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This artist does not sell or send to the US. I have been looking for years for a template for this. Does anyone have instructions for putting it together or a pattern they would share? Thank you so much.
>Does anyone have instructions
Insufficient info.
i'm not the OP, but this is Teddy Bear (テディベア) by Haruki Nakamura (中村開己). it's not in any of his books but is sold direct from his website (only ships to Japan)


google image search has a template of it, but it's really really small
If you still want it OP, i can design a quick template thats pretty similar
Thanks to all who responded! Here is a picture of the template I downloaded awhile ago from the net. Haruki doesn't send this one or the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing to the US. I have circled the problem parts in green. Those are the parts that connect the arms into the neck and onto the body on the inside, so when squeezed he lifts his head and arms up. I have made the model except for this part of attaching arms to body. If one was able to purchase this, I am sure it was printed on the backside and had matching numbers for the little white/tan strips of paper to show how to attach them. There were no instructions at whatever site I found this at. There is a Google image search picture of the template, but it does the arms with a different set up. Any help or sketch is appreciated.
Ebay US is selling this model and couple others.

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