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S10 has hands down the worst camera out of any smartphone on the market right now

Do yourself a favor and not buy it or you will be greatly disappointed.
In my opinion the only smartphone camera that’s any good that I’ve personally used is the Pixel 2.

I have an iPhone X right now and the camera is only good in extremely specific lighting situations otherwise it’s grainy ugly garbage
Also another issue with the S10 is the auto focusing is horrible. It actually cannot focus on something close up in your hand unless you hold it for 10 minutes until your arm gets tired.
Modt cameras are pretty much the same, it's all postprocessing.
Pixel is pretty comfy when you only have a phone arround. The HDR+ can create nice results as long as it makes sense with the scene.

I've ever seen some pictures taken with the newer iPhone and I was not a fan of it. Maybe the one I've seen were just bad but they had crazy saturation and strong noise reduction that made the image look more like a painting.
>worst camera out of any smartphone on the market
Any current gen flagship* also I'll still prefer it over Xs

>Do yourself a favor and not buy it or you will be greatly disappointed
I mean... That's a Samsung. What were you expecting?

Anyone who is reading this, do yourself a favor and at least visit /g/spg/ before buying something
This is the truth.
Phones deep fry the shit out of everything.

[EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.]
Camera-Specific Properties:
Equipment Makesamsung
Camera ModelSM-G935P
Camera SoftwareLightroom
Maximum Lens Aperturef/1.7
Focal Length (35mm Equiv)26 mm
Image-Specific Properties:
Image Created2019:08:05 20:38:15
Exposure Time1/350 sec
Exposure ProgramNormal Program
ISO Speed Rating50
Lens Aperturef/1.7
Brightness3.7 EV
Exposure Bias0 EV
Metering ModeCenter Weighted Average
Light SourceUnknown
FlashNo Flash
Focal Length4.20 mm
Color Space InformationUncalibrated
>it's all postprocessing.
>Phones deep fry the shit out of everything.
We've reached a point where phones are objectively pretty alright but they're inferior compared to real cameras due to physics. Most objective differences in smartphone cameras boils down to the lens in terms of aperture and focal range and sensor size.

The common measurements of normie "quality" such as color, hdr, skin tones, noise are all just memes. If you shoot RAW and process it (even using customized presets mostly) they should all more or less provide the same results. Sure it's more work but people try and judge the cameras without noticing they're judging the output from software designed for idiots instead. The software is designed for fucking idiots snapping selfies in a mirror for instagram, not actual quality photography. That's why everything's super blurred due to noise reduction then aggressively sharpened. You will never ever ever get a near identical Scene -> Phone Camera -> Print because they're simply not configured for that, at least by default. You can get pretty close processing a RAW but almost nobody does it.
File: Untitled.png (77 KB, 265x145)
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This had to have been intentional by the people putting up the signs.
>the worst camera out of any smartphone on the market right now
have you tried a xiaomi? even the Android One phones have some kind of built in denoise asian selfie effect over absolutely everything. its unusable. good value if you aren't a pussy and have a real camera with you
>Buying a phone to use as a camera
>Single fixed focus lens
>Paying for all the phone shit attached to it
Fixed focal length*
Just shoot in pro mode and fix in lightroom.

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