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/p/ - Photography

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>be me
>travel up mountain with family
>borrows dad’s camera that he has had for 2 years because we couldn’t bring mine
>it’s light outside, turn down the EV, get some nice shots of gorges and lakes on our way up
>later on get to a lake when it’s darker
>dad wants to take picture with his camera
>my father still thinks I have no idea about photography and have completely messed up his camera
>”Chill dad, I just turned on the EV dial-“
>”but dad, you sometimes have to change settings to get the best picture, just turn on the EV dial until the pic gets brighte-“
>”AAEURGHAAAUGH*boomer rage*

Anyone else with similar boomer stories?
the one you have with you
>be out shooting street around nyc times sq area
>young scantily clad girl decides to have a photoshoot in the midst of busy street
>film as she does some stretching leg poses
>tryhard boomer cyclist faggot approaches me with a tough guy act trying to block my view
>walk to the side of him and continue to film against his protests
>he rages that he's being ignored and tries but fails at starting a fight
>call him a goober and later upload the footage to youtube
>standing in line at coffee shop to buy some beanz
>greyhair decked out in cycling gear eyeing me
>"hey is that a bessa?"
>"ya! do you have one?"
>"used to shoot leica. those bessa are great cameras though."
>"i'm really liking it, just got this lens recently."
>"that the voigtlander 21mm f4?"
>"yep! don't even need to focus it."
>"that's the best lens i ever used, enjoy it!"

fucking boomers
File: 1459133096243.jpg (112 KB, 300x321)
112 KB
112 KB JPG

>Not the Voigt 15
8/8 good ref
Post video

fuck off jesse.

> EV dial
> some kind of fucking autoexposure pleb

I'd hate to have a useless piece of shit like you as a soon.
The exact reason why I used it was to not bother my boomer father with “tweaking settings that can break the camera”
Why do all boomers follow the same formula when taking pictures?

>Max out dynamic range
>max out saturation
>max out clarity
>huge water mark in some cursive script at the bottom

>literally the same thing but in black and white
>>Max out dynamic range
Not a boomer but isn't making dynamic range higher makes it better?
>adolescence is when you realize your parents are fucking retards
>adulthood is when you deal with it
Yes but in the specific stereotype I'm talking about, they go too far with it, so much that the picture doesn't look natural

>selective color on eyes or lips
>"it's not in focus, but you can tell whats going on"
>hands the model a brick to spice up a lost place shooting
>"do something with your hair"
> trashcans in the background
> scarcely clothed, overweight 30-something in a reaped corn field
For some reason beyond my comprehension boomers just love to deep fry their images.
See pic related.
At least they are keeping flickr afloat by buying pro subscriptions for their horrible work.
Yes, indeed...
Boomers also love to limit themselves to the golden hour.

My boomer uncle told me he never shoots outside of it and proceeded to demonstrate his nikons ability to do selective color processing in camera.
File: boomer.jpg (692 KB, 2048x1536)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
Lmao is that fucking STALKER? Legit looks like a screenshot from shadows of chernobyl
Kek out loud
File: 1560384670202.png (329 KB, 831x799)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
how does it feel having a father that thinks you're stupid? he's probably pretty disappointed to have you for a son. maybe try telling him that you're gay or that you jerk off to cartoons. see how much pain you can cause him over the proceeding years that he is obliged to accommodate your existence
i want to see more of this man's work
>> trashcans in the background
ok i laughed at this thanks

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