "It's just a joke officer! Surely you've heard of 'em?" He laughs.

"Enough of that man. Jesper, we can just let ourselves in right? No need to make an appointment?" you ask.

"Go right ahead, we've already warned everyone in the building to be on the look out for all of you, no one's going to stop you." He answers.

"Good, but even so, we should knock before entering, it's only courteous." Arztz states.

"Right." you comply as you put two raps on the door.

Knock,knock they ring out.

"...you may enter." After a moment of silence, a slow, serious voice answers your call.

You twist the doorknob and let yourself in.


Rolled 96 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Critfails' ahead!
Well im not able to roll using this mimi app so I'll let this guys roll stand
Rolled 40 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

No real point in rolling after >>3170309 bit I'll do it anyways

Jesus Christ, just blow everyone out of the water why don't ya?


Well in that case, I'll just take it then,

>Rolled 106

>Eyes like Sherlock.

You push open the door and the second you step inside, you're greeted with a pristine confined yet properly ordered space.

Much like Nicholas himself, his room was picked clearly with one focus in mind, doing as much work with as little distraction as possible.

With only 2 chairs in the room, exclusive of his own, it's clear he doesn't get many visitors as he clearly hasn't prepared to accommodate a group anywhere near your size.

Not that he seems to care about that, as he stares down your group, not caring about your inability to take a seat and instead, scrutinizing each of you down to the tiniest detail.

You do much the same, examining the young man's rigid demeanor and almost constant scowl that verges on a glare behind his high-class glasses.

He has a judge-like air about him, his look almost making you feel as if you've stepped into a courtroom, rather than an office.

However, the man himself is not all you notice, with a cursory glace around the room, you pick up on two oddities in the room:

>Looking towards filing cabinet, you notice a a roll of duct tape, the torn ends make it seem as if it's been used recently...

>In a small trash bin near his desk, you notice a large amount of paper shreds, some of which peek out of the can...

"What are you standing around for? I'm sure you came here to say something to me right?" Nicholas cuts-off your analysis.

"Huh-Uh, right." you focus once again on the situation at hand.

"Yes. Right." He regards you and the rest of the group with a clear disinterest in his eyes, as if he was fully-expecting this visit, yet believes it so pointless that he's already ready to end it.

"I assume you're the group of Hunter Exam applicants I was told to expect today?" he asks.

"You assume correct Mr.Nicholas, we've come to ask you a few questions." Arztz answers.

"You mean you've come to interrogate me." He corrects.

"Well, we wouldn't put in such strong word...but ya are on the suspect list." Reynauld counters.

He scoffs, "Yes, I realize that sniveling worm Beige has thrown some baseless accusations my way to deflect some of the blame off himself."

"However, baseless as they may be, I can fully understand the need to investigate, even when it seems like nothing's there and it is for that reason that I am willing to cooperate in anyway that I can to clear my good name." He declares.

"Yes, we're interrogating you, but only to gain some clarity to this confusing case, we're happy to have your help." Arztz thanks.

"And I am happy to give it. Though I must say this." He starts.

"Before we do anything, I am absolutely certain that Beige was the one that committed this crime. So I advise that after you're done chatting with me, you pay him a visit if you want to find the truth, or whatever lie he can spin up anyway." He states.

"They'll be the judges of that Mr.Harte. If you hate baseless accusations so much, don't make them yourself." Jesper, strangely enough, chimes in this time.
File: Nicholas Harte.jpg (36 KB, 300x450)
36 KB
"Excuse me? What do you mean by that?" Nicholas asks.

"Nothing major, just saying that making absolute claims for something you have no more evidence for then the rest of us might end up with you having to eat your own words. Hard." he answers.

Nicholas's eyes narrow, "Say what you like, but I don't take my words back. Beige is a lying snake, of this much I am certain." He declares.

Jesper goes silent for a moment, his expression indecipherable behind his glasses. After what looks like a moment of deep thought, he shakes his head and speaks.

"Well either way, these boys are the ones investigating today, not me." he states.

"Exactly so, speaking of which, how about we make this quick? We both have work to get back to." He says, tapping a pen on a small pile of papers.

"Right...well then..." you trail off.

>Now hold on a second! What's this!? A new game-play mechanic!?

>Ah yes, interrogation! you could say this is the very hallmark of any detective's career, most of the time, a beloved past time, legally bullying people into telling you what you want to hear under the premise of solving the case.

>though at times, it can also be the worst part of your career, as some people don't take to being bullied very well.

>That in a nutshell is how interrogation works in this quest, you will ask the suspect a question and decide an approach to how you'll handle said suspect.

>As the deliberation ensues, all the suspects statements will be highlighted in green as you take their words apart, sentence by sentence, word by word, letter by letter to find any lies or hidden meanings.

>Depending on your approach and the personality of suspect, you can either get a proper answer out of them quick and easy, or have them struggle, fight and scream their way into giving you a half-answer before refusing to ever talk to you again.

>And while sometimes you think it might be easier to just go gather evidence and get answers instead of having to deal with all these annoying idiots, bare in mind, that people's alibis and retelling of events are also evidence to be used and at times can be decisive in solving the case.

>That's not to say that all interrogations will be shitshows, there are times when yo you can get a series of perfectly truthful statements, by which you can take into account as evidence in order to help you find the culprit.

>However, The likelihood someone's not lying or ,in some way, is mistaken in their testimony though is quite low, meaning you'll have to scrutinize a person's story again and again if you wish to be certain that you don't take in a false story.
>But just because a testimony is false doesn't mean it can't be taken in as evidence. There can be times when you know someone is lying to you or giving you faulty information, but you intentionally take that false story in order to catch them in a lie later down the line.

>However, such a clever tactic requires equally clever knowledge, to accept a false testimony, it must first be pointed out as false.

>This means that if you want to know someone is lying to you, you must first have evidence that proves any of their statements to the contrary, or you'll be simply blindly guessing which statements are true versus which are false, which could lead you into falling right into your own trap and discrediting your own validity instead of the suspects.

>Reynauld's [Outlaw's Insight] makes distinguishing false testimonies from real ones easy, though you can't refute any of the suspects points without evidence, you can at least now which suspects are honest and trustworthy from which ones are lying and suspicious

>Basically put, there's a lot that can be done by simply listening to someone talk and deciding whether or not you actually want to argue with them, or simply accept what they are saying as true.

>And, though I surely needn't remind any of you, just because someone lies under interrogation, that doesn't automatically mean they're the culprit. I know, sound obvious when I point it out, but you get some eager beavers who immediately start shadow-running marathons worth of theories because one suspect lied in questioning.

>Know that it is possible to falsely accuse someone of a crime they did not commit and doing so results in immediate failure. You cannot punish the innocent for the deeds of the guilty!...though you can bully them for it, don't restrain yourself there, go right ahead.

>There's your third and final long-winded explanation for the day! Happy Hunting!

What will you ask?

>What were you doing the night of the Murder?

>You say you're certain that Beige is the Killer, why?

>What are your thoughts on this suspect? (Beige/ Marrion)

>What's with that roll of duct-tape?

>What's with that pile of shredded paper?

>It says you're the one that discovered the body, how?

>We have reason to believe your the killer

>>It says you're the one that discovered the body, how?
Start with the obvious, the person who discovers the body is usually the most suspicious
Write in
Have him walk us through his activities the night of the murder. Make him go into details, we want to catch him omitting something we already know, like bringing in the duct tape
>It says you're the one that discovered the body, how?
The question I've been waiting to ask for the longest time now
Actually I'll just switch to this. Really Dangaronpa-esque

Looks like the write-in wins.

>Give me a walkthrough of the your night.

File: Nicholas Harte02.jpg (29 KB, 225x350)
29 KB
You move to take one of the few seats before someone else does, Reynauld has the same idea as you speak.

"Well, first of all, how about you just give us a general of what you did the night of the murder?" you ask as you pull up a seat alongside Reynauld.

"Fine then, I'll try and make this brief." He begins.


>The night of the murder was the night of a grand party, a charity one, held by my mentor and friend Inell, who also gave us the rest of the day off to prepare for the party

>The party started at 7:00 PM, which also happened to be the time I arrived.

>From there I waited around, enjoying the atmosphere and drinks until around 8:30, when the band and most of the other guests had arrived.

>After listening to a good musical opening act by the Starry Night group, Inell came out at 9:00 PM, where he gave an unexpected speech, saying he was giving up all his possessions to charity and giving in his resignation.

>The strange and sudden speech had caused quite an upset. The speech went on for well over an hour, where confessed to many crimes and misdeeds.

>People asked him questions left and right, myself included as I didn't have the slightest clue what drove him to take such drastic actions or what these crimes he was talking about were.

>But he answered none of them and left the stage at around...10:00 o'clock I believe? I think he said something about showing proof of all his sins at the end of the party and needing to retrieve something before finishing off the night.

>In an attempt to keep the charity event, he told everyone to enjoy the rest of the show in his absence .

>However, after leaving the stage, he never came back for the rest of the night, leaving everyone tensed and worried throughout.

>After that strange happening, I continued my night as normally as I could, enjoying the songs of Starry night, especially that Zarques Marrion's piano work and left the party a bit late, at 12:00 am, after finishing up a bit of extra work in my office.
"...." you and Reynauld listen silently the entire time he speaks.

"There, I suppose that testimony also counts as my alibi, not that I needed one." He states.

"I see...well I have to say..." you trail off.

What will you say?

>I'd like to ask you about this statement. (Cite which one.)

>Yeah, I believe that. (Accept the testimony)

>You're lying about this statement. (Point out line and present proof.)

>Reynauld, what do you think about this? (Use his skill)
>>Reynauld, what do you think about this? (Use his skill)
Start out with this
>Reynauld, what do you think about this? (Use his skill)
We start with this then we go from there, we picked him for this skill after all
Use reynaulds skill

>Reynauld, what do you think?

File: Reynauld Stevens05.png (491 KB, 900x1176)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
You lean your head over to Reynauld and whisper, "Hey cowboy, what do you think about his testimony?" you ask.

"Interesting man this boah, got a stare like sheriff yet he talks like he's one of the lord's angels. Hard for me to pick up any habits that would show if he's lying or not." he explains.

"So you're saying he's being truthful?" you ask.

"I never said that, I just said it was hard to tell if he was lying or not." He smirks.

"If I had to wager, I'd say that part about him asking questions of Inell and that last part about him continuing the night doing nuthin were lies." He explains.

>Reynauld's [Outlaw's insight] Activates

>People asked him questions left and right, myself included as I didn't have the slightest clue what drove him to take such drastic actions or what these crimes he was talking about were. (False)

>After that strange happening, I continued my night as normally as I could, enjoying the songs of Starry night, especially that Zarques Marrion's piano work and left the party a bit late, at 12:00 am, after finishing up a bit of extra work in my office. (False)

"What makes you say that?" you ask.

"Well, while he was talking, I couldn't help but notice, that most of the time, he looks extremely bored, but when he say them statements, he actually looked focused for a sec, like he had to think about for a minute." he explains.

"I see...what was he lying about?" you ask.

"Well I can't tell ya that, all I can tell ya is that he isn't being 100% honest." He states.

"What are you two whisper about?" Nicholas asks.

What will you say?

>Nothing major, I have a few other things to ask you...(Take false statements.)

>I think you might be lying to me right now. (Question him about his lies) ((Which one?))
>Nothing major, I have a few other things to ask you...(Take false statements.)
Let's hear the rest and try to trap him in his lies
Take false statements, ask him specific questions like what was he wearing, what did he bring with him, how many drinks did he have, who did he talk to, basically grill him on every detail

>Take the false statements,

"Nothing major, I have some other things to ask you." you answer.

"Such as?" He asks.

What will you say?

>I'd like to ask you about this statement. (Cite which one.)

>Yeah, I believe that. (Accept the testimony)

>You're lying about this statement. (Point out line and present proof.)
>It says you're the one that discovered the body, how?
Let's just go back to questioning before we bring up anything
Supporting this if allowed, we should of asked him for more information before playing contradiction

I'm fine with doing this, but just clarifying in case you might be confused, accepting his testimony doesn't mean you can't ask him for it again later. It just mean you're done criticizing it for now and accept it into the case file as it is,

But okay, I'll allow you to just move on.

>How did you discover the body?

"I heard you were the one that found the body? How'd you manage to do that?" you ask.

"Well, it was for the most part, a complete accident." He starts.

"As I just explained, The day after the party was a very tense and worrisome. The mayor had made some outrageous claims and then simply disappeared in the night." He continues.

"So naturally, we expected him to tell us at work the following morning, however he hadn't shown up no matter how long we wanted and according to security, he hadn't left the building either. so a building wide search was called." he explains.

"During which, I happened to be the first man sent to the mayor's office, where I noticed this foul scent. The scent of blood." He states.

"My nose had told me that the smell must have been coming from somewhere above me. But considering no one even knew that somewhere above even existed in the mayor's office." He states.

"so I got scouring the room and by pure coincidence I happen to find a switch in the face of the picture of late mayor Tenpan and, well, surely you know the rest." He finishes.

>New clue found! [Building search]

>According to Nicholas, the day after the party, A building wide search was called, during which, he was the first and only person to enter the mayor's office and find his secret room.

You narrow your gaze, "You happened to press down on the switch to a secret room? By pure luck?" you question.

"I don't know what to tell you. If I didn't find that secret switch, I would've ordered a construction team to break their way into place. So you can just say that it's was pure luck that the mayor's office isn't a pile of rubble." he states.

"But really now? You just so happened to press the one right button out of the, what? 70 photos there? Ain't that a bit convenient?" Reynauld asks.

Nicholas puts his hand under his chin, "Well, it was a coincidence that I found the room, though my guess was a bit educated." He states.

"Educated?" you question.

"the reason I choose Mayor Tenpan's photo first was due to the fact that Inell had some...mixed but intense feelings about the man." he states.

"What's that mean?" Reynauld asks.

He gives a thoughtful look, "Well, in-spite of him being the one that exposed that vile man for the monster he was, he did feel a strange sort of guilt for driving him to suicide." He answers.

"That guilt he showed led me to guess that if he was hiding something, it would probably be behind that photo and so I examined it and found the room." He explains.

>New clue Found! [Inell's feeling guilt towards Tenpan]

>Despite being the one that exposed him of his crimes (and according to the diary, the one that killed him), Inell felt a sort of guilt for his actions, shown by the fact that he made the key to enter his secret room Tenpan's image.
His face suddenly scrunches up in disgust, " Though if you ask me, such feelings were ridiculous and uncalled for." he spits.

"I have no idea why a man as just and wise as Inell would feel anything other than righteous indignation towards trash like him. It was one of the few places me and him firmly disagreed." He states.

Reynauld laughs, "Hey lawman, ever heard of something called Sympathy for the devil?" Reynauld asks.

"No, what is that?" he asks.

"Well, apparently it's some kind of song that's famous in the city or sumthin', but in the country, where I come from, it means that even if someone's done something vile and evil, that doesn't mean everything about them vile and evil." he explains

"Everyone, even the devil, had a good moment and good thing in their lives, so show'em so sympathy." Reynauld adds.

"I can't agree, the moment you do any act that harms the lives of innocent, working people, it doesn't matter how much good they've done, from the moment they commit any kind of evil, all that they've done and all that they do are corrupted with that same kind of evil." he counters.

"No matter what or who they are?" Reynauld asks.

"No matter what or who." he confirms.

"Even if it was your own son?" Reynauld asks back.

He scoffs, "Especially if it was my own son. Like any family of mine would be anything other than a pure, upstanding citizen of society." He states.

"And before you ask, yes, I would put my own son to death if the crime he committed was extreme enough. In-fact I would do it personally, if I was allowed to." he states.

Reynauld leans back with a smile on his face, "Jesus Christ Sundance, this man's reputation doesn't do him justice. He's less a blade arm, more a grim reaper's scythe." He states.

"Is this an interrogation or a moral philosophy class? Just continue your questions so we can stop wasting each other's time." Nicholas complains.

"He's right, we mustn't forget we're on a time left gentlemen." Arztz confirms from behind you.

"Well then..." you trail off.

What will you ask?

>You say you're certain that Beige is the Killer, why?

>What are your thoughts on this suspect? (Beige/ Marrion)

>What's with that roll of duct-tape?

>What's with that pile of shredded paper?

>We have reason to believe your the killer. (Accuse him)


>Okay, that's all for now. (Move onto a new location.)
What's with the duct tape
>What's with that roll of duct-tape?

>What's the duct tape about?

You point over to his filing cabinet, "You wouldn't mind telling what that duct-tape is for right?" you ask.

He looks confused, "Sure, but does it matter? It's a bit personal, so I'd rather not say." He asks.

"Well, I'm only asking cause I happened to find some similar looking tape at the crime scene, so it's a bit suspicious." you state.

"Oh, really? That might explain it..." he seems to realize something.

"Might explain what?" you ask.

"When I returned to my office the day after the murder, I happened to notice that my tape was shorter than before." He explains.

"A bit shorter? Are you implying the killer broke into your office and stole your tape?" you ask.

"Perhaps, that would explain why you found similar tape to my own at the at the crime scene. I was wondering where that tape went, I see now that Beige is a thief in addition to being a murderous snake." He complains.

"Okay, if you didn't use it in the murder, what were you gonna use it for?" Reynauld asks.

He sighs, "If you must know, I was making a present for a distant friend of mine," He states.

"What kind?" Reynauld presses.

"Does that matter? I don't see what this has to do with-"

"Just answer." Reynauld commands.

He looks annoyed, "A stitching machine. My friend happens to be a sewing hobbyist." He explains.

"Oh yeah? And what's this friend's name?" He asks.

"Don't try that. I know I don't have to tell you that as it has nothing to do with the case. I'd rather not give my friend's name away carelessly." He states.

"Really? Or is it cause this supposed friend doesn't actually exist?" He questions.

"I can tell you're trying to get on my nerves you country bumpkin and it's not going to work. My friend is as real I say they are and you can't exactly prove someone's non-existence can you?" He asks.

"Sorry, I have to ask, considering I doubt a man that would murder his own son would have too many friends at his side." He insults.

>New clue found! [Used Duct tape]

>The Duct tape in Nicholas's office is the same duct tape found at the crime scene.

>Nicholas states that the killer probably snuck into his room during the party and stole his tape to commit the murder. He says that the duct-tape's intented purpose was to make a present for a friend, however, that friend's existence is currently unverifiable.

"It's worthless to give your provocations the time of day." He looks over to you.

"Is that all? This is honestly becoming quite tiresome." He complains.

What will you ask?

>You say you're certain that Beige is the Killer, why?

>What are your thoughts on this suspect? (Beige/ Marrion)

>What's with that roll of duct-tape?

>What's with that pile of shredded paper?

>We have reason to believe your the killer. (Accuse him)


>Okay, that's all for now. (Move onto a new location.)
Ah damn, forgot to strike the duct-tape question from the list. Ignore that.
>What's with that pile of shredded paper?
Last post of the night, I'm really sorry guys but it's like midnight over here
>What's with that pile of shredded paper?
>What's with that pile of shredded paper?
By the way God quick question, what shoe size is he?

>What's with the pile of paper?



You see that anon, that's why I'm glad my players have better memories than I do, just for that, I'll include that in the next post.
File: C6xEAKQU8AE__Ef.jpg (41 KB, 510x374)
41 KB
>You see that anon, that's why I'm glad my players have better memories than I do, just for that, I'll include that in the next post.
You look over to the small trash bin, "What's the deal with those paper shavings? What did they say before?" you ask.

Nicholas looks at you as if you've grown a second head, "Are you two screwing with me on purpose or is this some-kind of joke? What does that have to do with your investigation?" He asks.

"Just tell me, trust me, this is relevant to the investigation." you explain, slightly annoyed.

"Sorry to ask, but if you can't tell, I'm a busy who happened to be working before you got here. Those were some old documents I shredded before you got here." He explains.

"I see...." you say as you begin thinking.

(I was wondering if those were those missing documents I found in the secret room. but even if they are, it's kinda impossible to prove it's anything other than what he say it is...) you realize.

>New clue found! [Shredded Paper]

>In Nicholas's office, a bin full of shredded paper can be found. Exactly what was written in these documents are now impossible to determine.

"Alright, by the way lawman, what your shoe size?" Reynauld asks.

He gives him a curious look, "Size 8. Why ask?" he answers.

Reynauld clicks his tongue, "No reason, go back to ignoring me." he says in a disappointed voice.

Nicholas looks truly confused, "Are you two being serious right now?" he asks.

"Oh we're dead serious lawman." Reynauld states.

"I can't tell." He states.

"Do you have any real questions to ask or are you going to ask me what that thing going in and our of your lungs is? Cause I'll tell you know, that's air and I think you two need more of it." He states.

you ignore his patronizing question and continue, "I do have something else to ask." you state.

"Which is?" He questions.

What will you ask?

>You say you're certain that Beige is the Killer, why?

>What are your thoughts on this suspect? (Beige/ Marrion)

>We have reason to believe you're the killer. (Accuse him)


>Okay, that's all for now. (Move onto a new location.)
>>You say you're certain that Beige is the Killer, why?
>You say you're certain that Beige is the Killer, why?

>What makes you so certain of Beige?

"You keep hammering down that Beige is the killer? Why? What makes you so certain?" you ask.

"I'm glad you ask. I have a bit of a theory regarding what happened the night of the murder." He states.

"A theory?" you ask.

"Yes. I believe that Beige, the cowardly snake that he is, hired someone to kill Inell the night of the party instead of doing it himself." He declares.

"What? You're gonna have to explain that." you ask.

"I'm sure you already know of the card and the gloves that were found in that man's office correct? Well I believe him when he says they weren't supposed to be there." He starts.

"And that's because I believe the man who he worked to kill the mayor threw him under the bus! Or maybe through the noose would be a better analogy." he states.

"What's that supposed to mean? How do you know he was working with someone?" Reynauld asks.

He shows a smile, "Because I saw him striking a deal with his accomplice back-stage before the murder." He declares.

"What!?" Your entire team shouts in surprise.

"Yes, heed these words for they will be the call of Beige's execution! The night of the murder, at around 8:40, before the band started playing, I went back-stage and saw Beige handing his card to someone!" He declares like he's handing down a judgement call in court.

"You can't be serious!? Why are we only just learning a this!?" Reynauld asks.

"At the time of the time, I didn't think anything of it, I assumed that Beige was just handing a fellow employee has card since they forgot their own." he explains.

"But I definitely recall a trade going on back-stage! He handed off something that looked like a card to someone!" He says adamantly.

"Something that looked like a card? Or his card?" Arztz remains calm despite this massive finding.

"Well, I didn't get a perfect view considering I didn't examine it particularly closely, but if he I can't see him hand anything else in a card shape off to someone." He clarifies.

"Reasonable. And who was this person?" Arztz asks.

"I couldn't see that either, but, from the way they were dressed, I'd assume it was one of the band members and being quite honest. It was probably Zarques." he states.

"Why do you say so?" you ask.

"Well, if you haven't realized, he and the late Mayor Tenpan share a last name for a reason. He happens to be his only son." he states.

"Well, I would guess so, but doesn't that mean Inell technically drove his father to suicide?" you ask.

"Which gives him ample reason to want to kill him right? It's a no-brainer he would hate Inell, even if his farther was trash. That's why he agreed to work with Beige in order to assassinate him." He explains.
>New clue found! [Beige's Backstage meeting]

>The night of the murder, Beige met-up with someone and handed them a card-like object at around 8:40 PM.

>Exactly what the card-like object is and who it was handed to is unknown, but according to Nicholas, it was probably Zarques.

>New clue found! [Zarques's Family Relationship]

>Zarques is son to the late Tenpan Marrion, giving him ample motive behind for wanting to kill Inell Ucedes.

"This sounds like a lot of conjecture..." Arztz states.

"But it's far from baseless. If we go from that stand point, does it not make sense why Beige would be so confused as to why his own card disappeared then re-appeared the day after the murder?" He explains.

"But why use his own card? Isn't that self-incriminating?" You ask.

Nicholas shakes his head, "How am I supposed to understand the logic of a scheming murderer. I've told you what I know, do with the info what you will." He finishes.

"..." you go silent as you begin to think.

(This small bit of info turns the case on it's head, the fact that Beige had a meeting with someone only hours before the murder is pretty damning, if not case-closing.) you think.

(But at the same time, isn't it extremely stupid for you to hand someone your own card to commit a murder? You're basically asking for the hitjob that leads back to you, can the answer really be that obvious) you wonder.

"I believe that's the most useful thing you'll get out of me, which is good, proves this meeting of ours wasn't a waste of time." He states.

"But I suggest that if you're on a time limit, you get moving now. It's been about 20 minutes." Nicholas flashes his watch at you.

(Shit...) you think.

What will you ask?

>What are your thoughts on this suspect? (Beige/ Marrion)

>We have reason to believe you're the killer. (Accuse him)


>Okay, that's all for now. (Move onto a new location.)
>Okay, that's all for now. (Move onto a new location.)
>What are your thoughts on this suspect? (Marrion)
Can we go back to asking him about his statement?

Sure, just name the statement you want to ask about and if the other anons agree to ask about it, I'll write it.
>What are your thoughts on this suspect? (Marrion)
I want to ask him about his statement that he asked Inell questions. I think that was the first one pointed out as not truthful

>What are your thoughts on Marrion?



You'll need to point out exactly what you're asking in that case, after I'm done writing to next post, I'll re-open that option.
Specially I want to ask him what questions he asked, also I want to question the part where he said he had no idea why the mayor would say all of that
"Can you give me your thoughts on Marrion?" you ask.

"Spiteful. Hostile,probably the killer. What else would you like to know?" He answers quickly.

"Woah Lawman! Did we say this was the lighting round or sumthin'? You're gonna need to be a bit more descriptive than that!" Reynauld complains.

"Sorry, there isn't much to say and I was hoping to save you time. But fine." He states.

"Well naturally, I can't stand him. He's a toxic, angry man, an ardent nihilist and a generally unpleasant person." He explains.

"Not surprising, since I assume he feels much the same about me and everyone else in this building. He believes we were all complacent in his Father's death. Murder he calls it. Like any of us were the ones that put his head through that noose." He states.

"Tenpan committed suicide by hanging?" you ask.

"Yes. An extremely common way to go. Though if you ask that man, he'd say something like No! He was strangled! Assassinated by one of you bastards!" He paraphrases.

"Strangulation? But didn't you just say he hanged himself?" you ask.

"When the autopsy report cause, the doctor said that the cause of death was choking instead of a broken neck like most hangings. But I think that's just cause Tenpan couldn't even hang himself properly." He states.

>New clue found! [Tenpan's mysterious death]

>An Autopsy assessment of Tenpan's death states that he died of being chocked to death, rather than with a broken neck, which is a more common cause of death by hanging.

>For this reason, Zarques believes that someone at the office had assassinated him and his suicide was a hoax.

"Huh..." that gets you thinking.

(Well, Inell did confess to killing Tenpan in his diary, so Zarques is probably right when he says he was assassinated. But that's a card I better keep up my sleeve for now rather than ask him about it.) you think.

"You say all that, but weren't you praising his music just a minute ago?" Reynauld asks.

"Yes. His music is amazing so I complimented it, not him. I can separate the art from the artist, so I can say his music is very enjoyable. He himself however, is not." Beige explains.

"And you adamantly believe he was the one that carried out Inell's murder?" you ask.

"Yes. On Beige's orders." He answers.

"And that's all you can tell us about him?" Reynauld asks.

"Unless you want me to name all the times he's threatened me and everyone else in this building with death by mutilation, there's not much else to say about the man. Move on." He explains.

"Fine then..." Reynauld agrees.

"Anything else to say?" he asks.

What will you ask?

>What are your thoughts on this suspect? (Beige)

>We have reason to believe you're the killer. (Accuse him)

>Could you repeat this part of your testimony for me? (Which part and why?)


>Okay, that's all for now. (Move onto a new location.)

Okay, then I'll count this as a vote.
Sure this is fine

Well okay then, seems everyone's gone to sleep, so after this next post I'm stopping for the night.

"Earlier, in your alibi, you said that when the mayor was giving his speech, you asked him some questions. What were those?" you ask.

"Nothing complex, I was asking him the same thing the rest of the crowd was asking. Is everything you're saying true?, When did all this happen? and Why are you telling us all of this?." He repeats.

"And not one of those was answered?" you ask.

"Well, the first two were. He told us the dates and names of everyone who he destroyed and drove out of office. Many of them were suspected of corruption and other criminal activities, so I was actually going to praise him for what he did." he admits.

"That is, until he started naming all the innocent people he had to take down alongside those criminals. And let me tell you, that list was no shorter than the number guilty people he brought down." He adds.

"So I guess that means we should assume that you had no idea about any of the things he'd done yourself? Not a clue?" Reynauld asks.

"He was my teacher and my friend. But he was also a man of many secrets. In-fact, one of the first things he taught me was how to tell a convincing lie and how keep a straight face when telling someone that lie." he smiles.

"Should we take that as a confession that you've been lying to us Mr.Straight lace?" Reynauld questions.

"Of course not. I told you that precisely because I'm not lying. I have nothing to fear from the truth." Nicholas answers.

Reynauld smiles back at him, "Sure friend, I believe ya." He states.

(Well, we know he's lying, but it's hard to tell about what without further proof...) you realize.

>You lack the sufficient proof to pursue this line of questioning!

>Nothing new learned!

"Is that all you wanted to know? I believe it's been 30 minutes now. I honestly think you should be moving on. I'm saying this for your sake, not mine." He states.

>Remaining time: 4 hours, 30 minutes

What will you ask?

>What are your thoughts on this suspect? (Beige)

>We have reason to believe you're the killer. (Accuse him)

>Could you repeat this part of your testimony for me? (Which part and why?)


>Okay, that's all for now. (Move onto a new location.)
>>Okay, that's all for now. (Move onto a new location.)
>Okay, that's all for now. (Move onto a new location.)

The fuck? How has 10 minutes passed since the last 2 posts?

I'm leaving this vote open till tomorrow, so I ask you two and anyone else that votes to move on to name the locations you want to go to in the interest of time.

Goodnight for now.
Move on and visit the orchestral hall
>Orchestral hall
>Move on and visit the orchestral hall

I've returned, let's continue.

>Onwards to the orchestral Hall!

You get up from your chair, "You're right, it's best we get moving while we have the time." You state.

"Thanks for your time lawman." Reynauld thanks.

"I'm happy to help, just be sure to remember what I've told you, if you want to end this investigation now. Confront that Marrion boy and Beige this instant." he states as Reynauld gets up and heads with you to the door.

"It's in your best interest." he advises you reach the door.

"We'll keep that in mind, have a good day." Arztz says as you head out the door, and he follows.

You begin heading down the hall as Reynauld speaks, "Well that boah's a lying sliver-tongued snake, he's pretty brazen 'bout it too." He states.

"I don't enjoy throwing titles like snake around casually, but I must agree, I can't see him as anything other than a manipulative liar." Arztz agrees.

"Damn right he is. But we can't call him the killer just cause he's an under-handed, suspicious bastard. Most of what he said was true, and even if wasn't, it at least sounded true enough." You state.

Reynauld laughs, "True enough, yeah, a lot of things he said in there were true enough. We're going to be seeing him again soon enough, I'm sure of it." He states.

"Yes, but for now, we must press on, where to though?" Arztz asks.

"I think it's pretty obvious where we have to head after everything we've heard so far, there's one name we keep on hearing with the word killer attached to it." you state.

Reynauld looks excited, "Oh! Does that mean we're finally gonna go see everyone's favorite piano boah?" He asks.

"Yeah, I think it's about time we met this guy ourselves..." you answer

>5 minutes later

Time: January 19, 2000, Saturday, 8:14 PM.

Location: Zenla Region, City-hall building, Orchestral Hall


A few twists and turns through this large building later, you find yourself walking down a short flight of stairs into a large open hall.

Not unlike the entrance hall, the large open space provides a slight echo to every sound made, from the many footsteps of your group, to the sounds of the piano music ringing through the hall, which comes from a lone, green-haired youth.

He continues to play his music, eyes closed and his fingers touching the keys like a tailor to weaving fine silk, unaware of your arrival, he plays to a non-existent audience, seated in the what must be thousands of chairs in the room.

>Roll 1d100+10

>DC: 70
Rolled 85 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolled 10 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolled 89 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

>come on crit fail

>Rolled 99

>I spy with my little eye...

File: Zarques Marrion.jpg (183 KB, 470x705)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
However, as you listen to the youth's playing, you notice something strange in his sound.

(Every 6th, 7th and 8th note sounds kinda off pitch... and what's that near his foot?) you wonder.

>There's something off with the piano the he's playing with...

>On the floor, near his foot you see small drops of dark-ish red...

(What the hell is that...) you try get a closer look as Reynauld inches over to Arztz.

"So...going by what we've heard, I'm pretty sure that's our man there." Reynauld says in a quiet tone as you scan the room.

"Which is making me wonder...why are we just watching him play right now?" he asks.

"Well, I wish to speak with him, but he's so engrossed in his song, that It feels rude to interrupt him." Arztz answers.

"Er..." you hear the sound of Zarques grunting quietly.

Reynauld laughs, "Leave to Casper to always impress! The only man in the world who you could put a time limit on and he'd still wait for you to finish your business before him!"

Reynauld pats him on the back, "You really are too kind for your own good. People gonna take advantage of you for that." He states.

"How do you know?" Arztz asks.

"I know cause I sure would. You need to be more assertive, dominant!" Reynauld explains.

"Should I? I feel like I'd be less friendly like that." he asks.

"Shit..." Zarques complains as a sour note rings from the piano.

"Course you can be friendly an' assertive. Just look at little ol' me! Ain't I the friendliest guy around?" he answers.

Arztz gives an awkward smile, "I'm sorry to break this to you Mr. Reynauld, but I think you might be mistaken there..." he states.

"Hey, now what's that supposed to imply-"

BAM!, the sound of two hands slamming into the piano keys and blasting out a massive wave of incoherent sour notes that cut at the eardrums and cutting off Reynauld and Arztz.

"Will you two shut the fuck up!? I'll kill your asses if you keep murmuring!" Zarques shouts violently as he turns to greet the group.

The sudden outburst of the calm and docile looking man stuns the three of you to silence, "...Well now, at least we won't have to catch his attention." Reynauld quips.

"The fuck are you people even doing here!? You don't look like any slimy politician I've ever seen!" He asks, his voice seething with rage.

You step up, "We're here to investigate, mind calming down real quick?" you ask.

"You want me to calm down!? You asshats barge in on me in the middle of me practicing and you start blabbing your asses off and you expect me to calm down!? Fuck you!" he shouts.

Arztz steps in, "We're very sorry to interrupt, but we're here to investigate the death of Inell Ucedes, we'd appreciate your cooperation in calming down and talking with us, Mr. Zarques." He says in a soothing voice.
His eyes narrow, "Oh, so you're the couple of pigs they hired to check out that murdering trash-bag's death!" he realizes.

He puts a long, fine middle finger, "Well here's your cooperation, come on over and I can shove it up your ass!" he shouts.

Reynauld laughs, "Oh man, his reputation proceeds him alright! I can tell it's gonna be fun talking to this boah!"

Arztz looks mildly annoyed, "Ah...this is the one type of person I can't talk with, the ones that glare even when you say something kind to them..." he complains.

"Listen here you scumbags, I'm telling you now, if you plan on talking with me you better shove off from now cause I don't feel like chatting!" he starts.

He points backstage, "If you're here to investigate something, maybe you should start with the hare-brained psycho-bitch back there! If you can hold a proper conversation with her, I'm sure she'd be more willing to talk than me!" He suggests.

He turns back to his keys, "Now get moving! I'm stuck here till this damn investigation ends so I gotta spend my time practicing in this shithouse till then!" He complains.

He holds the bridge of his nose, "Man, I can't stand it here...give me a damn break..." he grunts as he takes a deep breathe and gets back to playing.

"Well now, least he was nicest tell us that other lady we should see is backstage, might be good to hear what the party planner has to say." Reynauld states.

"But didn't we come out here to talk with Mr. Zarques, should we really just ignore him?" Arztz asks.

"Does that boah look like he's ready to talk? His mouth's like the barrel of a gun with a hair trigger." Reynauld states.

"Now, I'd be fine chatting with him anyway, cause I don't care how much he insults me as long as we can get something good out of him. But maybe we could wait till he calms down by talking to the Missus backstage?" Reynauld suggests.

"Good point...either could work really." Arztz agrees.

"What say you Sundance?" Reynauld asks.

What will you do?

>Talk with Zarques

>Go backstage to Susie.
>Talk with Zarques
>Go backstage to Susie.
If we talk to her first she can tell us something that might contradict him later on
>>Go backstage to Susie.

>You wanna meet Psycho Susie?

File: City hall (Back-stage).jpg (1.24 MB, 2600x1875)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
"You're right cowboy, we should talk to the lady in the back first." you agree as you walk on.

"Well now, rare for ya to drop a possible fist-fight with someone Sundance. What's making ya so reasonable today?" He asks.

"What gave you the impression I'm the kind of guy that picks fights with everyone he meets?" you ask.

"Well, might be the fact that you get along with the double barrel cannon that is Mr. Bradford, or it might be that, from what I've heard, you've fought almost everyone you've met, at least once." He points out.

You get ready to counter that point, till you realize there's actually some validity to that statement.

"Well, I'm never the one that starts it. It's always self-defense." you correct.

He laughs, "Yeah, yeah Sundance. I know man, I use that excuse all the time. It's always self-defense."

"Look, all I'm saying is, I think we'll have better luck dealing with Zarques if we get some info on him from Susie first." You move on.

"Well, that depends, you planning on defending yourself from her too. Cause the file reads that she's not of the...let's say fairest temperament." Reynauld states.

"You're so quick to judge people Mr.Reynauld, you should stop that, it's unhealthy." Arztz chimes in.

"It's not me saying it, it's the file." he corrects.

"The file says that's just her reputation, people exaggerate things about others all the time. Surely she's just a bit high-strung but otherwise normal woman." Arztz states as you all reach behind the stage.

"You sure bout that Casper? I think it's that you're too trusting." Reynauld counters.

"And I think you're too cynical." He counters as you see a woman, chatting with a couple of stage workers a short-ways away.

"Ah! that must be her." Reynauld points out.
File: Susie Sarmon.png (30 KB, 280x415)
30 KB
"Oh..." you say in astonishment.

Her appearance wasn't as you imagined, she's prim and proper lady, her slightly parted hair tied up into what looks like a bunched up pony-tail and wearing a primarily black outfit that fits nicely against her slim form.

She orders the stage workers around with a point of her fingers and movement of her slim glasses as you all look upon her.

"Beautiful..." Arztz admires.

"She's Purdy." Reynauld says with his thick southern accent.

"Gotta admit, not bad. But we're not here to look at pretty girls, we should move to interrogate her." You suggest.

"Oh, I wanna make a move on her alright. Hold on a sec, let me talk to her first Sundance." Reynauld says, showing a shining smile as he moves with a new kind of swagger in his step towards Susie.

"Oh, this should be fun..." you can already see how this is going to end.

Reynauld strides up to Susie, as he leans in close and speaks in a strong, manly voice, "Hey little lady, you wouldn't happen to be free right now would you?" he asks.

(Jesus Christ, can you sound anymore sleazy? We just want to talk to her, now she's gonna be creeped out...) you think.

She turns back to him with a horrified look on her face, "Who the are you!? Where did you come from!? What do you want!?" She says in shrill, quick-paced voice, sounding almost like she's in the middle of a panic attack.

(...Or she'll freak out. That works too.) you're left stunned.

"uhhhh...excuse me?" Reynauld asks, slightly perturbed.

"That outfit...are you the cowboy stripper I called for yesterday!?" She asks.

"Cowboy what!? what are ya-" She suddenly grabs him by the collar and shakes him.

"You were supposed here over an hour ago! What took you so!? Traffic!? Dress-up!? Couldn't find a sexy place to throw your banana!?" She asks rapidly.

"What?-No, I ain't no stripper-let me go!-"

She pushes him off, nearly dropping him to the floor, "Well whatever it was, you can bet your ass it's coming off your paycheck dancing boy!" She declares.

She continues to push him away, "Now get back stage and grab the toy gun I got you and start practicing to deep-throat it! You have to be at the gay bar down the street in 20 minutes and the boys down there don't get excited till you can go at least cylinder deep!" She orders.

Reynauld lands face-first at your feet as she goes back to her business. You bend down and talk to him, "That makes the second time a woman said that you'd be good for entertaining gay men. Maybe you should head back to the Ram Ranch." You joke.

Reynauld doesn't bother getting up, "You know what Sundance, I think it's best you talk to her..." He says.

"Good thinking man." you agree.
File: Susie Sarmon 02.jpg (10 KB, 159x316)
10 KB
You and Arztz approach her as Reynauld lurches at the back, cowering in fear.

"Ms. Susie correct? We'd like to have a word with you." Arztz makes your presence.

She turns back to you, her planning book tied in a vice grip as the beautiful look on her face is replaced by a panicked stare, "Now who's this!? That party ghost I hired last week!? I thought I told you to stop coming back to me for the rest of your pay! After what you did to little Jimmy there's no way in hell you're getting it!" Susie shouts.

"Um, no, no, no! I'm not a ghost. A common mistake but I'm actually a man named Arztz and these are my partners, Mr. Derrick and Mr.Reynauld." he introduces.

"Nice to meet ya." you say.

You wait for Reynauld response, but he's too busy hiding behind Arztz back to say anything back.

She calms down slightly, but still looks quite hysteric, "Oh good, at least I don't have to pay you. Unlike all these other fees I have to pay!" She screams.

"What do you mean?" Arztz asks.

"What do you think!? Someone just had to go and die at a party I arranged! And that person was none other than mayor himself!" She shouts.

"Imagine, I'm already known throughout town as a complete loon, no idea why! But now they'll think I'm cursed too! All those lost opportunities are straining on my wallet!" She explains.

"Sorry to hear that, but we have some questions regarding the murder actually. Would you mind answering them?" you ask.

"Sure! But just bare in mind, I'm also a little busy since no one around here knows how to clean up a stage so we can move out with any real speed!" She shouts.

"Looking at you Adam! I swear if you don't get this curtain down in the next 10 minutes, it's your head that's coming off next!" She shouts to one of the stage workers.

(Jesus christ I ca see why they call her psycho Susie, I'd say she's on drugs, but damn, even a crack addict isn't this jumpy...) you think.

"We understand, we're also on a bit of a time limit, so we'll try and make this quick." Arztz promises, seeming unfazed by the woman's hysterics.

"Good! What do you wanna know!?" She asks.

What will you ask?

>How did you arrange the party? When did it and when did it end?

>Did anything strange happen during the party?

>What did you think of this suspect? What were there movements? (Beige, Zarques, Nicholas)

>1 How did you arrange the party? When did it and when did it end?

>2 Did anything strange happen during the party?
In this order
>What did Nicholas Harte do after the mayor's confession
Reynauld said he thought that he didn't stay the whole time, wanna confirm what he did do first
Did anything strange happen

Since I can combine the first two options I shall do those first, (Sorry write-in anon)

>How did you arrange the party and did anything strange happen during?

"How did you arrange this party? Can you tell me when the party started and when it ended?" you ask.

"The party was a 6-hour event, short enough not to keep all the busy rich people from their child labor sites but long enough that they give everything they make from them back to charity!" She starts.

"It started right at 6:00 PM and was supposed end at 12:00 PM!" She answers.

"Was supposed to?" you ask.

"Yes, well, if you haven't heard, The mayor ended up going missing after giving out his party-ruining speech! So we the party was ended early at 11:00 PM and everyone was made to leave!" She explains.

"They were made to leave? They weren't allowed to stay?" Arztz asks.

"Well when the goddamn mayor goes missing, you can't expect everyone to be sitting around drinking and partying can you!? Everyone, even staff members were told to get out of the building until the mayor came back!" She explains.

"That so..." you begin thinking.

>New clue found! [Party Plans]

>The Party began at 6:00 PM and was supposed to end at 12:00 AM, however, due to the Mayor's speech and sudden disappearance, the party was called an hour early at 11:00 PM and everyone was made to leave until the Mayor returned.

>Nicholas explained in his testimony that party was still on-going right up until 12:00 AM, however this proves that to be false, what could this mean...?

(Didn't Nicholas say that the party started at 7:00 PM and didn't end until around 12:00 AM? Seems I've found a contradiction...) you realize.

"Okay, did anything weird happen during the party? Anything out of the ordinary?" you ask.

"Other than the Mayor jumping up stage and confessing a list of sins so long the devil would freak out!?" She asks.

"Yes, we already know about, did anything else strange happen?" Arztz asks.

"Well, the whole night was kinda weird after that! But if I had to say, I'd say the anything that really stood out it, it'd be the fact that piano boy outside was almost an hour late for his performance!" She complains.

"Zarques you mean?" you ask.

"Yeah whatever the hell his name is! He was supposed to be the main event of the night after the opening act, but since the mayor took over an hour on stage stirring up the crowd, he got pushed back to around 10 minutes past 10:00 o' clock!" She explains.

"And if that wasn't bad enough! The damn flat-foot took like 40 minutes to finally get on stage! The show wasn't able to start till 10:50! And by that point, he was only able to play for 10 minutes before everyone got pushed out!" She shouts.

>New clue found! [Zarques's Late performance]

>Already delayed by the Mayor's speech, Zarques was meant to get on stage at 10:10 PM, but went missing for 40 minutes and returned 10: 50 PM.

(That matches with the Mayor's estimated time of death...I think I just hit the jackpot.) you think.
"That's very strange, Did you learn why he was missing for so long?" Arztz asks.

"I don't ask about that kinda thing! I was already tearing my hair out because that little pretty-faced bastard went missing!" She dismisses.

"Well I'd very much like to know why he would be 40 minutes late to an event he knew he was to be attending very soon." Arztz asks.

Susie pulls out her phone, "In that case, I got the band leader on speed dial here, he should know all about that! This guy is like the only person that bastard trusts and can hold a normal conversation with! If anyone know's, he does!" She exclaims.

"Really? That guy has people he can talk with?" You question.

"Yeah! I know! It blew my mind too! If you want I can call him over and you can talk to him while I get back to finishing things up here!" She offers.

"Oh! Thank you very much!" Arztz thanks.

"You're welcome!" Even when she's thankful, she still sounds panicked.

What will you ask?

>What do you think of this suspect? What were there movements? (Beige, Zarques, Nicholas)

>Go ahead and call Revali over. (Talk to Revali Keys)


>That's all we needed, goodbye for now. (Move onto another area.)
>What do you think of this suspect? What were there movements? (Beige, Zarques, Nicholas)
Ask about all three of them If possible, then
>Go ahead and call Revali over. (Talk to Revali Keys)
This I guess

I'm gonna need a minute to write all of that, but okay.

File: Susie Sarmon 03.gif (29 KB, 256x192)
29 KB
"Can you give me your thoughts on all of the suspects involved in the case?" you ask.

"Well that's quite a bit to get through! But I'll try and make it short, I'm running out of time here!" She answers.

"Which one do you want to hear about first!?" she asks.

"I guess Beige, the prime suspect is a good start." you ask.

"Wait, Beige is the prime suspect of the case!?" She asks back.

"What? Did you not know?" you ask.

"I don't keep up with all this murder mystery nonsense! I already have enough to think about! I thought for sure they'd just say it was Nicholas and be done with it!" She answers.

"You think Nicholas is the killer? Why?" Arztz questions.

"Well, other than him being lady justice's favorite dildo, everything about him was weird on party night!" She starts.

"First he was an hour late to a party he kept pestering me for the details of, then he spends the entire thing not talking to anyone and just watching everyone party like some creeper!" She explains.

"He was avoidant the entire party huh?..." You note.

"Well, not that he's like, a big people person! But considering the fact that he kept hounding me day after day what the party schedule was, I expected him to put more effort into, I don't know! Partying!" She exclaims.

>New clue found! [Nicholas's strange Behavior]

>Despite frequently questioning Susie about details for the party, not only was Nicholas late to it, he also acted strangely avoidant, almost like he didn't want anyone to notice him...

"When I saw all that weird shit, I just assumed he would be first on the police's chopping block! Not Beige! How could they suspect Beige of anything!?" She asks.

"Well there's quite a bit of evidence stacked against him. Is there no chance-"

"Don't even finish that sentence ghost boy! Yes! There's no chance Beige was the one that killed the Mayor, he and the guy were best friends! He has no reason to kill him or want him dead!" She cuts Arztz off.

"He's literally the nicest guy in the whole city! Everyone loves him! Me included! Considering he was the guy who got me this City hall job! The biggest I had ever gotten yet!" She states.

"I refuse to think that Beige could be guilty! Show me any proof you'd like, I won't do it!" She challenges.

"Well, actually we head from Nicholas that Beige had passed off his card to someone in the Starry night band in order to have him killed. Did you see that?" you ask.

"Oh! That! I kinda remember that!" She exclaims.

"Kinda..." you whisper.

"Well the whole night is hazy from all the panic attacks I had alright. I do remember him coming back-stage to hand piano boy something!" She confirms.

(So it was Zarques who he traded with) you confirm internally.

"Okay, did you see him give Zarques his card?" Arztz asks.

She looks confused, "I don't think it was his card per-se...it looked like a card from the distance, but from where I was looking, it looked more like a photo if you ask me..." She answers.
>Clue updated! [Beige's Backstage Meeting]

>According to an eye-witness report by Susie, the party planner, she confirms that the person Beige was trading with was Zarques, however, she doesn't think the item he gave away was his card, but rather a photo...

"A photo? A photo of what?" You ask.

"I don't know!? What do you take me for, a peeping tom!? They only call me that when I arrange peeping shows!" She counters.

(Whoa, she must be super desperate to be the kind of person that would arrange a peeping show...well, gotta make the cash somehow) you think.

"And what of Zarques? What do you think of him?" Arztz asks.

"Don't even ask ghost boy! I barely even knew that kid's name till you reminded me!" She answers.

"The most I learn about the people I hire is what I find in their background checks! In my line work, friendship is outside a business relationship is a liability!" She states.

"As a medical professional and a very concerned individual, I am obligated to tell you that view of the world is extremely bad for your social and mental well-being." Arztz warns.

"Whoa! My therapist told me the exact same thing last week! Do you guys work together!?" She asks.

"Oh dear..." Arztz looks very concerned.

"Listen,as much as I love to sort out your social life, I'm gonna need you to call up Revali, you said he good info right?" you ask.

"Oh, yeah sure. Just give me a second." She hits the dial button on her phone and puts it to her ear.

It rings for a few seconds before someone picks up, "Hey Revaili! I kinda need you to come down to city hall right now, I got some guys who want to talk to you!" She starts.

The voice on the other end says something back and she looks perplexed, "You're in the middle of a drinking at the bar? It better be important? Well these guys are saying their investigating a murder, so I think that's pretty important!" She counters.

"What? How many men are in the group? Uh, well..." She takes a head count of you.

(What the hell is she talking to him about?) you wonder as she counts you off.

"There's like 5 of them, what does that matter-Huh? how many of them are hot? Uhhh..." She looks over your entire group before focusing on Reynauld.

"There's a gay cowboy who's kinda hot I guess." She says.

"Stop looking at me ya goddamn hussy, I ain't gay!" He exclaims, but she ignores him.

"huh? What do you mean is that all? How many dicks do you plan to suck in one night? Wait a minute, you're at the gay bar right now aren't you?" She guesses.

"What the fuck is this phone call..." you have to ask.

"I knew it! You aren't even 5 minutes away then! If you want to check out the guys yourself, you have to get over here now! I ain't asking twice!" She demands.

She then nods to everything he saying, "Uh-huh? Okay." She cuts-off the call without even saying goodbye.

"See that boys! That's how you strike a deal! He says he'll be over in 3 minutes!" She declares.
File: Revali Keys.jpg (172 KB, 1181x1748)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
"I dunno, that sounds more like a bad thing than a good one..." Reynauld seems deeply worried.

"Well that was a bit of an...odd phone call." Arztz phrases.

"You mean queer Casper. A queer phone call." Reynauld corrects.

"Well that's...another word you can use for it." he can't deny it.

"But at least we should get some useful information out of this exchange, surely!" Arztz tries to find the sliver lining.

"At what cost Casper...at what cost?" While Reynauld drowns in the storm cloud.

"Well there's no avoiding it now, he can't be that ridiculous can he?" You ask.

Jesper looks over to Sheldon, "Hey, how many top-hats do you have in storage?" He asks.

"Sorry sir! But I'd have to kill you if I told you that!" He answers.

"But I can tell you that it's more than enough to replace the one I'm wearing 10 times over!" He answers.

"Good, because when Mr. Revali gets here, Our blonde friend here is going to need a good hat to eat." He explains.

"Huh?" you blurt out.

>4 minutes later

"Helloooooooo Worldddddddd!" A flamboyant voice makes a dancing entrance as a man with purple in his suit and hair presents himself to you all.

Sheldon approaches you from the side as you look on in astonishment and takes off his hat, "Would you like it with salt or pepper?" He asks.

"...Salt. Lots of salt." you answer as you wonder Why you ever came out here in the first place.

"Hey Susie baby! I heard you had a couple cute boys looking for me?" He asks in a strangely girly yet deep voice.

Susie greets him back, "Yeah it's those 3 over there. They want to discuss the details of the mystery with you." She explains.

He looks over to you all and after giving you all a glancing look that sends a shiver of fear down all your spines, he smiles and speaks.

"Oh I'll do more talk mystery with a collection of boys that hot! I'm more than happy to help!" he exclaims.

"Good, because I'm getting ready to pack up. Have fun Revali." She says as she gets off stage.

"Oh baby, I don't need to have fun, I am the fun" He declares as he approaches.

"You know what Mr.Derrick, I agree with the group's earlier assessment. This adventure in not fun. It's not fun at all..." He says shivering behind you.

"Why the fuck did you drag me down with you Sundance? I'd even prefer another day with Money bags over this..." He complains.

"Why is this my fault?" you ask.

However, before they have a chance to answer, Revali's already closed the distance, "So babies, before we begin, what are your names?" He asks.
File: Revali Keys03.png (734 KB, 660x970)
734 KB
734 KB PNG
"Arztz..." He answers in a frightened tone.

"Oh! A foreign name makes for an exotic day...or night if you'd like." He flirts.

"I'm good thank you." Arztz has never sounded so afraid.

He looks over to Reynauld, "Oh, are you the cowboy I heard about? What's your name my bucking brunco?" He asks.

"It's fully-loaded magnum." he answers.

"Oh? Are you all cocked and ready for me?" He asks.

"No, that's what I'll be pulling on ya if ya try your luck on me you queer boah!" He answers.

He puts his hands up, "Oh how scary...I like scary." He says in a excited voice.

"Oh lord..." He says in a terrified voice.

He looks to you, "And what of you my golden sweet?" he asks

"Derrick Holums." you answer, trying your best to keep things professional.

"Tough name for a tough guy! Though I find tough men tend to get soft around me..." But the man you're talking to is anything but professional.

You try your best not to gag, (Oh I'm soft right now, I don't think I've ever been this soft in my life...) you think.

"Listen man, we need to ask you some questions." You state.

"Sure, I'm happy to help with the investigation." He agrees.

"However, if any of those questions is involve a date with me, don't bother asking, cause the answer is yes." He winks at you.

You almost flinch, "Uhhhh-huh." you say in response.

"Well now, let's be quick with the questions. It may not seem it, but I'm actually a busy man with a hot date waiting for him at a bar." He states.

(Oh trust me, I want this over with much more than you do...) you think as you prepare your question.

What will you ask?

>Do you know the reason why Zarques was late to his performance?

>What's your relationship with Zarques? How did you get to know him?

>You were a bit late, what held you up?


>Okay, I think we're done here. (Move unto the next area)
>Do you know the reason why Zarques was late to his performance?

>Why was Zarques was late

Why was Zarques late
"I was told by Susie that you know the reason Zarques was late to his performance. What can you tell me?" you ask.

"Is that what you called me over for? Well sorry dear, I can't really tell you too much more than she can." He starts.

"Anything would help." Arztz states.

"Well, when the party was going on, as the man in charge of Starry night, I was the one leading the opening act with the rest of the crew." He starts.

"But as you must already know, the mayor came out unexpectedly near the end of our performance and started his speech and I was forced to delay the biggest part of the show, my dear boy Zarques's performance." He continues.

"After the mayor's speech ended, he said that in-spite of his announcements of resignation, he wished for the show to go on and I was happy to comply, however, when I went looking for my boy, he was nowhere to be seen." he states.

"Nowhere to be seen?" Reynauld asks.

"Yes, strangely enough, I believe he went off to have a meeting with someone at 9:30 or so." he explains.

"9:30? But wasn't the speech still going on around that time?" you ask.

"Yes well, it seems whatever this meeting was more important to him and his friend than the mayor's sudden appearance, because that's only place I can believe he went, since he was with us till around 9:20." He states.

>New clue found! [Zarques's Secret meeting]

>At around 9:30, Zarques snuck off with someone else in the party to hold a secret meeting about something. This was in-spite of Inell's sudden and shocking appearance, which was the focus of every other person at the time.

"And what are the details of this meeting? Who did he meet and where did he meet them?" Arztz asks

He shrugs his shoulders, "I can't tell you all that, Zarques might be my dear boy, but he's also a grown man now. I can't monitor his every action so I couldn't tell you." he explains.

"However, I can tell you that he did warn me earlier that day that he would be going to a meeting at 9:30 PM, during the party and he might be late with going home with us because of it. Of that much I am certain." He states.

"And that was it? You didn't ask him why he was almost an hour late?" Reynauld asks.

"Well...I didn't really have the chance being honest." He answers.

"Didn't have the chance?" you question.

"The moment he got back, he had to be on stage and before I could ask him where he had been, he gave me an odd request." He explains.

"Oh? What did he ask?" Arztz questions.

"He asked me to have his grand piano wheeled to the opposite way it's usually facing." he states.

"The opposite way?" You question.

"Well, normally we wheel his piano in from the left side, where his right side can face the crowd. But he wanted it the opposite direction this time. To the right, where the audience could see his left side." He explains.
>New clue found! [Marrion's odd request]

>After coming back late to his performance, Zarques made an odd request to have his piano face the opposite direction it usually does, so that he could have his left side be visible to the audience and not his right.

"Well that is damn odd. Why would he ask something like that?" Reynauld asks.

"I...don't know, sorry." He answers.

"What? Ya didn't ask or nothing?" Reynauld states.

He puts his hand behind his head and looks up, "No...I mean, we were in a rush to get the show moving...and right after Zarques was done, we were told to leave the building...so I just never had the chance." he explains.

>Reynauld's [Outlaw's insight] Activates

Reynauld's eyes narrow on him, "That so?" he asks.

"Yes, sorry, I'm no help at all am I?" He jokes.

"...." Reynauld eyes his down as he whispers to you, "You might wanna press a bit harder on this one Sundance, he just lied to me, I'm sure of it." he states.

"I don't think there's much I can tell you from that. But you can keep asking me whatever you want! I just love talking to good-looking men!" His flameboyant act seems more nervous than it does creepy now.

What will you ask?

>Are you hiding something from me right now?

>What's your relationship with Zarques? How did you get to know him?

>You were a bit late, what held you up?


>Okay, I think we're done here. (Move unto the next area)
Are you hiding something from me?
>Are you hiding something from me right now?

>What are you hiding?

>roll1d100 (No bonus)

>DC: 60
Rolled 29 (1d100)

Oh boy can't wait to crit fail and get stabbed

Here we go
Rolled 56 (1d100)


Trying a second time
Rolled 88 (1d100)


>Nice save MyGayAnon! (By god that I.D is hilariously ironic to the situation)


You step forward and speak, "Revali, why are you hiding things from us?" You ask.

"Um...Excuse me?" he asks back.

"You're hiding something from me. I know you are, what is it? And why are you hiding it?" you ask.

He looks deeply offended, "What? Are you calling me a liar?" He asks.

"No, no, no, you haven't lied, you just aren't being truthful and I'm curious as to why that is Mr. Keys." Reynauld states.

"Yes, we'd appreciate if you could tell us the whole truth. No details omitted this time, Mr.Keys." Arztz joins in as well.

He looks a little perturbed, "...Why are you all ganging up on me? Not that I hate it or anything." He jokes.

"But I told you I didn't have a chance to ask him anything." He counters.

"Is that really true? Would you really just let Zarques, your dear boy, go on with the show without asking him what happened, and why he suddenly needed to hide his right side from the audience?" you ask.

"Well...hide is a strong word...I....I um..." he starts freeze up under all the pressure.

"Are you covering for that Boah out there? Why? What did you see that you can't tell us?" Reynauld asks.

"It's not that it's something that I can't tell you it's-Ah!" He slips up.

Reynauld laughs, "Ah-ha! So you are hiding something then!"

"Damn it...." He grunts.

"We can't progress in this investigation if you hide things from us Revali, what aren't you telling us?" you ask.

He sighs before continuing, "Okay, so of course I noticed something was off with him...the whole night something was off with him." He begins.

"My boy is a regular brooder, but I'd never seen him so quiet and angry like I did that night. Something seemed to get him really riled up and he looked ready to kill someone...well, more than usual anyway." He laughs bitterly.

"I got extremely worried after he left and went looking for him, but I never found him." He confesses.

"When he returned, he looked like an absolute mess." He grabs at his purple suit, a tight grip crushing the fabric.

"His clothes were disheveled and gloves he was wearing were gone all of sudden and his knuckles looked strangely purple...The bottom of his pants were torn for some reason and I think..." He trails off, worried about what he'll say next.

"It's okay Mr. Keys, all we wish for is the truth." Arztz assures.

It takes him a moment, but that comforts him enough to continue, "...I think I saw blood on his right pant leg...and that's why he wanted to hide it from the audience." He confesses.

>New clue found! [Marrion's odd behavior]

>According to Revali, Marrion was strangely quiet but very angry about something, something he wouldn't even share with his trusted band leader.

>Clue updated! [Zarques Wardrobe change]

>According to Revali, Zarques had lost gloves sometime between 10:10 and 10:50 for unexplained reasons and the reason for his change of pants was because his original pair were torn and stained with blood.
"Well if that ain't the strangest thing? The boah disappears on ya for hours and when he comes back, he's covered in blood!" Reynauld exclaims.

"That makes me have to ask ya, why didn't ya question why someone who looked ready to kill somebody all night, came back looking like he killed somebody? No hiding nothing this time please." he asks.

He looks at you sadly, "No, sorry, I have nothing left to hide...being honest I was well aware that something was terribly wrong with him that night, yet I didn't do anything..."

"I thought to myself, Oh, this is just Zarques being his usual angry self, there's no way he'd do something, even though I knew he had something against the mayor, something that would make his empty threats, not so empty anymore..." he explains.

"So you willful ignored it? That's not good Mr. Keys." Arztz states.

He looks down in shame, "I couldn't help it, imagine it, me...the man who took him in after poor Tenpan's death, allowing Zarques to reach such a state that he might do something drastic and doing nothing to help him..." He laughs at himself.

"You took him in?" you question.

"Yes, me and Tenpan were old friends. After his death 2 years ago now, It was only natural I take his kid and bring him into my musical group." He states.

"It wasn't a bad transition for him, his father trained him well in the art of piano playing, so he was a great addition to the team." He explains.

"He's a good boy...really he is...he loved his father very much, But it's precisely because of that love that it was obvious from the beginning that losing him had broken something vital inside of him." He continues.

"He was violent...hateful and he started thinking nothing mattered anymore...I can't count the number of times I had to comfort and contain him from doing anything terrible that might ruin his future." He explains.

"But then he was brought here, the place where his father had died and I guess that was a bit too much for him?" you guess.

"Yes unfortunately...I didn't want believe it...but I think my boy might be a murderer..." you can see faint tears fall from his eyes.

Reynauld bumps your arm, "Well Sundance, looks like my earlier outburst wasn't so drastic after-all." He smirks.

You ignore him and continue, "Is that all you can tell us?" you ask.

"Yes...I'm so sorry, I have nothing else to say..." He apologizes.

"It's fine...thanks for your time." you state.

"Right...I'm going home for the night...I don't think I want to be here right now..." He states as he exits off the stage leaving your group alone.

"The evidence is stacked so high I'd almost say we can touch the roof with it Sundance. Think it's enough for us to pin this Zarques boah?" Reynauld asks.

"...What do you think Arztz?" you ask.

"I want to say we should gather more proof...but I can't say that what we just heard wasn't convincing and damning enough. It's becoming harder and harder to say that Zarques wasn't the one that killed Inell." He agrees.
"Though we still don't know exactly how he broke in. The timing of his disappearance matches up with Inell's time of death too perfectly to be a coincidence, all the blood and bruises he received line up with the idea that Inell was ambushed in his room and attacked and it would certainly make sense for a piano player to have spare piano wire that he could use in the murder..." Arztz lists off.

"And I'm sure that when we talk to him, the facts will start piling even higher and we'll finally be able to catch him for the murderer that he is." Reynauld states.

"I say we go talk to that boah now and be ready to call him as our killer." Reynauld suggests.

"Could it really be that simple though?" you ask.

"What do ya mean?" Reynauld asks.

"I mean, Even if he did it do it, we still don't how he got access to the Mayor's secret room, or even learned of it's existence in the first place. Can we really go confront him when we don't have all the facts?" you ask.

"Derrick, we're running out of time and you need to realize that we don't need all the facts to know he was the one that did it." Reynauld counters.

"We have enough proof to show that he was the one that carried out the murder and that's all that matters. Once we catch the killer, the test is over." Reynauld explains.

"Ain't that right shades!?" He asks of Jesper.

He puffs out some smoke, "Yes cowboy, as long as you can locate the one that carried out Inell's murder and you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt he was the one that did it. You pass." He explains.

"So we don't to prove every point? Just find the main truth?" Arztz asks.

"Exactly. As long as you're certain what you have is enough to prove he was the one that carried it out, I'll accept that as a pass." He confirms.

"And how are we doing for time?" Arztz asks.

"It's been 25 minutes." He answers.

"Add that to our travel time and it makes 30 minutes, we're still on decent time, but in another hour or so, there's a good chance we'll run of it..." Arztz warns.

"Hear that Sundance!? We can end this right now! Let's confront this bastard now!" Reynauld orders.

What will you do?

>Confront Zarques.

>Move unto another area (Which one)
And so I leave this vote to tomorrow, I say we're getting pretty close to this test conclusion along with the ending of this thread.

I await your responses in the morning, But for now, I must sleep.
Ok so it's safe to say that he is probably the one who did it but we still need to find out if he had an accomplice

>Confront Zarques
If we go to him do we automatically accuse him or can we question him?

You will go questioning first and be given the choose to accuse him when you feel you're ready, so don't worry about that.
Move on to talk to beige
>Confront Zarques.
We shouldn't accuse him however, we still need to talk and gather more information from certain people i.e Beige
This. Exactly what I was thinking
Sorry to cut the thread short anons, but I have quite a bit of work to get through starting tomorrow and after running non-stop for, what will be as of tomorrow, a whole week now, I'm going to stop here and start a new thread later.

But don't worry, as I already have all the notes prepared, I can pick up anytime and I hope to start next Monday, where we'll definitely be able to continue on to the conclusion of this thread.

Though I must warn all you newer anons, if you haven't been following me for a while, you should know I have godawful planning and scheduling skills, mainly due in part to my schedule being hectic and ever-changing.

So I may say I'm going to be running next Monday, but with my luck, it will probably take 2 weeks before I have time to run properly.

So I ask that those of you interested please follow my twitter, where I update every Sunday on how things are going with the quest.


And for those of you groaning in disappointment I'm stopping here, I'll stick around to answer any questions you may have pertaining to the quest or otherwise.

But for now anons, I wish you a good rest of the weekend and a good rest of the week.
File: ebin.png (3 KB, 252x260)
3 KB
Fair enough man, see ya later
Keep up the good work, I've really liked the mystery so far, and I wonder if...

>Jesper laughs, "That's where you and me disagree Mr.Peacock-for-brains, I personally believe that putting too much effort into something is just as lazy and wasteful as putting too little, the only difference being that putting too much effort is twice as tiring." He declares.

>"That's why I aspire in life to only put in the absolute bare minimum of time and energy into everything I do. That way I don't needlessly waste time or energy on anything." He finishes.

Is some kind of foreshadowing for the mystery although I may be looking too deep into this
File: [Hats off to you].png (156 KB, 379x351)
156 KB
156 KB PNG

Thank you for your understanding and I'm happy to entertain, that's why I put as much effort as I do into this.

And don't worry, I'm pretty sure of the fact that it won't take me more than a week to be free again. (Pretty sure...)

As for your spoiler well...

Pretty much everything I write is foreshadowing, this is probably no different, however, what matters is how you interpret what he means.

What is the bare minimum?
>I'll stick around to answer any questions you may have
Who's the killer?
File: [Smug].jpg (93 KB, 1280x720)
93 KB

Oh Anon, that one's easy!

It was Sheldon and Ami, I think that's pretty obvious, who else could teleport into a room and talk someone to death?

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