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/p/ - Photography

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what does /p/ think of nikon d810?

found one locally body only for $500 BUT has a scratched sensor.
I googled around and apparently it's a $200-$300 fix, does that seem reasonable?

More importantly, is a scratched sensor fix not a big deal (i.e. I get someone to put a new sensor in it and it's good as new) or is it like big issue where the replacement sensor won't be like the original (kind of like buying a wretched car or water damaged laptop - you don't know what else is wrong with it).
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It's not a Sony. Don't buy it.
It's not a Fuji. Don't buy it.
There's usually an IR filter on digital cameras right in front of the sensors. some places will remove them for you if you want to convert your camera to infra red. I imagine the scratch could be on this and not on the actual imaging portion of the camera's sensor so a replacement should be safe.
However since its used looked for other things that may be wrong. a sensor doesn't just get scratched by someone who is careful about their gear
It's a big gamble, anon.

I personally wouldn't risk it, as $500-800 is out of my budget. If it were 50 bucks or so I'd risk it.

Like >>3534490 said, if the main part of the camera — the sensor itself — is damaged, then who knows what else could be wrong with it.

Maybe the fix might be simple and cheap, maybe not. It's up to you to decide how much money you can gamble.

BTW, what's its shutter count like?
First, actually find guys that can fix it, and talk to them what its going to cost to fix something like that, and if there'll be any repercussions
How the fuck do you let your sensor get scratched? That shit is gonna have a ton of other problems the seller isn't telling you that are held together by chewing gum and duct tape that'll fall apart once he gets your $500. Don't be a retard, just buy a d800 for $700
9k on shutter count

at a camera store. i think they are authorized cannon store but obviously do trade in's and what not. camera takes pics and everything seems ok and yes the scratch shows up on the images.

pic of the sensor itself
canon >:/
the sensors always have some piece of glass infront of it, protecting it, so the scratch is probably on that, idk if you'd have to change the whole sensor or if they'd be able to change that front glass piece
as a person who's done infrared conversions in a D90 and D5600, getting to the sensor and replacing the glass in front is an easy 20 minute job
HOWEVER, make sure you get an OEM infrared filter/glass cover, as your autofocus is calibrated to that specific glass thickness and it could fuck with the autofocus

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