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File: IMG_1536.jpg (1.28 MB, 3264x2448)
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Hey /po/

I'm recreatig Spike's grips (from Cowboy Bebop) for my Jericho. I'm making the master parts to be molded out of layered/glued paper. As you can see, the left (or top in the picture) grip is curved away from the frame. I need to fix this before I can cast it.

Do you guys know any way to flatten this out? I was going to use a little bit of water but I'm using elmer's glue and I'm afraid the grips would delaminate.
You can try steaming it somehow to apply moisture
You should have put weights on top of the grips to flatten them, and polished it with glue and sanded it off. And after that you can put your patterns on it.
Look up the production process for Micarta or G10 laminate. That's what actual gun grips for Actual Human Beings are made out of, and the process is roughly the same with paper. What you're doing will still get you laughed off any range in America, but that's your problem.
Op said he's going to cast them...
I know that- They'll definitely still look like they were cast from paper.

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