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for me it's the A.
Well mostly Aperture Priority
Recently though I've dabbled with Shutter Priority, but just came to the conclusion that simply using Manual with Auto ISO capped at a reasonable value seems to work best for me if I need a shooting mode where reaction time matters
Flower for flowers, mountain for mountains, moon for moon, head for heads, fast man for fast mans.
I shoot with a Fuji X-T3 so I set everything but the ISO manually
full auto
Is the following true of your camera (this is the way things are on mine):

P - you set the ISO, camera sets the rest
A - you set the A and ISO, camera does SS
SS - you set the SS and ISO, camera does the A
Probably something like
>60% A
>20% M
>10% P
>10% S
Yes, but you always have the option of setting ISO to automatic as well

But with the semi-auto modes there are always considerations to take depending on what you're shooting.
Aperture priority is *not* the de-facto best mode.
For stills photography yes, but as the name implies, Shutter Priority if you're doing wildlife.
If you're setting ISO manually then Aperture Priority is fine, but on my camera at least if I go as automatic as I can in Aperture with auto ISO enabled, it's much too conversative with shutter speed to freeze motion of moving animals. I don't know if it actually takes lens focal length into consideration, but when shooting on my 55-250mm Aperture priority with auto ISO seems to aim for shutter speeds in the area of 1/300
What are these modes you talk about? I set my camera to 1/125.
Why does the system matter?
P - iso on minimum
S - iso auto, shutter set to 60-100, steped down a stop or a half
>Special cases

Don't use A bc I have manual lenses.
Physical dials
You have a physical dial for everything on those Fujis
That's not the case on certain cameras, especially entry level. Much nicer experience to just turn a dial rather than turn a dial that's default to shutter then hold a button and turn that same dial for aperture
Fujicucks have big knobs that lets you manualy set everything fast.
>father who is a well known photographer in the states gets me into photography 10 years ago
>he sets it to M
>breaks the wheel off with a flathead
>gave it back
>men shoot manual, dont be a faggot.
Auto no Flash

If I take a picture I want it to be of what I was pointing at when I was aiming with a decent exposure.
I move around a lot while take photos so I dont want to set it to bright-ass-daytime and then go inside and forget that it's on bright-ass-daytime mode and waste 10-15 shots on darkness.
So fuck that. The camera takes the photo I want 95% of the time and if it's close enough I can just fix some things I need to in post.

The only time I ever switch to M is when it's night time or I'm indoors with shit light.
Pre-kid, mostly A, now with kid, mostly S
This is gonna sound dumb but I legitimately don't understand the other modes on my a6300 despite always shooting M. I cant seem to get the camera to do what I want unless I'm controlling things manually. Sometimes my ISO is on auto but that's about it.

Am I doing something wrong, I've only had this camera for a few months.
Got it. But would it still be possible to shoot in Automatic?
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780 KB PNG
I tried head once but i never got head, shits broken yo
M master race reporting in.
he sounds like an asshole
>I cant seem to get the camera to do what I want
>Am I doing something wrong, I've only had this camera for a few months.
yeah, you don't seem to understand the basics of photography. once you understand how exposure works, you should be able to create a pretty much exact same picture in all modes.
I always shoot in manual.

Why I try some other mode it often fuckup my image in my opinion,
Also its fun,
>I always shoot in manual.
it's way too slow. it's only good for stationary photography and for when you have loads of time.
in real world settings, by the time you dial in settings, shot has already been lost.
File: 1561573366132.png (2 KB, 300x300)
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Tell me about this thing guys... do you use it? If you shoot RAW, is it even necessary to dial in exposure with this thing? Does it just interpolate from existing ISO or something? It's very confusing to me.
Exposure compensation is nice in priority modes
Set the camera to aperture priority and look at the shutter speed as you change compensation, if you compensate up a stop you'll be shooting a stop slower

There isnt any software trickery with it, just telling the camera how to meter light
I unironically shoot M. kill me.
Yes, you move the dials to A. I shoot manual with my X-T2 until I have about 5 beers then turn cruise control on. I’ve misread dials and shit in the past and pictures came out all stupid.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
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A for Auto
>80% of the time, pretty much default mode
>parties and events with shitty light
Auto w/o flash
>sunsets, the moon, and stationary situation when the light is shitty
Full manual.
P for Professional
M but only because I prefer using old analog lenses.
A if I use a digital lens.
>idiot mode
sad/funny thing is, most people can't even beat it by using custom settings.
it's men you idiot
Ya, I think he knows that.
>ya i know that
nice damage control ambush
M always
When I started it was always Aperture priority. Lately I've been shooting in Program mode.
what's the advantage of P over over A for you?
Pretty much this, except the manual lens part.
Aperture if I’m going for bokeh.

M for video.

P otherwise.
What's /Aperture/ and /M/?
For me, it's only /p/.
M. Why shoot anything else? Even with changing light I'd still just let auto-iso take care of that instead of messing around with my creative control.
Well you sacrifice your image noise by letting auto iso compensate for your mistakes

built in meters are pretty good nowadays, let them do the work when light conditions are changing
Spent years in M for Movies. Moved to Av for that bokeh, then extensively used Tv for birbing, now I've settled with P since I've become a Pro.
M for the past 5 years now.
It's not hard if you actually have dials for everything and have a bit of forethought (basically make sure your settings aren't completely fucked for your conditions BEFORE you see something you want to shoot)
With the amount of control it gives you it's hard to want to use anything else

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