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if i was a card i'd be the ace of spades
Aces can be high or low. Which are you?

Tarot cards are better for this sort of thing. Regular decks don't really say anything. There's only 13 cards and of those, only 4 are genuinely unique, excluding jokers.
because you've never had sex?
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do you really know what a sexual relationship really is?
I'd be the King of Clubs.
He posts the shit as a meditation
And those he trolls never suspect
He doesn't post for the 2hus he wins
He doesn't post for respect

He posts the shit to find the answer
The sacred geometry of trips
The hidden law of a probable shitpost
The homu lead a dance

I know that the spades are the swords of a 2hu
I know that the clubs are weapons of NEETs
I know that diamonds mean money for hiro
But that's not the shape of my shit

He may play the Sugg of diamonds
He may lay the Sach of spades
He may conceal a shit in his hand
While the memory of it fades

And if I told you that I trolled you
You'd maybe think there's something wrong
I'm not a man of too many shitposts
The shit I post is one
I think we'll be okay here, Anonymous.
I used to know how to play Poker but now I forgot
queen of hearts here
I would be the king of hearts because I want to stab myself in the head
Did you not watch the movie to the end? That song started playing at the end.
What movie? The Professional?
Yeah. That was the quote from Mathilda at the end when she was planting Leon's potted plant IIRC.
I still don't understand why you said
>I think we'll be okay here, Anonymous.
/qa/'s been in a state of flux recently. Not much activity, very few contributions to threads, and changing user behavior. This >>2479398 basically. However, activity perked up for what seemed like the first time since the flood of threads about the split. Hence, "I think we'll be okay here, Anonymous." Admittedly, it didn't make much sense in the context of this thread, but given the broader picture it felt appropriate.
I still don't get it.
I don't know what to tell you, then. I meant exactly what I said given the context I gave; /qa/ was floundering, but today it's doing far better. I wasn't addressing you in particular, just the sentiment that we, /qa/, will be okay. The addition of "Anonymous" was just a reference to the movie's all.

Don't take it too seriously, I'm not some kind of philosopher here trying to express some complex concepts here.
Yeah but what did you mean?
I would be the jack of hearts. Because I love jacking off.
I'd wager you'd be the king of faggots.
I'd be 300% Heat, because it's a trap card that's almost never useful

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