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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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File: 15573361473901344533642.jpg (1.63 MB, 3456x4608)
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Hello /po/ I'm an engineering student and thus I waste a shitload of paper on calculus stuff. I like to make these, it doesn't cost more than 5 minutes and I think it looks kinda cool.

But I'd like to know how to make something different out of an A4. Bonus points if it requires inflating it.
Do you have a diagram for this?
I'll take pictures of the process and make a diagram tomorrow. Glad you asked
What is that supposed to be?
Hello, I don't want to make a new thread for this as it would kill an old one, but figured I'd ask:
I want to get into paper crafts, both origam/folding as well as building stuff. What's a good toolkit to start off with? Glue (recommendations?), some paper cutter tool, a ruler, and a workstation board I see you guys have? What else? What paper do you recommend?
I ended up going to my local origami shop, was really cool, they paint their own papers and stuff. Bought two batches of paper and some glue. Anyway the FAQ answers most of my questions already.
Are you doing Aero-Propulsion? Your equations look very similar to what I used to do jet engine calculations, t5 = t4 - 10K looks like temperature change across stations
File: Fox.pdf (646 KB, PDF)
646 KB
646 KB PDF
I usually fold these when I'm bored or stressed, but I don't really know any a4 models
File: diag_a4unit.gif (23 KB, 563x789)
23 KB
Why not making paper airplanes instead, like link related and making them fly? Also, post the instructions sir, im not an engineering student yet unlike you so I didn't manage to fold that inflatable a4 tank wich I had to look for instructions online

I'll bite. How do you make it?
Any way we could find directions for this model?
you really dont need much. for origami i just used a4 paper, folded diagonally to make a square cut with regular scissors and learned with that. as you advance origami paper would be great to have as it creases a lot better and theres pretty patterns but its also more expensive for less worth since the models you make at first wont be that pretty anyways

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