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Hi /po/, I've never done any real papercraft before but I recently found this template for the mascot of a doujin musician I follow. Is there a standard way to read these? The website I got it from was taken down and the image only exists on the Wayback Machine so there aren't any written instructions that I know of, and if there were they'd be in Japanese. Thanks in advance!
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A reference for what the mascot looks like
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>I've never done any real papercraft
Have you not folded nets before? No instructions would be needed because this seems rather straightforward. Cut out each net, Mountain fold on all of the black lines, and carefully glue the tabs into the interior of the boxes that begins to form.
If you're not familiar with that process, you might want to try out folding something super simple first (a cube) to practice, just to get a basic practive idea of what this involves.
I probably have, but the last time I can remember doing any arts and crafts was in elementary school art classes. Now that I know the blank tabs are meant to be folded inwards and glued and the colored bars and dots just indicate where the separate nets are supposed to line up, it does look much more straightforward. I'll still practice with a cube before I try this one so I don't waste time and paper on a failed attempt. Thanks!
Where/when did you get this?
Do keep us updated with results!
I first saw it a few weeks ago on this video:
In the comments someone asked about it and someone else shared the Wayback Machine link to a page on Koronba's website with the image.
Koronba, the musician that made the mascot, is known for purging his work from the internet and disappearing for long periods so it's very lucky that this was preserved!

I will! Don't have a proper precise cutting tool or sturdy paper yet but the board's new sticky helps a lot with knowing the materials to get. I'll post a pic of the complete papercraft here when it's done!
Yeah, it's great there's a sticky thread now (was about time).

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