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Any suggestions as to what I can do alone around here, either here or in the Michigan area?

Furthermore, are there any /out/ meetups in the area?

It's my understanding that Windsor is the literal anus of Canada.

A hellish purgatory where every day is spent staring across the lake/border at the hordes of feral niggers, just waiting on the other side.

Plus there's no crown land for hundreds of miles.

I dunno man, take up hunting drug dealers or meth heads for a living.
Your kinda stuck between two major cities. Honestly you should move imo.

Maybe join a sailing club idk what you could do.
I also live in southern Ontario suburbia hell.
You have to drive other places to go /out/. Bruce peninsula is the closest decent wilderness near there on the Canada side of the border, northern MI would be good on the other, in the national forests or U.P if you wanna go hard.
Honestly thats probably the worst spot to be for /out/ in a really lacking part of the province. You're stuck on a flat, farmland, highway corridor.
If you ever come up Barrie way hit me up.

Pretty accurate, but add in toxic ground water, pissed off auto workers, and crumbling infrastructure to it.
Doesnt joe robinet live there?

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