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File: 46338976262_3d1ebb6581_k.jpg (1.42 MB, 2048x1295)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
Ilan Garibi's "Tessellations for Everyone"
I bought it. Hasn't arrived yet though.
Will you be willing to share it once it does?
When it's available in E-book form then shall but it you know how it is when your looking for new ways to fold..he has videos on Youtube
Even if you can take a couple of pics of his steps for a tessellation you personally love from the book, I'll be really thankful.
Of course it's a little unfair to spoil the launch of a book..in its infancy ...I know Ian himself is very excited and is on Facebook showing his latests favourites from the book
fair enough
Is someone else willing to share some models from the book or scan the book?
Author is sharing 2 chapters via Origami-shop.com:
Tessellations are awesome, I've found to make them useful though you gotta start using a laser or else you will go insane.

That is unless you are using them to keep yourself from going insane, which hey more power to you.

I find I tessellate between the two states.
Most of the tessellations don't require a scoring machine. Only models with curved edges like Kate Lukasheva's do.

99% of people folding tessellations do it all by hand and/or an empty pen.
Anyone has it yet?

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