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File: 1534417728448.jpg (30 KB, 372x305)
30 KB
Am I kawaii?
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not really
I agree.
Why did Gyaheung stop posting equines?
Are you going to watch Pony Life, Lee?

File: 1574067995371.jpg (110 KB, 1066x1332)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
what do i do bros...
This is your chance to escape, you must take it

File: 1532410770737.png (15 KB, 644x800)
15 KB
Permaban Amerimutts from 4chan
100% sure OP is a butthurt spic
Subhuman Amerimutt. You should be publicly beheaded

File: 1560394315320.jpg (170 KB, 1280x720)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
lala is profoundly beautiful
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my cute wife lala...

sex with lala...
File: Max_heart.jpg (475 KB, 985x985)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
I miss old Pretty Cure...
Why is Lala so sexual?

File: Griffin_Home.jpg (70 KB, 638x483)
70 KB
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Right, Brian was reading his shitty book to Stewie in there. Looks the same both times so it's more consistent than the Simpsons throwroom.
Did the janny forget that Family Guy is /co/ related?
What is this thread?
It's a thread for faggots from tumblr to roleplay in.
I don't fucking know. It was on /co/ but it got deleted for some reason.

File: download (2).jpg (53 KB, 604x354)
53 KB
Why is it so difficult for people to accept the basic principle that we truly have no obligations?

TLDR you really dont HAVE to do anything
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That's the thing, I've stop trying to explain it because it ways ends with them failing to comprehend the "have to" part of the discussion. I need say "have to" unless it's like diarrhea or vomit haha.
I need to eat and sleep under a roof and would like to accomplish that without reenacting a scene from the walking dead to do so.
That philosophy only works if you're fine with living under a bridge.
Absolute "no obligation" can only occur when you're already dead.

Killing yourself means you're choosing the path of least resistance that ends in your death.
You feel obligated to kill yourself.

You can only survive the passage of time while meeting the basic pre-requisite of;
>Being alive
>Wanting to live
Obligations branch off of these conditions

For instance.
If you relinquish your obligation to physical safety you will be in such extreme pain you'll want to kill yourself, if it hasn't already killed you.
If you ignore social cohesion you'll end up in jail getting bum raped by jamal and either want to hang yourself or die from aids.

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I don't have to understand this thread if I don't want to.

Does anyone else feel like 4chan actually has a hidden potential to be a better and more compassionate web forum than any other site on the net today?
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I would love to hear about your thesis once it's done.
But I didn't mean fake niceness or abusing oneself.
I meant stuff like raising money for the poor and disenfranchised.
I aet a palm full of my cummies real fast so I canted taste it, but I tasted it anyways, and ended up lieking the taste.
Thanks, I hope some Anon will be able to dig it up when it's published.
Well, grassroots internet action can be good, good though is subjective, sometimes good actions are good for our culture sometimes for the world at large. We did save Dusty for instance. We also stole a flag multiple times and knocked over a postcard stand over a 2 week span. There's places on the internet with that kind of focus, so unless the fundraiser was driven by Anonymous it wouldn't be natural for here.

You look cute in that outfit.
>You look cute in that outfit
Now we maek fuck?
Maybe internet action is not quite right.
There's a lot of ways that can go wrong too.
What I just mean is there's ways to be angry and do good at the same time.
Positive energy doesn't have to mean happy or saccharine and I think 4chan has a lot of good energy.

File: ..png (41 KB, 570x470)
41 KB
>has code to display flags
>doesn't display flags

Dev-kun lazy?
Add the json!

And 3 questions:
Why only bans with images?
Why are some ban thumbnails 404'd?
How is the ban thumbnail name determined? It looks like a hash but none of the hashing algorithms I've tried return it.
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yeah I mean how did you find those?
I tried to look for them with chrome and firefox web dev tools and couldn't find anything (though I'm not very good with said tools)

perhaps it's a hash of the file before the exif data is cleared?
mouse over "view"

File: poke.jpg (785 KB, 2591x2591)
785 KB
785 KB JPG
where can i watch bans now that verniy.xyz is gone?


Give "Ok Boomer" and all its variants (ok zoomer, ok coomer, okay boomer, okay zoomer, okay coomer, etc.) one of these
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That would actually work surprisingly well for a few weeks.
All go into the spam filter
File: 1556858609405.jpg (23 KB, 555x200)
23 KB
Ok, this is not epic
Just call a mod one of these directly and he'll gladly filter it.
KILL yourself.
Yes, please.

File: 1572353364019.jpg (108 KB, 640x590)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>Ah yaasss I do enjoying drinking water, how did you know??
>clear liquid bad
Slay, thirst

Is your 18 birthday too early to propose?
it's too late I'm 25
Nope, go right ahead.
>Proposing on a birthday
Don't do that.

File: 1463752417936.png (205 KB, 501x445)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Allow my region to post images on /a/ or I fucking murder you g00k
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what's wrong with argentinians?
Try not being able to imagepost at all, and I live in a shithole. This happened recently.
File: 1564595089776.png (152 KB, 500x500)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
bump for this
File: 1393534938405.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720)
53 KB
Latin Americans are the worst anime fans.
Not allowing you fucks to post is a good thing
I can't even phone post TEXT globally where I live.
Utterly rangebanned and have been for almost a year.
I have to wait until I get home or a free WiFi.

File: fish.jpg (28 KB, 479x268)
28 KB
Why the fuck am I seeing pufferfish all over the site?
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
old meme that normalfags finally found and now are spamming it all over social media and parts of that ends up here
File: 717.png (410 KB, 500x712)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
>old meme that normalfags finally found and now are spamming it all over social media
God normalfags fucking suck.
First "Uh-oh, stinky", now this.
How long until they find out about Milhouse, Mudkip, etc?
Big chungus was also a 4chan meme (or at least the picture, not sure where the name "big chungus" came from)
Animals are funny.

File: ski li.jpg (61 KB, 649x647)
61 KB
check them
hehe very epic
what was it.
u're mom
no urs

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