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I was thinking that it might be a nice idea to have some kind of "report" score for users that quantifies how many "good" reports a user makes.
Users with a higher report score can get their reported posts moved up the report queue at a faster than normal rate than others with a bad or no score.

As for how to generate a score, I've thought of two different ways:
1. When a moderator or janitor sees a report they should be able to hut a check mark indicating it's a valid report, or an X indicating it's invalid. The percentage of good reports could be used as the score. The only con I could think of for this method is that if a team member is going through tons of reports it would take more time rating reports.
2. When a post is deleted all the pending reports on that post should get "points" that are tied back to the user. This is much easier since it requires no direct action from the staff members dealing with reports. There isn't a way to measure how many false reports a user makes though, so I'm unsure how the calculation for generating a score would work.

Of course, since there are no accounts on the site it's kind of difficult to maintain scores for users over long periods of time. For this reason, I think this should only work for pass members, and it should be OPT IN. Many of them might not feel comfortable with a score being generated for their actions and that's understandable, but some people would be willing to partake in this, and I know I certainly would as well.

What does /qa/ think of this idea?
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It's a decent idea. But it sounds like a lot of work for devs to rebuild the report system.
As long as a good score doesn't translate into IRC faggotry it should be fine.
>since there are no accounts on the site it's kind of difficult to maintain scores for users over long periods of time

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