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Let's design together.

Attached is Lang's Origami Design Secrets to get us started. Feel free to ask any questions about it and designing. Some ideas for what to post:
>any helpful design tips?
>any helpful references for designing?
>share your designs!
>share your own tutorial!
I just skimmed through the book, I remember reading most of it a while ago. It's good for the technical side of designing, so we'll likely have to do most of the practical side by creating our own exercises.
>any helpful design tips?

If everyone is going to go off of the book, the first thing I would say is read up to chapter four first and foremost. I know most people are familiar with the material, but there a few points that are important to note.

Pay attention to the names and motions that each particular technique has. The more familiar you are with what something is called and how it works, the more likely you can recognize it in other's work and utilize it for your own.

Another important thing to remember is that even the traditional bases are made of simpler parts. Lang shows that a bisected petal fold is actually two rabbit ears together, as well as how the most complex iterations of traditional bases are an assortment of simpler bases and techniques. Lang does a good job at building upon his previous chapters, so if you skip over these assuming you already know it all, you'll have a hard time later.
Finally (I know I've been rambling), I thought of a couple exercises people could do if they're interested.

1. Edit a traditional model. I know this sounds complicated, but I don't mean make huge changes. Just something small, perhaps make the frog's legs thicker, change the crane's tail, something about the traditional models you think could use improvement.

2. Try and make a simple part of something on your own. It can be a face, body parts, the bottom half of a snake, etc. I don't care, just find a part of something you think you can make and try it. One of the major hurdles in origami is seeing everything together and thinking "how is that made out of one sheet?!" when in reality, it's all simpler parts put together.
You keep ignoring the subject about diagramming some of your earlier models that we keep asking about. Why is that?
Not Nepafarius, but why should he diagram earlier models for you guys?

I myself have some early models I made that I have either long lost the instructions I made for, or I have zero interest in diagramming because diagramming takes /a lot/ of work. Stop harassing people to do favours for you.
"Not Nepafarius", mind your own business. Didn't ask you for your input.
But you are posting about it on a public forum. So good luck "private messaging" Nepafarius on 4chan. ;D
Nepafarius can answer for himself if he does or doesn't want to diagram any more of his models.
Posting a statement on a public forum doesn't give you the right to answer for someone else if it's not directed toward you personally.
It's true, I can't answer for him. Though I can point out that it's obvious he doesn't want to give you a leafy sea dragon diagram. xDDD
Let's try and keep threads on-topic after this, shall we?

And if you want an answer, here it is.

1. I don't remember how to fold the model, mainly because

2. I wasn't satisfied with the model and wanted to fix it, evidenced by

3. The post (which I dug through the archive to read) which does not say I will diagram this model, but rather that I was trying something else and it might take a while. I tried new ideas, failed them all and moved on, as evidenced by the other models that have come out since.

I'm still trying to make headway on a few new designs, possibly including a leafy sea dragon. But it won't be anything like the original pictures.

I'm sorry you might have misinterpreted my words as an inevitability, and I don't like disappointing people so I didn't respond. I always don't like people spewing invectives on an otherwise peaceful thread, so I tried to ignore it and move on.

As this is a design thread, it's also the perfect opportunity for you to make this model yourself. I do remember the base is a blintzed fish base, for which the instructions are online. After that it is just figuring out where the points go, which is pretty in line with this thread
File: 20190515_120314_2.jpg (689 KB, 2092x2555)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
Designed this recently, not that happy with the process but I'm pretty happy with the result.
What the hell is it?
Pikachu with a toupée.
What a shitty dragon.
Hahaha, now another artist is hazed into /po/ society!

I'm in the middle of designing my newest model, and hopefully I can finish it before long. I'm going to take pictures of the failures and new ideas to show the process I went through to make it, and without spoiling too much, how easy it is to stumble upon a new idea while folding.
File: IMG_20190615_164918~2.jpg (1.11 MB, 2718x3072)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Here's my newest model, a standing lion. I'll be posting my design process in the next couple days.
Not as cool as your leafy sea dragon was, but it's ok. Wouldn't want the diagrams for it, though.
File: IMG_20190617_113253.jpg (2.3 MB, 3072x4096)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
So this is going to be a lot of posts at once, and it's NOT instructions for the model, but it is however a bit of the design process for my latest model.

So I wanted to make a cat, so I kinda drew what I wanted
I wanted something utilizing a similar idea to the traditional cat face
File: IMG_20190617_093015~2.jpg (166 KB, 1597x1148)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Like so
File: IMG_20190617_092952~2.jpg (221 KB, 1736x1446)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
However I wanted to upgrade the mouth primarily
File: IMG_20190617_100742~2.jpg (536 KB, 1965x2582)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
I tried using different simple bases to ONLY make the head. This is why I suggested to make a part of something as an exercise, it makes Frankensteining pieces together easier if you doodle like I do

So I tried the fish base, and didn't like the nose or ears, and lacked a lot of leeway in regards to paper to graft this onto.
File: IMG_20190617_100803~2.jpg (451 KB, 2678x1615)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
I tried a bird base, and while I don't hate the aesthetic of this head, I didn't know what to do with it
File: IMG_20190617_105535~2.jpg (572 KB, 2305x2316)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
I tried using a waterbomb base and sinking the sides, and it worked fairly well. I got the mouth I wanted, and I could make ears with the square folded top

However, there were glaring issues. The ears in particular. I tried several techniques to alleviate the thickness of the paper, but it still tore often. On top of that the mouth was fused to the arms, and attempting to separate enough paper to create even semi separated limbs was a nightmare.
File: IMG_20190617_110210.jpg (2.29 MB, 3072x4096)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
I finally decided to use a modified preliminary fold as shown
File: IMG_20190617_110413.jpg (2.28 MB, 4096x3072)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
Sinking the sides and folding down reveals to right isosceles flaps. Sinking the top will give me a squared flap to make the ears and the bottom flap can give me the nose and mouth I wanted originally.
File: IMG_20190617_110608.jpg (2.3 MB, 3072x4096)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
I also have three additional flaps for the lower mouth and whiskers.
File: IMG_20190617_111735.jpg (2.21 MB, 3072x4096)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
Putting everything together gave me a face I quite liked. It didn't look like the cat i had envisioned, and seeing the shape around the head gave me a new idea for this model
File: IMG_20190617_113412.jpg (2.84 MB, 4096x3072)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB JPG
I tried to make the mane with a petal fold and tried utilizing the two adjacent corners to no avail
File: IMG_20190617_113426.jpg (3.01 MB, 3072x4096)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
I also tried different proportions for the body:head ratio.
File: IMG_20190617_114737.jpg (2.31 MB, 3072x4096)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
I finally settled on one third for the head, with the adjacent corners folded in
File: IMG_20190617_122557.jpg (2.58 MB, 3072x4096)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
I also decided to double sink the sides instead of using a petal fold for the mane
File: IMG_20190617_113305.jpg (2.21 MB, 3072x4096)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
The body is rather simple, its a frog base for the front, and a bird base for the back. This limits the separation of the limbs, but that is fine since I had decided to have the model sitting
File: IMG_20190617_123515~2.jpg (478 KB, 1178x3335)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
Looking at the back of the model, you can see the back flap. It's actually too long for how the legs will be
File: IMG_20190617_123733~2.jpg (650 KB, 1292x4096)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
I was able to stretch the flap down and level everything out
File: IMG_20190617_125832~2.jpg (884 KB, 2081x3434)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
Now you'll notice these legs are not the same length in the front, this gave me grief for so long. Then I realized I had paper I wasn't using tucked inside the model.

So I went back to a previous step and took out the necessary paper, as shown in one of the arms
File: IMG_20190617_122650.jpg (2.67 MB, 3072x4096)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
Sorry i phrased that last post wrong. What gave me grief was the fact that the legs weren't long enough

Here is the previous step with the alterations
File: IMG_20190617_143157~2.jpg (580 KB, 3072x1625)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
So with the model finalized I'll show you a few other points. Here is under the feet. The extra length of the front legs actually changed the direction I was taking to get an interesting shape. You can see where i folded and lifted to make the paws
File: IMG_20190617_143457.jpg (2.27 MB, 3072x4096)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
Also here is a back shot showing how the mane was pulled out and the back legs reset
File: IMG_20190617_143840~2.jpg (511 KB, 2215x1828)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
Finally, not really a design comment, but photography. I don't know why, but for some reason the face seems larger than it is in reality, and the mane looks different as well. Cant tell if it's a lighting problem, an aspect ratio issue, or my shit phone camera.

So I hope that was mildly helpful, or at least slightly revealing about how someone who might be interested in designing can get rolling.
File: IMG_20190617_161151.jpg (495 KB, 2313x1908)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
See this photo shows the mane a bit better, but the face still looks a bit large compared to what Im looking at
Are you the same guy who complains in the pdf share threads about people asking for books?

It's just that you act the same way where you have to respond to every message, even if they BTFO you. Moreover, they are significantly lack luster replies like "smart ass" or "you asshole" or something like that.
Are you the same dumb-ass who keeps asking for books prematurely or are less than a week old in publication?
No, I am not. This was my first time posting.

Though I take it that you answered in the affirmative just now, so thank you.
This is a very nice lion. Maybe you should try taking the picture from a little less close (make a little scene with other animals !) and the proportions won't seem so off to you.

In any case I really appreciate to see the process.
Thank you! I think it's a lighting issue, but I'm starting to warm up to the image, since big cats do have fatter heads than you'd think. I have a couple ideas for set pieces including the lion, but I don't want to say to much in case it falls through.

And I'm glad you liked seeing the design trial and error process. If I can help people who want to make there own models in any way I can, I'm happy to do it.
File: IMG_20190623_101834~2.jpg (530 KB, 2261x1840)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
Used the same base as the lion to make a wolf. I'll show how I altered it later
Hey if anyone's interested, the monthly design Challenge for July is up on the origami forum. The topic is mine, and it's "breaking the rules." You have to use multiple sheets, make a cut, or use non square paper. No tessellations or modular origami.
The lion is really good, but is don't recognize the face of a wolf here.
Can i break the rule by posting something designed by someone else ?
>so meta
NEW*** Satoshi Kamiya Rhino Tutorial
Yeah it wasn't the cheek fur shape I was originally going for, but I was working with the lion's base instead of making a unique one.

I doubt you'd be able to get away with that lol considering how connected origami designers can be.
I have another model that is close to being done. I'll keep you updated. And when I get the chance I'll post those wolf differences. Busy with 4th of July.
File: IMG_20190704_113401~2.jpg (757 KB, 2337x1565)
757 KB
757 KB JPG
Here is my latest model, the Blood of Old Valyria
Not too bad.
File: IMG_20190704_114756~2.jpg (862 KB, 2996x1407)
862 KB
862 KB JPG
Here are all three models together
That's pretty darn cool anon. The posture and the feet don't feel quite right for a dragon though. Don't you have a way to shape claws instead of these paws ?

>I doubt you'd be able to get away with that lol considering how connected origami designers can be.
I was more thinking about making an ancient dragon by kamiya and submiting it, no intention to hide the fact that it was not my design.
I probably could, but I wanted to keep that constant between all the models

And submitting that would be pretty funny. But they're all sticklers for rules over there, so I don't know how that'd be received
You can unfold it and get an instant crease pattern..redefining the mountain creases in one colour and blue in another
I'm well aware of how to make a crease pattern, I just don't like them. Plus I've already made the diagram up until the point of the base for both models
>I'm well aware of how to make a crease pattern
You don't have to be a dick about it. There are nicer ways to say you know how to make a crease pattern.
I don't see how what I said was not nice, I was just being matter-of-fact. I don't need to be told how to make crease patterns as I already know, but I don't like them and prefer making diagrams even if they take longer.
>I don't need to be told how to make crease patterns as I already know,
Again, this is a know-it-all attitude. You just keep sticking your foot in your mouth. You just have that "I'm better than everyone else" attitude. Very unbecoming.
I don't see what you mean, dude. I think maybe you just read a little too much into things
And ignorant, too.
That sucks as each some c.p are beautiful even before being folded!#you also are showing uncooperativeness ..if i admire your model and wsnt to test fold you could at least show it unfolded
File: Untitled.png (48 KB, 832x586)
48 KB
Here's a screenshot of my book progress. You can see the different models I have added so far, and how far along they are.
I am sorry that this one poster has some unhealthy obsession with trying to make you look bad. I assure you that to most posters, it's obvious that this anon is being unreasonable.
Nice try Nepafarius, trying to be someone else to defend yourself, but you are right, you are being unreasonable. You are all of these things that the anon has said, and everyone should be able to see that. If they can't, then they are blind. By the way, this >>575341 was not the same anon with the other comments.
Its fine dude, I'm just trying to put out my shit and help if people want. I honestly think the problem is I don't know how much others on the board know or don't know, especially when it comes to older techniques and terminology.

That's a big assumption in a relatively new thread with 18 posters. I can assure you I don't have that many devices.

And >>575490 as well as others in previous posts have brought up a good point. I honestly don't understand why you hold this opinion of me. The times I've had arguments on here, as far as I remember (which isn't a lot since my memory is shot) is:

1. I showed a book by another author that contained a piece I designed for him. I didn't want to give a scan of the book because a) I don't have a scanner, and b) it wouldn't be in good conscience to take away from another artist's hard work. Another artist who was gracious enough to take a less than stellar model, heavily improve upon it, make the diagrams from my photos, and then give me full license to use the diagrams in the future.

2. I took requests from other /po/ members, without a hard promise of completion, and even upon that completion without an explicit promise of instructions. I have a very particular way of designing and doing origami in general, which leads to a lot of duds. I don't like releasing instructions for models I don't think are good enough, and as my skills have grown so too have my standards.
I made a leafy sea dragon that, while others seemed to like it, I did not and could not make it to my specifications. As I made it clear (or so I thought) that I didn't think I could make it properly, I never thought people would be so hung up on it, and when I began releasing new models I figured it would be evident that I had given up on that particular model.

3. I have been accused of seeming arrogant. As I said to >>575490 I believe this is based on my assumptions about the average folder, of which I consider myself among. I learn by remembering terminology. I have been folding since before dial up and my first books about how to fold came (illegally, unfortunately) from montroll, who was very particular about technique names. I figured that everyone had a similar background and knew things I did.

I do not consider myself at all impressive in terms or both my designer skills or my knowledge of advanced techniques. I actually, until others on this board have claimed otherwise, considered myself to be underpar. I assumed most people branched out into designing like I did a decade ago. I also may have made assumptions as to the average age of a /po/ member, and the amount of time they have spent with this craft.

My shortcomings have also caused me to forego crease patterns. Although they are rather easy to make, I know nothing of folding them, and thus prefer to showcase diagrams. I also believe it sets a high bar for entry and turns people away when all they see is a spider's web. I showed my Bacteriophage CP on Reddit and the majority of the comments were asking for a step by step or video
Finally my experience growing up with origami made me want to freely give my designs to people. I had the luxury of getting archives of models to fold, but later in life realized most of those were likely ill gotten gains.

I decided that I would want to offer people free designs to the best of my abilities. But that also means only what I think is legitimately a good design. I have an old catalogue from 2012 of model, about 60 or so, and out of them maybe six were something I would diagram and show proudly. I have shown other things on this board that I didn't like, if only to show /po/ that I was trying to give you what you wanted. And I supported making this design thread not to show off, but to help and inspire others to design so maybe you won't need me to make something you want and can just take out a sheet and make your own piece of art.

The models I try to give you are the ones that I like to fold so much that I have to throw away bags of duplicates, and the advice I give is what has helped me in the past.

I'm not trying to lord over you on this board. If I was I would've signed up for janitor or mod duties. I'm just a dude trying to give back to one of the first places online that catered to my favorite hobby.
Sorry bro, I am not Nepafarius. Nice try though---not like it's every fool's last ditch attempt at redemption to claim that someone is samefagging. FYI (if you want to place who I am), I am the guy who started /lft/ and the science and math thread.

If you spent half as much time designing as you spend complaining about Nepafarius, I am sure you could reap fame on 4chan, too.
Still sound like one in the same.
Not every one wants to design, Nepafarius. Some or most people just like to do origami as a hobby, to fold what others have already designed. That's the reason why there are so many diagrammed books on the market now.
I get that, but this is a design thread.
>FYI (if you want to place who I am)
FYI - I don't really give a shit who you are. If you're not Nepafarius, then you must have a thing for him to defend him like you do. That's called, being a fag.
>being a fag
Weird hearing that from the guy obsessing over him every thread he posts in.
nepafag is just a fag that loves spamming reddit with his shitty designs
Maybe you can share some of your designs?
Here we go again, another queer running to the rescue. There's the obsession, you fucking fag.
>you fucking fag
Throwing homophobic slurs like a 12 year old---ur a kool kid.
You're still a queer.
Looks cool, won't you include the shrimp ? I found that model was nice and "efficient"(and it's already diagramed).
Will you share your own book on 4channel ?
Will you rename the seahorse as "shitty dragon" in the book ?

Anyway, good luck withon your project anon.
I believe I may have to remake that diagram from scratch. I don't think I have the workshop file anymore, and unless I can remove the assets from the pdf and still be able to edit them, I gotta start all over again. It's a short model so it shouldn't be too much work, but I'm working on putting the lion diagram on the pages atm, so I'll look into the shrimp after I'm done

On a related note, I finished the blobfish, and despite not everyone liking it, I added the Minimalist Fox. I'm also trying to remember how to make the geometric style bird I designed so I can add it
I just tried it, I can lift the assets from the old diagram's pdf file. Have to reline and recolor everything, but that not as big a deal. This also means I can get my bat from the pdf ondrej sent me if I still have it.
Just redid all of the shrimp diagrams. So far everything equals about 40 pages of diagrams
Are you selling the book digitally?
The book's gonna be free, as I don't have any money to make it professional quality, but I'll give my paypal for any donations if people think it's worth putting some money towards it.
File: Untitled.png (41 KB, 587x498)
41 KB
Update on the book. You can see all the completed, incomplete (either missing a picture or description), workshop complete, or empty

70 pages including the cover. Just finished the firefly. I'll probably start the brittle star next.
File: Coverpage.pdf (39 KB, PDF)
39 KB
This is the unfinished cover page. I wanted a more old fashioned look, and wanted it to look like the scientific drawings you see, with all the different species organized on the page.

Also wanted the animals to be place by their depth in the ocean, with the title being sea level
File: IMG_20190815_123545.jpg (3.34 MB, 4096x3072)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB JPG
Had to build scissors from scratch, that was fun. Time to work on the brittle star

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