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need help finding a new dslr

currently have nikon d5200 and sony a6000.

thinking nikon d810, canon 5d mark iii or sony a7 ii.

doing mostly product photography for things I sell online.
Why do you need a new DSLR?
You really don't need a very capable camera for product photography.

What kind of glass do you have on your existing cameras? And what kind of lighting are you working with.

Reckon you'd get a much greater difference in quality by investing in your set gear or better lenses than getting a better camera
just your basic lens that came with each camera.

i just got the sony so I haven't tried it out yet, but with the nikon d5200 the image you see on the screen is not the same as the image you shoot. so i'm having to shoot 3-4 different images and see how they transfer on the computer...just a waste of time. Figured if I sell both and a few hundred can get something nice instead of these two sub par>

do have a $600 lighting kit from westcott and paper background so I'm set there
Well this was actually painful to read.

Upgrade your glass before anything else.
Kit lenses are okay, but buying a new camera before better glass is stupid.

Also the image you see on camera is not the RAW file you get out of it. The image there is essentially the RAW thumbnail with the jpeg preset applied to it.
User error != bad camera, learn to use your gear instead of throwing money at the problem, because fun fact, you'll get the same experience on those cameras
If you’re doing product photography go mirrorless. They have way better live view capability. Unless you shoot through the viewfinder which is hella awk.
Changing camera to get a better live view screen is kinda stupid in a product photography fixed setting

If the screen really is giving him that much issue, he could always spend 5€ on an HDMI cable and pull up his computer screen/TV next to his shooting set and use that instead
>the image you see on the screen is not the same as the image you shoot.
I have this problem as well but no need to buy a new camera bc of it. Either learn how it's different (i.e. mine looks properly exposed on the camera but comes out underexposed, fixed by just using histogram in live view) and just adjust the display to get it closer and/or hook up an external display. There are even pc programs that let you write directly to the computer via usb so you can see the image immediately on the screen. Your PC screen might look wrong too, obvious solution would be to calibrate it but that can be expensive. You can just start with a good quality ips panel meant for graphics work.
In what way is your current dslr failing you? Hard to know what to fix if we don't know what's broken.
Post samples of the snaps you're taking

>product photography with the kit lens
Buy a prime lens, focal length will depend on size of what youre shooting. Use live view with exposure preview on your a6000 and you'll be fine.

Also what's your lighting setup? Try a lightbox instead of a paper background if your product is small enough
quality isn't that great. for close up pics (like labels) i end up using my iphone x. far away pics i find it's hard to see details.

I was comparing some other camera's and one mentioned the live feed wasn't accurate - as in the image you see on the live feed isn't the one you'll get in picture. So honestly that's my biggest problem, I'm having to take 5-6 pics in different light ranges and taking the time to pick the "best" one.

westcott 3 light setup. honestly just use 2 of the lights. With a paper background. Shoot clothes, so a lightbox wouldn't work.
>the quality isn't great
>the live feed isn't accurate
These are both things you can solve by familiarizing yourself more with your camera and lights. When people say the quality isn't great, they usually mean they have their aperture set to the lowest or the ISO way too high.

As for the live view, I'm not familiar with it but I bet there's a setting.

Also, there's nothing wrong with using an iPhone.
>a7 ii
The battery life is abysmal
File: 1555843453479.jpg (115 KB, 1000x563)
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GEEZZ, get a new lens bro, thats whats bottle necking your image quality. Your cameras specs are both more than enough. Also what modes do you shoot at?

Do you mind also sharing some pics, we'll be able to tell whats the issue more clearly.
File: 1566851924698.png (140 KB, 300x282)
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What a fucking idiot. Imagine thinking the camera body is where image quality comes from instead of the lens... no wonder Sony releases a new body every three months with people like this in the world.

Get a nifty fifty f1.8 and maybe a 35mm and you'll be set for the next five years or longer.
Shoot on "A", not "Auto"
ok what lens do should I buy?
have Nikon AF-P DX Nikkor Zoom 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR.

the d5200 live view and viewfinder image is the same, it doesn't change, no matter how you adjust your camera. So you can adjust the brightness but the live view image doesn't change. Once you click shoot, the image that you took pops up on the screen and that has the adjustments made to it (but even that's not too accurate).

point is i have no idea if what my image looks like till i shoot it. then even then i'll adjust brightness and take 3-4 of the same shots with different brightness.
File: 1200px-Nikkor_35mm_1.8G.jpg (108 KB, 1200x1006)
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108 KB JPG
Get the Nikon 35mm 1.8g DX, its relatively cheap, look for a used one. And then you can get a sony to nikon adapter so you can also use the lens on your a6000 if you want, you won't be able to autofocus with it though on the a6000 without a smart adapter, which is a lot more expensive and frankly not worth the money.
So for your issue about the image not being the same as when you look at it on your pc, theres a few things you can do,

like go to your shooting menu -> set picture control -> and adjust it to your liking, usually people put sharpness all the way up because this is the biggest issue they have, of not being able to clearly tell if subject is in focus. It doesn't change the actual image, but just what is displayed.

You can get an external monitor, or use a smartphone/tablet/laptop as an external monitor to show the live view in a bigger screen so you can see clearly.

But I think the best solution for you would be to tether your camera to your laptop using the USB wire that comes with the camera, so that basically when you take the photo, it'll go directly to your laptop that you'll have beside you and show the actual image there. You can look for the software online, or just torrent Adobe Lightroom.
what about
Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G ED
Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G
Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G
You could, but those are full frame lenses, and you have crop sensor cameras, they're also relatively more expensive, so you'll be paying more but won't really get the benefits of those lenses

the 35mm ED (FX) is essentially the same as the DX on crop bodies, for the dx they just use less glass and materials so that they can make it smaller and for cheaper.

If you want to test out a 50mm, you can try getting a cheap vintage 50mm nikon lens off ebay, or just get the 50mm 1.8g if you're set on it.

but the 35mm 1.8g dx most agree is a must have lens for everybody, even alot of full frame guys use it.
get a D6 then shoot low light product photography.
Not OP, but for the purposes of product photography he could make use of a macro lens
We don't know what exactly he sells, but if it's jewelry sized, then he'd definitely benefit from it
>quality isn't that great.
>he thinks using a shitty kit lens with a newer camera body will improve the quality

Watch this first anon

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