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Share your diagrams and videos
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Just passing through and I noticed that the plane in your pic ain't gonna fly, so here's a vid that explains why.

Also it seems that T-rex can't into Origami ;_;

Speaking of that vid, is there anyone with Collin's book? The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book?
When I was a kid, I made a paper airplane that would fly for miles. I don't know exactly what I did to it to make it so good, but I swear there was something magic in it. From what I remember, it was kinda like a dart, but folded with the paper going horizontally. The nose was flat, and I did this weird double wingtip thing to it. I know some people like to fold their wingtips up for stability or whatever, so I did that, but also folded it one extra time outward. That's all I remember, but I know I'm forgetting one crucial step, since when I try to recreate it, it always takes a nose-dive straight into the ground. It wasn't a one-off thing when I was a kid, either. I used to make it all the time. It's like Greek fire or Damascus steel . Ancient knowledge of high technology, forgotten forever.
This makes me sad. If you remember please do post

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