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File: 1553287589609.jpg (700 KB, 776x1280)
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I don't understand...what is it about her that makes it so hard to resist?
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File: D4GUcADU4AARrN8.jpg (193 KB, 911x1024)
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File: 1548076204854.png (279 KB, 885x1000)
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It's the eyes
File: 74425703_p0.jpg (2.78 MB, 5016x3541)
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File: 100010111001.jpg (69 KB, 739x879)
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Why do I like being pet so much?? I melt every time someone pets me, it's getting to be a problem because whenever I disagree with my bf he pets me and I do whatever he says
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File: 1528877094010.png (1.02 MB, 1000x706)
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File: 1557097519220.png (298 KB, 476x514)
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File: 1522785774252.jpg (449 KB, 850x677)
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nice tummy
File: 1523996910614.jpg (564 KB, 600x800)
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File: 1523231807632.jpg (238 KB, 850x1201)
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File: Caron and Barican.jpg (260 KB, 488x600)
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Why isn't no politics outside of /pol/ not a global rule no this cursed site(s)? Despite being a containment board, /pol/ is leakier than the fucking titanic and is universally hated across the boards. When ponies became too much of an issue back in the day, they were contained and banned from posting their content on other boards, so why hasn't the same been done for /pol/?
Pic unrelated, as I just wanted to post a cute girl
There's prescadence for restricting politics to /pol/, too. Many BBS forums in the early 2000s had similar rules, they would have one designated politics/religion tread in the off topic section and posting about those outside of that thread would get a suspension or ban.
Because every goddamn video game, movie, e-person, music, comic book, and generally everything is filled chock full with political commentaries, agendas, discussions, or statements. There are entire movies or comics which are impossible to discuss because their content is so heavily political.

If anything, politics discussion should be allowed on all boards and /pol/ should be abolished. Once /pol/ posting is not the boogeyman that no one is allowed to do, it will stop to matter completely. We had /pol/ for eight or so years, and despite everyone calling each other nigger and fag, the site was generally more fun and had less politics shitposting than it did today.
Because politics always, ALWAYS turns into shit flinging. Theres no such thing as a civil discussion about politics.
Oh wait Im dumb, I read the question wrong.

File: 1461008601774.png (37 KB, 510x546)
37 KB
ask me a question and I'll answer it.
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used to be /tv/ but now I'd have to go with either /ck/ or /g/
hard to say. every board has its autists and nut cases, but the obvious answers would be /b/, /s4s/, /bant/, /s/, pretty much every single red board seems to be full of run of the mill retards, with blue boards I'd have to go with /biz/, /v/, /a/, /tv/, and /mu/, all boards have taken a nose dive in quality over the years, it can only get worse.
what if i mean internet friends
/qa/ - questions & answers
find someone online with a common interest, if you hit it off then ask if you can exchange contact info and you can go from there

File: 60841150_p1.png (641 KB, 950x1535)
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What board do you post the most on? I have five threads up almost everyday on r9k
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i only post here
>I have five threads up almost everyday on r9k
Which board is the most fun?
File: 70719759_p0.jpg (1005 KB, 1500x1819)
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1005 KB JPG
I have a few threads up.
File: 63562816_p13.png (581 KB, 950x1057)
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581 KB PNG
I have no life and like posting cute pictures

File: 1546879854387.jpg (105 KB, 1280x960)
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is there a more perfect night than tonight to pass through????????????????????????????
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who turned out the lights?
Oh cade was sleepin you can turn them back off

distressed cade

File: 1446842422662.jpg (503 KB, 950x633)
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503 KB JPG
So /qa/, when's the last time you went out?
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File: 1510947172433.png (474 KB, 864x1223)
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474 KB PNG
went to go get pet food today
man, I'd kill for a gf like that
File: 1522003754012.jpg (180 KB, 850x637)
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File: 1511304194235.jpg (474 KB, 850x591)
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File: 55455469_p0.jpg (627 KB, 893x1253)
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File: 1517121759094.jpg (483 KB, 850x1189)
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File: 1501515406559.jpg (70 KB, 696x1024)
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File: 72903394_p0-min.png (1.51 MB, 1642x2488)
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1.51 MB PNG
Want to immerse myself in Senko's giant fluffer
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File: 74367684_p0.png (1.16 MB, 1010x1400)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
It's a drawing. She doesn't exist. She never will exist.
File: 74258479_p0.png (1.11 MB, 1027x1400)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
She's as real as any outside woman to me.

Has /qa/ ever been hypnotized?
Hypnosis is 19th century parlor trick. It's as fake as seances and alien abduction.
File: 1534194959054.jpg (52 KB, 638x544)
52 KB
I've done it a few times with my bf, your only letting yourself be controlled because you find it arousing, but I did feel in a trancelike state after having my defenses worn from listening to binaural beats while zoning out staring at a pendulum
I also couldn't help but feel horny the whole time, which was nice.
You should try it sometime~
god i wish that was me
tried to listen to some hypnosis audio before but i can never get in the right head space for it
I've listened to lots of audio, never done anything in person. Mostly a fetish thing. Doesn't really seem to be anything but pretending.
I'm not entirely convinced it's roleplay.
One time I tried to hypnotize myself alone using binaural beats and staring at a hypno pinwheel generator, focusing on it until my mind was clear of anything else and I started zoning out from fixating on it so long.
I started feeling a sensation where I could "let go" like I was falling through reality and out of my body and then my heart started racing and it ruined the whole vibe and snapped me out of it.
Maybe I was falling asleep and experiencing the beginnings of wakeful sleep paralysis, I don't know.

/qa/ - pout
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File: 1510040829686.jpg (138 KB, 660x660)
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File: 1520156645922.jpg (40 KB, 600x514)
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Post some cute girls
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File: 1513954009270.jpg (321 KB, 850x1197)
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File: 1476222330875.jpg (30 KB, 500x500)
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op's mom.jpg
File: 1530919731535.jpg (1.7 MB, 1103x1681)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
File: 1506903705580.jpg (128 KB, 600x880)
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File: cirnude.gif (11 KB, 112x100)
11 KB
Anyone else want to confirm archived.moe is crawling with malware?
>go to archived.moe
>entire website is a clickable link to a redirect gibberish url site
>click it without noticing
>redirected to a 'ur compooder haf virus' website while it plays an earrape screech
>prevents me from leaving
Thanks archived.moe mods, very cool
Oh shit, I think he just took it down

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