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File: 61irwTV+W8L._SL1500_.jpg (73 KB, 1500x1160)
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Hey /po/, my bosses often make me work 10 hour shifts alone on the slowest days of the week, so I'm really bored at work. I've been folding origami out of Post-It notes during my downtime, but the friggin gum on the back of these things messes me up half the time.

Got any recommendations for some easy/moderate models I can make with these damn things?
All of the traditional models work well. And the sticky side can be really helpful if you use it to hold close something of keep a tricky part in place
I don't know if you're using the post-its out of choice or convenience, here's a few tips.
1. If you like the size, get non-sticky note like a note cube
2. Rub the glue off. It's fairly easy if you stick the sheet to table or dusty surface a few times.
3. Start the model with the sticky side. The only problem here is that the finished models will pick up dust unless refold it afterwards.
4. Just keep practiceing, it's not a bother once you get used you it.
You can rub the gummy strip with corn starch and it will not stick anymore and it doesn't really show either.

It didn't really occur to me to do that, thanks.
I'll post some of my stuff when I get the chance.
File: 20190527_195927.jpg (1.84 MB, 4032x2268)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
The penultimate pentagon model uses a 3:4 paper ratio so you can just cut off the offending sticky strip.
Look up Jo Nakashima’s Chibi dragon. I fold it with post its all the time
Get this book. Great resource.
And these are awesome. I think there is two sets.

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