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>go to /int/, /mu/, /fa/
>they feel weird and different
What's the deal with this boards?
/fa/'s userbase is mostly underage or barely able to post. None of them know what 'lurk more' means. WAYWT posters never take advice in regards to their clothing, ignoring any criticism constructive or otherwise and circlejerking with anyone who gives them positive reinforcement. It's just another low quality board who's golden age has long since passed.
It feels like there's less social outcasts/losers there.
/int/ is Reddit
That's correct. Fashion is a passive hobby, meaning it's not something you actively do like sports, playing games etc. It's a hobby that you 'do' while doing other things. People into fashion, both pre and post web 2.0, are generally more outgoing and sociable because they want to share their appearance. Discussion of outfits inevitably results in people posting photos of themselves, so it's bound to attract the same people that like to use /soc/, /int/ etc as chatrooms for socializing.

Old /fa/ differed because people actually talked about fashion and runway shows, not clothing, which you can buy at your local mall and in a thriftstore, which is what dominates /fa/ these days.
Don't know anything about /int/, but I only browsed /mu/ & /fa/ when I was a teen, I figure my experience may not be all that uncommon in regards to the general make-up of those boards.
I can tell you with certainty that /mu/ and /fa/ have among the lowest average user ages on this site. /vp/-tier.
What about /int/?
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i have never been on any of those boards i dont want to be
im here now cause i got banned on /tv/
I don't like it.
/int/ is just a series of generals now, there's nothing worth browsing on there unless you really like your country's particular general or you want to ask someone from another country something. "Banter culture", which seems largely influenced by a hybrid of British and Twitter slang, was a thing on /int/ at one point but I stopped using it years ago because of all the generals. /bant/ is better if you can tolerate massive amounts of shitposting replacing the monotony of the same generals day in and day out on /int/.
/mu/ is also reddit, /fa/ is also reddit

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