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Some anons on /b/ on a thread about the death of YTMND brought up the current state of 4chan and more specifically /b/ itself, and someone mentioned that the downward spiral of cancer on /b/ started with Boxxy. Honestly I don't think anyone gives a shit considering that everyone justs posts on [s4s], /r9k/ and here, but it has gotten me thinking a lot about it.

What do you guys think.
I mean it's pretty obvious that she was the original egirl.
boxxy has nothing to do with why /b/ sucks ass

When you're looking with a website of literally hundreds of thousands of daily posters the factors you should be focusing on are wide-scale sociological & technological trend as well as the structure of the website itself, how it incentivizes or de-incentivizes kinds of content, and the decisions of administrators - not superficial and interchangeable fads floating on the surface.

Do you seriously believe for one moment if boxxy was never born that 4chan in general and /b/ in particular would be substantially different than it is today?
a lot of dumb mistakes in this post
i regret making it already
>the downward spiral of cancer on /b/ started with forced anon and habbo raids.
Pretty sure no one gives a shit either way, then or now.

Have a nice day.
'S pretty alright.
I don't think it's the cause, but I do think it's an early symptom. People posting for attention at the expense of everything else is why it's bad.
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I think the decline really started when it became impossible to start raids or other activism

I was reading up yesterday about older pranks pulled
I think its entirely possible these were allowed to go through on purpose to show the old people in power what internet activism could do in the wrong hands
hence the push towards fake news, mobile internet, social media and giving idiots platforms to congegrate and promote them through media.
basically they deluded the pool that is the internet on purpose to weaken its power

obviously, there is no real way for anyone to prove this
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nope i disagree
/b/s gone because the people who used while it was cool fucked off years ago
a relative of mine used 4 chan back in the early times cause i used to see him on it and he told me about it once. he probably stopped using this website around 2010 since he moved out of his parents house and went to uni. a few years ago he was telling me about how great reddit is
i had another friend who used to use the site from around 2014 till last year. I remember in 2014 he was telling me about how great this site was and how much better it was than reddit and last year his opinion flipped
I had another friend that used to say top kek unironically in conversation way back in 2012. i have no idea if he still uses this website. i dont think he does
i myself am a 2015 newfag who lurked from 2015 untill last year. I'm fairly certain most people just get lives. Why is anyone here? This place is completely pointless you cant change anyones mind and discussing media on here is a challenge if you had actual friends in real life would you have to come here from who i know use this website i'm fairly confident in saying the people ruining your boards are newfags who replaced the oldfags who got lives while you have not
the people who havent left are the genuine autists who never got their lives in shapes
sure there are exceptions but even they wont stop the inevitable fall of board culture
theres still oldfags they just stick to certain threads and boards now

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