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File: Barbarian milf.jpg (70 KB, 426x623)
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YOU'RE KARRIGAN, THE SAVAGE BEAUTY! A warrior in your youth, now the favorite wife of a mighty hunter and the mother of five children! Last time you chose a sufficiently skimpy outfit to distract your husband as he played with his concubine Lilian, then went to breakfast with your five children, explaining to your oldest son that he can't join your husband on the hunt today [he's too young!].

Prev quest: >>3051578
File: Frida.jpg (539 KB, 900x1200)
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539 KB JPG
As you have breakfast with your children, Lilian and her children, you enjoy the cold weight of the harem key hanging between your breasts. Frida, to her credit only looks at it once or twice over the meal. You doubt it's made her any sourer than usual but still.
It's always nice to remind her who's your husband's favorite~
As you eat, Lilian's children come and join you one by one. Her oldest son Tus, her second son Dis and her third Mort.
It's not long after THAT that Lilian herself joins the meal with a cheery "Good morning everyone!" She's walking a little more bow-legged than usual and you can still see water beading on her skin after her bath, evidently your husband wasn't gentle. Your children greet her with a word that means a combination of aunt and mother, it has no direct translation outside of your language.
As they do so your dear husband himself deigns to sit between you and Lilian, planting a kiss on her neck that elicits a giggle from her and rolled eyes from you and Frida.

>what is anatomy?
ouch, my eyes. jesus fuck
Eyyyy, there it is

Let us pray for more than half a dozen posts
Your abs don't go halfway up your sternum? you need to do more situps.
Is this evil sorceress quest, Martial Edition?
Lilian shoots a smug look at you and kisses your husband back deeply.
"Eeew!" says Mort, Lilian just laughs and pats him on the head.
"Good morning dear." You say to your husband. "What kept you?"
He gives you a look that screams "REALLY KARRIGAN?" before clearing his throat and saying. "Just had some things to discuss with Lilian."
"Like what dear?" you ask innocently. Lilian frowns at you while your husband smiles.
"Actually that reminds me, if you find the time today, see if you can get an offer for the tiger cubs I caught last week."
A collective "Awwww!" goes up from all the children present, and Lilian.
You smile. "You know we can't keep them!" your husband says. "We don't have the space for them. Now, Karrigan."
"Make sure that you don't accept an offer of less than 60 gold each."
You raise an eyebrow. "Are you sure a trader will accept a price that high?"
He shrugs. "If not, they can go out and catch their own tigers."

File: Lilian.jpg (143 KB, 779x1100)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Lilian whispers in his ear and his eyes widen for a moment. "I'd better get going. Can't be late for meeting with the other hunters! Lilian, come with me." he takes his concubine by the hand and walks off, patting your children on the head as he goes.
You finish breakfast, and a few minutes later Lilian comes strutting back with a smirk on her face and her hair tied back in a ponytail.
"Frida, he wants to see you next." she says.
Frida prances off, giving you a smug look as she passes you.
Lilian sighs contentedly and sits down to sharpen one of your husband's spears, humming to herself as she does so.
Meanwhile, Asha approaches you with a smile. "Mother! Could I ask you a question?"
"About what?" you ask with a tilt of your head.

So what do you want to know about men? The most important thing you should remember is that all men are scum
>What do you want to know about men, Asha?
Why do you care Asha? And what do you want to know?
File: Asha.jpg (497 KB, 3200x2400)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
You tilt your head quizzically. "Why do you want to know Asha?"
"All you need to know is that all men are scum." you say as if it's obvious.
Asha rolls her eyes. "Well OBVIOUSLY, but," she moves her hands indecisively. "How do I GET one? A specific one?"

How old was she again?

>In a few years, when you're old enough
>It wouldn't be hurt to start casting your net on one you like though
>Just make sure you're the only one he's interested in
First things first you need a proper wardrobe to ensnare men in your grasp

"WELL" you say, "First things first, you need a proper wardrobe to ensnare men in your grasp."
She nods seriously. "What sort of wardrobe?"


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