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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Electronic shutter decreases image quality and characteristics
How will Sony fangays recover?
Link to the vid - https://youtu.be/LQTarMu_y6Y
Get in here to spit on Sony!

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Camera-Specific Properties:
Image-Specific Properties:
Image OrientationTop, Left-Hand
Lol I can hear SOnYBOYS REEEEEEEEing
Sony cameras have the choice of electronic or mechanical shutter in the menus, and an electronic shutter is necessary to prevent rolling shutter in video, sony has just patented the first ff global electronic shutter, which is also great news for flash photography as it means that sync speed is no longer an issue.

So, if you want a camera that is actually good at everything, you need a decent electronic and a decent mechanical shutter, and sony are the only people that can do that.

Sorry about your dunning kruger, shit can be embarassing b :(
You idiots know that Manny is an actual Sony ambassador, right?
Don't mention the battery drain, it's already fragile at best

nice crossboarder thread
True, with canon and nikon failing to get half as good energy efficiency on their new cameras, they must be starting to feel pretty stupid for previously trying to bully sony wrt battery performance.
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>Fuji has the same

Imagine OP making a screenshots of youtube, cropping the image, writing his post and waiting for all the replies biting his brilliant bait. How lonly, miserable and bored do you have to be? Pathetic.

I find it interesting that an electronic shutter can have an effect on pic related calculation.

Yeah sorry, you're wrong. It still literally says it right there at the top of his Instagram.
Fuji actually has it much worse on its leaf shutter cameras, the bokeh goes to absolute horseshit.
>the absolute state of digital brand faggotry
There’s a minor problem that would affect a tiny minority of people who shoot Sony? OMG SONY FUCKING DESTROYED FOREVER!

There’s a rumor that Sony will be coming out with a sensor that has a small hypothetical technical advantage over their current lineup? OMG, SONY HAS ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED THEIR COMPETITON! CANON AND NIKON WILL NEVER CSTCH UP AND FUJI IS A SAD, UNFUNNY JOKE!

It’s all bullshit. So much bullshit.
ah yes, the same manny ortshit who edits his pictures off of a fucking external mechanical hard drive because "it frees up the system memory and keeps the computer clean and fresh"

jesus fuck. These youtubers are not photographers, they are influencers (read: they are always selling something, whether it is ad spots or lightroom presets or whatever).
Lmao literally no one cares about mechanical shutter, literally every $hilltuber only faps to the electronic shutter and actually rank it as one of the main USPs
>electronic shutter
How many seconds of vidya will it record before the battery goes tits up
Exactly right digital was a mistake
I love the electronic shutter when the lighting is right. I'm sure Sony (or some other company) will get banding figured out in the future.
You filmfags are literally exactly the same. "There's some tiny downside to digital? CLEARLY DIGITAL IS AWFUL AND FILM WILL REIGN SUPREME!" Just fuck right off.
Im only a pee noob but why would you use e shutter for portraits isn't that like pointless overkill
>why would you use e shutter for portraits isn't that like pointless overkill
Not sure if this applies to Sony as well, but Fujis can get much higher “shutter” speeds using the electronic shutter. This can be useful in portraiture if you want to use an extremely wide aperture for very shallow DoF in daylight.

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