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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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Maybe it is on libgen.io
No need; this anon >>569756 already fulfilled OP's, pointing to the other tessellations threads.
This board is more or less a reliable host for origami books, and will be listed in the catalog for some time to come.
I tried hosting a non-origami PDF on /po/ but they deleted it :^\
Try /gd/ next time.
Alessandro beber book is availble on google search
pretty good book, had some real fun with it, but i need to lose my habit of doing these little shits smaller than I should
protip: use paper bigger than what he recommends
which ones did you do?
I've done the impossible triangle and am working on space 1 now and am ready to kms
i did pretty much all of them
but boy did I want to suicide when I started doing the last ones
turns out shit gets hard if you try to do these little shits with half of the recommended size. Had to redo a lot of projects because of it
whats your collapse strategy? inside out? outside in? all at once? diamonds then triangles? this is a fucking nightmare, i can't see any way to do it except everything gradually at once
since the diagrams are mostly symmetric, i normally collapse from the center, preferably diamonds first
its fucked up to do it with standard paper, as the models rarely become flat before the end, and its pretty difficult to hold all folds together
i know it makes you want to die by sudoku, but keep trying and you'll get the hang of it eventually. just dont overcommit and burn out
6 weeks later i finished space 1 i might do om then i'm done with this book and even om is questionable. this book is suffering.
boy do I feel your pain
90% of the time i spend folding this was folding thew grids and pondering suicide
but the feel of success every time i finished one almost made it worth it
I saw it once on exhentai before its *sniff* death
Exhentai is back

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