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Any scuba divers out there?
I cant afford it right now, but its one of my life goals. I snorkel as much as i can when on vacation at the sea.
Not professional but have done it a few times on vacation before. Saw some pretty cool shit, especially in Mexico and Vietnam
Thinking of getting my certification next year
I was taught how years ago and loved every minute of it, but I never bothered to get certified. I ought to one of these days, even if the waters where I live are silty as fuck unless you get way the hell out there.
yup i scuba and freedive as much as i can in local lakes and stuff. I want to get into cavediving next
That shit looks terrifying.
Don’t forget to seek out some Top Treasure, anon.
Went to commercial dive school and am starting my own business doing freelance dive work for locals around the water here (PNW area).
I've always loved being in the water, pretty psyched to get started.
Yuah, got my Ice cert this winter
Yeah lad, got my OWD cert in 2016
thinking of maye doing the advanced course this year
Yes. It's great, but trips are expensive. I only go one/year at most.
see if there are any local quarries or anything. Some of them are stocked with fish and have interesting stuff (I've seen one with a sunken bus and other things). Not anything like diving in the tropics, but at least it's better than some shitty cloudy midatlantic dive
Why even go to DIT if you're just gonna do hull wipes and recovery?
I'm part of the union, just waiting on my company to get some work for me. We're just now getting out of the slow season afaik.
Fair enough, Im in famine mode too.
Global or Ballard?
This... >>1505895

Check the catalog
AUS actually.
I've been trying to get on with both Global and Ballard but no luck yet.
How long have you been diving?
Did you go to dit?
About 5 years. When did you graduate? Global is tough to get your foot in the door.
I actually was one of the owners of a smaller company in Seattle before I moved.
2017. Did some work with a potable company based out of South Dakota and then came back and got on with aus. I haven't actually been in a hat for about a year now.
What happened to your company? Why'd you move?
Company is still going but theyre not hiring.
I just got sick of the pnw basically, took my money and ran. Diving somewhere warmer now.
If AUS isn't giving you work or putting you in a hat then fuck them. Id start looking around. Cali has all the best union gigs.
Cool, I'll look around down there.
Any companies in particular you'd recommend?
Theres myers marine division and phoenix I think. But id get in touch with some of the union halls down there and see what they got going.
We won a lot of bids off aus when I was working up there and they always seemed like dicks haha. Good luck bro, fair winds and following seas.
You too. Thanks man.

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