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/out/ - Outdoors

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What are some of the strangest things you've come across while /out/??
A kid's shirt and pants. Probably just out camping with his family and got filthy and dumped his old clothes innawoods to go change into clean ones, but there's always that "what if".
while lost with some friends we stumbled on a bunch of bones of ~5 adult horses scattered around in a 10m circle. there were a lot of wild horses in the area but was still freaky as fuck
I went fishing by a canal in an urban place and someone symmetrically placed dozens of decapitated rabbits along the walls
when i was 12 i stumbled across a rotting deer carcass while kayak fishing. wouldn't have been as creepy had it been intact, but it was just the ribs + back legs plus some soft tissue so it looked vaguely humanoid. grabbed the fish i'd just hooked and noped the fuck back to my parents.
a roughly like 6m diameter circle of small hay balles in the woods, probably just something for feeding deer or something
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I guess it's not terribly strange but I walked upon this one day in my childhood woods. It was way off in a weird direction that I never explored as a kid. There was clearly an old logging road that had overgrown for about 25-30 years and you could have to cut trees down and clear the way to even drag it out. Clearly totally abandoned sometime in the 80s. Can't explain why but it spooped me right the fuck out when I spotted it right before me.
Bras tied to trees. Though, it was in one of those areas noted for drunken parties.
Found a little hobo camp by the tracks in the woods. A tent, lawn chairs, fire pit etc, didn't look in the tent or anything just kept walking.

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