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File: kawahata_h.jpg (38 KB, 284x400)
38 KB
No one has this book. Too new. You are too soon to ask. At least wait till next year or even longer.
Will post once I get em
Could this be The Idiot Who Folded once again, under a new alias?
You are asking the same dumb-ass questions as that other guy; asking for stuff that no one has yet, or asking for stuff that hasn't come out yet. No, no one has it yet.
Troll alert
Olympiad 2018 thank
It's not out yet, damn.
Does anyone have Origami New Worlds by Alessandro Beber? It came out a year ago.
It's in the lower middle area of the last archived thread.
Go get it.
File: 1529849918263.pdf (5.41 MB, PDF)
5.41 MB
5.41 MB PDF
Thank you! Also here it is again for anyone who’d want it.
Anyone has Tanteidan Magazine 171, please share!
If you would learn how to read more than one thread, you would realize that it's in this thread >>568438.
Kinda obscure, but I suppose it's worth a shot... Does anyone have Aussiegami? I read it in my school library as a child before I was good enough to fold any of the models inside, and within months it had disappeared from the library altogether, would be awesome to revisit it. The paperfolding down under version was the one I had, not the prehistoric one.
File: delori.jpg (13 KB, 294x407)
13 KB
IT'S NOT OUT YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any books on paper automatas? I'm looking for "Automata too" by Magdalen Bear. Any other books will be interesting too
File: 074.pdf (5.96 MB, PDF)
5.96 MB
5.96 MB PDF
page 22 onwards
have fun
I don't know what to think about this pegasus. It looks really cool but at the same time some of the proportions seem to be way off so...
>some of the proportions seem to be way off
I, on the other hand, don't understand what did you mean ? "Way off" compare to what ?
To a real horse basically, since a real pegasus does not exist.
someone have this book?? , please share
It's cheap from the Origami Shop or free on ExVagos.
Does anybody have and will to share the book "Stop thinking Start folding" by Oriol Esteve?
anyone have NOA Magazine 456

or the Bag with ribbons by Futawatari Masako if only that
Tried searching on exvagos but I can't find it.
That's because you didn't search hard enough or not at all and just saying you did. No one is going to do the search for you.
exvagos does, however the book is not that special.
can someone share the flaming dragon by oriol esteve please?
File: 20190512_151107.jpg (1.12 MB, 2560x1440)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Looking for a decent Godzilla diagram. The one from tanteidan convention book 25 looks nice.
Does anyone have it?
Ps: have this king ghidorah i folded
Book 21 i meant
Ok, I'm tired of seeing this "Idiot who folded" shit. I demand to know what happened

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