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Everyone can contribute art or a description of a small part of a dungeon (which I intend to use in ym campaign).

I'll start:

Entry to a dungeon is situated in a small crag. Threre are three house-sized stone statue faces in it and right above them - is situated an entry. An old, rickety suspension bridge connects the entry with the other side.

Dungeon is found in a deep forest.

What is its first room/tunnel/hall like?
A once wide room turned into a twisting hall made from the roots of a giant tree.
Around the walls there are humanoid statues covered in flowers, moss and plant life, some seem to twich or ever move, not all of them are true statues.
I'm sure this was supposed to be on/tg/
One room is large and covered with moss. Nestled in parts of the moss are fruits that look like valuable gems. Attempting to pull on them will reveal a sticky leaf that will shoot out and try to pull them into a moss filled hole.
The dungeon always had a bit of a musty smell.
When it's gone, that's when you should draw your weapons.
They are always chasing these threads to /qst/

Anyway: Next place is huge, almost arena-sized. It is filled with large broken stones and some statues. Almost as if someone, once turned creatures into stone ...
The dungeon isn't devoid of life. Skittering along the overgrown corridors are tiny masked men with skin like ash. They are mostly friendly, although very alien/ They don't speak the common tongue but communicate with strange sounds. They mostly sit around, make fun of adventurers or barter for strange sculptures and other crap. They don't have houses or villages, but tend to pop up in the strangest cracks in the dungeon, as if they belong there.

If one would spend a couple of days in the dungeon, they would hardly notice them anymore. Although some adventuring parties who thought themselves safe among these strange masked critters have disappeared while they were sleeping...
The dungeon seems to keep going the farther you traverse into it. As you go deeper and deeper you start to hear rumbling and clanging as if something is moving the stone farther down the dungeon way. You also start to see strange alien markings along the walls of the corridor that seem to pulse ever now and then.
Deep within, the walls glow with magical light, revealing intricate runes carved in the stone, following these runes will lead to a large chamber that mimics the night sky. An altar of sorts dominates the center, a pool of blue-glowing liquid within.
The dungeon eventually peters out into a small hallway unknown to adventurers it's filled with traps pitfalls spears and a giant rolling boulder
when is qm going to write?
The small hallway darkens until it's pitch black save for the occasional magic lamp lighting the way. The air is cold and nonmagic light cannot dispell the dark shroud. Luckily the corridor leads straight ahead to a sharp illuminated corner on the far end.

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