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File: QATHREAD.jpg (63 KB, 500x500)
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Any other cuckpass users wish there was a /cuck/ or /pass/ board for us chumps to chat in private?

I know I have now become a gay faggot bitch for ever buying this thing just to have basic functionality of a site as well as a log of my posts.. but sometimes I wish there was a board only for pass users, seems like the post quality would be higher quality for some reason, but still publicly anon. Kind of like the best parts of reddit and 4chan combined, like what was attempted with the 4channel domain split but without the PC nonsense.

Please discuss and respond.
There's already one, you are stupid and new
and not because I believe your tiresome edgy attempts at humor constitute a genuine question, but because I believe you really didn't know about it when writing your OP
File: originaldraft.jpg (21 KB, 540x464)
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I haven't been browsing for a long time, stopped around 2015, had life issues and stuff. Now I am back, got the 4chan pass for the captcha which is shit, I even looked at the pass page and read

>What exactly does a Pass allow me to do?
>A 4chan Pass allows you to bypass typing a CAPTCHA verification when posting and reporting posts on the 4chan image and discussion boards. 4chan Pass users have reduced post cooldown timers. 4chan Passes also bypass IP range and country blocks.

Assumed there wasn't one. But I will have to check the board list again, also my friend, you are newer than me. you are the newest bitch in town, you are so fucking new that you are literally nothing, a no one, a non-factor.

I was the literal genius behind the world renowned dial soap meme/movement, as well as the man who created pic related.

you are so new you are still covered in your dads anal filth.
Fatality. Finish him.
That's not a very nice thing to say. I think you owe anon an apology.
sure, just tell me where they laid him to rest and I will go give my apology.
>>>/vip/ already exists
Yes I've since found it. it's quite dead though.
you asked for a board where pass users can chat in private. Go surprise there's no one on the board that already exists because no one else has a pass/wants to admit to the shame.

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