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How much should I spend on a canoe?
The trails im looking at have portages around 2 kms, me and my friend are pretty fit and we're on a budget so a little weight isn't a big deal
I swear by these. It's the Tuchtech folding kayak. ~30 pounds 350lbs capacity, folds up and is easily carried on your back. $350 and 2 year warranty, but they'll still replace it after that as long as it isn't user error. I've had mine for 3 years and love this thing, as good or better than any standard kayak. The owner is also a pretty cool guy, I had a seem pop after a year. When I emailed about getting a replacement the owner called me himself and was really cool about it, and sent me a new one in a week. He also went into how they make them, and knew exactly what went wrong and explained how they've improved their techniques.

Only down side was the tracking fin being flimsy, but I've never had trouble tracking. They've also updated the fin since I bought mine, and looks a lot sturdier.

Tucktech.com, just watch the video.
I don't get this meme of asking how much something could cost. Go to retailers that sell new, see the used prices, decide what you want and what you can afford. Rinse and repeat across all large purchases in your life. You're welcome
Hope you budget for a life jacket.
Legit as shit.
Different guy here. Can you kneel and paddle like a canoe? Never used a kayak, since sticking your legs inside seems sketch to me. This looks pretty cool, and is much cheaper than other folders
File: IMG_0211.jpg (1.62 MB, 3264x2448)
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I have a $200 dollar 17' aluminium canoe that I got off of craigslist. It probably weighs 100lbs. and god only nkows what it's carrying capacity it. My other canoe is a 10 1/2' Kevlar Wee Lassie, it holds just me and my gear and weighs 11 lbs, it cost $1200 (I think) plus shipping? Depends what you want your canoe to do. I love both of my canoes for very different reasons.
I haven't tried that but it is pretty stable so I'd think so. I'm 6'1" and have plenty of leg room, if you get one I'd suggest sitting like a kayak. The shape is a little more canoe shape, kinda like a hybrid.

>Buy industrial plastic wrap. The thicc stuff.
>Build frame from tree branches
>PVC pipe if you want to be extra Gucci
>Wrap frame a shitload of times

Real ultralight autism here
ShouldnI get a canoe or kayak /out/?
Kayak is easier to use. Canoe actually lets you haul stuff. You wear a kayak, so get good at getting out ASAP. If your canoe flips, you fall out. If your kayak flips, you flip with it. Easier to flip a canoe than a kayak.
Get on his level:
Interesting, though kinda bulky.
Anyone had XP with infling canoes/kayaks? They're lighter and less bulky packed. Less resistant, I know.

>>Build frame from tree branches
Guess how I know you never worked with wood or any /diy/, you underage fagot-child.

I like the idea, but thats way too much..
They should advertise it for hipster faggot millennial if they want that kind of cash for a piece of plastic & foam.

For that money I can get a very decent normal 2 person kayak.
You're talking out your ass.
No, mister tucktech employee. It's overpriced.
But on the other hand, it's a good /diy/ idea.
Can you show me one 2 person, for adults that's cheaper?
you literally can use springy branches and saplings, but that would never cross yoyr boomer mind
Lmao, so you couldn't find one so you have to resort to this? OP specifically asked how much he should spend on one. If he wanted to build his own he would have asked that. I provided a sturdy lightweight and cheap option.

But this is what you do isn't it? Take a 3 second glance at a thumbnail then find some bullshit reason to criticize it to act like you know what you're talking about.

1/10 here's your last (you)
How about this one. Only slightly cheaper, yes, but I saw many that ware a lot cheaper.

Pretty cool, though fragile and not as easy to make, as it looks, at least not on first try. My boomer mind didn't think of it.

Shut up, it's general kayak talk thread, now.
I honestly think youre behind tucktech. Stop bitching or you'll give the company a bad name.
>How about this one?
Looks nice. The price is the same, except the shipping to the USA from Poland would make it not worth it.

>Shut up, it's general kayak talk thread, now.
That wasn't the conversation we we're having at all. You said the product was too expensive, and you were wrong. Now you're deflecting.
You can make one out of a screen door and a can of flex seal. I’ve seen it done on tv

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