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File: origamido paper.jpg (98 KB, 600x399)
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Not so long ago i found the almost perfect origami paper, well at least in my opinion. It's a thin rice paper paper and it has almost everything i want, the only downside is that it only comes in plain white.

I want to find a coloring technique that :
-resists water (for MC shaping)
-resists multiple multiple creases
-doesn't alter the paper physical properties (thickness, strength, crispiness, etc.)

Bonus point if it doesn't bleach under sun exposure and if it can be use to color only one side of the paper.

So come here and share your different coloring techniques, maybe together we can find the almost perfect one !
I'll start with the techniques I already tried.

Acrylic paint :
Once you treated your paper with MC and let it dry don't peel it off of the glass/window and apply the acrylic paint with a brush.
+really resistant to creasing
+color only one side of the paper
+resists water
+you can make some texture effects with your brush
+good resitance to sun exposure
-adds thickness
-soften the paper and adds some rubber-like texture to it, MC treatment will counteract this effect a little.

Alternatively you can use a spray can of acrylic paint, this adds less thickness to the paper and it's easier to keep a flat sheet of paper with that technique. I find it less resistant to creases though and you can't make texture effects so easily.

I find that acrylic paint works best with thicker paper (60g/sm and above).

Gluing a sheet of tissue/unryu/other thin paper :
If you start with an already thin paper use MethylCelulosis to bond the two sheets together. If your base paper is thicker (tant or elephant hide for example) or metallized you can use a spraycan glue.
+really resistant to creasing (as long as you glued the things properly)
+color only one side of the paper
+water resistant
+adds strength to the paper
+/- resistance to sun exposure depends on the paper you chose. Usually the sun resistance of tissue paper is pretty bad.
-adds thickness
-can make reversing creases mor difficult

I've never tried this technique with thicker paper (60g/sm and above) but i heard some people like the texture it gives to the paper. I find this techniques works best by doing double tissue paper or sandwich paper.

Little reminder that double tissue is goat and you should absolutely try it if you never have.
Here are the techniques i've never tested but would like to try :

Watercolor (probably mixed with the MC). This should not change the physical properties of the paper and resists creases with no problem. However it will very likely be absolutely shitty for water and sun resistance so I don't know how i should go about final shaping with MC. Maybe using something else for the final shaping like vinylic glue would do the trick.

Mixing some dye or dry pigments with the MC. I guess it's pretty much what they do to color unryu you find in art store except that they probably mix the dye/pigments in the paper pulp. I think this could be the almost perfect coloring technique (hard to color only one side) but i have no idea on what dye/pigments i should use. And since this shit can be pretty expensive i'm open to any advice.

That's it for me, If you have any advice/question or if you want to share your experience with us don't hesitate to post anons !
MC is made with water, do you know another solution or alternative to or with this product?
There are other sizing agent you can use, for example i once tried corn starch, it was too concentrated and so it turned my paper into large potato chips. But the starch was still diluted in water so you still need to use water resistant colors. I guess you could also use vinylic glue, maybe diluted in water but i don't think this will be any better than MC.

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